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Next To You Cover by Jordin Sparks
Urgh! Sang this before collecting our A level results haha! Terrible us! Hope it was nice :)
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Charice-Nobody's singin' to me (Mini Cover)
Just a random song with my crazy lil bro!
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Before The World Began by Hillsong Cover
God is good & I hope everyone has been doing well too! :) May we all strive to live a Christ-like life to be able to survive in such a sinful world we have today. Hope you all have a great week ahead! :D GOD BLESS YOU! -333333333333333
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Stay with Me | Goblin OST  (Chinese中文版 version)
Lyrics originally from Jason Chen First time covering a Chinese song!
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CALL ME MAYBE Cover by Carly Rae Jepson
Had fun making this cover! Hope u like it too!! :) Will be starting my university soon so might upload lesser covers in future!! Damn :(
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Someone like you Cover
Yo! Introducing me brudders!! :) Okay. So my youngest bro was so enthu he had to sing with me at one part! Lol! He sings quite well too! Anyway! :) I'm gg msia tmr! Happy!! :) Shopping&FOOD! Will be back with a new cover! Love you all! -3 Claraaaaaaa!
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Glee - Pretending Cover
Fell in love with this song!!! ;) Felt that it really related to how I was feeling during a point of time. Hope you enjoyed my version of it!!!
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Charice - Nothing Cover
This song really makes sense to what I'm going thru right now so just felt that I sang it :) Hope you liked it!
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Lady GaGa - Born This Way Cover
This song has alot of meaning into it and I really liked it! Music was made to express different messages to the world. & I liked the way this song expressed it! ;)
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Charice - Crescent Moon Cover
This song has a beautiful melody to it! Though I don't really know what's the meaning of crescent moon supposed to be in this song! Haha! Whatevaaaa! CHARICE ROCKS FOREVER! THE WHOLE WORLD IS GONNA KNOW HER ONE DAY!!! Yay! ;)
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All I want for Christmas (x'mas cover!)
Ohman! Planned to sing the full song but it was so tough! I suck at follow the rhythm that's why most of my covers are acapella! Haha! Screw the rhythm man! :( Okay, so I'm so done with my A levels! Waiting for results now to get into the university! Hooray! :D So I'm damn free for 8mth so keep coming back for more covers! :) Do subscribe! Rlly appreciate it! :) ♥ Claralalalalalala ~
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Payphone (Maroon 5) Cover
Hey! Hope you enjoyed our cover of maroon 5's payphone!! :) Anyway, Audrey started her own cards blogshop!! It's all handmade with love! Awesome stuff! Do visit cardsculture.wordpress.com to take a look at some of her genius designs! :) Also, it'd be great to go LIKE her fb page CARDSCULTURE! :) Do support her blogshop! With love, CLARA&AUDREY!! -3
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Shout To The Lord Cover
Say hi to Audrey! ;) Hope you guys enjoy our cover of this worship song! Been wanting to do a cover tgt since forever! Haha! Alright! Do stay tuned for more covers tgt ;D Comment!!! :)
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It's not too late by Demi Lovato cover
Have been busy with work recently. Screw work seriously. Cheap labour! Haha! Anyway, love every song Demi sings! Always so perfect! :) Love her beautiful voice & she is a beautiful person ;) Okay, so do gimme some comments! Good/bad constructive comments! Thanks ;) Lurveeee ya'll!! :)
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The one that got away cover by Katy Perry
Sigh! Didn't rlly feel I suited this song. Blah. Since I sang it for a thousand times I must as well upload it.. Sad sad sad! Hope it was okay... ;) Love, Clara! :D
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Jump Then Fall Cover Originally by Taylor Swift
This was the most clean cover we have done so far! Hardly any mistakes! Hehe! Hope u enjoy it as much as we did recording it! Love you :)
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We Are Never Getting Back Together (Taylor Swift Cover)
Aloha! Sorry for some off pitches! Had limited time working on this bcos of my studies! I've been very encouraged to do a cover recently due to the surge in views and subs! Thank u guys! :) As u can see, I've braces now so it hurts when I try sing sometimes! Hope u can bear my pronounciation! Haha! Hope u enjoy this cover & do gimme advice on how to improve or some song request! :) Love u all! God Bless, Clararara! :)
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Charice - Reset Cover
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I Look So Good Without You Cover
Hey! Excited to finally be able to cover a song we alwags sing in school tgt 3 Was great fun & pain completing this hope you guys like it! :) Stay tuned for me!! MUCH LOVESSSS~
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One Last Time | Ariana Grande - Audition for SAFRA's The Ultimate Talent 2017
I forgot my lyrics on stage for the front part but managed to finish the chorus. What an experience!
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Baby Cover by Justin Bieber
Finally managed to collab with our rapper/beatboxer/singer classmate! :) He is greatly talented!! Do check out his channel too! ChrisMCsquare ;) Alright! Stay tuned for more covers! Enjoy! Do excuse our blunders haha!
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Justin Bieber COLD WATER Cover
My name is Clara from Singapore and my vocal teacher is on the guitar. We hope you enjoy our covers as much as we enjoy making music.
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Scars to your beautiful | Alessia Cara Cover
With vocal teacher again and messed up a little but its okay. Sorry for all the weird expressions. Just being me heh.
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Lego House Cover by Ed Sheeren
Hope u liked our cover :)
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It Ain't Me | Selena Gomez & Kygo Cover
Had to look at lyrics so didn't face camera much. Tune till the end to hear our twist of the song! Hope you enjoyed :)
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Openheart orphanage
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Scared to be Lonely | Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa Cover
I'm Clara and I live in Singapore. Credits: Vocal teacher on guitar 🎧
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Roses - The Chainsmokers COVER
Me & my vocal teacher covering this song! Hope you enjoy! :)
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Royals - Lorde Cover
Do continue to support us :)
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Fresh Eyes | Andy Grammer Cover
Sorry had to refer to my phone for lyrics because i have bad memory. Heh. Credits to vocal teacher again on the guitar.
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I Can Only Imagine by Mercyme Cover
Hope you love this mesmerizing song about God as I had
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To Be Human | Sia Cover
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