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[Jungkook FF]She changed me...Ep.1 READ DESCEIPTION
Heyoo guyss So when I first posted this YT deleted this video bcs of copyright so I had to change smth COMMENT WOULD YOU LIKE TO I POST NEXT EP TOMORROW OR ON MONDAY i know this ep is so boring but next one will not THANKS FOR WATCHING LUV YAA~~
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[BTS,GOT7,NCT FF]New girl is an idol?!?Ep.1  READ DESCRIPTION PLEASE
Hello u little pervers....So this is my first ff and ep.1. If you ahve any suggestions just comment down below and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE,LIKE AND COMMENT THIS VIDEO FOR MORE PARTS LUV YAA BYEE
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[Jungkook FF]She changed me....Ep.2
Hello I know for now Jungkook didn't bully Y/N but he will as he said...lol THANKS FOR WATCHING BAIII~~~
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[Jungkook FF] Trip Love EP1
sorry if this video is stupidddd love ya❤
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Credit to all artists Songs: Mamamoo-Egoistic Momoland-BAAM Blackpink-Forever Young Pentagon-Shine BTS-Fake love (G)I-DLE-LATATA GOT7-LOOK Blackpink-DDU DU DDU DU Jessi-Down Twice-Dance the night away Mamamoo-Starry night Triple H-Retro Future Seventeen-OH MY BTS-ANPAMAN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks for watching and sorry for not putting more songs~
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[Jungkook FF]She changed me...Ep.5 READ DESCRIPTION
Heyooo ma bitchesss (jk😂) I WANT to sayyy THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCHHH FOR AMLOST 5K SUBSCIRBESSSSS... I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCHHH... Sorry for not posting for 2 weeks..just..THIS STUPID SCHOOL IS KILLING ME...but I have only 12 days of school and then summer break.. Thanks for your support... Byee bitchess(should I call you bitches or gurlies?)
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[Jungkook FF]She changed me....Ep.4 READ DESCRIPTION
Heyyooo lil pervs So this is repost/renewed ep. call iz however you want... NEXT VIDEO IS Q&A THANK YOU SO FLIPPIN MUCH FOR 2.2 SUBS THANKS FOR WATCHING (on my next video you'll find out soemthing important) ♡♡♡♡♡
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[Jungkook FF]She changed me..Ep.7(read desp and wait till end of the video)
Heyyooo bitches I missed y'all so much.. Sorry for getting copyrighted.. Thanks for 7.2K If someone wants to message me you can do in on Amino My amino: http://aminoapps.com/p/8g038i Follow me and i'll follow back~ Thanks for watching~
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[BTS FF]New girl is an idol?!So.8(Part 2/2)READ DESCRIPTION
Here you go part 2 of Ep.8 I would like to do Q&A soon so ask me anything you can text me on Wattpad my name is: Kpopgurl756 Enjoyy~~ VOTE IN THE COMMENTS JUNGKOOK OR SUGA
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[Jungkook FF]She changed me...EP.6 READ DESCRIPTION
Hehe heyy guyss PLEASE DON'T KILL ME I'M WAY TOO YOUNG ...... I have feeling that u will not like this video First bc there's not pics BUT I HAVE REASON My phone has virus and it deleted some pics AND I DON'T HAVE FREAKING MEMORY ON MAH PHONE(i promise on next ep there will be..) Second JUNGKOOK CHEATED ON Y/N But I have to make some drama ya know Third I have feeling everything is so fast sp even I don't like this video Fourth I MADE SUCH A SHORT VIDEO AND YOU GUYS WAITED FOR SO LONG.. I'm so sorry....SORRYYY Btw I'm on vacation amd there's not Wi-fi in my apartment SO BASICALLY I'M RUNNING FROM RESTAURANT TO ANOTHER I'M AGAIN SO SO SOOOOO SOOOOOO SORRYYYYY PLEASE DON'T KILL ME I love ya next ep will be longer.. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
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[BTS,GOT7,NCT FF] New girl is an idol?!Ep.4
HELLO GUYSS IT'S MEEE I just wanted to tell you thank you so much I'm really happy bcs you guys everyday make my day better with SO MANY VIEW LIKE I CANNOT BELIEVE THERE IS CLOSE TO HUNDERD PEOPLE WATCHING MY VIDEO LIKE WHATT?!?!? Yeah yeah...ummm.. thank you sobm7ch for almost 100 subs THANK YOU SO MUCH IF ANYONE HAS IDEA FOR MY NEXT VIDEOS YOU CAN TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS BYE~~ Thank you again♡
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[Jungkook FF]She changed me..ep.9 READ DESP
okay hello people i'm sorry this story is starting to be shitty i hope that you don't hate me lol i'll try to make better next ep.... thanks for support💜💜😭
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[Jungkook FF]She changed me...Ep.8
Songs: BLACKPINK X BIGBANG- DDU DU DDU DU BANG BANG BANG (Mashup) NCT U BTS EXO MONSTA X-Boss Fire Ko oo bop Dramarama (Mashup) XXXTENTACION-changes (piano ver) iKON-Love scenario BTS-Save me (soft piano ver) thanks for watching i love y'all so much~
