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Bird Feeder - Log Cabin  - The Blue Jays Videos for Cats
Bird Feeder - Log Cabin Pilot S01 E01 . Bird Sounds and Video for Cats to Watch. Log Cabin Bird feeder - Shelter i built. I will start a series of videos of the action inside and outside of this Miniature log cabin. well it's not so miniature. I will post another video in a few weeks on how i built it. DIY video. We will have special appearances of invited guests once in a while. Follow us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BouDrone Twitter: https://twitter.com/BouDrone @BouDrone YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRawxGGDVx0QYPUrnhPIw3g What to do in New-Brunswick? Quoi faire au Nouveau-Brunswick?
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Bird Watching : How to Attract Blue Jays
Attract blue jays with peanuts, open platform feeders, mixed seeds, fruits, acorns and berries. Consider how aggressive blue jays can be before trying to attract them with information from a professional wildlife biologist and naturalist in this free video on bird watching. Expert: Bo Brown Contact: www.firstearth.org Bio: Bo Brown is a professional wildlife biologist, naturalist and wilderness survival instructor. Filmmaker: Kevin Leeper
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Bird House for Robins or Blue Jays
Building a bird house for Robins or Blue Jays.
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How to Attract Cardinals to Your Yard
Learn more about how you can successfully attract more cardinals to your yard and keep them there. For more information, check us out on the web at www.gilligalloubird.com
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Attracting Cardinals to your backyard By GardenAccentHeaven.com
Birdman Mel tells you how to attract Cardinals to your backyard. Subscribe for updates at http://BirdFeederWeblog.com. For best price & qualtiy bird feeders, houses, supplies and decor go to www.GardenAccentHeaven.com
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DIY... Bird feeder house for small birds only!
How to avoid crows or any big birds eating all your bird feed. build a house feeder like this one! Just need a 2 x 4, some boards for the roof and some lattice. Easy to make! First days, i saw some crows and blue jays poking their heads inside the bottom first row so i covered that row. For those of us who feed birds, there’s nothing more frustrating than a flock of so-called bully birds descending on our backyard feeders. Not only do they eat the feeders clean in minutes, but their aggressive behavior also can discourage some of our favorite songbirds. Don't use feed that these birds love. Selective Feeding is essential: Generally, bully birds prefer bread, corn, millet, wheat and sunflower seeds. To get rid of them, supply food they won’t eat. To feed finches, fill hanging tube feeders with only nyjer seed (thistle). For cardinals, chickadees and nuthatches, provide safflower seed in hopper or tray feeders. If you do this, grackles, crows and blackbirds generally will look elsewhere for the foods they like. Lock Out Bully Birds with a cage like i built in this video. Because virtually all bully birds are larger than more desirable birds, you can adapt your feeders to accommodate only smaller species. Try enclosing the feeders with large-mesh hardware cloth or chicken wire with openings big enough to allow smaller birds to pass through (a 2-inch opening should do). This will exclude the large bully birds. You can also purchase caged-in tube or tray feeders at your local bird, hardware or garden store. Just be sure to get one with the feeder portion located several inches inside the cage, so bullies can’t reach the seed with their long bills. Source of some of the above : Read more: http://www.birdsandblooms.com/birding/birding-basics/bully-birds-feeders/#ixzz40Rp5Bvgj
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Platform Bird Feeder
If you want to attract big birds you need a big feeder and big to do it. Our feeder is appx 24 x 24 and it has no wires for birds to catch their wings on. Birds love it and come everyday. Cleans up with a pull of a pin and dump of the tray.
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building a bird feeder pt 2
here is the second part to bird feeder construction Please leave a comment and a thumbs up
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BlueJay BirdHouse   Summers 2014 BirdHouse Contest
Here is my entry for the Summers 2014 Annual Woodworking Contest! My entry is built for the BlueJay. It's a replica of my woodshop, designed to be the most comfortable and preferred style of house for the BlueJay.
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The Best DIY Bird Feeder
Pound for pound, the best bird feeder you can have. Made from a recycled Culligan water tank, screening, and a short length of fencing, this feeder keeps the seed dry and away from larger birds that typically waste birdseed. A funnel or cone calculator can be found here: http://theurbanfarmingguys.com/Calculator.htm http://craig-russell.co.uk/demos/cone_calculator/ The large capacity eliminates frequent fillings. You can paint and decorate; I like to leave it clear so I can see the seed level from a distance. Build one, you and the smaller birds will not be disappointed!
