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Don Imus "SISSY" Cancer
Don Imus first day on The FOX Business Network.
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Radio's Don Imus Says He Has Prostate Cancer
Radio host Don Imus revealed on his show Monday morning that he was diagnosed last week with stage two prostate cancer. (March 16)
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Don Imus' Prostate Cancer
Radio host Don Imus announced he is suffering from stage 2 prostate cancer. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel spoke with Chris Wragge about cancer treatment.
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Radio's Don Imus Reveals Prostate Cancer
Don Imus said he has prostate cancer, but the radio personality expressed confidence in a full recovery. Imus, 68, made the announcement Monday on his morning show from New York. (March 16)
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Don Imus' Prostate Cancer
Radio host Don Imus announced he is suffering from stage 2 prostate cancer. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel spoke with Chris Wragge about cancer treatment.
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Imus On A Young Man Who Dies Of Cancer
Imus talks about a young man named Michael Morgan who died of cancer.
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Radio host Don Imus revealed on his show Monday morning...
Radio host Don Imus revealed on his show Monday morning that he was diagnosed last week with stage two prostate cancer. (March 16)
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Don Imus Reminds us he has cancer
Don Imus Reminds us he has cancer
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Don Imus Primetime Live profile 1991 (part 1 of 2)
Don Imus profiled on ABC's Primetime Live October 1991 Part 1 of 2
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Natural Protocol with Prostate Cancer - No Evidence in three months
Instructions on Protocol: Visit http://www.Gratitude-Healing.org Steve, had Prostate Cancer in January 2003 and Mercury Poisoning at 63 parts per million (ppm), normal is below 5 ppm. Three months from starting this, tests showed No Evidence of cancer. After 8 months, mercury level was 3 ppm. This protocal has also shown to help with alleviation of symptoms of: ADHD, Allergies, Aneurysm, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Autism, Back & Joint Pain, Bells Palsy, Bi-Polar, Brain Damage, Bursitis, Candida Yeast, Cerebral Palsy, Chemical Poisoning, Cholesterol, Chronic Fatigue, Colds and Flu, Cyst & Fibroids, Diabetes, Diverticulosis, Down's Syndrome, Drug Addiction, Eczema, Endurance, Epstein Barre, Fibroids, Fibromyalgia, Fungus - Nail, Toe etc., Glaucoma, Gout, Grave's Disease, Guillian Barre, Headaches, Hearing Loss, Heart Conditions, Hemorrhoids, Hepatitis C, Hormone Imbalance, Huntington's Disease, Hypertension, Inflammation, Injuries, Irritable Bowel, Joint Pain, Kidney Stones, Leg Cramps, Lung Disease, Lung Nodules, Lupus, Lymes, Manic Depression, Mental Clarity, Multiple Conditions, Multiple Sclerosis, Nail Weakness, Neck Pain, Neurological Conditions, Osteoporosis, Ovarian Conditions, Parasitic Conditions, Parkinson's, PMS & related, Poisoning, Polyps, Pregnancy, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sciatica, Shingles, Sinus, Skin Tags, Sprains, Strength, Stress, Throat Nodules, Thyroid, Toe Fungus, Trauma, Triglycerides, Viral Disorders, Weight Loss For more information, Call 631-866-6708 www.Gratitude-Healing.org Email: contact (at) gratitudehealing.info
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Imus Compilation from 8-29-2006
Don Imus compilation aired 8-29-2006
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Don Imus Primetime Live profile 1991 (part 2 of 2)
Don Imus profiled on ABC's Primetime Live October 1991 Part 2 of 2
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Don Imus puts Imus Ranch up for auction
National radio host, Don Imus, is once again trying to unload of his sprawling New Mexico ranch. After slashing the price again and again, it's about to go on the auction block. The catch? It'll still cost you millions. - Source: http://krqe.com/2017/05/05/don-imus-puts-new-mexico-ranch-up-for-auction/
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Kill Shot author Vince Flynn on Imus 2/6/12
Vince Flynn discusses prostate cancer and his new book, Kill Shot, with Don Imus on Fox Business.
