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How to cut a Flattop Mohawk!!
Scott's barbershop (Scott Lee) cuts a very skin tight flattop mohawk on his customer Wayne Floyd!! The video started about halfway into the haircut, but it does show how to make the actual flattop FLAT!!
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Ponytail cut into a flattop!!
Man with ponytail decided he wanted a flattop. Very difficult to do considering long hair is used to being pulled back, but the barber pulled it off quite well!!
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How to cut a skin tight faded man bun
Amateur footage on the basics of how to cut a man bun fade.
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Skin tight fade.....cutting inside fat rolls!!
Scott's barbershop in Mechanicsville, Va. Scott Lee cuts a skin tight fade and also shows how to dig inside the fat rolls on a person's head so you don't leave hair inside them.
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Me bitch slapping the shit out of my friend
my buddy thought it would be smart to ask me to smack him.........so i did.
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Part 2 of my skin tight fade into a fo-hawk and beard.
This is part 2 of two videos of the skin tight fade into a faux hawk and The Skin Tight Fade Into The Beard longer at the chin. I hope y'all like it, and again...I apologize for the cursing and the stories, I'm going to work on making them more tame in the future. If you like this video please let me know and I will post more and I will try to add more educational training to them so people can learn how to cut hair better.
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my cat rolling over for me
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Dads pittsburgh steeler town that he makes every c
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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ironscottlee's Live PS4 Broadcast assassins creed origins
i just bought the 9.99 bonus pack and got a scimitar. But I haven't played this game very much so gameplay might be slow but if you want to see it near the beginning enjoy watching this broadcast..
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Shaggy head into nicely cut haircut!
My buddy sign who let his hair go and let his beard go I took care of him and made him look like a sharp looking young man again. #Scottthebarber, #sexy, #haircut, #lookinggood, #confidence,#styling
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Scott Lee cutting a low skin tight fade/ beard. PART 1
I cut this Hair Skin Tight at the bottom faded up into the top so you can turn it into a fo-hawk. Then I fade the beard from Skin Tight by the ear and longer at the chin. This is part 1 of 2 videos sorry about the cursing I'm going to start working on that. Please let me know what you think and if you like them I will put more up.
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