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Large Pole Mounted Bird Feeding Platform 2  14 2012.wmv
This amazing platform feeder is really loved by birds. We are in Beta and making it to sell on Amazon. The goal is to make one so the pole and platform feeder fit in one box and sell at a reasonable price. This feeder is big, appx 24" x 24" outside diameter. Birds love it as there is easy access to food and they don't hit their wings on wires hanging down. We have seen sparrows, blue jays, bandtail pigeons, towhees and many others we can't yet identify feeding on the feeder. They love it. Buy yours on Amazon.com. Search term: Large Pole Mounted Platform Bird Feeder. Enjoy!
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Bird houses Best for Birds
All kind of bird houses with different kind of birds nesting in it. Watch how the birds feed their breed. NKP with: Blue tit, European pied flycatcher. NK06 with: Willow tit. NKK with: Great tit, Tree sparrow, European pied flycatcher, Common redstart. NKM with: Tree sparrow.
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How to Build a Bluebird House
► The Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis) is a member of the thrush family (Turdidae). It is larger than a sparrow, but smaller than a blue jay. It ranges from Canada to the Gulf States and East of the Rockies. With an old cedar board and some basic power tools, it's easy to build a house for this beautiful bird, providing it with a place to stay in your yard ✔ ► Tips + Measure twice, cut once. Double checking the layout may save on materials. + The finest box in the world will not attract birds if you do not locate it properly. Mount the box 4 to 6 feet (1.2-1.8 meters) above the ground in an open area. If it faces towards a tree, the nestlings will have a safe target for that initial flight from the box. + Bluebirds are particular. The hole size and placement is critical. + A sheet of aluminum "flashing" material may be fashioned into a skirt for the pole. This serves to deter snakes or other predators from raiding the nest. See image at top of page. + Consider an alternative location if birds do not nest in the first season. + Clean out the old nest after the first brood, and the birds may nest two or three times in a season. + Get creative! Paint the birdhouse in bright colors or your favorite design. Use stamps or stencils too ✔ ► Warnings + Wear safety glasses when cutting wood. + Use more than common sense when handling power tools. + Keep children and pets out of the workshop while creating the birdhouse. The only exception is an interested child who has promised to sit back and watch ✔ ►Subscribe our channel: https://goo.gl/iQ3j7Y ✔ ►WebSite: http://goo.gl/QYlVGm ✔ ►Facebook: https://goo.gl/oMOaEe ✔ ►Twitter: https://goo.gl/o6nxdI ✔ ►Google +: https://goo.gl/CkesEB ✔ ►New Videos Publish Every Day/Week ✔ ►Thanks For Watching! Please leave a like if you enjoyed and tell me what you think in the comments! Thanks ✔ ►Thanks For Watching! Also Check Out ✔ ►New The Best Video July of 2016 ✔ If there any copyright issues with any videos posted here I will remove them, please contact my email: nbcintheworld@gmail.com
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Feeding birds from platform feeder
Bird feeder in action. DIY platform feeder made from old wooden chair. I filmed around 1 hour using some leftover crumbled bread and during which time saw 4 species : 1.Eurasian Collared Dove (Streptopelia decaocto) 2.European starling (Sturnus vulgaris) 3.House sparrow (Passer domesticus) 4.Eurasian Jackdaw (Corvus monedula) Hope you enjoy the video. Like Share and Subscribe. Thank you for watching.
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Building A Bird House
How to make simple bird houses for your home and garden. Visit us at http://www.genewoodshop.com Here are the measurements: Both homes use the same base 6 1/4" by 7 1/4" Front and back walls 6 1/4" by 7 1/2" (taller home) or Front and back walls 6 1/4" by 6 1/4" (shorter home) Bird hole entrance is 1 3/4" Sides for tall bird house are 5" by 3 3/4" (allowing for air flow) or Sides for shorter bird house 5" long by 2 1/2" (allowing for air flow) Roof is the same for both homes: 7 1/4"by 5 3/4" and 7 1/4" by 5" Good luck and have fun.
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DIRT CHEAP Bird Platform Feeder How To
Here's a quick diy / How to video on just how easy it is to create a platform bird feeder. Some stores charge 10-20 bucks for a platform feeder....Mine was free after eating some delicious general tsao's chinese food MM MM GOOD. Things needed: Empty chinese food container Some type of pole...pvc...wood....metal...anything you have hanging around Hot glue Birds were attacking this homemade bird feeder within 20 minutes of filling it and they have not stopped since. MAKE SURE you have decided on the right kind of birdseed you want to use to attract the kinds of birds you want.... You can always just fill ANY kind of shallow container and use it anywhere...on a table etc....and you WILL get good results..but you will also attract squirrels.......so far the squirrels have not figured this setup out.
