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Man of Steel: Smallville Battle HD
This video is just for entertainment. Man of Steel is all owned by Warner Brothers, D.C Comics, Legendary Studios, and Syncopy. This are no copyright infringement.
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Man of Steel: Superman Kills Zod HD
This video is for entertainment purposes only. Man of Steel is all owned by Warner Brothers, D.C Comics, Legendary Studios, and Syncopy. This is no copyright infringement.
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Man of Steel: Superman Vs Zod HD
This video is for entertainment purposes. Man of Steel is all owned by Warner Brothers, D.C Comics, Legendary Studios, and Syncopy. This is no copyright infringement.
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DMC4:SE Dante Mod gameplay (DMC3)
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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DmC:Definitive Edition DMD Mission 20 Hardcore/Turbo/No Upgrades
Vergil is a fucking monster with he goes into Devil Trigger. I died and then I had to use items. Thank God he doesn't regenerate. I'm loving DmC:DE. Believe it or not. This is exactly the second if not THE hardest DMC game in the franchise that I've played. All the prove you need is Mission 1 + Gods Must Die + Hardcore + Must Style + No Lv.2 Upgrades and done. I've never had such a difficult time since my first time with DMD in DMC3.
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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End: Playing with cheats
Playing with cheats in this game.
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Enter The Matrix (Niobe) Fun with Infinite Focus
Small ETM gameplay
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DMC4SE Dante Mod Gameplay
So old school.
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DmC: Definitive Edition DMD Mission 4 Hardcore/Turbo/No Upgrades
Another DmC:DE gameplay video in the bag
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BAYONETTA SWITCH has audio voice issues: Edit fix
Turns out the voices aren't there except for the narrator in the opening prologue. I hope that Nintendo soon patch this out. Update: I had the Switch on Surround Sounds in TV Settings. I had to change it to Stereo. My Mistake.
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DmC Fireworks Trick
New trick I found with DmC. This version is on the PS3. What I did was rotate the left analog SLOWLY and press [] + X as many times or atleast at the right time. You can't do the same thing when you custom the special gun move sadly. This also can't be done in DMC4 (if you thought about trying).
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SM3 (Blacksuit) Apocalypse Fight Hard Mode - Gold - No Damage (redo).
Got a bit bored, and thought about redoing this. I'll keep the original video though.
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DmC: DE Mission 1 GMD/HC/Turbo/Minor Upgrades
The difficulty is spiked up to 11 in this mode. I died so many times here.
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Devil May Cry 4: Fear
Presenting my 4th MV. Devil May Cry 4 with Fear from Tekken 4. Hope you enjoy.
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Resident Evil 4 HD (PS4) Chapter 1-2
"Being a hero is not what it's cracked up to be anymore."
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GTAIV: Deaths and Suicides
People in GTAIV being killed for stupid reasons
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Batman V Superman: World's Finest
Reupload of my BvS:heavy video with a few changes. Song: Toonami - Heavy
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Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Sparda (Vergil) Play
Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA01671_00
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THE EVIL WITHIN 2 First Hour Playthrough: BRING IT ON
This is actually the second true horror game I've ever played in my life (first is Resident Evil 4). Sorry that I'm not used to the mechanics (as I've played the first), but I try to best that I can by learning the buttons prompts, moves, guides before I start playing. I hope you enjoy this first hour of The Evil Within 2. I won't judge you if you don't.
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Vergil's Downfall Vanilla DMD No Lv 2 Upgrades Mission 1
PS3 Gameplay from my other channel.
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Darksiders Warmastered Edition...in need of a patch.
This is a no community playthrough of the start of the game, but this is where I'll stop for now. I'm sorry, but this current issue should not be an excuse. This is a remaster of an very old game just in 60fps, but it's having lip synching and bug issues. It once automatically skips cutscenes. Until this is fixed. I will not upload any future story playthrough videos for this game to help support it.
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Devil May Cry 4: Blade
Now presenting my latest DMC amv. The music is "Blade Blade" from Two Steps from Hell (Music from the Prince of Persia Movie Trailer). I thought of doing this out of the thin, though I did think of some parts that would work for this video when I was at the gym. When I tried it out I was...surprised. It took 4 days to finish. I think this went ok. Enjoy!
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VANQUISH First Hour Play
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"For the first time of my life...I'm afraid."
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