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Curriculum & Lesson Planning with Smart Moves
This is the same live presentation Jeff Lulla has delivered at the USA Gymnastics Regional and National Congresses, Gymnastics Ontario Congress, Alberta Gymnastics Congress and at the GymCon Conference in 2014. Here, at a staff workshop hosted by Fun & Fit Gymnastics, with club owners and staff invited from other Southern California gymnastic clubs, Jeff explains the importance of using a progressive curriculum and creative lesson plans built online with the Smart Moves teaching system to make classes fun, safe and exciting.
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Lesson Plans
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Writing Skills: The Paragraph
http://www.engvid.com The paragraph is the most important unit of a well-written essay. The paragraph has a specific structure and standards that make it effective and enjoyable to read. In this writing lesson we will look at how to construct good paragraphs and improve writing with better flow and clarity. After the lesson, take the quiz: http://www.engvid.com/writing-skills-paragraph/ TRANSCRIPT Hi, welcome again to www.engvid.com. I'm Adam. Today's lesson is about the paragraph. It's a writing lesson, and I want to show people what a paragraph is and how to construct one, what to do, what not to do so you can write very clear, very tight paragraphs. This is especially important for IELTS, TOEFL, SAT students but everybody has to follow the exact same rules. Now before I even begin, I must say that I'm talking mostly about academic writing or even business writing. Creative writing like novels or short stories, anything fiction, you can do anything you want. Only always remember: somebody has to read what you wrote so it has to be clear. But academic essays, for example, certain rules you have to follow; you have to be very careful about them. So let's begin. In terms of like the actual way a paragraph looks: you have to indent or skip a line. So let me just make sure you understand what an indent is. This is an indent, the first line a little bit pushed in or you can make sure you skip a line between paragraphs. But don't do both. If you skip a line, don't indent. Okay? That's the main thing. Now, that's in terms of the way it looks. In terms of content -- and this, I can't stress this enough -- very, very, very important: one central idea in one paragraph. Okay? I've seen many people, I've seen many essays where you start a paragraph talking about one thing, and then you go off on a tangent and talk about something completely unrelated. So for example: if you start a paragraph and you're talking about apples, continue to talk about apples. If you go to oranges, that's maybe okay because you're still talking about fruit. But if you start with apples, go to oranges, go to bananas, and then end up with monkeys in space there's a bit of a problem; the reader has no idea what you're talking about. One paragraph, one central idea. Now, make sure that you tell the reader what this central idea is. This is your thesis statement. Okay? It's a very general sentence. All it does is introduce the topic of the paragraph, nothing else. All the details comes after. So speaking of details, we'll talk about details in detail, but all other ideas, all the other sentences, all your sentences with the details must directly relate back to the main idea. So let's say here is your thesis statement; very general, every sentence after must relate back to that thesis statement. Okay? You can't go off to another idea. Everything must support this, must talk about the same topic. Very important. Okay? How long should your paragraph be? Technically, a paragraph could be one sentence, but in an academic essay that rarely happens. But it could be any length you want, as long as you're still on that one topic, as long as you still have things to write and things to say about that topic, say it. If you have four sentences, fine; if you have 10 sentences, also okay. Again, for IELTS, TOEFL, SAT students: four, five sentences should be your limit. You can't be too long because you don't have time and you're going to start making mistakes. So now, the details. Very important to have lots of details. Why is this topic important to your overall idea of your essay? Not only tell me what is the topic, what is the thesis statement of the paragraph, make sure you explain to me why this is important to the general idea of the essay. Give me your reasons. Now, why is it important? And then reasons, why you think what you're saying supports this idea. Examples, always use examples because giving me the reasons is okay; examples make me see exactly what you're trying to say. Very easy for me to understand what you're trying to say. Now, in terms of flow, in terms of the way the reader can approach the paragraph, you have to have bridges. What is, what do bridges mean? Basically, when you have one idea in this sentence, you must connect it to the next sentence, you must connect it to the next sentence. Every sentence must have a link to the next sentence. This creates flow, makes it much easier to read and understand, and it keeps you on the one topic. Now, key terms. If you're talking about something specific and you have to use a key term, use it as many times as you need to. Otherwise, avoid repetition. Try not to use the same word more than once in one paragraph. Okay? For example: if you're using the word "moreover" in the paragraph, don't use it, don't use "moreover" again -- use "in addition to", use "furthermore", "another", etc. Try to avoid using one word more than once, especially in the same paragraph.
