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Legs and shoulders
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Chest and triceps-testosterone getting checked.
Watch till the end for all information
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Greece fit: episode I’m not sure
Try and guess what my body fat will e in the comments!
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Training and Eating
Howdy, again sorry for the late videos, been busy and lazy at the same time!! But here is a video I put together so not leaving you with nothing! Hopefully be able to record a full chest workout soon!
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The beginning:training arms
First training video , sort for the poor quality and editing, starting with little too no editing tools , will continue to be get better
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Back day , future video discussion
Back day! Gotta get that back big for greece!!
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Anxiety attack : late night talk
Looks mild, but I’ve lived with this for the past 8 Years , worse this past 3 Years , so I know how to keep as calm as possible
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Why is my question
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Testosterone anxiety: annihilation movie
Watched the movie annihilation! Best movie I’ve seen this year , got my testosterone results back from the doctors
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Greece fit: chest and triceps, and food, episode 8
Another video ,abit late, but hey ho! Comment what you want in the next video!
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Anxiety and training
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Greece fit journey: weight height and body fat
So... I will be going to Greece in August , currently weighing 75 kg, I’ve got just under 7 months to get in shape for the sun and the women ;) follow me on this journey!
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Anxiety and cannabis , my story - psychiatric hospital admission
My history of cannabis, being sent into a phyc ward and anxiety
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