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Art of war 3: booming and air offensive  pvp battle
Aow 3: global conflict multiplayer Instead of rushing, both of us decided to boom. Our first major attack started at about 25 minutes after starting. This video will show what happens next
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Art of war 3: global conflict ~Clan 1.L.S roster july 19 2016
Thanks for watching👍 Right now we are almost in the top 100 on the leaderboard with 23 members(9 active in world war~or ranked matches) giving us 33 defeats and 97 wins Top 3 players: #1 REUTERS #2 pembroke46519 #3 nguyendinhanh C Good job Download: https://tsfr.io/wmas6t?referrer=ym_tracking_id%3D10425745491142090285
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Art of war 3: multiplayer pvp
Art of war 3: global conflict on android
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Art of war 3: global conflict multiplayer( rush attack)
Thanks for watching This is an easy way to rush someone especialy if they are at a higher level than u. It will be wise to practice rushing because there will be tournaments in a future update of aow 3 and when they start you should try to win at all cost to win prizes. Tips for early rush: Upgrade assault and heavy infantry( especially armor and hp) Use boosts Find resource containers before your oponnent And keep practicing AOW 3 download link: https://tsfr.io/wmas6t?referrer=ym_tracking_id%3D10425745491142090285
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Art of war 3: global conflict single player gameplay
This is a mission in the long campaign. Its not in english yet, im playing this beta version as a tester
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Project y 3d rts multiplayer gameplay (android)
Map: operation outback Players: 3 W/L?: i lost Download project y rts on google play or https://www.luminencelabs.com/ Join us in the facebook group: (RTS) 3D PROJECT Y Thanks for watching
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Modern conflict 2 multiplayer co-op 1
This was my first co op game in a long time
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Modern conflict 2 solo gameplay 1
I was at level 20 on this map Check out modern conflict 2 in your play store or app store
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Project y 3d rts multiplayer gameplay
1 vs1. (Me vs stick) Download project y for android in the play store Thanks for watching
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New rts 2016  Art of war 3: global conflict(android) campaign gameplay
Here are some multiplayer gameplays https://youtu.be/IclYT66VpD4 https://youtu.be/NECKJWpaBoQ And here is a pvp video showing air power https://youtu.be/Yg7kVULMJsw Tip: try to upgrade your units and buildings as much as possible in the main menu Check out my channel for multiplayer gameplay on rts games for android Thanks for watching You can download aow3 here: https://tsfr.io/wmas6t?referrer=ym_tracking_id%3D10425745491142090285
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Art of war 3: global conflict  pvp multiplayer surrender
This guy caught me off guard with ease. The booming strategy and air bombers😎👇 https://youtu.be/Yg7kVULMJsw Here is another video of me using the oldest trick in the book with the rebels https://youtu.be/NECKJWpaBoQ
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Art of war 3: 1long battle with a surprise ending
Art of war 3: global conflict on android This epic match went on longer than i expected. The ending had my heart pumping Thanks for watching
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Art of war 3: global conflict multiplayer gameplay
Me @ level 13 vs a level 12 guy Thanks for watching
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REAL rts games with multiplayer for android in 2016
If you are looking for good strategy games with multiplayer like Aoe, Starcraft, C&C, supreme commander etc. Try these☝😎👇 ------------------------------------ Project y full https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.luminencelabs.ProjectY.gf Project y lite https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.luminencelabs.ProjectY Or watch a sample gameplay video here👇😎 https://youtu.be/Duuiftsoj2E ------------------------------------ Timelines: assault on america https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.strategyfirst.timelines ------------------------------------ Rex tribal society https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Visiorama.RTS ------------------------------------ Machines at war 3 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Isotope244LLC.MachinesatWar3 ------------------------------------ Red sun rts premium https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.air.RedSunPremium ------------------------------------ Red sun rts https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.air.RedSun ------------------------------------ Art of war 3: global conflict In google playstore(not available in many western countries at the moment) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.geargames.aow You can find another download link here👇 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=602510113244776&id=588089934686794&__tn__=%2As Sample pvp video👇😎 https://youtu.be/Yg7kVULMJsw Thanks for watching
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Art of war 3: civil war, Flag battle
Art of war 3: global conflict for android In a battle like this, you have to micro manage your units to survive Thanks for watching
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Art of war 3: global conflict single player gameplay
This is a campaign mission in colombia Thanks for watching
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Robots co op multiplayer gameplay.(like black ops zombies)
Survive rounds just like cod black ops zombies and dead trigger. Open doors, buy perks, upgrade guns to max level, revive teammates when they fall and create new game room or join one that already have players playing. The developers are bringing updates pretty often, In other words Robots just keep getting better
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Project y 3d rts multiplayer gameplay
Me vs lazymonkey round 3 Thanks for watching
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How to pass Mission 23 easily. art of war 3 GC
Confederation single player mission
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Art of war 3: global conflict multiplayer gameplayer: the journey #3
Me vs eliter Thanks for watching
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Art of war 3: global conflict campaign gameplay. Mission 25
Thanks for watching One of the many missions in single player
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Aow 3 pvp gameplay, late start
Art of war 2
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Modern conflict 2 multiplayer co op gameplay
Modern conflict 2 is an android and ios cross-platform game. Find it in the app store or playstore Thanks for watching
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Art of war 3: online multiplayer pvp
Art of war 3: Global conflict world war pvp
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art of war 3 global conflict multiplayer: the journey #2
Me at level 12 vs a guy at level 18 Thanks for watching.
