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Explain Spinal And Epidural Anesthesia | Process Of Injecting General Anesthesia | Manipal Hospitals
This video is an informative animated presentation that explains in detail about spinal and epidural anesthesia. If you are having certain operations such as pelvic, hip or leg surgery, you may be able to avoid general anesthesia by having your operation under spinal or epidural anesthesia instead. Spinal or epidural anesthesia are also often used during child birth. Both spinal and epidural anesthesia involve in injecting medications near the spinal cord. This makes you numb from the level of your chest down to your feet. Advantages of having spinal and epidural anesthesia include the ability to be awake during the operation and to avoid the risk of associated with general anesthesia, because spinal and epidural anesthesia rarely cause decreases in blood pressure and other changes that might require rapid treatment. Prior to receiving spinal or epidural anesthesia, the anesthetists will use an antiseptic solution to clean the area back where the medicine is injected. To decrease pain from the needle stick he or she may install a local anesthetic directly over the spot where the spinal or epidural will be inserted. Watch the video to know more about Spinal and epidural anesthesia. Visit here for more details - http://spinecare.manipalhospitals.com/home.html Best Hospital in India: Manipal Hospitals is one of the top multi-speciality hospital in India located at all major cities like Bangalore, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Goa, Salem, Jaipur, Mangalore. Provides world class 24/7 Emergency services. Our top surgeons are expertise in offering best treatment for Heart, Brain, Cancer, Eye, Kidney, Joint replacement surgery & all major surgeries at affordable cost. Health Check-up packages are also available. To know more visit our website : https://www.manipalhospitals.com/ Get Connected Here: ================== Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManipalHospitalsIndia Google+: https://plus.google.com/111550660990613118698 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ManipalHealth Pinterest: https://in.pinterest.com/manipalhospital Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/manipal-hospital Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manipalhospitals/ Foursquare: https://foursquare.com/manipalhealth Alexa: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/manipalhospitals.com Blog: https://www.manipalhospitals.com/blog/
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Minimally invasive palliative resection of lumbar epidural metastasis
"Minimally invasive palliative resection of lumbar epidural metastasis" Andrew Yew, MD, Jon Kimball, MS, Patrick Pezeshkian, MD, Daniel C. Lu, MD, PhD Department of Neurosurgery, Ronald Reagan Medical Center, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA Spinal metastatic lesions are the most common tumors encountered by spinal surgeons. As with procedures for degenerative disease, MIS techniques have been applied to minimize muscle and soft tissue destruction in procedures for tumor resection. Here, we present a 23 year old female with radiculopathy and foot drop secondary to nerve root compression by epidural metastases from Ewing's sarcoma. This patient had a history of previous resection and instrumentation as well as multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation that failed to control her disease. The patient presented with 3 weeks of radicular pain and foot drop that was continuing to worsen at the time of her operation. The decision was therefore made to perform a palliative resection and decompression for relief of her progressive symptoms. In this video, we demonstrate a palliative tumor debulking and nerve root decompression utilizing an MIS approach.
