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Laredo Border Patrol Agent Accused in Multiple Murders
Juan David Ortiz was arrested Saturday morning.
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End of an Era: Last Blockbuster in Texas Closes
The Blockbuster was located in Edinburg.
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Conditions at McAllen Mall Back to Normal Following Robbery Attempt
A store manager says her company trained all employees just a month ago for an event like this.
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Witnesses Highlight Robbery Attempt Situation at La Plaza Mall
Two witnesses we spoke to say they were walking by the store as they saw the suspects smashing glass cases.
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Failed Jewelry Heist Sparks Panic at McAllen Mall
Officials say there was no active shooting event in La Plaza Mall.
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SpaceX Founder Announces Plans to Launch Big Rocket at Boca Chica Beach
Residents say they’ve only seen minimal progress at the site.
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New Quarterback at Donna North
Jesus Lagunes worked hard this season to transition from defensive end to quarterback.
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SpaceX Requesting ‘Re-Entry’ License
The group is seeking permission to land their rockets in a zone that would span from the tip of Texas to the southern tip of Florida.
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Weslaco East QB Overcomes Language Barrier
Transfer Playing Well For Wildcats
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First & Goal Final:  September 7th
Vela Wins Game of the Week
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Shoppers Inside Mall Reflect on Chaotic Attempted Robbery
Although many shoppers found relief quickly, some say that the effects may be long-lasting.
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Football Teams Prep For RGVCA All-Star Game
Saturday Night Showdown in Weslaco
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Man with Dual Citizenship has Passport Revoked
In a government letter, they were revoking his passport after finding his birth certificate for Texas and two in Mexico.
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Authorities Detained 2 at Motel nearby La Plaza Mall
A KRGV photojournalist spotted police running across the street from the mall.
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Lions Rule With Up Tempo Attack
Chase On For Another District Title
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Feds Waive Laws to Expedite Border Wall Project
The DHS secretary plans to close a total of 11 gaps along the border fence in Cameron County.
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3 Facing Charges in Alleged Drug Operation at Rio Grande City School
A maintenance employee at Rio Grande City CISD is accused of using his position on campus to facilitate the drug route.
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First & Goal Friday:  October 5th
Rio Hondo Holds Off La Feria
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3rd Arrest in Hidalgo Co. for Voter Fraud
The investigation on voter fraud is connected to the city of Edinburg election that took place Nov. 2017.
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ICE Agents Detain Venezuelan Fugitive in McAllen
Tirso Antonio Melean-Castellano admitted to purchasing weapons at a Valley gun show.
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Two-A-Day Tour
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Thursday's Weather - 5 p.m.
Thursday's Weather - 5 p.m.
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Border Patrol Finds 8-Year-Old Boy Speaking Unknown Dialect
Border Patrol is working to identify a boy who was found in Weslaco on Monday.
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Mandatory Evacuation Notice Issued for Residents, Businesses on Stretch of FM 495
The order will remain in effect until Monday, June 25.
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Border Patrol Agent Arrested for Capital Murder of Woman, 1-year-old
Authorities discovered the agent had a relationship with one of the victims.
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Two-A-Day Tour:  Donna North
2018 Season
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Local Trailer Company Building Food Trucks Nationwide
The food truck craze has only come to the Rio Grande Valley recently, but Sanchez Trailers started almost 18 years ago.
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Port Isabel Aiming for Turnaround Season Under New Coach Jason Strunk
Strunk brings his power pistol offense to Port Isabel.
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Former FBI Agent Says Mexico’s Election Results Could Cause Disruption in Cartel Activity
Sunday’s election results revealed a new president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, will be in office in six months.
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Wakeland Claims Valley View Season
First Loss Comes 3-1
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Applicants Seeking Asylum Being Processed Quicker
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services says a backlog at the agency is leading to a rise of fraudulent cases.
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Criminal Complaint That Led to Hidalgo Co. Judge's Arrest
The complaint reveals the undercover operation and alleged bribes that led to Judge Rudy Delgado's arrest.
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Two-A-Day Tour:  Rio Grande City
2018 Season
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Investigation: Tilting the Scale
The Texas Rangers are investigating voter fraud out of the city of Edinburg connected to the November 2017 election.
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First & Goal Friday:  August 31st
Two Overtime Openers
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Wednesday's Weather - 6 a.m.
First Warn 5 Weather Forecast
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Wednesday's Weather - Noon
Wednesday's Weather - Noon
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Game Wardens Monitoring Popular Fishing Spots
Texas Parks and Wildlife officials say the extreme cold creates an unfair advantage for fishermen.
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Thursday's Weather - 6 p.m.
Thursday's Weather - 6 p.m.
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Student of the Week: Dulce Maria Rangel
The senior in Brownsville Early College High School wants to pursue a PhD in mechanical engineering.
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Tuesday's Weather 6 a.m.
First Warn 5 Weather Forecast
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Wednesday's Weather - 6 p.m.
Wednesday's Weather - 6 p.m.
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Hidalgo Co. Rancher's Livestock Threatened by Flooding
Though he usually takes in other animals at no charge, he's now restricted to taking care of his 10 horses and six cows.
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2 Suspects in LA Plaza Mall Incident Convicted for Similar Crime in 2015
They were released from a state prison in California in December of 2017.
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USCIS Recalls Over 8000 Green Cards Following Production Error
The portion of the card which reads “resident since” was printed incorrectly.
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5:30pm Sunday Weather Update
5:30pm Sunday Weather Update
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Residents Find Alligator Carcass Near Edcouch Neighborhood
An expert says American alligators can be found all over the Rio Grande Valley.
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Bearkats Optimistic About Upcoming Season
Jacob Posas is Raymondville's new starting quarterback.
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City of South Padre Island Offering Reward for Information o
The city of South Padre island is offering $500 for information in a vandalism case leading up to the arrest and conviction of the suspects involved in a case at the visitors center.
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NEWS in 60 - Sept. 26
Here's your News In 60 Seconds: Mark Anthony Andrade of San Benito dies at scene of fatal motorcycle accident north of Weslaco. Texas State Troopers are investigating - Body found along Dillon Road in Donna. Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office is investigating - More than 2000 National Guards will remain in the Valley to help with emergency operations, medical evaluations and air support along US - Mexico border.
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