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Cleaning my modified Bonaire Durango 5900 evaporative cooler
Swamp cooler can be drain on a daily basis plus cleaning it every week during summer will prolong its function. There is a 2 inches diameter knockout hole cover beneath the tank's left side portion for drainage/plug can use it whenever. I regularly drain its dirty water each every 72 hours. Can clean the pump, cooling pads, hoses, and the dripper using dish soap. My cooling pads has only little amount of hard water everytime, well good for me! I installed automatic temperature sensor also set at 78°F indoor temperature.
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Bonaire Durango 5900 DUMPING OF WATER NO MORE!!! Recycle your H2O
Materials: ✓✓✓ 1.) Part# 077985040840 1pc. 3/4 Drip Filter- also reusable. Sold by Home Depot. 2.) Part# 077985020452 2pc. 3/4in drip adapters. Sold by Home Depot. 3.) Clear hose 1/4 ID. 2ft. (Return hose). Why clear pvc tube? ...because the water flow is so visible!. 4.) Teflon tape. Blue (to leak seal all plastic threads). 5.) Drill. (Drill bits must be smaller in diameter than the actual outside diameter size of hoses. Some drilling required tighter holes the better for each hoses). 6.) Zip ties 7.) A little know how. (You don't need to be an ideal brainiac). Note: "Don't forget to reattach the black plastic bleeder valve to your clear pvc tube/hose end's tip. Draining and cleaning the drip filter regularly is a must just like doing an engine oil change!". This filter can trap even the smallest calcium and dirt particles. (Filter canister hand tight only). Good luck and enjoy your cool summer!®
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2008 Honda GX340 11hp brought back to life
Gx340 made it quiter and smoother.
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