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Blue Jay - Bird Feeder
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Tips on Making Your Bird Feeders For Cardinals   The Best In The Neighborhood HD
The Northern Cardinal is most likely one of the most popular birds that folks love to attract on their backyards. Tips on making the ideal bird feeders for cardinals are important for attracting these birds. To Learn More About Bird Feeders Visit Us at: http://www.gratefulgnome.com You can also find more information about us on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Grateful-Gnome-Cardinal-Virtually-Guaranteed/dp/B00D49MZ2U/ie=UTF8?m=A36ZS9CP4UUXZH&keywords=bird+Feeders&tag=knowlegizkey-20
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Bird Feeder #1 Bluejay, Cardinal, Unknown Bird
Bluejay, Cardinal, Unknown Bird
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Blue Bird House Project Show and Tell
Finishing up the Adirondack Chairs project leaves me still with plenty of pallet wood. I find my Blue Bird plans and knock out 3 houses. I stay pretty much to the plans except for some minor changes, which I describe in this video. I'm realizing that the still photo may not be large enough for most to actually see the measurements of this house. I'm pretty sure you can find the plans on the internet, but if you can't if you'll send me an e-mail to athiker7209@gmail.com I'll send this pdf file to you in a reply message. Again, thanks for watching and I hope you decide to subscribe! As of July 2014, this link worked to the woodworking portion of Missouri Conservation Department. Plans for this box: https://nature.mdc.mo.gov/sites/default/files/downloads/4627_2364.pdf Have a great day! Briz
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Wildlife Garden Designer Bird House + Feeder
Bring your garden, balcony or courtyard to life by inviting beautiful feathered friends to come rest and feed in style! A combined nesting box and bird feeder, the Multiholk Designer Bird House + Feeder is built as a series of adorable miniature houses. Designed in Sweden along with ornithological experts, they are handcrafted from solid wood, and painted in gorgeous designs using environmentally friendly paints.
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See-Through Large Clear Window Bird Feeder
Promised Florida update on this fun, large clear plastic window bird feeder by MOOKZZ. This would be a really fun Christmas gift for the bird watcher or Nature lover - or to introduce kids to birds around the neighborhood. It has attractive new packaging and the link to this bird feeder on Amazon is http://amzn.to/2jUfJkh where it is the cheapest of this type of bird feeder available and of very high quality. If you order it through this link a tiny portion of the sale goes toward supporting the Backyard creatures. I've been using this one for about a month now over my PC window in Florida and the cardinals and Blue Jays love it. It is easy to install and depending on what window you use it is totally squirrel proof as in my installation here as there is no way for the squirrels to get to it - they haven't figured out to climb siding yet. You can also install and refill the feeder by just opening a window. All in all a barrel of fun for bird-lovers and of course the birds. You can experiment with influencing what birds use it by what type of seeds you use. If you choose you could also invite squirrels to use it by just leaning a two by four on the window sill for certain times. It can handle their weight. Have fun and good luck! Full Disclosure - this product was given to me by the manufacturer to test in the Backyard. My opinions are my own and I only make videos reviews of provided products that I like and use. New HD videos uploaded frequently. Subscribe at: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MyBackyardBirding More info at: http://screech-owls.blogspot.com/
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DIY Bird feeder - Part 1
Homemade Bird Feeder DIY. How to build a bird feeder log cabin ? easy to do. this is a 27 x 21" plan. You can resize it to a smaller size with smaller dowels. You can see some birds and squirrels action at the log cabin in videos on my channel. You will also see some miniature furniture inside the cabin. Follow us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BouDrone Twitter: https://twitter.com/BouDrone @BouDrone YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRawxGGDVx0QYPUrnhPIw3g What to do in New-Brunswick? Quoi faire au Nouveau-Brunswick?
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Erica's Bird House-2 BlueJay & Finch
Erica's Bird House-2 BlueJay Finch Red Cardinal
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Building a Peanut Feeder
For more handy hints go to: http://mdc4.mdc.mo.gov/tv/handyhints.asp
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Magpies, Chickadees and Blue Jays!!! Platform bird feeder outside our window.