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Celiac Plexus Block
Source: https://www.epainassist.com This 3D video shows how a celiac plexus block is performed for chronic intractable abdominal pain caused by pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, abdominal cancer and abdominal metastatic cancer Related Articles: Pancreatic Cancer: http://www.epainassist.com/abdominal-pain/pancreas/pancreatic-cancer Q&A: Can a Chronic Pancreatitis Patient Be Pain Free?: http://www.epainassist.com/abdominal-pain/q-and-a-on-can-a-chronic-pancreatitis-patient-be-pain-free-know-the-causes-symptoms-treatment
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World's Greatest Brain Surgery (REMIX) Brain Hematoma Removal
In this video we discuss brains an brain surgery! We see a really amazing doctor remove a subdural hematoma from a brain. This video is an absolute must-see and if people valued education and medical videos, it would absolutely be a massive viral video! Please click like and leave your comments below! Dr Popper Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJN6y8PszWxx-Yh-71hbGng?sub_confirmation=1 About the thumbnail: This image of a living human brain, taken during surgery, won the 2012 Wellcome Trust Award for biomedical photography. Robert Ludlow, UCL Institute of Neurology, London; Wellcome Trust. “Through the skill of the photographer, we have the privilege of seeing something which is normally hidden away inside our skulls,” Roberts said in a statement. “The arteries are bright scarlet with oxygenated blood, the veins deep purple, and the ‘grey matter’ of the brain a flushed, delicate pink. It is quite extraordinary.” - See more at: http://spinewave.co.nz/tag/brain-surgery/#sthash.FLbzA5OR.dpuf Monkey Zits: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvPhK3E20cDOHqnTQ7Yilyw?sub_confirmation=1 Black heads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bw7zyWkixOI&list=TLgSazhB_Is3HvM2O95rBhKUPjgsmfcIZd http://youtube.com/c/DrPopper Please do us a favor. Bookmark our Amazon page and use the bookmark next time you buy from Amazon. It won't cost you anything more, but it will help us a lot. :) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=wrestling911c-20 Get a comedone extractor here: http://www.amazon.com/Tweezerman-No-Slip-Skin-Care-Tool/dp/B000WHYATS/ref=as_sl_pc_ss_til?tag=wrestling911c-20 Zits popped Under a Microscope: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz8palJgRvV4WKHVCtJjVuQ We are not doctors. Don't use us for medical advice. Seek a REAL doctor. We are as much a doctor as those folks at General Hospital. Try some Biore Strips: https://www.amazon.com/Biore-Deep-Cleansing-Strips-Count/dp/B006RFZ66K/ref=as_sl_pc_ss_til?tag=wrestling911c-20 We may sample other videos in our production. Remember that copyright law allows you to use between 30 seconds and 2 minutes of other videos, depending on the purpose. It is how shows like the nightly news, Tosh.0 and the Soup stay in business. Don't complain about it. We may also use longer clips if we have rights to the videos. Also note that we sometimes move videos from one of our other channels to this one. We really hate it when people complain that we "stole a video" that we posted on a previous channel. What are cysts? Cysts are noncancerous, closed pockets of tissue that can be filled with fluid, pus, or other material. Cysts are common on the skin and can appear anywhere. They feel like large peas under the surface of the skin. Cysts can develop as a result of infection, clogging of sebaceous glands (oil glands), or around foreign bodies, such as earrings. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/freakymedical Support us using this Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/?tag=wrestling911c-20 Comedone Extractor: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004UO67OU/?tag=%20wrestling911c-20
Pain Control: Support for People With Cancer
Pain Control: Support for People With Cancer - National Institutes of Health 2008 - Publication Q018 - National Cancer Institute. Summarizes the key points and issues for cancer pain control, including ways to control pain, talking about your pain with your health care team, medicines, and your pain control plan.
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It was a tumour in motor area. So, intraoperative monitoring was important. We did it under scalp blocks and mild sedation. Microvascular decompression was done by Dr Gaurang Vaghani, Consultant neurosurgeon, Sterling Hospital, Rajkot.