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Imus Back In Hot Water
Radio Host Don Imus is under fire again for making new comments about race that some black leaders find offensive. Andrea Stassou reports.
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Imus asked to stop talking about Mike's replacements
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Eye To Eye: Don Imus' Controversy (CBS News)
Katie Couric presents Richard Schlesinger's interview with Rev. Al Sharpton. They discuss radio host Don Imus' racially-charged remarks about a women's college basketball team. (CBSNews.com)
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Don Imus' Racism Emerges Again!!
He was just joking with "nappy headed hos" but where was the joke when talking about Adam Pacman Jones?
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Don Imus: Newt Gingrich is a fat pig
Don Imus: Newt Gingrich is a fat pig
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Don Imus returns to radio
Don Imus is planning on being back on the air before the year is over.
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Prostate Cancer - Your Treatment Options part 1
Prostate Cancer, Your Treatment Options provides information about what prostate cancer is; how it is diagnosed and treated; and what patients can expect. The video also deals with how men and their families can get information and comfort from a prostate support group. Made with the support of: AstraZeneca, BC Cancer Agency, and Vancouver Island Prostate Cancer Research Foundation For copies: (250)370-8204 or MediaSales@viha.ca © 2007 Vancouver Island Health Authority
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Imus on Broadway - January 10th, 2011
The I-Man, Dick Cavett and 10 of the best Broadway shows join together to benefit The Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer. More at www.wabcradio.com.
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DON IMUS ~ IN HIS OWN WORDS ~ Comments from the last show Don Imus did... Apr. 12th, 2007.
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Prostate Cancer on the Today show with Matt Lauer, Al Roker and David B. Samadi, MD
According to the National Cancer Institute, prostate cancer is the second most common form of cancer affecting men in the United States. An estimated 223,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007. More than seventy percent of men diagnosed with prostate cancer each year are over the age of 65. African American men have a higher risk of the disease than Caucasian men TODAY's show is raising awareness for men's health and importance of prostate cancer screening. Matt Lauer, Al Roker and New York prostate cancer surgeon and robotics expert, David B. Samadi, MD are discussing why men should have regular prostate exam - a potentially life-saving procedure.
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Don Imus FIRED from his radio show!!!
Don Imus gets the boot from his radio show 1 day after getting the booth from his simulcast on NBC.
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Imus's Defense Of His Comments
Watch more at http://www.theyoungturks.com
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Glen Beck Show on Imus Return
Discussion on possible Imus return on the Glen Beck Show
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WNBC 66 New York - Next to Last Day - Don Imus - 9am 10-7-1988
WNBC 66 New York - Next to Last Day - Don Imus - 9am 10-7-1988
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Geraldo Rivera Talks About the Kerik Case with Don Imus
Geraldo Rivera Talks About the Kerik Case with Don Imus
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Preventing Prostate Cancer
Doctors are telling patients to stop taking Vitamin E and Selenium for the prevention of prostate cancer because a new study shows they don't actually work. Dr. Jon Lapook reports.
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Don Imus - Hair Talk
Clip from Don Imus's morning drive radio show "Hair Talk".
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Breakfast Interview Prostate Cancer
Breakfast Interview Prostate Cancer
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NMN Meets Don Imus
Your boy muses on nappy-headed ho's and habitually racist shows.
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Trashing Don Imus (Part 2/2) (11-16-1998)
Don Imus went on his show and bad-mouthed WNEW and their ratings. That afternoon, O&A decided to retaliate with, what I believe to be, their first full-length Don Imus tirade.
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Mitt Romney on the Imus in the Morning
Don Imus interviews Mass. Governor Mitt Romney during his annual St. Patrick's Day Special in Boston.
