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Blockchain & Bitcoin by 2020 Andreas Antonopoulos - SingularityU Canada Summit 2018
Youtube originally banned this video... for obvious reasons when you understand their censorship agenda and the topics discussed here. Naturally I found it to be my civil duty to reupload... Have we not yet learned censorship is EVIL?! I Give You; Andreas Antonopoulos at Canada Summit 2018 SingularityU
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Digital Price and the Benefits of Cryptocurrency
1:57 begins benefits of DP. A short essay I wrote for the Acknowledgement and promotion of my favorite coin, Digital Price. In this video I briefly describe the benefits of Masternode hosting, as well as the platform from which to do so without having to purchase a VPS. Scrypto.io
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Jamie Dimon, Hypocrite to crickets. Bitcoin is the future but what's up with litecoin?
My quick ramblings on the recent news of Jamie Dimon claiming the incredible blockchain technology Bitcoin is of a fraudulent nature and my thoughts on the immediate future and what it has to bring, we're going up! Just give it time to settle down ;) FUD is here lol
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You have limitless potential
Just some quick words on some of the things I think about
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Sometimes you gotta jump out of an airplane to show the world what you really believe in. http://digitalprice.org/ https://scrypto.io/directory/masternodes https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/digitalprice/
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LiftMode Nootropic Basic Synopsis
Simple yet informative description of Phenylpiracetam, Huperzine-A, DL-Phenylalanine, 5htp, Choline Bitartrate. For your info to become superhuman.
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Hello YouTube!!
Just saying hello to all you beautiful people.
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Phenylpiracetam - Superhuman Serum A quick review of my favorite nootropic
Me briefly explaining my own effects of phenylpiracetam and some of the benefits of this wonderful nootropic substance
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How to properly deaden a car door (short version)
as title says, down here too
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Use logic and don't be a b*tch
Random thoughts that come to me while I sit in my car. Getting a little better at this video thing. Still preliminary phase
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Dancing cat
Our cat likes to dance Song: Non Non Non - Lolita Jolie
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Salt and Milk Fluoridation and Depop
A video Kevin Galalae uploaded a while ago that I found may or may not be of relevance for the world in some way. I'll just leave this here and let you think for your own view on this information.
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