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Last Open Mic at the Shanti, in St. Louis MO. Nov. 2014.
This is some lady playing at the last open mic at the Shanti before it closed in Nov. 2014. I have no idea who she is..Sad that it closed.. Just wanted to give a general idea of what the place looked like..they also had a patio outside, with fire pits, and an outside bar. Sometimes bands jammed outside..but it was like 17 degrees that night, so no patio partying!
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Michael's Christmas Songs and Classics,
Michael Craig, a.k.a Michael Evan, performs a few Elvis Christmas songs, and a couple of other Elvis standards. With acoustic guitar, and no effects at all. December 15, 2012. Sending Christmas Cheer and positive vibes, and a hello to all of you!!
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Global Forests: A Plan To Re-Forest the Planet Earth.
A short video describing an ambitious project to get schoolchildren to help plant more trees globally. Includes an interview with Dr. Peter raven, Director of the Missouri Botanical garden.
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SAM 3256
Marie's The Name
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Going into the Shanti,  St. Louis MO.
Just messing with the camera, street scene outside the Shanti, freezing Nov. 2014 night.
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Michael Craig - Get Together
Great Jefferson Airplane tune!
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Michael Craig   All Shook Up
Includes introduction.
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Playing a few tunes at some bar in St. Louis.  Sometime last year.
Playing a few tunes on acoustic guitar, singing, recording with cheap camera, low tech, on the cheap.
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Michael Craig Walk a Mile In My Shoes
Elvis Classic Song, about understanding what someone else is going through, and not to judge them, or put them down.Try to help them instead!!
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Michael Craig Blue Christmas
Elvis Classic Christmas song
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Blues Jam, Key of "A"  Thanksgiving day, 2015
Jamming with lazy harmonica dude again..I think his name is Crazy Baldhead, or Hanry Scrotes.. Once again unplugged..low tech, no budget..
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Last open mic at the Shanti, Nov. 18th 2014.
3 classic tunes. Last open mic at the Shanti in St. Louis, Nov. 18th 2014. It closed at the end of that month. Only time I ever played there.
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Coming Into Los Angeles
Folk song by Arlo Guthrie, Part of the Jams and Bootlegs. At 1860's Cafe, St. Louis MO Dec. 14th 2015
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Michael Craig All Shook Up
Elvis Classic song
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Michael Craig Introduction to other songs
Speaking briefly about other songs.
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Michael Craig It's Christmas Time Baby
Classic Elvis Christmas song
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Slow easy chilling  jam,  followed by Rainy Day Women #12 &  #35
Messing around, just real slow improvising, followed by Rainy Day Women #12 & #35 by Bob Dylan. End of the night stuff. Jams and Bootlegs. 1860's Cafe St. Louis MO Dec. 14th 2015.
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One Toke Over The Line by Brewer and Shipley
Cool party tune. Jams and Bootlegs. 1860's Cafe St. Louis MO. Dec. 14th 2015.
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Blues Jam   Thanksgiving Day, 2015
Jamming with Hanry Scrotes again...blues experimenting, inporov..kind of messing around. Trying to have a little fun with it..
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Michael Craig Introduction
Introducing music videos
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Michael Craig Santa Bring My Baby Back
Elvis Classic Christmas song
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Baby, I Love Your Way  by Peter Frampton
Last song of the night..Jams and Bootlegs. 1860's Cafe St. Louis MO. Dec. 14th 2015
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