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Spine Concepts , Lower Back - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim
Dr. Ebraheim educational animated video illustrates spine concepts associated the lower back - lumbar spine. Spine concepts: • Acute low back pain: or low back pain with sciatica: - where the pain radiates to the leg and foot, both conditions are treated conservatively for at least 6 weeks by physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory and limited activity, even if there is a big disc in the MRI. - 90% of the patients will resolve the symptoms in 1 month. - Smoking, depression, vibration will increase the incidence of low back pain. - Intra-discal pressure will change with position, the lowest pressure is when the patient is supine, the highest pressure is when the patient is sitting leaning forward and holding weight. - If the patient comes with a low back pain and a history of cancer, you need to get an x-ray & MRI, especially if the pain is at rest at night. - In case of renal tumor, you will need to do arteriography and do embolization to the spine lesion. - The spine is a common place for metastatic tumors, the metastasis occur in the vertebral body and goes to the pedicle. - Infection will occur in the disc space, ESR & CRP will be elevated, 50% of the patients will have fever, & less than 50% will have increased WBC count. - Get blood culture, its positive in 24% of the cases. - Get MRI and give antibiotics. - In the case of epidural abscess, we’ll do surgery. - Osteoporotic fracture: start with wrist then spine, then hip. - After 1 year of treatment with medications you decrease the incidence of vertebral fracture by 60%, and after 2 years decrease by 40%. - Get x-rays if there is red flags only: older patient, patient with history of cancer, infection is suspected, trauma, osteoporotic fracture due to steroid use. - Ankylosing spondylitis: it starts at the SI joint, get HLA-B27, you find marginal syndesmophytes with diffuse ossification of the disc space without large osteophyte formation. This is different from the DISH (diffuse idiopathic skeletal ossification) in diabetic patients where you get HbA1c and the syndesmophytes are nonmarginal & they have larger osteophytes. - Disc herniation: disc is an elastic soft cushion between the vertebrae of the spine. • Conditions with confusing names: - Spondylolysis: this is an anatomical defect or break of the pars interarticularis that occurs usually in the 5th lumbar vertebra in about 5% of the population & hyperextension makes it worse, on oblique x-ray: you see “scotty dog sign” - Spondylolisthesis: this is a slippage of the vertebral body over the other, occurs usually at L5-S1 in the pediatric population, L4- L5 in female adults, if there is a large slip it will continue to slip, & if you have a dysplastic slip it will continue to progress. - Spondylitis: it is an inflammation of the vertebrae, like ankylosing spondylitis or TB. - Spondylosis: is vertebral arthritis, it narrows the neural foramen, pinch the nerve roots and causes radiculopathy, in the cervical spine, compression of the spinal cord from arthritis can lead to myelopathy which means gait disturbance broad base shuffling gait, upper extremity clumsiness and weakness, upper neuron signs may be present such as Huffman’s sign and Babinski reflex. - Coexisting cervical myelopathy can occur in lumbar stenosis. - Lumbar spinal stenosis: there are 2 types of lumbar spinal stenosis: 1- Central stenosis: will give neurological claudication 2- Lateral recess stenosis: will give the radicular symptoms. It occurs because of a hypertrophy of the facet and the ligamentum flavum and spine arthritis, it will cause compression of the nerve root, this is the one where the back pain is better, because it open the foramen. History is the key for making a diagnosis of lumbar stenosis. If it occur in the intervertebral foramen then it is called the neuroforaminal stenosis. Look for other reasons such as metastatic tumor or vascular conditions, always examine the pulses. - Neurogenic and vascular claudication may coexist, walking is bad for both conditions, sitting relive the symptoms in both conditions, stopping and standing still is good for the vascular claudication, but still cause symptoms for lumbar stenosis, the bicycle relieve the lumbar stenosis but aggravate the vascular. - In the vascular the pain starts within the calf and leg, in neurogenic it starts proximally then spreads distally. Postural changes of the spine will make the neurogenic claudication worse, but doesn’t affect the vascular claudication. Vascular claudication will be affected by muscle movement or function such as walking or riding a bicycle. In neurogenic claudication leaning over while riding the bicycle will relieve the symptoms in the same way as the shopping cart sign. Treatment for the lumbar stenosis: for the central canal stenosis: decompression by laminectomy, lateral recess stenosis: medial facectectomy, add fusion for instability or if more than 50% of the facets are removed. The risk of pseudoarthrosis is 500% with smoking.
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Spinal Tumor  Diagnostics and Treatment
To find out if you have a spinal tumor or to find out if a treatment is working, your doctor will perform tests. Magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomographyare used to look at all the parts of the spinal cord and spine. To diagnose what type of spinal tumor is present, a biopsy is often needed. This involves examining a small section of body tissue, removed surgically or by aspirating it with a needle and syringe.Treatment for a spinal tumor may include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and steroids.Steroids reduce inflammation caused by spinal tumors. This can help control symptoms and prevent permanent spinal cord damage.Some spinal tumors can be removed by surgery. Even if the surgeon can't completely remove your tumor, it is usually possible to remove some of it.Radiation therapy uses beams of high energy to stop the growth of spinal cancer cells. It kills healthy tissue, as well as cancer cells, so treatment is focused only at the tumor site.Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to kill cancer cells. Your doctor may give the drugs by mouth or by injections into a blood vessel or into the cerebrospinal fluid.
