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IoT Lab
IoT Lab is crowd sourcing and crowd sensing platform with the participants as the core of research and innovation process. The IoT Lab provides a unique Testbed as a Service to ease all kinds of multidisciplinary research where members can identify, suggest, lead and support different projects and take active role in research cycle.
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DunavNET AR presentation
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Anargor in game
Anargor in-game video created by DNET Studio
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MobiWallet pilot Novi Sad
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ARgenie is a web browser on-line tool which enables RAPID and SIMPLE creation and deployment of AR (Augmented Reality) applications using 'drag&drop' concept. See more at: http://www.argenie.eu
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DunavNET - mTicketingAR (ticket validation).mp4
Dunavnet QR code validator
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H2020 TagItSmart: Dynamic pricing pilot
Dynamic pricing pilot validates TagItSmart technologies for monitoring integrity of the cold supply chain on the individual product item level in addition to providing value added context aware services to consumers and other supply chain stakeholders. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688061.
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agroNET solutions
Meet agroNET - suite of solutions for efficient agricultural production. By combining expert knowledge and real-time data gathered from the production fields agroNET becomes farmers’ digital agricultural advisor, offering them a real-time assistance to: optimize irrigation, monitor the production fields, control rodents' activities, save crops from insects and diseases and to improve asset management.
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DunavNET - AR ( QR code & Animation).mp4
DunavNET business card animation
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Anargor  - official trailer (mobile game by DNET studio)
3D mobile game for Android, iPhone and iPad. Soon available on App store and Google play. * The story that takes you through an exciting adventure * A variety of characters and enemies * Realistic levels * Great music and sound effects * Marvelous graphic and visual effects visit www.ANARGOR.com
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World of Anargor - Exclusive teaser
Download this free game on iTunes or Google Play. Hero, pick up a weapon and defend your world. Fight against Undead Legion from dark underworld known as World of Anargor. We are counting on you, you are chosen by gods and please stop the madness. An legendary epic RPG action saga set in medieval time in full 3D environment.
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Pijaca na klik
Više informacija: www.pijacanaklik.rs Pijaca na klik je mesto na kojem se sreću želje svih onih koji traže namirnice PROVERENOG KVALITETA i sveži proizvodi POZNATIH LOKALNIH proizvođača, i sve to uz posredstvo lokalnih preduzetnika zaduženih za dostavu namirnica.
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Anargor intro
Intro video of Anargor game
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DunavNET - AR ( Face tracking demo).mp4
Face recognition, tracking in real time and replacing with 3D model
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DunavNET -mTicketingAR (buying ticket).mp4
Demo version of new DunavNET product
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IoT Lab intro slides
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Galerie VR
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CLIPS Novi Sad pilot demo
Presentation of services developed in Novi Sad by DunavNET and local project partners as part of the CLIPS project. Service 1: mobile application mojNS for utility failure reporting Service 2: using the city of Novi Sad open data - available for companies and developers or using the open data to review the public utilities in the streets of Novi Sad.
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AR Tool Video v2 0
AR Tool
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World of ANARGOR - official trailer
World of Anargor RPG game Free to download on iTunes and Google play
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Dnet - the winner of the contest for the best innovation
DNet Inovacioni centar won on the contest for the best innovation. DNet presented innovative project mTicketingAR.
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World of Anargor - Tutorial for free version
World of Anargor - 3D RPG game for iOS and Android
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DunavNET - AR ( Animated catalogue).mp4
DunavNET catalogue 2012 powered with Augmented Reality
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