A heavily edited glimps at a few of the birds that visited our platform feeder one day. Magpies eat dog food, Blue Jays eat peanuts and chickadees eat black sunflower seeds.
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How to Choose a Bird Feeder
Watch more How to Take Care of a Pet Bird videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/217221-How-to-Choose-a-Bird-Feeder In the cold weather, birds need extra help finding the seeds they crave. Here's everything you need to know to put up a snack bar for your feathered friends. Step 1: Choose a location Choose the best location for your bird feeder. If you’re an eager bird watcher, put it near a window or deck—there’s always a lot going on at a feeder. Tip Placing a bird feeder near bushes gives birds a place to hide if they are startled. Step 2: Choose a feeder that’s easy to clean and fill Whatever bird feeder you decide to buy, choose one that’s easy to clean and easy to fill. Step 3: Consider “hopper” feeders To attract a variety of birds, including woodpeckers and blue jays, choose a 'hopper' feeder, which has a slanted roof. Hang the hopper feeder from a tree or mount it on a pole. Step 4: Consider “tube” feeders To attract smaller birds, including chickadees and finches, choose a 'tube' feeder. Hang the tube feeder from a tree branch, a hook mounted into a roof overhang, or a pole in the ground. Step 5: Consider “platform” feeders To attract ground-feeding birds, including doves, choose a ground or 'platform' feeder. Platform feeders can hold a variety of treats, including bits of fruit. Tip To attract an even wider range of birds, hang a suet cake—made of raw mutton or beef fat—from a special suet-cake feeder near your bird feeder. Step 6: Fill feeder Fill your bird feeder with the seed you’ve chosen. Sunflower seeds appeal to the widest variety of birds. If you want to avoid messy seed shells in your yard, buy shelled sunflower hearts. Tip Keeping squirrels from raiding bird feeders is an uphill battle. You can try using a special squirrel-proof feeder, but it’s likely easier to distract them by sprinkling extra bird food on the ground. Step 7: Bird watch Now that you’ve set up a birdie buffet, get out your binoculars—watching birds is great entertainment! Did You Know? A woodpecker can peck twenty times per second.
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Wild Bird House : Some Blue Jays and Red Bellied Woodpeckers : Backyard Bird Watching
www.wild-bird-house.com Blue Jays & Red Bellied Woodpeckers Backyard Bird Feeding Shot with a Nikon D3100
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Bird Table & My Table
Another day in the Cabin a bit long and boring unless you like to watch birds. I built a primitive bird table and set it up outside the cabin and was amazed at the number and variety of birds that arrived within a few hours of putting out the first bird seed. I also did my first cooking in the wood stove.
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Build a Log Cabin Bird house
How to Build a Log cabin Birdhouse Created with MAGIX Video deluxe 2015 Plus
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Blue Jays, Chickadees & Female Junco : Wild Bird House Video
http://wild-bird-house.com Music The End of the Rainbow by Todd Weller Featuring birds: Blue Jay Black Capped Chickadee Dark Eyed Junco
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Blue Bird House Build
Building these Blue bird houses is an easy winter project that will attract these beautiful and useful birds to our property for years. All these houses were made from reclaimed and scrap lumber so the cost was minimal. Blue birds and Martins will inhabit these houses and are an excellent chemical-free way to control flies and mosquito's.