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What Is A Paraspinal Tumor?
Imaging appearance of primary bony tumors and pseudo microwave ablation spinal paraspinal initial asymptomatic thoracic schwannoma intramuscular myxoma the musculature. 20 year old lady with a paraspinal masstreatment of large thoracic and lumbar paraspinal schwannoma cytopathologic analysis of paraspinal masses a study of 59 cases paraspinal nerve sheath tumors. Jude children's research hospitaljude hospital. Topography of lesions were as follows 8 19 may 2011 the ct showed well circumscribed heterogeneously enhancing lesion in left lower thoracic para spinal mass with no calcifications,no bony or imaging revealed a large lobulated paraspinal mass, heterogeneous rim enhancement, causing adjacent changes and intraspinal extension Jude children's research hospitaljude hospital. These abnormal growths generally develop slowly and may worsen over time brain pathol. Primary tumors of the spine springer. Semha berberoglu, m erkin aribal, unser arikan, asuman incemesa koru sitesi. Paraspinal sarcoma originates in the area on either side of spine (paraspinal region). Sagittal screening images of the entire spine reveal bone, epidural, and paraspinal tumor 9 sep 2012 tumors that start in spinal tissue are called primary. Benign tumors such as osteoid osteoma are often associated with scoliosis and typically present paraspinal muscle case 565 a 55 year old man asymptomatic masssagatys 1, md, jane l. Sarcomas are cancerous tumors that invade the body's soft tissues such as muscle, nerves and fat. Jude children's research hospital paraspinal sarcoma st. In most adults 30 sep 2016 primary spinal tumors fall into a distinct category because their timely diagnosis and the immediate institution of treatment have an enormous paraspinal mass in child. Paraspinal nerve sheath tumor retrospective review surgical approach. Sheath tumors (nsts) and review the surgical approaches to paraspinal nsts. Html url? Q webcache. Googleusercontent search. The diagnosis and treatment of metastatic spinal tumor. Rojiani 3, the imaging appearance of primary spinal bone tumor in conjunction with involvement spine can occur either due to a paraspinal invading 10 mwa were performed 9 adult patients using an acculis mta 2 generator, 4,5ghz 17 gauge antenna. Neurogenic tumors brigham and women's hospital. It can also involve the space within vertebra known as spinal canal (vertebrae and epidural region) ct scan continues to be useful for assessing degree of bone destruction whether or tumor is causing cord compression. O'toole o(1), o'hare a, grogan l, bolger 11 jan 2015 background paraspinal neurogenic tumors usually expand into the mediastinum and retroperitoneum can reach a considerable size masses (psm) are uncommon present wide spectrum of malignant cases, 22 (76. Tumors that spread to the spine from some other place (metastasis) are more common primary tumors metastasize lung and breast carcinoma, followed paravertebral soft tissue mass suggests malignancy 15 dec 2009 paraspi
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Brain Surgery-Hematoma And Skull Fracture
C-Section https://youtu.be/PBeiwEx2t74 Brain Surgery https://youtu.be/OM0Nn8ICpug Endoscope For Ear https://youtu.be/y8vFik8-P84 Oroscope https://youtu.be/u1KYdOoq0g8 Appendectomy https://youtu.be/hkEzdRqrB3k
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CyberKnife Center of Chicago: Cancer Treatment Overview of Spine and Spinal Cord Tumors
The CyberKnife treats spinal tumors aggressively with high-dose radiation that doesn't require a rigid metal frame attached to the patient's skeleton like other radiosurgical systems. This is made possible by an advanced imaging system that tracks the tumor location during treatment procedures. Most spinal tumors are metastases -- tumors that have spread from cancer in another part of the patient's body, usually breast, prostate or lung cancer. CyberKnife Center of Chicago treats several different types of malignant and benign tumors in the brain, spine, lung, liver, pancreas, prostate, kidney and eye. Contact CyberKnife Center of Chicago at (331) 221-2050 or visit www.chicagock.com for more information.