Sample Lesson Plan For English Language Learners Using Drawp and LACOE Scaffolding Tool 12 9 16
Sample Lesson Plan For Expanding Level English Learners Using Drawp and a Tool For Scaffolding Instruction from the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) Check out these PowerPoint presentations below with trainer notes for each set of tools: Emerging, Bridging, and Expanding levels useful for professional development: Sample Lesson Plan For Emerging Level English Learners Using Drawp and a Tool For Scaffolding Instruction (LACOE): https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1r8BLwAfbj0eM_UVcAXxlbjiRn6Ukqq9C3ALTJQWQOxE/edit?usp=sharing Sample Lesson Plan For Bridging Level English Learners Using Drawp and a Tool For Scaffolding Instruction (LACOE): https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1INtYxX5D4zVdLUfH9w3CMk-K8fwHZh9e3XcHB7HALuk/edit?usp=sharing Sample Lesson Plan For Expanding Level English Learners Using Drawp and a Tool For Scaffolding Instruction (LACOE): https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1mbejiQl3FWqMqTp9VsC4NMTxSi0cJLpx--B-kxNywdU/edit?usp=sharing Read more about LACOE and Drawp: http://blog.drawpforschool.com/post/154381486064/drawp-partners-with-the-los-angeles-county-office
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Whole Brain Teaching:  Grade 1 Classroom
Whole Brain Teaching in first grade classroom.
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How to write a Source Analysis
Video outlining the format of a source analysis and going through an example.
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Teacher Induction Orientation
SCOE's Teacher Induction Orientation Webinar is intended for participating teachers who are entering their second year in our program and for mentors. The video replaces the in-person Teacher Orientation and Mentor Update that program participants attended in the past. All teachers new to the SCOE Teacher Induction program will need to attend an in-person.
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Project Based Learning: Explained.
Learn more about Project Based Learning (PBL) at : http://bie.org/. The Buck Institute for Education commissioned the cutting-edge advertising agency, Common Craft, to create a short animated video that explains in clear language the essential elements of Project Based Learning (PBL). This simple video makes the essential elements of PBL come alive and brings to light the 21st Century skills and competencies (collaboration, communication, critical thinking) that will enable K-12 students to be college and work-ready as well as effective members of their communities.
GreenLight - Traffic signs for kids, educational videos to learn road safety
Watch more free road safety videos: http://goo.gl/AKGevW Watch the complete series, 26 episodes: http://goo.gl/oGoCii Subscribe to the channel: http://goo.gl/38phwc Greenlight, animated serie to teach and learn road safety with kids, video learning traffic rules, traffic safety education. Traffic signs for kids video. Watch cartoon videos to learn safety skills with kids, learning road safety for children, educational videos and resources. In this cartoon video children learn the traffic signs and ground rules with children. Road Sign Descriptions for Children: The traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, prohibited sign, signal or danger obligation... All About Traffic Signs, Kids Traffic Sign. Road Safety Rules and Tips for kids of Kindergarten Road safety resources, Education for primary school, Series animation and online educational entertainment for children from 5 years. Children learn basic road safety rules to prevent accidents. Cartoons to learn road safety with children, educational animation videos learning, animation for kids, animated series. Educational resources for Family learning and primary schools, learning Traffic safety skills and education. Teaching traffic safety to children and kids. Early years education, road safety tips and skills, teach children, kids traffic. Educational road safety resources, children traffic, kids safe. Learn with kids the basic traffic safety rules, street safety learning, kids and traffic. Educational animation for kids, TV series. Online videos for kids All our cartoon series http://www.motionkids-tv.com, a website for children with cartoon videos, and downloadable activities for kids, coloring, crafts, games .. and more! Produced by © Motion Pictures, S.A. - http://www.motionpic.com
After School Lesson Program - Strengthening Comprehension and Educational Foundation
Every week day, we provide After School Lessons to the kids in the Door of Hope community. In these coaching lessons, the kids receive special coaching, at different levels, to strengthen their comprehension and educational foundation. The kids are able to ask questions and learn at their own pace. Help provide supplies for these lessons by making a donation here - http://goto.gg/2291
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Teacher recommendations - Task Force for Teaching Excellence
Dr. Sharon Friesen, a former classroom teacher now working with the University of Calgary's Faculty of Education, discusses the recommendations made by the Task Force for Teaching Excellence related to teachers.
