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BO2 Mod trolling a kid "I have an rgh Ofra"
====================== xPeRk Customs ====================== need kvs? hit my friend up Skype:godrownafish ====================== suprise video soon ====================== I know i said "uh","uh","uh" alot of times xD ====================== FREE MODS!!!!!! gamertag is ModSlayerPlayer ====================== I hope you guys enjoyed the video like and sub ======================
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BO2 Mod Trolling
yo guys sorry for my bad mic quality,and also I will be getting better quality mic....If you don't know...my friend and I's server will be comming out soon... ===========XBL Virtue========== -------------SKYPE--------- Contacts:BudgetMoth06 contacts:XBL ===========XBLFussed========== ----------------SKYPE---------------- XBL Fluxxy BudgetMoth06 ============================== my gamer tag is XBLVirtueSeller ============================== sorry for my poor editing I will work on it ;) ============================== If you want me to make you a menu ill do it for free :) ============================== IG:XeGold Thanks,like and subscribe for more trolling :) ==============================
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yo guys whats up PeRk here and basically this video is about my giveaway for you guys for more detail go to my IG @React_PeRk, I also want to say how thankfulllll I am for 88 subs it means a lot and I cant wait to see this channels potential Live Stream Moderators IG: @williamatikenhead @vexblaziken
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Lets Talk...KV generating
Yo whats up guys I made this video so people can stop falling for the "kv generating" tricks ========================================================================= ============================xperk Customs================================= ========================================================================= My stealth server will be comming out soon --------------------------------------------------------------- Skype:BudgetMoth06 --------------------------------------------------------------- Dont mind my broke ass for using a cheap editing site IM FUCKING LAZY ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next video is about the exploited Xbox One ------------------------------------------------------------------ ================Like===and===Subscribe============= =====================thanks======================= =====================PEACE======================== ==================================================
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xPeRkStealth/Stealth server
Best stealth [Free as of now expires 10/22/16] Owner of xPeRk Customs xPeRkStealth ImmortalStealth ------------------------ Skype:BudgetMoth06 IG:Immortal_Perk ------------------------ Lifetime is $30 expires in a month ------------------------- Make sure to like and subscribe :)👍👍👍
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Best Stealth Server 17511// 9 day KV Life
=========xPeRk Customs========= ==========XBLFused============= 17511 Stealth Server XBLFused 1-9KVlife usualy 9 days and most had was 10 days ============================== ==========SKYPE============== Owner:itzflux_ ============================== Mine:BudgetMoth06 ============================== Free mods my gt is XBLVirtueSeller ============================== Thanks for watching Like and Subscribe :) ==============================
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