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Order at http://cefaly.com.au 1300 077 707 What is Cefaly? Cefaly drug-free migraine relief Not only is Cefaly a drug-free method for treating pain, this migraine treatment can also prevent headaches from ever coming on. Cefaly treats migraine pain with neuro-stimulation. Headache relief starts at the nerve centre, working on the trigeminal nerve where migraines start. This patented treatment offers real relief of migraines with an efficient nerve stimulation approach. This is your migraine relief technology in a comfortable, ergonomic and simple-to-use medical device. MIGRAINE AND CEFALY Cefaly migraine treatment is a battery operated medical device harnessing electric impulses to deal directly with the cause of migraines and headaches as well as their prevention. These impulses are delivered to the main branch of the trigeminal nerve to aid relief of migraines. Cefaly can then replace or considerably reduce the consumption of painkilling medication and improve quality of life. Well-respected scientific reviews, including the recent American Academy of Neurology in 2013 , have confirmed the effectiveness of the Cefaly method of migraine relief for several years. Its pleasant stimulating effects inhibit the pain associated with migraines and offer headache relief while calming anxiety and soothing stress. Watch Cefaly Headache Australia A few sessions wearing your Cefaly device each week can restore wellbeing, clear your head and alleviate stress while relieving migraine and headache pain. Why Cefaly? Cefaly is the first cranial analgesic electrotherapy device to have ISO medical certification. When used as a prevention program, this type of nerve stimulation increases the production of endorphins and raises the trigger threshold for pain. The result for migraine sufferers: a decreased frequency and intensity of migraine attacks. More than just a treatment, many users consider Cefaly to be more like their migraine cure.
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