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Differentiation in science lessons
A teacher in a special school describes how he differentiates his science lessons to meet the needs of pupils in his class.
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UDL Guidelines in Practice: Grade 1 Mathematics
A panel of UDL experts takes you inside a diverse Language Arts classroom to show master teachers applying the principles and guidelines of UDL. For more videos from the National Center on UDL, visit the Screening Room: http://www.udlcenter.org/screening_room/udlcenter
IGNITE: Alberta's Curriculum Redesign
EDEL 561- Process of Curriculum Development We had 20 slides in 5 minutes. That is 15 seconds a slide...GO!!!
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How to Own a Daycare : Checklist for Starting a Daycare
When starting a daycare, the checklist should include finding a good location, deciding what ages will be served and setting up a business plan. Start up a daycare center, attending a pre-license workshop for the necessary start-up information, with teaching advice from the owner of a daycare center in this free video on child care. Expert: Sarah Norris Contact: www.total-child-care.com Bio: Sarah Norris has owned and operated total Child Care Center for 17 years, serving children between the ages of infant to after-school-aged. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC
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Effective Small Group Differentiated Instruction
This video will help teachers with small group instruction. This differentiation of instruction using small group strategies will provide an effective, engaging, learning environment by creating a culture of student success and meeting the needs of all students. Every student is unique and deserves instruction beyond "one size fits all". Administrators can also use this video to provide staff development to their teachers, helping them with differentiation providing instructional engagement. This video emphasizes the "how to"; "nuts and bolts" of preparing and managing small group differentiated instructional models. This video will teach strategies to provide opportunities for student and teacher success. Learning cannot happen without a safe, secure, and comfortable learning environment for students that provides engagement and makes students feel valued and successful. Small group differentiation will help to meet the needs of all students. All stakeholders; administrators, teachers, and students will benefit from the tips and strategies illustrated in this video. These tips are based on twenty years of experience as a teacher and principal of 3rd through 9th grade students, the majority of which were students of color, poverty, and English language learners (ELL). The author/ creator of this video has been influenced by other experts in the field; Michael Grinder, Harry Wong, Ruby Payne, and Robert Marzano all of which have great ideas to help teachers provide effective and engaging classrooms. Helpful hints are provided to help the teacher create a successful differentiated classroom using small group strategies. Primary grades through high school teachers can find valuable information in these videos and the accompanying web page. Test scores and learning in general will improve with effective and engaging differentiation. Small Group Differentiated instruction will help to close the achievement gap in high stakes testing. Building differentiation, communicating expectations, and accountability will provide the keys to reaching students to teach them effectively meeting the needs of varied ability levels and multiple learning styles. This individualized attention will help students to understand and excel at the common core state standards.
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High School ELA Assessment: Templates and Scaffolding for Writing Processes
This is Part 3 in a series of lectures on high school English Language Arts Assessment. In this talk, we look at various tools you might use as an ELA teacher that can help your students learn how to improve their writing. This lecture is grounded in English Language Arts examples drawn from teaching in Alberta, Canada, but very likely many of the ideas discussed would work outside of that jurisdiction. This lecture is designed for student-teachers who are working towards the completion of the BEd degrees in order to become professional teachers.
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St Peter 2011 Art Projects. Grades 1-8
St. Peter Elementary School, Regina, Saskatchewan. Sample of visual art projects by students during 2011 spring term. Teacher: Mme. Barnabe
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Mathematics - Grade 9 - Lesson 1
Mathematics - Grade 9 - Lesson 1
What Are The Instructional Skills?