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[Jungkook FF]She changed me...Ep.10 read desp
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[BTS,GOT7,NCT FF(exo?)]New girl is an idol!?Ep.7 READ DESCRIPTION
Heyyooo it's mee I KNOW I KNOW I WROTE EP.8 AT THE BEGHINING BUT IT'S A MISTAKE.... as you can see I didn't put Got7 or NCT cuz I thought they wouldn't fit in this situation...don't worry I'll put them in next ep... THANK YOU FOR WATCHING Byee~~♡♡♡
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[BTS  FF]New girl is an idol?!Ep 8(Part 1/2) READ DESCRIPTION
Hello it's me I don't know should Got7 and NCT be in this ff anymore idk you guys decide... CREDITS TO DSP Entertainment Songs: Intro-Don't leave me-BTS Chungha-Roller Coaster Waiting for love-Avicii B.I.G-Hello hello
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[Jungkook FF]She changed me..ep.11 END OF S1 (wait till end of the video)
Pick one: -Trip Love Jeon Jungkook -Rap teacher Min Yoongi -Dance teacher Jimin (reason why i choosed hust these three is bcs i feel like i would do better w them idk why but please don't kill me🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻) VOTE 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Songs: 2NE1-Come back home CL-Lifted
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[Jungkook FF]She changed me...S2 E2 END (explanation at the end)
please don't kill me ilysm thanks for support Baiii
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REST IN PEACE LEGEND😭🌍💙(please read despcription)
Hello everyone, Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy more known as xxxtentacion has died yesterday on 18th June. I just wanna say world is so cruel and it's turning more to hell,you can't be safe anymore on streets,you can't even trust police these days.X has been shoted while he was in his car.Some people are saying he faked his death,some people are saying he has died.We don't know is he dead or not. Follow his words and do like he said.Enjoy your life and do not let anyone to crush your dreams...If you have chance to do something just do it don't waste it...X has done so many things in his 20 years of life and he would do more things but he can't now....DON'T WASTE YOUR CHANCES,OPPORTUNITIES AND LIFE!!! Please follow his words and listen to him... I hope that killer(s) go to hell and die painfully.I don't get why people are killing each others,all people are humans..from blood and meat,everyone has heart and everyone ibreathes..X was such a good person,he was one of the most loved rappers ever..He was even inspiration to rappers older than him..He was my favourite rapper ever...He was one of the celebrity's that actually cared about his fans and was really friendly to his fans..X even said that he loves us more than himself and that we mean woeld to him..I don't think that any of rappers these days ever said that..I hope we all are gonna se him again..he is in better place now.He died too early and he deserved to live longer...He didn't deserve this REST IN PEACE X❤WE LOVE YOU AND WE WILL LOVE YOU TILL WE DIE🌍😭❤See you again💙i'm really depressed right now...
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[BTS,GOT7,NCT FF]New girl is an idol?!Ep.5 READ DESCRIPTION
Okay soo yeahh I forgot to put GOT7 idk did I said that they are on tour but if I didn't...THEN THEY ARE ON TOUR😂Do you want me to make one or two +18 episodes in this ff??? OH AND READ SOMETHING IMPORTANT AT THE END OF THE VIDEO Bye~~
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[BTS FF]New girl is an idol?!Ep.9
SONGS 2NE1-COME BACK HOME BTS-Save me (soft piano ver.) iKON-Love scenario BTS-House of cards Ariana Grande-No tears left to cry BTS-Don't leave me ♡♡♡
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[Jungkook FF] Trip Love EP2
sorry if ep is shitty
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[BTS,GOT7,NCT FF(exo?)]New girl is an idol?!Ep.6 READ DESCRIPTION
Heyooo my loyal subscribers I just wanted to say in this ep there is no NCT or GOT7 cuz it's weekend in this story..lol idk why I said this but JUST TO KNOW and soon I'll be posting new ff THANK YOU AND BAIII~~
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[BTS FF]New girl is an idol?!Ep.10 END READ DESCRIPTION
Heyoo bitchesss(sorry lol) So as you can see this is last episode of season 1....I'll continue S2 after Jungkook FF or myb I'll cotinue even tho there is Jungkook FF writing(idk do you understand me but idc😂) DO YOU WANT ME TO POST JUNGKOOK FF TODAY OR TOMORROW you choose... Thank you for watching...baii♡♡♡
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[Jungkook FF]She changed me...Ep 7(pls wait till end of the video)
Heyoooo i missed ya so muchhhhh Anyway I explained everything at the end of the video.. Songs: BTS-Fire Bigbang-Bang bang bang Blackpink-DDU DU DDU DU Thanks for 7.2K subs ilysmmmm thanks for watchingggg❤❤❤❤
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