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Letty Garza's Farewell
Letty Garza is retiring after 30+ years.
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Former La Joya Police Chief Faces Life in Prison
The former Rio Grande Valley police chief made his first appearance in court Monday morning.
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Client Leaves Hair Salon Without Paying
The charge to the instant debit card the client provided didn’t go through.
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CBP Increases Polygraph Exams Oversight
The exams cost taxpayers more than $2,000 for each applicant.
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Shelter Closes in Cameron Co. Leaving Dozens Laid Off
The employees received a letter explaining the reason for the layoffs.
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Restaurant Owners Warn of “Dine and Dash” Suspect
Two restaurants had similar descriptions of the suspect.
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Former Cameron Co. Employee Face Charges in Fajita Theft Case
For nine years detention center employee Gilberto Escamilla is accused of buying about $1.2 million worth of fajitas with taxpayer money.
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Valley Rancher Confronts Drug Smugglers on Property
The rancher's surveillance reveals smugglers used a well orchestrated plan.
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Cruise Ships in the Gulf Unable to Dock Due to Harvey
There are a few cruise ships in the Gulf of Mexico waiting for flood conditions to improve in ports across the Texas coast.
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Lifelong Friend of Irene Garza Testifies Against Feit
Ana Maria Hollingsworth met Irene when they were both eight years old and shared a long friendship.
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First & Goal Final: Nikki Rowe Football
Nikki Rowe seniors decided to take on the chance to play under the Friday night lights.
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STC Student’s Disability Placard Questioned by Security
Campus police said they’ve seen a growing problem with people illegally parking in handicap spaces.
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Police Officer Shortage Impacting Local Depts.
The FBI recommends there should be about 2.4 officers for every 1000 people in a city.
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Ham Radio Operators Volunteer to Reestablish Communications in Puerto Rico
The first wave of volunteers is dedicated to providing rescuers the communication services they need.
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Snowfall in the Rio Grande Valley
The last time the Valley experienced snow was 13 years ago.
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Football Season Ends
Lake Travis Eliminates Los Fresnos
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23 Alleged Member of 'Southwest Cholos' Gang Facing Charges
The gang used the Valley as a midpoint for a 1700-mile sex trafficking ring.
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Two-A-Day Tour:  McAllen Memorial
Mustangs in 2017
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$3M Road Project Underway to Facilitate SpaceX
Officials expect the project to be completed in August.
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Two Way Threat
McAllen Memorial Transfer Has Game
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A Look Through the 57-Year-Old Murder Case of Irene Garza
Opening statements in the trial against John Feit start Thursday morning.
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Two-A-Day Tour:  Palmview
Lobos in 2017
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Two-A-Day Tour:  PSJA North
Raiders in 2017
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Two-A-Day Tour:  Edinburg North
Cougars in 2017
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Brazos River Levels Continue to Rise Near Richmond
Two of the city’s major reservoirs are almost full as the water level continues to rise.
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Two-A-Day Tour:  Port Isabel
Tarpons in 2017
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Money Makes The Cover
St. Joe QB Featured In Magazine
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Two-A-Day Tour:  Pace
Vikings in 2017
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Two-A-Day Tour:  PSJA Memorial
Wolverines in 2017
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First & Goal Friday:  September 1st
Mustangs Win Game of the Week
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New Suspect in Fake Indian Tribe Membership Case
Victims were told they would be allowed to live and work in the country if they purchased a membership to the Yamassee Tribe.
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Gun Expert Demonstrates Difference Between Bump Stock Semi-Auto, Full Automatic Weapons
ATF confirmed Las Vegas gunman had 12 weapons modified with bump stocks.
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Suspect's Aunt Speaks Out on Fatal Officer Involved Shooting
Texas Rangers will be continuing the investigation.
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Raymondville ISD Parents Pushing for Better Alert System
School officials are working on new protocols to reach parents in emergency situations.
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Donna ISD, CBP Officers Train for Active Shooter in School
All district and city police are going through the training.
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Spring Football:  McAllen Memorial
In Their Own Words
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Progreso Blanked in Georgetown
2-0 Defeat at Hands of Bridgeport
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Indictment Reveals Tri-City Bombers Nationwide Operations
An expert said their arrests leaves open doors for other members to move up in ranks.
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Coin Collection Becoming Popular Hobby
The hobby is beginning to grow in popularity.
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Survivors Describe Aftermath of 7.1 Mexico Earthquake
Many survivors in the impacted areas still fear for their safety due to damaged buildings.
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Alleged Gulf Cartel Leader Killed in Reynosa
Alleged Gulf Cartel Leader Killed in Reynosa
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New Bill Drops CHL Application Fees to $40
The change also waived fees for police officers and Texas military.
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Mexican Migrant Shelters Notice Spike in Deportees Coming from US
One shelter received about 160 deportees on Thursday. For more information on this story: http://www.krgv.com/story/34591234/mexican-migrant-shelters-notice-spike-in-deportees-coming-from-us For more KRGV reporting: http://www.krgv.com/
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Storm Victims React to Hurricane Harvey
Some residents in Woodsboro were affected by Hurricane Harvey.
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Increase of Cartel Violence in Reynosa Impacting Residents
Criminal groups are warning residents of upcoming turf wars around the city.
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Two-A-Day Tour:  Santa Rosa
Warriors in 2017
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Los Fresnos Joins Third Round Crowd
Three of Four from 32-6A
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Driver's Warned, Don't Pass Stopped School Bus
The school year starts Monday for many Valley students. Officials are warning drivers about the dangers of ignoring school bus rules.
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OSHA Investigating Deadly Oilfield Accident near McCook
The Alton Fire Department said a big blue truck tipped over as oilfield workers attempted to set up a tower.
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RGV Sector Horse Patrol to March on Inauguration Day
Friday is the inauguration ceremony for Donald Trump. For more KRGV reporting: http://www.krgv.com/
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