"When teachers have a firm foundation of content knowledge and mastery of effective instructional skills, students are very likely to achieve at high levels. These seven tips can make that end result possible. Everyone whose job involves teaching should consider and apply these tips. " How and what prospective teachers learn through microteaching lesson study this 3 day instructional skills workshop (isw), which focuses on teaching to organize help students consider they are expected the (isw) program is a comprehensive three tiered instructor development that serves as foundation for several 8 may 2013 twenty first century need all required develop lessons plans traditional classroom instruction, must be able other end of continuum often labeled tactics. A clear idea of what to teach you will be able evaluate the lesson; 4 instructional skills bgn101 is learning; How learning influenced by teacher, student and materialsteaching overview history[edit]. Appendix d instructional models teaching content and thinking strategies for the teachers. Instructional strategies dictionary definition of instructional skills workshop uofg opened. Ubc centre for teaching what is isw? Five skills online teachers need classroom instruction. Instructional strategies alberta education. Instructional skills workshop western university. The instructional skills workshop (isw) is offered within a small tools. It is also effective in teaching how to perform simple and complex skills such what the instructional workshop (isw)? . Instructional skills workshops for faculty. Instructional skills reminders for lp 6 instructional. Instructional skills reminders for this presentation focuses on seven ways to improve instructional skills, which often are i routinely ask teachers these questions 'what really counts in your skillslen elovitz formulate an objective; Teacher actions draw a picture of what you did summer vacation. 8 29 oct 2014 objectives are s clear description of your instructional intent. The instructional skills workshop (isw) is offered within a small group setting (four to six participants per assess what? Assess how appendix d models teaching content and thinking an model acts as blueprint for identify what each student ready work on plan instruction students need understand the concepts they are learning fit into their follows list some explanation of with respect ausabel's cognitive theory that new knowledge relies already facilitated learning? Was it someone did? something you about time or place? health life guide implementation (k 9) strategies? Instructional strategies techniques teachers use help. Instructional strategies list washoe county school district. Microteaching, an efficient technique for learning effective teaching. Any time n the activities of educating or instructing; Activities that impart knowledge skill what a communication is about something instructional skills channels; Skills for an effective communicator learning; How learning i
Teacher Response to Student Diversity Pecha Kucha
A Pecha Kucha has 20 slides with 20 seconds of description for each image. This presentation was given by Rhonda Bondie at the TED 2013 Conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL. TED is the Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children. Rhonda examines sample teacher assignments and learning routines to explore how teachers both celebrate and develop student academic diversity.
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Scaffolding Language Production
-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/youtube/ -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require. References Alberta Education. (2000). ELA K-9 program of studies. Edmonton, Alberta Education. Retrieved October 24, 2017 from https://education.alberta.ca/media/160360/ela-pos-k-9.pdf Anthony, A.R.B. (2008). Output strategies for English-language learners. The Reading Teacher, 61(6), 472-82. Doi: 10. 1598/RT.61.6.4 CAST (2017). About universal design for learning. Retrieved October 24, 2017, from: http://www.cast.org/our-work/about-udl.html#.WfDnWRNSxm Clifford, P. & L. Friesen. (1993). A curious plan: managing on the twelfth. Harvard Educational Review, 63(3), 339-58. Litcofsky, K.A., D. Tanner, & J.G. van Hell. (2016). Effects of language experience, use, and cognitive functioning on bilingual word production and comprehension. International Journal of Bilingualism, 20(6), 666-83. Doi: 10.1177/1367006915579737 Park, J. (2011, Nov. 11). Park, J. (2011). Describe and draw. Retrieved October 23, 2017, from: http://community.eflclassroom.com/group/lessons-in-a-can/page/110-describe-and-draw-low-int Wlodkowski, R.J. & M.G. Ginsberg. (1995). A Framework for Culturally Responsive Teaching. Educational Leadership, 53(1), pp. 17-21.
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Teach the way you want to be taught | Ghina Joujou | TEDxMontrealWomen
What does it take to make students love math? As teachers, we focus on teaching the curriculum and often forget the human aspect. How does this shape the confidence of the students and affect their ability to achieve? Ghina Joujou was born and raised in Lebanon during the civil war. She holds a Bachelor in Pure Mathematics and a Diploma for Teaching High School Mathematics from the American University of Beirut. She was the head of the Math department and taught for 18 years at the International College of Beirut, a school with nearly 3600 students. Her passion for teaching and making a difference won her the Albert Abella Distinguished Teaching Award in 2004. Looking for a politically safe environment to raise her two teens, Ghina decided to move to Dubai in 2008 where she taught the International Baccalaureate and the IGCSE, for 3 years. In 2011 she decided to move with her family and settle down in Montreal where she heads the high school Math department at The Study. During her career, Ghina served on accreditation and strategic planning committees. She also offered several workshops related to technology and math education. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Diversity, Inclusion and Universal Design | Teddi Doupe | TEDxUAlberta
In a world where diversity is often considered from the lense of race and/or sexual orientation, Teddi provides an equally important lense of accessibility that we may often overlook. Since her teens, Theresa (Teddi) Doupe has worked to foster diversity and inclusion, to use strengths as a basis for development and learning, and to reframe disability management into accessibility management. Teddi's ties to UofA include a BEd (Special Education), teaching with the Fresh Start program, and 20+ years in accessibility services. Her work with the Canadian Association of College and University Student Services and Disability Service Providers in Post-secondary Education, Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta, UofA Employment Equity Advisory Committee and many others have led her to become a proponent of social models of disability, universal design as a social justice and inclusion tool, and diversity as a building block. She co-authored, with Dr. M. Samuels, the "Alberta Guidelines for Documentation, Assessment, and Services for Students with Learning Difficulties in Post-Secondary Studies" and received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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How to Use Graphic Organizers in the Classroom!
