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Identity V| Testing The Coordinator
Today im Testing The Coordinator Sorry about the lag my device isn't so good, but sometimes my game doesn't lag... If you want to play with me put in comments your ID. Bye thanks for watching
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R2DA| Why i got banned? can someone help me?
I was playing the game... then i got DAY-BANNED, but i don't know why i got banned....Dude i'm so sad i didn't do anything wrong Can someone tell me why i got banned?
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Roblox|| SCP :// Area 14 \\ || They made me commit suicide!
If you want to play, here's the game: https://www.roblox.com/games/1699463192/SCP-Area-14
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Roblox | Disgusting ODer's (Horrible Quality)
Maybe i'll post another video Tomorrow.
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