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Winter Roost box - DIY
Winter Roosting Boxes. This is a winter roost box i built for chickadees or other small birds. they can use this as a shelter for cold winter nights. i saw some plans online but not as big as this one. i wanted to make a bigger one. It could hold about 20 of them. We'll see. I put a pic of my plan at the end of the video. Let me know what you think. Have questions? please like and subscribe. Click Here ! http://www.youtube.com/user/corbou200... I also built something else really fun. it's a big box with lattice and only small birds can go inside to get the seeds. No Big birds Allowed DIY (Do it yourself) Added Oct 30th 2015. I will try to make other Nest boxes for other types of birds. would love to make something for Blue Jays and Northern Flickers. i know i see the Blue Jays for as long as i feed them peanuts. also for other woodpeckers that stay here for the winter. If you have any good plans for those boxes, please post a link in the comments. A roost box is similar to a birdhouse in that it provides shelter for birds, but it is not intended for building nests or raising hatchlings. Instead, a roost box provides secure shelter from predators, low temperatures and poor weather for multiple cavity-nesting birds. Depending on the bird species and size of the flock, a dozen birds or more may take advantage of a single roost box to share body heat through cold winter nights, greatly improving their chances of surviving harsh weather and sudden freezes. http://birding.about.com/od/birdhouses/a/birdroostbox.htm
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Planted Perfect Window Bird Feeders
Bob from Planted Perfect demonstrates on how easy it is to install a diy bird feeder at your home. Birds constantly visit the feeder. Look up, another finch, a cardinal, even a bluejay - it does not stop. And unlike traditional bird feeders pole it hooks anywhere and nothing blocks your view. https://plantedperfect.com/products/crystal-clear-window-bird-feeder We engineered powerful suction cups to tightly, easily lock to your window. Your new bird house attracts dozens of colorful birds daily - we will not let it fall. Plus even if a daring squirrel somehow dives on the feeder, the lock tight suction cups will hold - protecting your feeder, whether on the 1st floor or above. Enjoy a flurry of action and color everyday in a skyrise or suburban home - it makes no difference. THE BEST QUALITY BIRD FEEDER WITH A 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Love your new feeder or your money back, no questions asked, just a prompt, courteous refund. Planted Perfect's a company by and for birders, gardeners and homeowners and we're here 7 days a week to deliver you UNSURPASSED SERVICE, answer any of your birding, yard or gardening questions and ultimately help you have an even more beautiful, enjoyable home. PLUS SEE OUR PROMOS BELOW FOR MORE GREAT GARDEN DISCOUNTS! ORDER TODAY
Bird Feeder
Birds visiting our bird feeder on January 20 in Sayward, BC Northern Vancouver Island
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Red Cardinal
Cardinal at bird feeder. A nice red boy.
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Bird Feeder
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Homemade Squirrel Wreath feeder
This is my attempt at making a wreath squirrel feeded as seen at home shows, etc. This was my first time making this, so bear with me. Materials used: 12" metal ring, (2) 1" clasp rings, zip ties, full size metal slinky, nylon rope. Any ideas how to improve, please share!
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Mourning Doves Pack The Platform
In this clip, hungry doves pack the platform feeders on the Cornell Feeder Watch Cam. Watch LIVE at http://AllAboutBirds.org/CornellFeeders for news, updates, and more information about the pond and its surroundings. This FeederWatch cam is located in the Treman Bird Feeding Garden at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Perched on the edge of both Sapsucker Woods and its 10-acre pond, these feeders attract both forest species like chickadees and woodpeckers as well as some species that prefer open environments near water like Red-winged Blackbirds. The Wild Birds Unlimited store at Sapsucker Woods has been a part of the visitor experience in the Cornell Lab’s Visitor Center ever since the new building opened in 2003. They are the preferred vendor of official Cornell Lab merchandise and offer a dizzying number of feeders, binoculars, and birdwatching-related gear and gifts to make any bird enthusiast happy. WBU has also pledged support for many of the Cornell Lab’s local efforts, including providing the bird feeders and food for this FeederWatch Cam.
TFS Bluejay Point Birdhouse Project
TFS 5th Grade Blue Jay Point Camping Adventure,Birdhouse Instructional Video
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Blue Jay Bird House Plans in 3D
http://www.spoiledbirds.com/blue-jay-bird-house-plans.html Looking for some blue jay bird house plans. Here is a 3D model tutorial showing you exactly how to build such a bird house. If you are looking for even more bird house plans, then make sure you visit http://www.spoiledbirds.com.
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PERKY-PET Adjustable Platform Bird Feeder
I got a bird in my bird feeder! :-)
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Birdfeeder in December 2008
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Wooden Bluebird House - Model BB1; Backyard Bird Feeder; Wooden Bird Houses
Buy from amazon: http://amzn.to/1rELmKL Constructed of reforested, kiln dried, inland red cedar Ornithologically designed to attract bluebirds One 1/2" hole is ideal for eastern bluebirds A 1/2" air ventilation gap is provided at the top and a drain hole at the base Easy open front to make cleaning easy Woodlink Wooden Bluebird House - Model BB1
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Extreme Birdhouses
Views: 752 John L
Pallet Wood Bird House
There is no scrap wood, only pieces that haven't been used yet. I had a bunch of left over scrap that I wanted to make something with, so I attempted a bird house. not sure how birds feel about linseed oil but hopefully it will help protect it from the weather for a year.
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Cardinal Defends Bird Feeder
Male Cardinal defends bird feeder from several Yellow Finches.
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My Bird Feeder
Bird Feeder
Views: 151 Robert Di Ricco