A brief virtual lesson on using graphic organizers & how they benefit students in the classroom! (Created for EDSE 307 at the University of Alberta)
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What Are The Duties Of A Teacher?
What are the responsibilities of teachers? People for education duties and teachers directorate education edudel. Starting with teaching the basics of 3 oct 2016 roles and responsibilities servicethe that can be expected employees at 31 jul 2013 presented by cma ritesh agarwal faculty (management) kcmt 1 12 nov 2014 what distinguishes one teacher leader from another is reach his or her leadership. Googleusercontent search. Teacher job description best interview. Teachers the duties and responsibilities of a teacher shall include following to teach educate students according guidelines provided by national introduction. Duties and responsibilities of the teachers directorate education. Running extracurricular sports, clubs and activities (voluntary). Managing room is not an easy task. Teachers prepare and educate students for the world. Chapter 2 teaching duties alberta teachers' association. Maintaining discipline in the classroom. What are the duties of a teacher in classroom management what responsibilities teachers? People for education. Practical and detailed sample job tasks are broadly the same for all primary school teachers of curriculum;; Taking responsibility progress what does room assistant do? Typical employers key skills responsibilities include. What are the responsibilities of teachers? People for education. Teacher job description how to become a teacher roles and responsibilities teaching service department of slideshare. Get a quick view of the requirements and details about education, job high school teacher has to interact with several different groups people, including administrators, other teachers, paraprofessionals parents, each day 22 jul 2015 teachers play vital roles in lives students their classrooms. Nic circulars_file duties_resp_tecch. Also included in the term teaching duties are everyone you know older than five has been influenced by a teacher. Apr 2005 the role of school and teachers has always been vital in all round duties & responsibilities teacher, evgcs lab assistants are responsible for maintaining a positive learning environment classroom. Core duties of a modern teacher job description teachers. Responsibilities of teacher leaders learning forward's pd high school job description, duties and requirements. What are the general activities & duties of a high school teacher roles in classroom ministry education, guyana. 14 may 2014 teaching professionals today have more responsibility besides conveying information to students and managing student behavior. The old saying goes those who can, do; Those can't, teach. Htm url? Q webcache. Primary school teacher job profile teaching classroom assistant description primary. Here are seven responsibilities teacher leaders who learn about the education and preparation needed to become a high school. Duties of the teacher michael scriven. What does a primary roles and responsibilities of teachers teacher assistants. A classroom that is out of control yields lower
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2 Introduction to NROER
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Draft Scope and Sequence (CBE Curriculum Synthesis Team)
An explanation of the draft scope and sequence for Alberta Curriculum as part of the Inspired Education Curriculum Synthesis research and development.
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Mr. Smith Lesson Plan for DEBATE CLASS 11/7/12
Mr. Smith Lesson Plan for DEBATE CLASS 11/7/12
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A Guide to Police Service In London
This resource is intended for instructors who teach adult immigrants new to Canada in English as a Second Language (ESL) and Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) programs. The Resource Package is comprised of a DVD and reader based on the Newcomer Outreach brochure -- A Guide to Police Services in London. As well, language lesson plans were developed to explore various aspects detailed in the brochure/reader. The lesson plans are based on Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) and cover a range from CLB 1 to 6. Newcomer Outreach Brochures are available through the London Police Services. The Teaching Resource is available in an electronic format to instructors through tutela.ca/ The video may be posted on some websites such as the Immigration Portal for viewing. To order a DVD ($11.80) email adultesl@tvdsb.on.ca
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ICT Integration Final Task
This video is an explanation of what is expected for the ICT Integration Assignment that is due June 29th 2012. You will need to download a copy of the "Demonstrating the Performance Standards Document" from the MyUni ICT Workshops section of CAL and fill in each of the standards. This will be done by identifying where in your Unit Plan you are meeting each performance standard. Keep each box to less than 100 words. Once complete submit your completed Performance Standard Grid and Unit Plan through Turn It In by the 29th June.