Low Back Pain Treatment
An excerpt of the video created for one of our clients. This 3d spine animation demonstrates the treatment procedure for low back pain. This procedure involves a small proble positioned in the vertebrae where it uses radio frequency ablation to target one of the culprit nerves rendering it unable to transit. The treatment is performed under real time fluoroscopy guidance and takes approximately 1 hour to complete. http://www.scientificanimations.com/spine-animation/
Removal of spinal cord tumor meningioma  Spine Tumor Surgery
Removal of spinal cord tumor meningioma Spine Tumor Surgery
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Non-Opioid Options
Opiods are the main leader in chronic pain, but there are other options to explore
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Cervical "Dumbbell" Spinal Tumour - Intradural/Extradural
A video showing the resection of a nerve sheath tumour (intradural/extradural) "dumbbell" tumour from the spinal cord. For more information see http://spinesurgeon.sydney
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Dr Pradeep Jain - Laparoscopic Management of Hydatid Cyst
Dr Pradeep Jain - Laparoscopic Management of Hydatid Cyst Dr Pradeep Jain is currently appointed the Chief of Department GI, GI Onco, Bariatric & MinimalAccessSurgery, at Action Cancer Hospital & Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute . Dr. Pradeep Jain - HEPATOBILIARY - Laparoscopic Management of Hydatid Cyst Dr Pradeep Jain - Gastroenterology and Hepatobiliary Surgery Expert Patient and port position: Patient placed in modified Lloyd Davies position. Pneumoperitoneum created by veress needle through 10mm supraumbilical skin incision which was later on converted into 10mm camera port. Epigastric 10mm, RUQ-5mm, LUQ-5mm. Steps : Multiple superficial hydatid cyst (Total-4) were present in right lobe of liver with largest cyst measuring 8x10cm hanging from the under surface of right lobe. Betadine soaked gauges were packed in peri-hepatic area. Hydatid cyst was aspirated and 10% betadine was pushed into cyst cavity. Cyst wall opened and endocyst extracted. Superficial cyst wall excised. Biliary communication sutured by 3-0 PDS sutures. Haemestasis achieved. Similar procedure was repeated for other 3 cysts.
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The treatment of spine fracture and tumors with the method of vertebroplasty
Medical Center "Nairi" www.spinesurgery.am +37496601560 The method of percutaneous vertebroplasty (bone cement filling of the affected vertebral body) was first applied in 1984, at the university clinic in Amiens (France). This is the advanced method, which allows to restore the function of the damaged vertebral body, prevent vertebral fracture and disability of patients. The use of percutaneous vertebroplasty for vertebral body fracture allows the patient recover quickly: the periods of hospitalization and postoperative recovery are reduced for several times. For example, the hospitalization of the patients with vertebral body fractures after vertebroplasty is 1 day and a week later they can return to their lifestyle. This operation lasts 30 minutes. It is done without incision with the help of a single needle. We use bone cements of various viscousity. In case of tumors, before vertebroplasty, it is possible to conduct radiofrequency ablation of the tumor, which contributes to its more complete destruction. The use of percutaneous vertebroplasty in vertebral body tumors (hemangioma, metastasis) helps prevent its possible fracture, and also relieves the patient from the need for radiation therapy. Percutaneous vertebroplasty can be performed under local or epidural anesthesia, which allows the patient to stand up and leave the hospital after a few hours.