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Project y multiplayer
Me vs Lazymonkey round 2
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Big booty tournament battle. Art of war 3: global conflict
I joined the tournament late, but i managed to get two matches in it. Soundtrack: resident evil ost
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Project y 3d rts multiplayer gameplay
I had to surrender in this one Thanks for watching
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Project y multiplayer
Round one. Me vs Lazymonkey
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2016 rts game  Art of war 3: Global conflict singleplayer and multiplayer gameplay
The first battle is a campaign mission. The second battle is a multiplayer match vs a random player. You can also choose a player to challenge Thanks for watching Download link: https://tsfr.io/wmas6t?referrer=ym_tracking_id%3D10425745491142090285
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Mc5: building 1.L.S clan #1  ali a was on my team
Mc5 clan building and squad battle series I saw ali a in this
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Project y Battles: New Order
Episode 1. Project y Battles is a series of music videos dedicated to the project y community Im trying to improve with each vid, so feel free to give ideas and constructive criticism in the comments if you want. You can find free and paid versions of project y here👇😎 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.luminencelabs.ProjectY.gf Thanks for watching. Recorded by Mobizen for samsung Edited with Videoshow Music edited with Cross dj pro Song: New order- blue monday
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art of war 3 global conflict multiplayer: facing a Giant
In this match, i was playing against a guy who was at level 40. I was level 12 Thanks for watching.
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Project y 3d rts multiplayer gameplay tip
Even though my opponent had only 2 scorpions as his/her entire army, i thought i would defeat him easily. What i didnt know was the hq base had all turrets on the gold level. Tip: its good to scout the enemy before sending your army against them Tip#2: plan your attack and make groups for that plan to move specific units effectively
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Robots co op  survival game like black ops zombies for android
Co op multiplayer on android. Similar to black ops zombies and the devs are constantly working on updates
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Aow 3: testing fps in high graphics
Using 1gb ram and 1.2ghz processor phone Recorded by mobizen for samsung in 420p
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Infinite flight sim: remaining in pattern in bombardier crj
A shitty landing to warm up for online play👍👍👍
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Art of war 3 global conflict multiplayer pvp: hangover loss. Confederation vs confederation
First battle this morning. I dont mind losing because its rare for me to find a rank battle vs confederation. Respect to the winner
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Cod black ops zombies: android solo gameplay w/music
Thanks for watching This is me warming up for co op play.
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Aow3 multiplayer pvp: tower offense
Using rebel sniper towers to destroy opponent's defensive buildings because it was hard to break thier defences with soldiers
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Art of war 3: global conflict( testing fps)
This is a mode in the game to see if your phone could handle big battles and plenty units at once Thanks for watching
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Art of war 3: global conflict- 10th win-streak in multiplayer pvp ranked matches
Thanks for watching Another easy win for me in a world war battle( rank match) Im accepting any and all request to join my clan Download link: https://tsfr.io/wmas6t?referrer=ym_tracking_id%3D10425745491142090285 Enjoy
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Aow 3 pvp gameplay sneak
Getting inside his base unseen
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Project y rts 3d multiplayer gameplay 2016: 4 player game
Unranked match with 3 people and 1 ai. This is basicly free for all except one player had the ai as an ally Thanks for watching
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Project y 3d rts multiplayer gameplay
Ranked match on deadly desert, janno server. beerfoot(me) vs niko You can download and enjoy project y from play store or visit https://www.luminencelabs.com Thanks for watching
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