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Sea to Source to Summit
Follow adventurer Chris Hayward as he attempts the first full ascent of Australia's longest river, the Murray River. Kayaking 2,220km from it's mouth in the Southern Ocean before hiking 350km to its source and then the summit of Mt. Kosciuszko, Australia's highest peak! Along the way Chris had many amazing encounters including rescuing deadly snakes or hauling wild kangaroos from thick mud. Follow Chris at: www.facebook.com/wanderingadventurer www.chrishayward.com.au Proudly supported by: Paddy Pallin www.paddypallin.com.au Camera Paradise www.cameraparadise.com Discover Murray River www.murrayriver.com.au Wilderness Systems www.wildernesssystems.com Skee Kayak Centre www.skeekayakcentre.com.au
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Young Red Belly
Handling a juvenile Red Bellied Black Snake. These little guys always get my heart going, no matter how many times I have done it. CAUTION!! One of the most dangerous things in snake handling is picking up juvenile snakes and adders, do not attempt this at home! To follow the expedition, check out: facebook.com/wanderingadventurer
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Monovelo trial
Haven't yet got the hang of it but I have until March to perfect it to cycle over 1000km and set the Guinness World Record! Its also a world first! See: www.facebook.com/wanderingadventurer www.chrishayward.com.au
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Sea to Source to Summit Halfway Teaser
After just 2 months on the river I am now halfway (in distance) through my Sea to Source to Summit expedition attempting the first ever full ascent of the Murray River. This is just a short summary of some of the things that have happened so far. To follow the expedition check out: www.facebook.com/wanderingadventurer
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River Bloopers: Python Gas!
The unfortunate moment when a 8ft python decides to let loose on your hand when your trying to film a documentry! To my relief, upon release I found out that it was only gas but it still was a foul stench! Note: Victorian Carpet Pythons are a protected species and must be released. Although python are non venomous they can still inflict a painful bite and wound, handling is not advised.
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WIN News Loxton
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Expedition River Rider Trailer
Youngest person to kayak 2,600km from source to sea down the Murray River solo. See: www.facebook.com/wanderingadventurer
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River Bloopers: Bridge Smash
Expedition Blooopers: Smashing into a bridge. I am pleased to announce that my kayak was not punctured, just scratched and the cockpit had filled with water.
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Freezing at the start of the Expedition
Just a short preview of the cold conditions at the start of the expedition. I capsized 5 times in water that was just as cold!
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This is why you leave snakes alone
A compilation of all the near misses from the snakes I have filmed with during the Sea to Source to Summit expedition. Please note that I am a trained snake handler and although the snake appears to have come close, I was in control at all times and not in severe danger. This video is to demonstrate that snakes are only a danger when not left alone.
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Lake Alexandrina greeting
My first day on the infamous, deadly Lake Alexanderina and she is certainly trying to make an impression!
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Going a bit crazy with the floods
Paddling through Barmah National Forest which from the Murray River is mostly flooded, with the sun threatening to go down and no where at all to camp or even pull over it becomes a race against time.
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Rain Rain Go Away
Somedays just aren't worth it... A little rain is great, quite relaxing one might say. But when its been pelting on your all day long and your on the river, it just makes your time less fun.
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Times Change
At the beginning of the expedition I had a lack of skill and knowledge which led to a fear of fast flowing water, high winds and waves through 5 bad capsizes in freezing waters. After 2,100km of kayaking in a vast array of conditions I gained much more experience, skill and knowledge and noticed that all fears had been eradicated and in its place enjoyment and a sense of adventure had settled in when presented with harsh conditions while a certain respect was still present and maintained.
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First ever documentary
This was my first ever attempt at a documentary. I was 11 years old at the time and filmed my Spotted Python and Goliath Stick Insect in my front yard. Excuse the terrible camera work and high pitched voice ;)
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Sneek Preview: Early Days
With poor training and no experience, coupled with one of the longest kayaks in its class with poor maneurerability, it made navigating the narrow, fast moving waters of the upper Murray incredibly difficult resulting in 5 capsizes into ice cold water in the first 2 days.
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Captain Chris aboard the Emmylou
Passing through Echuca I had the chance to get a tour and race the famous Emmylou Paddlesteamer. To follow the expedition, check out: facebook.com/wanderingadventurer Sponsored by: Cameras Paradise.com
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