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SARCOPENIA (muscle loss) part 1
Sarcopenia (muscle loss) is one of the first signs you are on a very slippery slope to poor health. did you know that most weight loss programs actually promote it. Yikes, watch out for this.If you aren't getting measured... they are just guessing! Bad news! http://www.stressreductionstressrelief.com What promotes it? Low protein intake or high carbohydrate intake chronic stress insulin resistance (pre-diabetes) cancer very hard vigorius exercise without proper recovery poor sleep these are some of the key contributors to sarcopenia and muscle loss. Muscle helps keep you warm, protects your bones, acts as a fuel reserve in a health crisis (sickness), it gives our bodies tone and shape and it's SEXY. The experts say we will start to lose muscle after age 40. I disagree. I have test 1000's of people and will tell you this is happening in teenagers who are taking up smoking and drinking coffee to stay thin. In those a bit older it's the lack of sleep, chronic stress and poor diet that is contributing to it. Solutions: get more sleep (8 hours per night), learn how to truly reduce your stress, exercise with weights (resistance training), improve your diet. These simple and easy to do lifestyle changes can make all the difference in the world. http://youtu.be/e-xJ4uokWgc
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Sarcopenia (Muscle Loss)
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