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unleashed indoor dog park business plan
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FAQ - K-9 grass at Unleashed Indoor Dog Parks
Unleashed Indoor Dog Parks founder Kelly Acree talks about K-9 grass, a specially formulated, anti-microbial turf. The dogs can't tell the difference! Visit http://unleasheddogparks.com/ for more information!
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360 Video at an Indoor Dog Park. DUBAI.
360 Video at an Indoor Dog Park. DUBAI.
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How Business is Like the Dog Park
In business, if you don’t believe in yourself first, if you don’t have that little bit of confidence it takes to put yourself out there, to offer a product with a price tag on it, to give a speech, or to start filming your ideas and putting them online… if you don’t have that confidence first, then how is anyone else going to believe in you? http://sylviemccracken.com/dog-park/ If you haven't already, sign up to receive my FREE cheat sheet on 6 Proven Steps to Create (Plenty of) Passive Income with Ebooks: http://sylviemccracken.com/ebooks http://sylviemccracken.com/
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Rhode Island's first indoor dog park
Bow Chika Wow Town in Warwick provides a clean, safe indoor play community for dogs of all sizes. Cage-free daycare and boarding, puppy preschool, and dog training classes are all available at the indoor park. The Rhode Show is WPRI 12's daily lifestyle show for having fun, eating well, and living life.
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How to Build a Dog Park
► Dog parks are areas where dogs and dog owners come to enjoy themselves. Building a dog park would be a benefit to you and your community... but you don't know how. Read on ✔ ► Tips + Don't forget to have fun! ✔ ►Warnings This requires a lot of money and financial stability. You probably don't want to do this if you can't pay for it within the next couple months. It also requires time and hard work. Research, talk to the owners of other dog parks if possible, find out all you need to know. This isn't something you can just jump into head first. It takes consideration and lots of planning ✔ ►Subscribe our channel: https://goo.gl/iQ3j7Y ✔ ►WebSite: http://goo.gl/QYlVGm ✔ ►Facebook: https://goo.gl/oMOaEe ✔ ►Twitter: https://goo.gl/o6nxdI ✔ ►Google +: https://goo.gl/CkesEB ✔ ►New Videos Publish Every Day/Week ✔ ►Thanks For Watching! Please leave a like if you enjoyed and tell me what you think in the comments! Thanks ✔ ►Thanks For Watching! Also Check Out ✔ ►New The Best Video August of 2016 ✔ If there any copyright issues with any videos posted here I will remove them, please contact my email: nbcintheworld@gmail.com
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CRAZY Ideas That Actually Worked
Any time you’re faced with a problem, surely you’ve racked a few stupid ideas through your mind before you found a practical solution. But once in awhile, it seems those outlandish solutions might just actually be solutions. Here’s 15 times those crazy ideas actually worked. Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 6. Goggles For Dogs Do dogs really need an accessory? Surely all the cutesy clothes and even collars we place on them is enough. However, as ridiculous as the phrase “dog goggles” seems for anyone, it’s a business venture that’s worked out in the dog goggle manufacturers favor. The inventor of the product known as the “doggles” is Jill Doyle and while most would quip that these things look ridiculous, the goggles protect your dog’s eyes from the UV rays of the sun. Since dogs need to run around outside as much as possible, some owners would like to take the extra precaution. The company that sells doggles makes around $5 million in revenue every year and also includes products that are prescribed lenses for dogs with visual impairments. 5. Dropped and Shipped Speaking of conscientious dog owners, let’s take a look at the opposite side of the spectrum. Dog owners in the Madrid suburb of Brunete, Spain were said to have a bad habit of not picking up after their dogs. This problem was becoming such an issue, that efforts were made to stop this problem. And instead of just issuing fines, officials found a better way to to deal with the unsanitary problem. A group of volunteers would look out for the dogs and their owners, bag the poop themselves, and then send it in the mail back to the owners. The practice has said to be highly effective, with the number of dog droppings around Brunete being considerably fewer. 