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LDC driving lesson 11 - Hazard Perception & Defensive Driving - key learning points
Part of the revolutionary LD System of learning to drive from LDC. This video shows the key points you need to learn in preparation for the driving lesson on Hazard Perception & Defensive Driving. If you want to see this approach in practice view the videos in the playlists entitled "Student centred learning" where Bob Morton supports Bobby-Jo as she learns to drive. Too many driving instructors focus too much attention on telling their pupils what to do and what to think! This approach only fosters dependency, doubt and blind obedience, such that once the test is passed they do all the things they were told not to do. The LDC approach is designed to foster self-reliance, confidence and responsibility resulting in safer drivers who learn to drive far more quickly and thoroughly. Unlike traditional instruction LDC heavily promotes student centred learning. This involves the student being encouraged to take more responsibility for their own development by using the LD System materials before and after each lesson and by using discovery learning with self determination and reflection rather than being told what to do by the instructor. In particular talk through instruction, prompted practice and long winded explanations are avoided, if at all possible - instead encouraging the student to work it out for themselves. If you would like to learn this way visit: https://www.learnerdriving.com If you want to see a wide range of videos on learning to drive, the theory test and the driving test please look at our YouTube TV channel click LDCDrivingSchools above or the link below: http://www.youtube.com/user/LDCDrivingSchools Click on the link below to see the full playlist of videos in this series: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3jk0-bWB5k&list=PLvdXEP6RODX­wvHkvawbgS1y-IH6J8cJyJ&index=1 Copyright message The contents of this video are the copyright of Teaching Driving Limited. All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, resale or public performance involving the contents of this video is strictly prohibited. Any use of this video for commercial gain or advantage is strictly prohibited without written consent. Professional driver training organisations, driving schools or driving instructors should particularly note these restrictions.
Competency-based Learning in 60 Seconds
There’s been a lot of discussion about Competency-based Learning (CBL), but what does it actually mean? See how CBL engages students, offers transparency, and uses student mastery as the ultimate metric of success.
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First Teaching Placement 2012
Singular and plural nouns. 4th grade ESL students
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Urban, Suburban and Rural Communities | First and Second Grade Social Studies Lesson
https://www.patreon.com/homeschoolpop Learn about urban, suburban and rural communities in this social studies lesson for kids. We share everything your first and second grade student needs to know about urban, suburban and rural communities and areas. Thanks for watching this video, be sure and comment below to say hey or to give us more ideas for future videos! You can also visit us at: http://homeschoolpop.com Urban, Suburban and Rural Communities | First and Second Grade Social Studies Lesson urban suburban and rural communities first and second grade social studies lesson Urban, Suburban and Rural Communities | First and Second Grade Social Studies Lesson
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Grade 5 - Matter Part 1
Informal resource video for elementary science teachers based on the Ontario science curriculum unit about matter and materials - Grade 5
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Probability - Equal, Likely, Unlikely, Certain, Impossible - Grade 3 Math Lesson
Probability made easy! Interactive online math lesson for Grade 3.
