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Leif är hög (Swedish YTP)
Here it is, blam badabingbadabom. Uhm, i took way too many breaks from this, it could have been finished long ago.
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[SFM] Unknown murderer? (Unfinished/Test)
I really wanted to finish this one but it kind of got fucked in the ass in various ways, like not being able to change facial expressions or not being able to move models or even create some of them. And that is kind of annoying, so i kind of just let it be for now, still have the animation saved, if it decides to work again. Then i will most likely finish it. I am deeply sorry for this horrible animation and have a good day and make sure to like(dislike) this very good(horrific) animation! and please do subscribe.(flag for ape secks)
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Team Fortress 2 Heavy picnic
We had a picnic back in the day... Aah the good old days, No crates nor free to play whores ruining the fun, just people who had bought the game and then ruin the fun! ALSO Windows Movie Maker D: The music is: Cyphoria - The Sentinel I thank : Elevero for this wonderfull time, and i thank him for everything he has done! He is a wonderful friend.
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[Sfm] Thank god this was released. (First try...)
First try as usual does not turn out to be the best. DONT JUDGE ME! Not gmod everyone! obviously this is Source Filmmaker.
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Amnesia The Dark Descent Glitch
The title says it all. I found it when i was fooling around in prison cells IV Rate and Suscribe To mah channel... i mean... comment!
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One of many letdowns... If i may so so myself. Crafting all
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I dont even know.sfm [SFM]
Well there you have another piece of shit for your own enjoyment. Cockerfuckshit.
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Dark Souls Part 7: Technical stupidity and capri sun drink
Today we fight the capra demon(capri sun dermon) But first we're doin a little (shitty)explaining and farming. And we also struggle with the ability to say words, since being a dumbass isn't very helpful, i'm just going to have to accept my fate.
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To the trolls tellin' me to stop making videos.
I belive the title says it all my friendly friends. G'night.
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Them zombiez
yez, Not top. Still, Not bot... STILL! Honestly, Just type some shit in the comment box. Or atleast leave a like or dislike...
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Future project? (Maybe) [SFM]
I've been messing around with particles, getting better at animation aswell, however didn't spend much time animating here i mostly did this for the lulz but i thought of a few ways to keep this one going.
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I don't know why, but i named this file aqua.
Another shittest. I only seem to be testing and not actually doing a big project. But hey. At least i got this one gud. I don't own any music heard in the video. Used for entertainment only.
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Just a render test :v
Murrhurrdurr, perhaps a project goin on, just testing some new rendering shizzle.
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Dark Souls Part 6: Clockwork gregols defeated
Let's do it bois
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Dark souls Part 1: Drek soks
Kkgotosleep is now a fully grown woman. The asylum demon popped a cherry, so now she is ready to kill every demon and hollow she can find.
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Random tf2 crap
Just had these lying around so i thought i might upload them. Afterall it's just scrap material :v I don't own any music or sound used in this video. Used for entertainment purposes only.
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Dark souls Part 8: The not-so-much resting kkgotosleep.
A huge black man gave us a useful thing today(or whatever date this was :oo)! This was recorded quite a long time ago. I just sat on the ep for so long for some reason :vvvvv
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Fable Dafuq-moments
So i was playing fable The Lost Chapters one day and i came across this! It was quite gewd:3 Music: Millionaire's Holiday
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Something stupid...
Challange: Yes, please. I'm off to wait forever *poot* I do not own any of the music heard in this video... This is mainly for entertainment usage. Copyright goes to their respectful owners. Shit heads...
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Message to Elevero: And now we wait [SFM]
This is my message to Elevero, Please check out his channel in case he uploads something that might be some good stuff (Complete shit). I'll put his channel below. https://www.youtube.com/user/Elevero22 CHECK THAT SHIT, i know i will. Oh and subscribe to him so that he can have a party with his mini vikings.
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Jarate! Another stop motion test.
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Testing (The worst piece of crap i have ever seen) Stop Motion.
As i said, The worst piece of shit i have ever seen in my life.
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Dark Souls CO-OP: Prepare to Derufinz
So this happend. Bought him a gaem. Now we ploy.
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Dark Souls Part 10: Lost in the poop
Eyy We're exploring the poop today.
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I play Dark Souls 2 for no reason
I play Dark Souls 2 for no reason, Have fun watching me do shitty things, for shitty reasons. OK BAI
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Teh uboxing part 1
I uncrate a bunch of shit. Sony vegas crashes: 6 times. Anger issues: Lots Weeeelll shit. I don't own any music heard in the video. Used for entertainment only.
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Dark Souls Part 5: Bellend gargoyles
Pink guys and some hot stuff.
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Dark souls alternate start
An hour (or was it two?) of work shat this piece out. ._.
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(SWEDISH)YTP Erbe the schwein del 1
(((UPDATED VERSION!))) Fucked up some editing but... Meh. NOTE: I DON'T OWN ANYTHING THAT IS SHOWN! And this is my first making a YTP, don't judge D: Notera: jag äger inget som visas i följande klipp. Detta är mitt första försök med YTP :P (((Uppdaterad version.))) NOTE the male with beard is my teacher... And part two makes me feel weird... You'll see why... Music/musik: Sachtdamn's Theme - OneyNG (Animator and amazing at most things.) Mass Destruction - Feared (Amazing Death Metal band.)
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Dark Souls Part 4: Big black man.
Sorry about this episode i'm quite quiet since people where asleep at the time, AND everyone should know that if you plan to do any kind of voice acting, gameplay with voice and so on, you need a better environment than that. ANYWAYS! Next episode will be some bell gargoyles fightin' AND i'm pretty sure i'll die a few times.
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Fabel Anniversary EP2: From Gremlin to Arseface
Our little gremlin has grown up so fast, now his adventure truly begins, as the reborn arseface! I don't own any music heard in the video. Used for entertainment only.
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End my suffering
Just what is this? Fuckin' SHET More dark souls videos on the way.
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Dark Souls Part 3: Balding knights
Kkgotosleep once again get's rekt. And makes almost no progress whatsoever. She's a kunt.
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Dark Souls Part 9: Havel and a disappearing fat sack woman.
Today we poke fat people with magic. We also visit Dwayne the Rock Johnson A.K.A Havel The rock Havel is bae
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Fabel Anniversary EP1 Part 2: The Gremlin Evolves
So our hero keeps his feet in the DUUUNG OF MAN
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Skyrim... Watch out for them pimps.
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[SFM] And we all know why he is.
God damn crashes.. Because of them i save everytime i do something around 12-13 sec took me an hour or so. But damn i am wasting my life. 2min for me to upload a 35mb file... G.R.E.A.T!
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Well.. Unexpected shit is even dont i know.
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So it begins: Fable Anniversary
So it begins! I don't own any music used in this video. Used for entertainment.
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Fabel Anniversary EP1 Part 1: Gremlin begins
And so the gremlin starts his adventure. I don't own any music used in this video. Used for entertainment.
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Dark souls Part 2: Golden raisins.
I still haven't found my words. Must have left them in my other pants. Kkgotosleep now feels like she's mature enough to actually not die in an episode.
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