4. Fisherman Wearing Masks A lot of animals aren’t particularly stupid, especially a beast like a Bengal Tiger. However, just because they’re not stupid doesn’t mean they’re super aware of human devices, even one as simple as a mask. Fisherman in the Ganges Delta were dealing with Bengal Tigers sneaking up on them as they tried to do their job and it was becoming a dangerous problem. Instead of hurting the tigers or just moving the a different location, it seemed all that was needed was a prop. To scare away tigers approaching them behind, the fisherman were instructed to wear these masks of a human face, which seemed to trick most tigers into thinking a human being had spotted them. Or the face on the mask is just that displeasing that it just scares them off. 3. Bottled Air You’ve probably heard about people complaining about bottled water, how it’s all a sham and that clean drinking water should come free anyways. So then think about the concept of bottled air. Now that you’ve thought about it for a bit, just know you can buy said product. Vitality Air was created by a Canadian startup company who sell cans of what is said to be “100% pure Rocky Mountain air” for about $32 each. Sounds crazy, sure, but the little novelty product has made loads for itself and it’s said places with higher air pollution are the locations of the biggest buyers of the bottled air. 2. Shade Balls The phrase “shade balls” could mean a lot to people if you weren’t aware of context. But what they actually refer to are the millions of plastic balls that were dumped into the Ivanhoe Reservoir in Los Angeles 2 years ago. The reason stems down to the continuing drought that the state of California has been going through. Placing the 4 inch thick plastic balls in the water would help shade the water from the hot sun, reducing rapid evaporation. Thus, things like bacteria and algae would be less likely to form, and certain chemical substances wouldn’t be able to be produced. Pigs With Munchies Stigma against legalized marijuana has slowly been falling away, especially not that places like Washington State have implemented it legally. But farmers in said state have also implemented the plant, and not in the way you probably think. Instead, cannabis has been incorporated into the pig feed and it’s said to increase the weight of the pigs to up to 30 pounds more--for reasons you can imagine. Eating this new feed has made the pigs here bigger than pigs in other parts of country usually are, which only means good things for the farming trade in Washington.
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Girl plans to build dog park
A Bonner Springs girl is working this summer to build a community dog park.
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Sad Dog Wants to Stay at Dog Park
Winston wanted to hang out with his friends longer. **A White PitBull, a Red Nose PitBull, a Brindle PitBull, & Labrador puppies in this video**
Dog Park Etiquette 101
Going to the dog park for the first time is scary, but here is what you can do to ensure you have a positive experience. This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions: https://app.contentsamurai.com/cc/19294
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How To Start A Dog Park Business
How To Start A Dog Park Business - If you’re fed up of pretty much all the crap, media hype, confusion, confusion and even instability associated with trying to understand how to REALISTICALLY gain an addition net income source for the average Joe and Jane, then we certainly have VERY good news HERE: http://bit.ly/realistic-and-legit-extra-income-stream-new
Dogs frolic in an indoor dog park
Dogs frolic at a temporary indoor dog park set up this weekend in a Liberty Street warehouse in Kansas City’s West Bottoms. The organizers are with Bar K Lab, a combination dog park/restaurant/event space that will soon begin construction in Berkley Riverfront Park. Video by: ALLISON LONG | along@kcstar.com
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New Bedford Dog Park Plans Unveiled
On Tuesday night, Mary Rapoza the director from Parks, Recreation & Beaches and Jay Emperor the designer from Pressley Associates revealed the plans for the future New Bedford dog park.
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Dog Park Dollars... a Proven System For Your Own Pet Business
http://www.dogparkdollars.com If you like dogs, and money... you'll LOVE this! Discover a simple home business you can build from your love of dogs.
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Lisbon announces plan to build dog park
Mayor Joe Morenz said the construction will be a community effort.
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Downtown Dog Park Now Open!
It was a paw-ty as the City of Tallahassee officially opened its newest dog park. Located on the edge of downtown and the All Saints district in Boulevard Park, this new facility is the City's first urban dog park and the third dog park overall. All dogs using the park must be over four months old, properly vaccinated, healthy and display a current rabies tag. Waste bags are available on site. Boulevard Park is located on the south side of Gaines Street along Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. It is one of the more than 70 parks operated and maintained by the City of Tallahassee Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Affairs Department. For more information about local parks, visit Talgov.com/Parks. For more information about the City of Tallahassee and WCOT, please visit: Talgov.com (http://bit.ly/Vo0X7J) Twitter.com/COTNews (http://bit.ly/1QxCm8M) Facebook.com/COTNews (http://on.fb.me/1krkY9O) Instagram.com/COTNews (http://bit.ly/1M9dqBs)
Citizen's Propose Idea Of Starting Dog Park In Fayetteville
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Battle over plans to keep dog parks open late
Some neighbors are pushing back against a plan to keep the city's dog parks open later!