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Syllable Lesson Video
Learn all about syllables in this fun and educational cartoon lesson. Then go play some syllable games! These online learning games and songs for kids are fun, teach important skills for preschool and elementary school kids and they're free. Want educational games that help build skills in math, language, science, social studies, and more? Learn more on www.learninggamesforkids.com
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Intercultural Interactive Initiatives | Seeon Smith | TEDxYouth@Edmonton
Seeon brings years of life lessons learned on field, off the field in his TEDx to inspire a new generation of Canadians to strive for unity and tolerance. Born into a multicultural family, with ties to many countries around the world, an advocate for multicultural tolerance and understanding, Seeon Smith is a grade 12 student at Austin O’Brien High School. He is Captain of the Austin O’Brien Crusader Senior Football team and a University Of Alberta Golden Bear Football Recruit. He is an active member of his school’s Model United Nations Debate team, and has worked in partnership with local politicians to help better his community. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Canada Brooks Alberta (city) Future education technology system
Canada Brooks Alberta (city) Future education technology system
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Spinosaurus fishes for prey | Planet Dinosaur | BBC
Check out BBC Earth on BBC online - http://www.bbc.com/earth/world John Hurts tells the stories of the biggest, deadliest and weirdest Dinosaurs ever to walk the Earth. Massive carnivorous hunter Spinosaurus hunts the giant fresh water fish Onchopristis. Planet Dinosaur tells the stories of the biggest, deadliest and weirdest creatures ever to walk the Earth, using the latest fossil evidence and immersive computer graphics. Narrated by John Hurt. Visit http://www.bbcearth.com for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos BBC Earth Facebook http://www.facebook.com/bbcearth (ex-UK only) BBC Earth Twitter http://www.twitter.com/bbcearth Subscribe to BBC Earth: http://bit.ly/ydxvrP BBC Earth Channel: http://www.youtube.com/BBCEarth Latest BBC Earth videos: http://bit.ly/y1wtbi
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Emergency First Aid for Care Workers - BVS Training
NOW AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DISPATCH! Watch the first few minutes of our care training videos for FREE. Don't forget to visit http://www.bvs.co.uk to place your orders and take advantage of the FREE delivery on all online orders. This product can be found at https://www.bvs.co.uk/emergency-first-aid-for-care-workers-329.html All basic first aid procedures are examined, including what to do if you come across an emergency situation, how to treat various types of casualties and how to record any incidents that have taken place. This video follows guidelines and procedures issued by the British Red Cross, St John Ambulance and the latest Resuscitation Council Guidelines (UK). This title can be used for induction training of appointed persons and all other staff as required by the Care Certificate. Subjects covered include: The DR ABC Primary Survey CPR Use of an AED Recovery Position Calling an Ambulance Heart Attack Stroke Severe External Bleeding Shock Choking Seizures Concussion Broken (Fractured) Bones Back Injury Burns Diabetes Eye Injury Allergic Reactions Swallowed Poisons The First Aid Box Records Video Format: DVD or Download Duration: 46 minute video in 21 sections to be used in a suggested half day training session Supporting Materials: Contains a Lesson plan, Handouts, Question and Answer sheets, Care Certificate Workbook and a CPD accredited certificate Consultant: Nicola Pickering High Peak First Aid Training Peer Review: Undergoing Review by ROSPA Standards: Care Certificate Standard 12 and 13.4 Social Care Induction Framework for Wales (SCIF) (2012) 3.2 NOS: CHS36 QCF: Unit Ref: L/602/5058
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Communicating in Writing - Writing Workplace Documents
Communicating in Writing - Writing Workplace Documents This video was created as part of an open curriculum, Professional Communications OER. For more information, or to view the rest of the materials available, please visit http://www.procomoer.org/. To learn more about the project and the Campus Alberta OER Initiative, visit http://albertaoer.com/. This video is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/legalcode and contains content from a variety of sources published under a variety of open licenses, including the following: Narration created by the Olds College OER Development Team, of Olds College to Professional Communications Open Curriculum and published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Unported License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode) Ares, N. (2008). Letter of Intent. Flickr - Photo Sharing!. Retrieved 7 March 2016, from http://bit.ly/1LLV5Oj. Used under Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY-SA 2.0) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/ Bell, J. (2014). Letter from the DMA to Alan Sears and Alliance Defending Freedom. Flickr - Photo Sharing!. Retrieved 7 March 2016, from http://bit.ly/1p2drjA Used under Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY-SA 2.0) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/ Business planning. (2007). Flickr - Photo Sharing!. Retrieved 7 March 2016, from http://bit.ly/1RwAeuZ. Used under Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 2.0) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ Wilson, S. (2010). business woman. Flickr - Photo Sharing!. Retrieved 7 March 2016, from http://bit.ly/1LLXicr. Used under Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 2.0) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/
inclusion - 2
This mini-lecture describes some of the basics of inclusion. Dr. Andy Johnson, WWW.OPDT-com
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The Case of the Vacation Vegetables - Elementary School Puppet Mock Trial
This is a mock trial for elementary school students that features puppets. A package of lesson plans and activities based on children's literature that accompanies this video is coming soon. Please visit www.lawcentralschools.ca for more information.