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(Alternative Treatment for Prostate Cancer)- No Erectile Dysfunction
(Alternative Treatment for Prostate Cancer) No Erectile Dysfunction _________________________________________________________ "There were a number of things that were open to us, but after investigating them all, we decided that they all had really strong side effects that we would not like to have. That's really one of the primary reasons we decided on the institute here." "We had a friend who had the surgery, and nine months later, the cancer came back. Plus he has to live with the side effects for the rest of his life. And we though, 'Boy, we've gotta give something else a try." "The treatment, actually, is painless. The radiation is painless. The people in radiation are very thorough. The hyperthermia takes 45 minutes, and it's done through a heat treat, there's no pain to it. There's no pain to the treatment at all. It just takes time." "I had no illness at all, except it does make you a little more tired. But that was the only thing I ever noticed." "The side effects from prostate cancer, the treatments that traditional medicine uses: you can be impotent, you can be incontinent, you can have constant diarrhea for the rest of your life. Who wants to live with that if you don't have to? Everything is working just great, so we're very happy. Plus! It's gone." "When we came here, we were still a little skeptical, but we figured, doesn't hurt to try and see what happens. When we came here, we started talking to people, and all the good results people have had, it built up our confidence in it, and of course, getting the PSA results through the months, seeing that it was going down. It's really proven to be the best thing we could've done." "I'd have to say that I was quite upset when I found out that I had prostate cancer. That's something that I knew a lot of men had gotten after they reacha certain age. I'm 76 now, my father had it, of course, he didn't have it treated. Since we have a family of longevity, I thought that at 76, we should do something about this, because I'm in good physical health, so we should do something about it that would be positive. At the end of the treatment, I couldn't be happier." Hyperthermia is one of the most successful and low side effects Prostate cancer tratment available in the world. Dr James Bicher, a pioneer in the field of Hyperthermia, has been successfully treating pations for over 30 years with this FDA approved cancer treatment modality. Hyperthermia does not have the sexual side effects of impotence, incontinence, and possible diarrhea. Those sexual side effects from surgery, high radiation does, hormone therapy, or chemotherapy, could be temporal (moths or up to two years) or permanent. http://www.vci.org/cancer_treatments_miscell/prostatecancertreatment.htm ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ More Useful Links Alternative Approaches to Prostate Cancer - Michael Schachter M.D. ... All prostate cancer patients should use alternative cancer therapies. In general, they should be used prior to beginning conventional treatment. ... http://www.healthy.net/scr/article.asp?Id=544 (Alternative Prostate Cancer) treatment Holistic( Prostate Cancer ... (Alternative Prostate Cancer) treatment Holistic Prostate Cancer cure, VCI researches and clinically uses Hyperthermia, natural less toxic cancerocidal ... http://www.vci.org/cancer_treatments_miscell/prostatecancertreatment.htm treatments for prostate cancer, prostate cancer treatment ... Prostate Cancer Treatment | Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatment |. institute for cancer research. A.P.John. Prostate Cancer ... http://www.apjohncancerinstitute.org/cancer/prostate.htm - Alternative prostate cancer treatment alternative prostate cancer treatment - Prostate cancer is an attack of the male prostate gland by a mass of harmful cells. Prostate cancer is most common. http://www.dart-creations.com/.../alternative_prostate_cancer_treatment.html http://co-creativesynergy.com http://drkenbest.com http://youtu.be/6MOgxbDaKzk (Effective Prostate Cancer Treatment) Avoids Sexual Side Effects ... http://www.vci.org/cancer_treatments_miscell/prostatecancertreatment.htm Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatment - Low Sexual Side Effects · Alternative Neck Cancer Treatments · Breast Cancer Treatment Alternatives · Neck Cancer ... Integrative Medicine: Alternative Approaches to Prostate Cancer http://www.healthy.net/Health/Article/Alternative_Approaches_to_Prostate_Cancer/544 The complementary approach to the management and treatment of prostate cancer is quite different from the conventional approach and perhaps more ... Prostate Cancer - Alternative Cancer Treatments - Cancer Tutor http://www.cancertutor.com/Other/Prostate_Cancer.html Prostate cancer, meaning cancer of the prostate gland, is a common adenocarcinoma in men. The probability of getting prostate ...
my take and talk about DON IMUS
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Prostate Cancer: Receiving/Delivering News (Dramatic Health)
Why me? I exercised and had a good Diet. Why? In this health video minute on prostate cancer, Drs. Tewari (leader in prostate cancer research and surgery) and Schlegel (Department Chairman) of Cornell Urology review the process of receiving and delivering a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Source: An Original HealthTheater.tv Production/In association with the Dept. of Urology, Weill-Cornell New York Presbyterian Hospital. Credits: Executive Producer:Sean Moloney
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Don Imus "Sarah Palin? She's A Dope! Write A Book? She Can't Read A Book!"
