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TF2 - Scout Sunday #1
Hey guys! Welcome to my first episode of Scout Sunday! READ THE DESCRIPTION! I know that this channel was originally made to upload minecraft content, but I've been playing Team Fortress 2 much more frequently lately, so I decided to upload a TF2 video. I have no idea if people are going to like this, so this might be something I never do again. If you like the video please give a like and/or comment so I know what I should do. (: Also, please realise that this is kind of a test-episode. I'm busy with an intro and if I'm going to keep doing this it'll probably be a little different in the future. :D I'd like to release one episode every week but since I'm a huge procrastinator, I might not. Map: CTF_2Fort Class: Scout (Duh :D) Loadout: - Sodapopper (Get da kritz) - Mad Milk (Get da health) - Candycane (Get da health again) 5 kills, 2 deaths. Yep. I'm a noob. :D
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Ultra Hardcore Season 9 Trailer (CONTAINS SPOILERS)
Hey guys! I made this trailer for season 9 of the UHC series by the mindcrack guys! Check them out at: Nancy Drew: Baj - http://youtube.com/w92baj Guude - http://youtube.com/guudeboulderfist PauseUnpause - http://youtube.com/pauseunpause VintageBeef - http://youtube.com/vintagebeef Fairly Hardcore: Avidya - http://youtube.com/AvidyaZen BlameTheController - http://youtube.com/BlameTheController Mhykol - http://youtube.com/Mhykol SethBling - http://youtube.com/sethbling DOOKE: BdoubleO - http://youtube.com/bdoubleo100 Docm77 - http://youtube.com/docm77 Etho - http://youtube.com/Ethoslab Kurt - http://youtube.com/kurtjmac Cobblehaters: MCGamer - http://youtube.com/supermcgamer Nebris - http://youtube.com/Nebris88 Pakratt - http://youtube.com/pakratt13 PaulsoaresJr - http://youtube.com/paulsoaresjr Potty Mouths: AnderZel - http://youtube.com/imanderzel GenerikB - http://youtube.com/generikb Millbee - http://youtube.com/Millbee PyroPuncher - http://youtube.com/Pyropuncher Edited with: Sony vegas Footage: Multiple perspectives of season 9 of UHC Music: Epic/action trailer music by Taylor Lipari! He's awesome. Find his music at: http://www.youtube.com/user/taylorlipari I don't own any rights, I just made this for fun. (: Thanks for watching!
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