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I tried to fuken make a decent song for senpai-desu but I ended up puting this shit together in 3 hours! Here ya go Ya fucking cunts (DONT COPYRIGHT ME PLZ) . . . (I think I "unintentionally" made it sexual? I dunno) (the song on the background is my own remix)
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W o a h
DON'T LET YOUR KIDS WATCH THIS! In all seriousness though this God Forsaken clip has really kicked my creativity sack to the brim and I'm glad how the video turned out! If this videos at least gets 100 views I'll make more meme vids and More Vids in General
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That Smile That Damn Smile [YTP]
Wahhh Arata my boiiiii!!!! . . . I just can't just get this video idea out of my mind! Its quite troublesome! I can't even study thinking about it.
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Crystal Gems!! (Steven Universe AMV)
Steven Universe is the property of Cartoon Network and Rebecca Sugar. This video is purely made for the entertainment purposes and non-profitable purposes.(or in other words please don't copyright me I'm begging you I've already had enough of those) THE SONG FOR THIS MUSIC VIDEO IS MY OWN REMIX
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Net Neutrality.
CONGRATS AMERICA. Now everything YOU do is monitored and worst of all,YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT.
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Dirty Brother Killer
Poor Hanzo..He's trying guys!!! He's Really TRYING HIS BEST • • • Ahh..I don't even care if I come late at school today! This comic is really precious and I wanted to make it my first..Thank you for this beautiful comic, http://tracersjournal.tumblr.com/ (AKA SHENPAI/AeroViro/Pikascool/Lady Shimada
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