(Via CSPANJunkie, http://crooksandliars.com ) "Sarah Palin? She's A Dope! Write A Book? She Can't Read A Book!" Don Imus
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Dennis Hopper Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer
Actor Dennis Hopper has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The manager for the 73-year-old says Hopper will cancel all travel plans and focus entirely on treatment. (Oct. 30)
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MAG Surviving Cancer Part 2
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Carl Jeffers on Don Imus Show Sept. 12, 08
Carl Jeffers on Don Imus Show
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Carl Jeffers on Don Imus Show Oct. 14, 2008
Audio From Show
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Prostate Cancer- Knowledge Through Humor
This is a humorous look at a serious subject, prostate cancer. Using old western clips, the video explains what prostate cancer is and encourages men to get a PSA test when appropriate.
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Prostate Cancer Surgery at USC Norris Cancer Hospital
Visit USC on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/usc Learn more about the University of Southern California: http://www.usc.edu "I have prostate cancer. I want the cancer out of my body. Who can do that the best?" Wouldn't you want the most experienced doctors? Watch Joe's story and learn about USC's expertise in prostate cancer surgery. Learn more about prostate cancer services and treatment at USC: http://www.uscnorriscancerhospital.org/uscnorris/services/cancer-services-and-treatments/prostate-cancer
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Sen. Dodd Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer
Long-serving Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Dodd says the cancer was caught early and his prognosis is good. (July 31)
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Best Prostate Cancer Specialist Doctor - Dr. Gregory Echt Part 2
http://www.prostateseedinstitute.com - Best prostate cancer doctor & specialist at Prostate Seed Institute tells about cancer grading & staging. Consult with our best prostate cancer specialist.
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Wake Up: Kenner Imus Fundraiser
Andrea Harsell is putting on a Fundraiser for Kenner Imus. Kenner has been diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate cancer that has spread to his lymphnodes and caused a tumor to grow on his spine. the Event takes place Sunday 09-25-2016 from 2-10pm at the Union Club Missoula if you cannot make it you can fund them at https://www.gofundme.com/ArtisticKenner
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Don Imus Says Race Comment Was Misunderstood
PlusDon Imus Says Race Comment Was MisunderstoodDon Imus Says Race Comment Was MisunderstoodThe Associated PressMonths after returning to the radio with a pledge to mend the wounds caused by his comments about a women's basketball team, Don Imus is once again defending on-air remarks regarding race. (June 23)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] [Notes:Dateline: New York][Notes:NATS up Imus] It's been just six months since Don Imus returned to radio... And he's already causing another stir by a racially charged comment he made on air. [Notes:Photo Warner Wolf, Adam Jones]The former M-S-N-B-C anchor was talking with sports announcer Warner Wolf on Imus's radio show.They were discussing the arrests of suspended Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam 'PacMan' Jones [Notes:SOT radio show] [Notes:File vid Sharpton]Al Sharpton is criticizing the remarks.The civil rights leader says his National Action Network will look into it. [Notes:File vid Imus] But Imus says he was simply misunderstood. [Notes:Graphic with text statement]He released a statement saying 'I meant that he was being picked on because he's black.' [Notes:File vid Imus, Rutgers basketball team] Last year ... M-S-N-B-C and C-B-S Radio fired Imus for making a sexist and racially charged comment about the Rutgers University women's basketball team. [Notes:File Imus]But his current employer ... Citadel Broadcasting ... says this time it's **not** likely the broadcasters would take disciplinary action. ___ ___, The Associated Press.(****END****)
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