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DOG PARK MADNESS - May 16, 2013
In this DITLO*, there is a frappe debacle, Warden gets to make friends at the dog park, and Miko is a butt-sniffer. I'll Start Monday (new soundlyawake video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jK9IQLLQaNw Yeison's vlog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUjLtiEW9Po The 28-Day Challenge: http://www.the28daychallenge.com/ Thanks to Robert Brace for the plan and mentoring! *DITLO stands for Day In The Life Of (me...and my friends and family) ---------- COMEDY CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/soundlyawake VLOG CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/stillsoundlyawake BEAUTY CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/nicolafoti FOOD CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/ruleofyum Nick's stuff: TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/soundlyawake TUMBLR http://soundlyawake.tumblr.com FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/soundlyawake MERCH: http://www.districtlines.com/soundlyawake INSTAGRAM http://www.instagram.com/soundlyawake Ken's stuff: YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/RuleOfYum TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/kensadork TUMBLR http://kensadork.tumblr.com INSTAGRAM http://www.instagram.com/kensadork Business only: soundlyawake@gmail.com
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BARKA LOUNGE Indoor Dog Park and Doggie DayCare - Grand Opening!
BARKA LOUNGE Indoor Dog Park | Doggie DayCare | Grooming | Cageless Boarding | Specialty Merchandise Barka Lounge is a Full Service Dog Care Facility We are Open Rain or Shine - 365 Days a Year, Including Holidays Early Drop Off and Late Pick Up are Available by Request at No Additional Charge Discounts Provided for Multiple Dogs in the Same Family and with Monthly Pre-Paid Packages Credit Cards Accepted Barka Lounge Features: • Excellent customer care provided by our friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive staff • Staff on duty at all times assuring all dogs get loads of love & attention and play well together • All dogs interviewed prior to their stay- feel safe knowing your pup is in the company of other friendly, well-socialized dogs • A completely cage free environment • Large, open space - lots of room to run and play • Three separate play areas so dogs can be best matched in play groups based on size, energy level and temperament • Indoor, temperature controlled facility- not limited by the weather or time of day, and safe from fleas and ticks • Real grass patches for dogs to relieve themselves in addition to their hourly walks outside • Superior sanitation- accidents are cleaned up immediately using pet-friendly cleaning products • The longest hours of any Doggie DayCare in the Bay Area, plus were open on the weekends • Central location with easy access to and from Highways 680, 242 and 4 • Ample complimentary parking directly in front of our entrance Serving the San Francisco East Bay Area | Concord, Walnut Creek, Danville, Alamo, Morago, Lafayette, Pleasant Hill, Pacheco, Martinez, Pittsburgh, and Antioch
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Dog Park & Greenbelt Fun!
We're back again! Sadly for now I'll probably only be uploading bi-weekly videos potentially until we actually move to Nampa! I'm commuting up there right now for our business and Voodoo is staying home while I drive up there and back! It's been pretty hectic and I haven't had much time to film and edit videos but this one was fun to make! Please subscribe and let us know what other videos you'd like to see from us!
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Property Management and Dog Park!  Inga, sweet lady!
paypal.me/debrajoy1 I have a terrible habit of talking over people! I should have been more patient and spent more time with Inga, I don't think she said Inga it was, ing a! I will try to be better prepared the next time I come on someone so I can ask them a few questions! I could have asked her if she lived up or downstairs I could have asked her how long she's been here and I could have asked her maybe what her favorite things are and if she planned to stay! Property management companies are usually, interested in one thing! You guessed it, money, money, money! They do not care if you and I don't have any place to live because were forced out with the rent being raised over and over again! They will just rent two new people that have better income! They never think about where we will go! And I guess that's just part of big business, unfortunately!
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Dog park with bar concept approved
Dog park with bar concept approved in Seminole Heights.