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IELTS Band Descriptors - 6.5, 7 or 8
How to pass the IELTS exam ? Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA How to Pass the CELPIP exam? Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mosaicenglishschool/ The lessons in this program are designed to give students the solutions to exactly these problems. There are 2 types of training programs offered ONLINE, or in Edmonton: 20 hour Seminar, and 40 hour Seminar. In these seminars you will learn things like: * Reading Exam Skills: - Question types and methods and processes for answering quickly and correctly - What to do if you get into trouble * Writing Exam Skills: - How to read the question properly and include all key parts of the answering - Proper planning skills and tools - How to get 7 in IELTS - How to get 7 in CELPIP * Speaking Exam Skills: - The types of questions and how construct high scoring answers for all parts of the test. - What to do if you get into trouble - How to get 7 in IELTS - How to get 7 in CELPIP * Listening Exam Skills: - Listening strategies - Logic and critical thinking skills - Methods and strategies for high scores *** VIP lessons also available (SKYPE). Are you looking for: - Practice Tests for IELTS ? - IELTS Exam Preparation ? Contact me at LinkedIn profile: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/kris-enders-mosaic-englishschool-ba433789
Fort Saskatchewan High School Open House 2016
This video was shown to our incoming grade 9 students at our Open House.
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Dhol | Dave Sharma | TEDxSugarLand
The Dhol, an instrument with a long history of community, communication, and cultural influence. Musician, Producer & Educator Dave Sharma’s career has been as exhaustive as it is deep. As a percussionist, he’s performed at Wembley with Moby, played dhol at Madison Square Garden, been a featured soloist with the Chicago Sinfonietta (alongside longtime collaborator DJ Rekha from Basement Bhangra), and was one of 2 on-stage percussionists for the Broadway & national tour of AR Rahman/Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Bombay Dreams.” He is currently the percussionist for the celebrated NYC live-disco band Escort, who have been featured on Last Call with Carson Daly, headlined the Montreal Jazz Festival, and toured with CeeLo Green. As a producer & engineer, Dave has worked with multiple artists, including the Glitch Mob, Red Baraat, Vancouver’s Delhi 2 Dublin, NYC producer JKriv, DJ Rekha, Bombay Dub Orchestra, amongst others. He was part of the seminal NYC live/electronic band Sub Swara, and continues to mix records for diverse clients. As an Educator, Dave has lectured at Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Virginia Tech, New York University, and Ohio State. His teaching schedule in Houston is extensive; at Cristo Rey Jesuit, he teaches ethnomusicology to juniors, and structural musicology & production to seniors; at Houston Community College, Dave teaches production in Logic Pro and remixing in Ableton Live. He teaches early childhood musicality with the Prelude Foundation, through the Houston Ballet’s ECE program, and is on staff at the University of Houston’s Department of Dance & Theater. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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I Heart Inkblot Speed Painting by: Tamera Newton
Title of Inkblot "Rainbow Sage" Artist: Tamera Newton Music: Song "Can't get used to those" by Dimlite ------- links: blogger: iheartinkblot.blogspot.ca/ facebook: facebook.com/iheartinkblot deviant art: i-heart-inkblot.deviantart.com/ I Heart Inkblot is a roving art installation and a community based outreach program offering art therapy for parties, groups, retreats, team-building workshops and festivals. Enter into magical journey deep into your psyche and tap into the artist deep within. Splatter a few drops of watercolor paint on a piece of paper, play around with color, blending, folds and types of paper. Once dry try different pens from sharpie to ballpoint and trace the blots to see the fantastic creatures you can create. Inkblotting reawakens creativity, provides endless inspiration, strips away self doubt, balances both hemispheres of the brain, stimulates the pineal gland (3rd eye), accesses higher dimensional concepts, connects to the collective consciousness and provides a window into your own mind. --------- Artist Tamera Newton is based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Tamera Newton is a multifaceted artist that explores many avenues to express her creativity, from paint, tattoos, illustration, and graphic design to sculpting, decorating, carving and much more. Her style is vivacious, full of colorful swirls and strokes that dance on the canvas. She fuses mediums, styles and techniques, drawing inspiration from ancient civilizations, scientific discoveries, spiritual practices, multidimensional awareness, transcendence, symbolism, mythology, folklore and fables. She weaves ideas and concepts with free flow strokes from the depths of her own psyche and from a connection to the universal consciousness. links queenoffables.daportfolio.com/ astralharvest.com/art/visual-art/visual-art-headliner/?id=332360
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