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reacting to I'm so pedophile song
Seen this years ago. It was hilariuos.
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Finding the earth grimoa- Bonds of the skies part 5
Sorry if at the end of the video I suddenly cut off. I had accidently ended the recording session.
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Reacting to AMV soul eater this is halloween
I am sorry if I cut the video. My phone was acting whacky and so I never got finish what I was saying. But yeah, I forgot how brutal the anime was.
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backseat anime watching- corpse party ep 2
Well finally I continue what i once started.
Holy f*ck! Its a pony murderer!- Pony torture
Well, Bronies, viewr discretion is advised.
Corpse party all deaths reaction
I hated some of these deaths.
Beware: this will ruin anime -reaction to how to ruin your favorite anime
This was hilarious and please dont bring up the nasty surprise in this video.
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Waifu or Laifu
The ultimate test is now on.
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Preparing to fight a boss- Bonds of the sky part 7
Sorry if the video was lame. I didnt have enough time for a long video.
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New adventure awaits!- Asdivine Dios part 1
I love RPG games...
The desert awaits!!!- Bonds of the sky part 4.
I never liked deserts but we're going there anyways.
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I need Pomemonz!- Pokemon GO
Hahaha. Sorry for my yelling. I got carried away. Plz like and subscribe.
The most stressful battle ever- Bonds of the sky part 6
I have never been stressed out by an RPG before.
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The ponchos- Bonds of the sky part 1
Kemco makes good mobile RPG maker games.
Animal jam with friends
My first video with friends
Crazy driving skillz!!!- Drive Ahead
What is this game!?!?!
Reacting to Grandpa hates disneyland and A day with mom.
These two videos were freaking hilarious I must say.
Trying hard in phantom forces.
I am sorry that I had not been posting videos for a few weeks. My bad, :P. Yeah but I thought maybe I could do a roblox video and o here you guys go. The crappiest of all my PF/Roblox videos.
Please kill me right now (language warning) - Helix Jump
I wish I never came up with the idea to cause myself to become depresed after this game.
What is this?- blockheads
Never thought this game was like minecraft. Enjoy my friggin frustration of games like these.
Arena start!- clash royale
Hahahaha. What? This is now an unexpected turn of events.
My second try- Geometry dash
Here's what you all have been waiting for, my second attempt at trying to beat geometry dash. And here is the channel you could check out. And warning, not for children under 16. Youtube.com/pwnageshow
The fire demon dragon?!?!?!- Bonds of the sky part 2
I am enjoying this game through and through.
Sara is missing part 2 (missing footage)
This was the missing part. Sorry everyone, the app decided to split this game into two seperate pieces.
Its a complete massacre- Into the dead
Zombies scare meh now
Sara is missing part 1
Sorry if the vid was cut short. I intend on postin the 2nd half later tonight.
What the heck am I supposed to do?!!!-  The exorcist Part 1
This is a weird and heartbeating horror RPG. I mean 1. WTF am I supposed to do?! Comment in the comments below to guode me and subscribe and leave a like of want more of these vodeos. Enjoy.
I must survive- Last day on earth: surviva
This game had gotten my attention a lot.
Reacting to Yamimash
I so love this guy.
Phantom forces ep 2
I have still not been able to talk through mic so I decided to chat in chat room.
Brutally massacred- Free Fire Battlegrounds
I admit I suck dong in this game.
Try not to laugh #1
I hope you enjoyed the challenge.
What in the actual fuck?-try not to laugh challenge
What the fuck. Some of these is just messed up.
Phantom forces on Roblox
I am so sorry that there isn't my bull crap talking in here. This is my first time recording on PC so I don't know how to record fully.
Reacting Definitive anime on crack
Wow... Its been a while since I watched this so lets see if I will still laugh. I probably will but who knows.
Oh god.  New lame five nights games. Asylum night shift/Night 1- 2  1/2
Wtf is this motherf*****g horror game. Jesus. I need to start playing something different.
Laughing instead of raging- Geometry dash
I think I laugh too much, don't you think?
Welcome to autistic minecraft- Block story
I have never heard or played this before. Let the games bagin. Leave a like if you want Please subscribe
The journey continues with an idiot- Block story #2
Wow. I sure don't know how to play. Leave a like Please subscribe and thank you for watching
Man my friends need to watch their mouths
I am surrounded by idiots xD
Anisol?-Reacting to A day at the park
I never expected some these stuff just now.
Punishment time- Waifu or Laifu
I now hate my life after seeing some characters xD
Reacting to Jerry Pampdrank Vines
I can see there was some racism in this video so watch if you dare. I do not own any content within the video and give full credit to Jerry Pampdrank for these hilarious vines.
Guess that anime Episode 1
So many that I dont know.
Vomit cake by filthy frank reaction video
I did not enjoy this video at all. Disclaimer: I do not own the video and I give full credit to its rightful creators.
Backseat anime watching- cropse party ep 1
Just like the games.