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It's a dog's life at indoor pooch park
In the UK the weather is often more suited to ducks than pet dogs. The cold and wet can make walkies more of a chore than a howling adventure But, a new venture in Cardiff, Wales could offer a solution that's not necessarily barking. This is Action Petz - the indoor dog park where pooches can run wild while their owners keep dry. It's fun for those with four legs and two and business is booming since it opened ten months ago. It's packed full of activities for dogs with energy to burn plus it's safe and secure. Just what the owner, Shelley Reading, wanted after a personal ordeal. "I was out walking both of my dogs and unfortunately one of my dogs got stolen by somebody who was also in the park that morning. My dog was missing for twelve days and that obviously was heart-breaking, so, thankfully I got him back and after twelve days I was bit worried about letting him off the lead so I googled indoor dog park, secure area, and of course there was nothing. Discovered a niche in the market and set up Action Petz," she says. Each week more than seven hundred owners bring their dogs to play on the obstacles. It's sometimes hard to work out who gets the most exercise. "Well my son brings her normally, seven days a week, because it's easier than walking the streets in the dark and cold and safer. You can't let your dog off in the street or in the park, off the lead, so much easier here," says dog owner Jennifer Smith. The facility is designed for dogs to socialise with one another in a safe environment, but there's also plenty of showing off to be done�if there's a treat to be had. And while the obstacles wouldn't look out of place at Crufts, Action Petz isn't just for top dogs. "I just came here just for something different to do with my dog especially when the weather's rubbish, and just give her some decent exercise," says dog owner, Linda Dack. Sometimes that goes to plan. Other times it doesn't. But that doesn't seem to be putting people off. "I think the main draw is that a lot of members don't feel safe letting their dogs off the lead. Lots of dogs are very high energy. They don't get the exercise they need. Here of course we are fully secure, there's no escape for the dogs, the dogs get let off the lead and they can socialise safely with dogs that we know are dog friendly unlike some dogs that you might come across in the parks," says Reading. Action Petz is open seven days a week. "I think it's good because there's obstacles for the dogs to try out that are new and stuff like that and when the weather's bad the dog doesn't get wet," says one young dog walker. "I think she likes how she gets to try new things and meet new dogs," says another. "There's lots of new things to try out and lots of dogs that they can play with," says another. After less than a year there are plans afoot to open up a chain of Action Petz dog parks around the country, with people travelling from all over the United Kingdom to give their pooches a walk unlike any other. "It's been amazing, the feedback has been incredible. I've got people coming from far and wide as far as Carmarthenshire in the Westbound direction and as far as Bath in the Eastbound direction. Got people from Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire, absolutely fantastic and the feedback has been fabulous." A session for your dog at Action Petz costs �4.50 ($6.88 USD). You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/8cade491b28e93bc9c135dde652fdaec Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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K9 Tails - Paw Prints Indoor Dog Park
Paw Prints Indoor Dog Park, located in Woburn, MA takes the concept of an outdoor dog park and brings it indoors. Who wants to play in rain, snow, mud, high winds, or even 90 degree heat? Also, dogs love to play, socialize, and get exercising too! You’ll get a quick tour of their facility and meet some of their special paws!
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Bayshore Park Construction to Begin
Amenities include a dog park, a new playground, showers, bathrooms, a food truck area and reconstruction of the McGee Beach pier. The project is part of the Bond 2008 Bayfront Development Plan. Closed captioning by CCTV 20. http://www.cctexas.com
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This Sports Bar in North Carolina Doubles as a Dog Park
There’s a bar in North Carolina where everyone knows your dog’s name. Lucky Dog Bark and Brew is a dog park, kennel and sports bar rolled into one. Trips To Discover is a destination and travel discovery platform. We aim to inspire you to travel more, to turn day dreamers into fanatical travelers. Check out our site: http://www.tripstodiscover.com -------------------- Follow Us On Social! -------------------- FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TripsToDiscover/ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/tripstodiscover/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TripsToDiscover
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Play at indoor dog park
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Kansas City couple turns to Kickstarter to fund indoor dog park
Kansas City dog lovers know all too well that at this time of year, it can be tough to get your dog enough exercise. That's inspired a new business idea for one KC couple. Read more at http://m.kshb.com/29uOIk7 ◂ 41 Action News, KSHB, brings you the latest news, weather and investigative reports from both sides of the state line. We are Kansas City's Breaking News leader, bringing you the area's most accurate forecast and the latest sports coverage from KC's best team. For more download the 41 Action News mobile app: iPhone: http://bit.ly/iOS-kshb Android: http://bit.ly/kshb-android
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q&a in the famous dog park || Mei-Ying Chow
