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Bootleg Rhythm Roulette - Arttheboy
NEXT EPISODE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIxN6WP5Crg Finally showing my process with videos like this one. I love mass appeal, and I love their rhythm roulettes. hopefully you guys enjoy Full Beat Tape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbkhLS67yyE&t=29s Free Download: https://soundcloud.com/arttheboy/rhythm-roulette-beatskeat
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DIY Violin Bass Build - arttheboy
Search arttheboy on all major streaming sites! https://soundcloud.com/arttheboy THANKS TO Guns and Guitars for the discount link!!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnfXz2OeVJHYyebACjj4ZGA I always wanted a Hofner/paul McCartney/violin/toroymoi style bass but can't throw money around for an expensive instrument so I decided to make one. I'm getting into woodworking so I'm probably gonna end up putting some builds up on this channel as well.
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Beat Tape PROMO mini vlog
Beat Tape here on youtube, Itunes, Spotify, Apple Music and all popular streaming sites. Album Art by: Alex Roberts https://soundcloud.com/arttheboy
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Bootleg Rhythm Roulette 2 - Arttheboy
Free Download: https://soundcloud.com/arttheboy/cassette-roulette-beat Full Beat Tape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbkhLS67yyE Previous Episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pyhm8NZaH0 Back again with a Cassette Rhythm Roulette. I flipped Mariah Carey on this beat and threw some guitars on it.
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Live From The Bedroom - arttheboy
https://soundcloud.com/arttheboy 0:09 – She Calls Me Now 3:41 - dancingolddudewav 6:01 – Voyeur 8:01 – Toys 11:01 – Bonus 2 a couple singles and a few deepcuts
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Artttheboy - Touch Her I'll Kill You: the Beat Tape
Find it on Apple Music, Spotify and all popular streaming sites Album Artwork by: Alex Roberts Hanging Nine Cuz You Lost the Tenth in an Accident 0:00 Be Like Us WITH HOOK 3:44 It's Still Extremely Popular 7:49 Hentai Beat 10:58 Madeline 13:40 Colonize 17:32 Midwest 23:47 Marinada 26:50 Self Indulgent Guitar Solo 29:39 This Light Isn't as Bright as It Used to Be 31:30 https://soundcloud.com/arttheboy
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arttheboy vlog 10
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arttheboy - Anon. [album]
https://soundcloud.com/arttheboy Re-uploaded, Remastered. Thanks for the support and thanks George for the drums. Enjoy 0:00 The Introduction 0:40 The Safest Neighborhood (feat. George Quinn) 4:09 [he] 8:10 If You Want It 12:21 Lion's Valley 15:48 Original Poster 16:06 Toys (feat. George Quinn) 19:17 Suit My Handle 23:58 Second Thoughts 24:58 On My Trip (feat. George Quinn) 28:03 If You Need It 32:42 His God (feat. George Quinn) 33:50 You Don't Even Know 37:34 [she] (feat. George Quinn) 42:06 Voyager 45:01 Gatz (feat. George Quinn) 48:59 Aware. 53:21Sign Off 54:13 No More Notes 58:33 The Dream
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arttheboy vlog 1
atb vlog 1 My album https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgujdAW6sFA
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arttheboy vlog 3 now we riot
My album https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Egujd...
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20160627 222653 by solitude
climax riff by solitude
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arttheboy vlog 2 "finna get on my vlog"
My album https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Egujd...
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arttheboy vlog 5 goldfish boy feat. Xan Cam
My final for art school, hope I get a good mark :D atb vlog 5 goldfish boy
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arttheboy vlog 6 Miguel = ted = zodiac
please subscribe liek and comment i want to quit school and do youtube full time!!!!!!!!!!!
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arttheboy vlog 8 the  weeaboyz, chavs and the mayor WOW
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arttheboy vlog 9 pram, weaboo land and the dancing old dude
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arttheboy vlog 4 don't react
SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/arttheboy My album https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Egujd...
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20160706 210257 by solitude
the girl riff by solitude
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M3M3 DR3AM T3AM Episode 1
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20160902 215153
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Art Studying
Me studying for finals enjoy😎😎😎😎😎 Lyrics: Chorus: I just want you to know i'll be waiting However i can i'll be there And no matter how hard this thing shakes us I'll alw💖ays stay beside you my friend Verse 1: The way never rides comfortably my darling I often toss and turn in our bed But if i feel you holding me tightly I may rest a bit easier then Chorus Verse 2: But they beat me and shamed me past recognition They drained me of all that i had Know it hurts when it's hard to be trusted But you see me different than them Chorus
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20160706 212625 by solitude
the affair riff by solitude
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20160902 210922
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received 10207660009196080
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Solitude ep jam 1
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$5 gets you a pretty good guitar nowadays (thrift store finds)
My girlfriend bought me a guitar for $5. these are so sick and they're everywhere. Gonna pimp it out soon with a pickup or something like the last one I did on my channel. Even if you have only $5 you can play guitar!!! Found at a thrift store. 5 5 5 $5 Thrift store finds
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Platinum weekend JAZZ JAM
platinum weekend jams with George Quinn on Drums and Garret Hildebrant on Sax.
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https://soundcloud.com/arttheboy Sorry for the clickbait. Made a strat-acoustic with a gold foil for the middle pickup out of a $5 guitar I bought from value village (thrift store). I put in like $50 ish dollars into to make it playable. My girlfriend Alex painted it. Think it turned out well Thanks for watching.
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George Quinn on drums Garret Hildebrandt on sax Dan Cunningham on Bass Art Jimenez on Guitar Did another jazz jam, video quality is bad. I think my basement is haunted. https://soundcloud.com/arttheboy
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beat making video - arttheboy
Real instruments and shit. Think I'm gonna start making more vids like this showing my process. Full Beat Tape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbkhLS67yyE&t=795s Also available on all popular streaming sites https://soundcloud.com/arttheboy
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arttheboy - thebeautifulunshakeableconstant [mixtape]
https://soundcloud.com/arttheboy Re-Uploaded, Re-mastered. Enjoy 0:00 More Moves Than 2:03 She Calls Me Now 5:45 That's Enough 10:33 Alright What's The Catch
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UNHEALTHY ADDICTION TO YOUTUBE!!! episode 1 (feat. mophead)
I realized a large part of my day is wasted being a slave to youtube's endless catalog of shitty vids. It started off small when I watched ryan higa when i was like 8 and now its a full blown addiction. I watch mainly music tutorials and good bad or bad bad. But that all ends today. I vow to not be addicted to youtube anymore and get my life back. And what better way to hold me accountable than to upload my experiences on the very platform that brought me to rock bottom. youtube addiction youtube addiction youtube addiction https://soundcloud.com/arttheboy
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arttheboy - Ur Position [mixtape]
https://soundcloud.com/arttheboy Re-uploaded, Re-Mastered. Enjoy. 0:00 Feel Me 4:55 This One's For The Girls (Running Circles) 9:40 Outlast (prod. ZenRa) 13:27 Mother Fucking Mind
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arttheboy vlog 11
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original song - arttheboy
probably gonna make a video making this tune into an actual song... maybe https://soundcloud.com/arttheboy
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arttheboy - summertape [mixtape]
https://soundcloud.com/arttheboy Why is it six songs long? Re-uploaded, Re-mastered. Enjoy 0:00 I'll Name It Later 3:37 dancingoldguywav 6:12 She Don't Wanna Hear It 10:18 That I 16:10 Summer Is Over 23:12 Bonus 2
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