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Total Sonic Island - Episode 3 part 2
------ read description!!! ------- also guys if you dont vote then i cant make episode 3 part 3 so gotta send in ya votes guys! Yo! Its part 2! Sonic and the gang hold a model competition! pls remember to like and subscribe also post comments on your opinions. for info on bg's music and sprites subscribe for details! also check out pumpituppartyzone's videos and post comments on who you think has better videos! music: wave ocean the inlet- sonic 06 spagonia day rooftop run- sonic unleashed. enjoy!
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Total Sonic Island - Episode 1
all music belongs to Sega backgrounds belong to Total Drama. credit to sprite makers. pls like and comment about how i can improve. thank you! i'm a newbie on YouTube so if you see my weak channel don't hate on me. next episode coming soon
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Total Sonic Island - Episode 2
hey guys its episode 2 sonic and the gang have the first challenge. hope you enjoy. all backgrounds, sprites and music belong to their respective owners. episode 3 is coming soon as soon as possible. like and comment also suscribe. :).
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---------- read description ----------- hey guys! as you can see this is gonna show you how life of sonic will be like if you vote for me to continue the series. pls like and subscribe! also comment to vote for if you want me to continue this or do total sonic island or sonic high school. ^^ hope you enjoy it! credit to the anime Clannad for audio. all rights reserved.
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