♡ GAP year plans, christmas and vlogmas || Mei-Ying Chow ♡ Back again after filming in hurricane stormy winds and torrential rain - answering all your lovely questions about everything from having a younger brother, my favourite songs at the moment and my favourites places I’ve visited. Thank you for the lovely questions and if you want to be included int he next one, then feel free to follow my social media for updates or leave me any questions in the comments and I’ll reply to them all! Last weeks video - dreaming of a white christmas cover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adJkZXOqV94 WHERE TO FIND ME- Snapchat || meiying Instagram || http://www.instagram.com/meiyingchow Twitter || http://www.twitter.com/meiyingchow Business email || meiyingchow.ig@gmail.com If you’re reading the description box like the wonderful, sneaky subscriber that you are, then comment below your family christmas tradition for some Chow points! key words - best spotify playlists, best albums, best music of 2017, top songs of 2017, top releases of 2017, my favourite artists, applying to university, student life, questions and answers 2017, best books of 2017, favourite genre of books,
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Amazing Footage of Husky at an indoor Dog Park
Do you have a dog or a small pack that simply don’t get along with others? well, my Louis is one of these. Great with people but unpredictable with other pooches. Today my daughter and I took Louis to Action Petz in Cardiff (they have them in Bridgend too. What struck me was how friendly and laid back the staff were. The area for Louis to play in was plenty big enough (as you will see in the video) and he was thoroughly worn out in just 20 mins of Tom Foolery. Theres info in the youtube description as well as the website and direction. Please share this video with your friends and family on your FB pages, if you have a stubborn pooch that is constantly wearing grumpy pants with other dogs, there is a place YOU CAN take them to play “OFF LEAD” safely and very very cheaply. It cost us £10 one off registration fee and £5 per half hour per dog. BARGAIN! Autograf Running
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Pawtime Indoor Dog Park Lethbridge
Stay and play, private events room, doggy day care etc
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The Eureka Dog Park is officially open for all doggy business and dog play! ... http://eurekadogpark
The Eureka Dog Park is officially open for all doggy business and dog play! ... http://eurekadogpark.weebly.com/ By: Shaun Walker Published on: April 8, 2015 Source: http://www.tout.com/m/hlk4kt
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Indoor dog park
Views: 37 Kelly Patterson
Tacoma new indoor dog park
Wet Noses Dry Paws, a new indoor dog park and doggie day care, is opening in Tacoma.
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indoor dog park clip2
Spaw City doggie social club, April 2013
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Bark Park CAGE-FREE Dog Daycare in Spring Hill, Florida
Doggy Daycare Typical Day see also www.barkparkdogdaycare.com
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SNAPCHAT- YTGraph ------------------------------------------SUBSCRIBE---------------------------------------------------- Partner With Freedom!- https://www.freedom.tm/via/B3ntzer Follow Me on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, and YouNow! Twitch.tv/ytgraph Twitter- https://twitter.com/YTGraph Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/ytgraph/ YouNow- https://www.younow.com/_B3Gaming Graph MovieReviews- http://bit.ly/2mUtTVG All songs or sounds in this video are not owned by myself unless stated otherwise. All rights go to proper owners. Background Music- Foster The People - Best Friend (Wave Racer Remix) Business Inquiries email: b3gamingofficial@gmail.com Please State the channel you are referring too. Note:___All non business related emails found in inbox will be ignored Outro Song- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWwSdJ1EXgo
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Alaqua Unleashed Dog Park Now Open!
Alaqua Unleashed is a large dog park in South Walton County, Florida. It is operated by Alaqua Animal Refuge (AAR) , a no-kill animal rescue organization dedicated to saviing animals and raising awareness of animal cruelty issues throughout Northwest Florida. AAR has big plans for making Alaqua Unleashed one of the premier facilities of its type in the nation with community outreach and specialty programs for dogs and their people.
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[2/21-2/22] XANDER & THE DOG PARK | Every Day Alexa Re'
.: OPEN ME :. ❤ WRITE ME ❤ Alexa Re' P.O. Box 7835 Little Rock, AR 72217 ❤ Previous Video ❤ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUfLo-RlnaA&feature=c4-overview&list=UU5UF7QzNtHVG_8caeqL3Usg ❤WANT TO KNOW HOW I KEEP MY TEETH SO WHITE? TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MY DISCOUNT CODE! ❤ --- Enter "SMILE32" at checkout to take the price from $99 to $25!! http://shop.smilebright.info/At-Home-Instant-Teeth-Whitening-Kit-with-LED-lighting-System-SBTW-4651.htm ❤ Southern Chevron Shop ❤ www.etsy.com/shop/southernchevron ❤KEEP UP WITH ME❤ [TWITTER, VINE, KEEK, PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM] @xoAlexaRe [FACEBOOK] www.facebook.com/xoAlexaRe ❤Want to sign your beauty channel with an awesome network?! Let me refer you!! ❤ http://apply.fullscreen.net/?ref=theglittertattoo --- For business inquiries, please contact me at: xoAlexaRe@yahoo.com ---
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Style Mutt Dog Boutique & Daycare in West Park
Style Mutt owner Pam Alerine moved her doggie daycare and grooming business to West Park from Avon Lake in 2013. Since then, her business has doubled. She has since purchased a home in West Park, too. Listen to her story.
