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Sick tricks for days
Here we have my and me and my freind skating and doing sick tricks for days My freind who helped me : joshua
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Ollie over stuff
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I learned how to kickflip
So I FINALLY lurned how to kickflip and I will be doing a how to VEARY soon
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Epic skate tricks (ocean man)
So my freind made this video massive sboutout to him Find him here www.instagram.com/itznovemberjosh
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12 types of skaters
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How to shuvit
I hope this heped you
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How to be a pro skater
Thank you so much for waching.also shoutout to the people who helped me and one last thing. Dont take this video too seriously this is just a skit Check them out http://www.instagram.com/itznovemberjosh http://www.instagram.com/skatejermy Please like and subscribe
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How to strawberrie milkshake
In this video I teach you how to strawberrie milkshake. Sorry If my examples aren't that good I was tiered from learning and practicing the trick Filmer- http://www.instagram.com/itznovemberjosh Please like and subscribe
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How to ollie tutorial
In this video I will hopefully teach you how to ollie sorry I didn't land some I wasn't warmed up also sorry for bad audio Please subscribe and like to support my new channel it would mwan a lot
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How to:boneless fingerflip
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5 Things All Skaters Do
In this video I list the top 5 things All skaters do maybe not all the time but they do it. Like or i will delete your mincraft account. People featured in this video: Editer: http://www.instagram.com/itznovemberjosh Freind: http://www.instagram.com/skatingwithjermy Skatboarding type: skate skit Remember with skating take time and patence and you will get it
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How To Kickflip( Easiest Way Tutorial )
In this video i teach you how to kickfklip Like and subscribe Follow my editer www.instagram.com/itznovemberjosh www.instagrsm.com/candiesoundtracks Hi
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I decorated my board
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