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Why the moon rotates around its own axis.
Why the moon rotates around its own axis. explained with a plate and a cup.
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Freefall boat training
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NK Katknuppelen Groot-Schermer koningsdag 2015
NK Katknuppelen Groot-Schermer koningsdag 2015
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Katknuppelen Groot-Schermer kermis zondag 6-9-2015
Katknuppelen Groot-Schermer kermis zondag 6 september 2015
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Optimus 00
my Optimus 00 stove is making a weird sound. its Hissing, rather then roaring.
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Stoomtrein Lieren 1
Locomotief over de overgang om van spoor te wisselen zodat hij de wagons die langs het peron staan kan passeren. daarna aan de andere kant weer aankoppelen.
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Statsraad Lehmkuhl at the start of the Tall Ships Race 2014
Statsraad Lehmkuhl at the start of the Tall Ships Race 2014 at Harlingen, a sail came loose while along side, it made alot of noise, more then the camera could pick up, because I was shielding the mic. a bit against the wind, but you could hear the banging of the sail troughout the harbour.
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Stoomtrein Lieren 3
De locomotief komt de draaischijf op rijden om gekeerd te worden voor de terug reis. de bediener van de draaischijf vergeet tijdig te remmen, waardoor het geheel twee keer rond zal moeten gaan om weer goed uit te komen.
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MV Royal Klipper 20-4-2009 view from my cabin.
what you hear is the Engine, that was normal
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MV Vantage 24-12-2012 passing the ONLY bridge in Amsterdam (in this channel)
Coming back from drydock in Lemmer, and in day time passing the locks in Lelystad, we now squeeze trough the Schellingwoude bridge, which was a challenge because the bridge engineers had to come to over ride the safeties of the bridge decks so they go open a bid more otherwise the ships bridge wouldn't fit. you can here the captain calling out distances (half meter to 30 centimeter) to the owner (who was actually at the helm). then we move sideways to the biggest of the Oranje locks to enter Amsterdam there we get our Pilot to guide us trough the North-Sea channel to the Locks at IJmuiden so we can continue to the Northsea (and then London) we did do the IJsselmeer and Markermeer without pilot, because there is no pilotage there, we had the assistance of a tug.
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MV Spring Tiger 4-1-2011 at anchor
filmed from the Monkey Island, we were at anchor awaiting beaching at Alang, India. where after a long service the ship was going to be scraped.
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MV Spring Tiger 9-9-2010 a leak
A leak between ballast tanks and a void space allowed water to enter hold no. 1 which made the gratings float. the sound is the ball pump (air powered) pumping out water.
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MV Royal Klipper 30-5-2009 thunderstorm
I tried to film a thunderstorm we passed, but the camera didn't really pick it up. you can see I'm outside because those light squarish things are the portholes. the sound is the main engine and engine room ventilation.
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Launching a life boat
you can hear the winches unwinde, the splash, and then the cables coming slack and the hooks banging on the roof.
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Stoomtrein Lieren 2
De locomotief komt terug over de spoorwegovergang, en passeert de wagons die langs het station staan.
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MV Royal Klipper 25-5-2009 turning the crank shaft
Inspecting the bearings of the drive shafts, crankshafts and the cross head. the sound you hear are the auxiliary engines providing power, pumps, ventilators and such, considered a quit day in the Engine room
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MV Royal Klipper 20-04-2009 view from cabin
a calm day at sea, (pacific ocean) I'm sorry for the music :P
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NK Katknuppelen Groot-Schermer koningsdag 2015
NK Katknuppelen Groot-Schermer koningsdag 2015
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