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Sam Harris takes a morning walk to a dog park with a few friends.
MP3 ► http://SamTunes.NET ► Facebook ► http://fb.me/SamFans Twitter ► http://twitter.com/SamHarris Web Site ► http://SamHarris.com Subscribe! ► http://SamTube.com Okay, this is early in this process and already I am scaring myself. Allowing myself to be seen fresh out of bed - or not so fresh as it may seem. Morning gab, dog walk, run into a friend. ► http://SamTUBE.com ... ► http://MySpace.com/SamHarrisMusic ... keep up to date, and be Sam's MySpace friend! ► http://SamTUNES.net ... to download Sam Harris songs and full albums. ► http://SamHarris.com ... information, biography, discography and buy cds. LEGAL & BUSINESS CONTACT: http://SamHarris.com/contact.htm © All videos property of Sam Harris ---
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Melbourne Indoor Dog Park
www.k9elementary.com - we are located at 19 Industry Park Drive, Brooklyn VIC 3012. Take a look at the offleash indoor dog park from our open day in March 2017. The indoor dog park opens on weekends for hire direct to the public for individuals, groups and clubs. Fun and games in the Indoor dog park
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⭐️Enjoy Magic Kingdom fireworks in our Walt Disney World Vlog 2! ⭐️SUBSCRIBE https://www.youtube.com/user/brummymummyof2 ⭐️DISNEY PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZB5zr69WO7ujGEJ5htyC1b01V0waX5V7 ✨This video was made in partnership with Walt Disney World! Thanks so much for sprinkling some pixie dust on our trip. Why not take a peak at my How To Plan Your Perfect Walt Disney World Trip: http://www.brummymummyof2.co.uk/2018/06/how-to-plan-your-perfect-walt-disney.html or 10 Things To Do In Walt Disney World For 7's & Under: http://www.brummymummyof2.co.uk/2018/06/10-things-to-do-in-walt-disney-world.html ✨ ⭐️MY EYE MAKE UP TUTORIAL: https://youtu.be/khOOKOhz_Mc ⭐️HOUSE TOUR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snvYQs90oZY&index=2&list=PLZB5zr69WO7u0Y3NU3qXq3bopaQpiUs23 ♡PO BOX: brummymummyof2 61 Rodney Street, Liverpool, England, L1 9ER ♡My Blog: http://www.brummymummyof2.co.uk/ ♡Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/brummymummyof2 ♡Instagram: http://instagram.com/brummymummyof2/ ♡Twitter: https://twitter.com/brummymummyof2 ♡Business Enquiries: paul@optimustalent.co.uk 👍🏻Useful Info (affiliate links)👍🏻 The camera I use: https://amzn.to/2rLrptn I use iMovie edited on a MacBook Air: https://amzn.to/2L6aGd9 I’m Em a UK based parenting blogger and YouTuber. With two small children. Chatting about the things I love, the places we go and the crap I buy! Married to Stephen who hates being on camera. I also live with Lucy the worlds worst guard dog and Anna the murdering guinea pig.
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♡ A DAY IN HAYLI'S LIFE! (Dog park, Office tour) | Becoming Baez
HELLOOOO YOUTUBE! Okay this was kind of an average boring day - BUT that's the point of the video is to show you what I do daily! Maybe I'll do a weekend version sometime with more fun stuff lol. Maybe Rick will have to do a version of his day soon, too. :P Love you guys! Don't forget to subscribe, SO CLOSE TO 1500 SUBS WOOHOO! Love, Hayli & Rick
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March 27, 2016 // In today's vlog I spend Easter at my parents house and then we take the dogs to the dog park to play :) YESTERDAYS VLOG: https://youtu.be/mI49Q3d00Y0 main channel: https://goo.gl/OWBzf5 twitter: http://twitter.com/jaaackjack facebook: http://facebook.com/jaaackjack instagram: http://instagram.com/jaaackjack blog: http://www.jaaackjack.com Intro music by: Kristi Krause "You've Gotta Hold On Me" http://kristikrause.com/ business email & mailing address ➝ besidone@melroseandpark.com ➝ 9450 mira mesa blvd. suite c #510 san diego, ca 92126
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