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OsteoCool RF Ablation Animation
Full story: http://www.medgadget.com/2016/01/osteocool-rf-spinal-tumor-ablation-system-fda-cleared.html ( OsteoCool RF Spinal Tumor Ablation System FDA Cleared @Medgadget)
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Spinal tumour treatment- Surgery and removal . Dr Jaydev Panchwagh, Pune
What are the symptoms of spinal tumours? How are spinal tumours treated? Can spinal tumours be cured? How is surgery for large spinal tumours done? What is the prognosis for spinal tumours? What does it feel like to have spinal tumour? What does the MRI in spinal tumour look lioke? …..These are the questions in the minds of many people and patients. Dr Jaydev Panchawagh presents a case of large spinal tumour which he has successfully resected, shows the surgery video, and addresses the questions raised above. There are many classifications of spinal tumours. They could be Intradural or extradural (Epidural). They could also be classified as intramedullary or extramedullary spinal tumours. A third type is benign and malignant spinal tumours. Spinal tumour prognosis depends on the location ,size, type, age, symptoms, and whether it is malignant or not. This film is uploaded for education about spinal tumours. This film is uploaded by Synapse Brain and Spine Foundation. It is aimed at students, science enthusiasts and patients for educational purposes. You may want to learn more about spinal tumours or spine operations. You may please visit our website http://neurosurgerypune.com The helplines for any questions or for appointment with Dr Jaydev Panchawagh are +91 9011333841, +91 7720948948 between 9am and 5pm Indian time. MAIL: brainandspinesurgery60@gmail.com Please share, like, comment and subscribe!! We would love to hear from you and your experiences. Disclaimer: This channel is for educational purposes only and cannot replace a consultation with the doctor.
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Is an image guided spinal injection painful?
Call +44 (0)203 904 1940 for appointments and more information Alternatively, click here to book an appointment via email for online consultation: https://www.myhealthspecialist.com/patient/specialist/6091/Nigel%20Kellow About Dr Nigel Kellow: Dr Nigel Kellow qualified from the Royal Free in 1985 and after training in London, Paris, Oxford and Cambridge was appointed Consultant in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia at Barts and the Royal London NHS teaching hospitals in 1996. He then did an MBA at the London Business School, which has been rated as the second best business school in the world after Harvard. His main area of clinical interests are the management of painful spinal and neurological problems, cancer related pain and neuromodulation. He specialises in the rapid assessment and treatment of painful problems and can often see and treat patients on the same day as referral. The most commonly seen problems are spinal radiculopathies including sciatica and brachalgia, spinal stenosis, metastatic bone cancer, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), persistent post-surgical pain, nerve injuries. His main area of non-clinical interest is in technology enabled data driven precision health. About Highgate Private Hospital: Easily accessible from Central London and the Home Counties, Highgate Private Hospital is located in the centre of leafy Highgate, North London, offering everything you would expect from your local private hospital including outpatient clinics, private healthcare and treatment for a wide range of medical specialities, imaging and diagnostics, health screening, Private GP services and onsite pharmacy. About myHealthSpecialist: myHealthSpecialist is the UK’s largest database of recommended specialists. Our aim is to connect patients to the very best specialists in healthcare. All of our specialists are recommended by doctors, based on their own professional experience. Their recommendations allow GPs and patients to find trusted specialists in all areas of healthcare.
Awake Craniotomy for Tumor
Awake Craniotomy Surgery done by Dr. ALIUZZAMAN. Assisted bye. Dr. B. Karim Dr . Nasir Dr. Tajul Mr. Aneesh K Abraham, Ms. Naseema Akter SPECIAL THANKS FOR Dr. Jahid Hossain( Anesthesia )
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Minimally invasive approach to resection of paraspinal schwannoma
Patrick Paullus, MD, Taylor A. Wilson, MD, Paul Lee, MD, Arunprasad Gunasekaran, BS, and Noojan Kazemi, MD Department of Neurosurgery, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, Arkansas In this video, the authors demonstrate a minimally invasive approach and resection of a paraspinal schwannoma. Using an expandable retractor, the authors were able to identify important adjacent bony landmarks and hence visualize and remove this peripheral nerve sheath tumor. While a tubular retractor is commonly used for interbody fusion procedures, the location of the tumor allowed this minimally invasive approach resulting in excellent access, minimal soft-tissue injury, and a short hospital stay. The authors present this approach as a less invasive and yet effective technique for resection of otherwise difficult-to-access nerve lesions.
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Techniques Of HIPEC Delivery - Manipal Hospital
Manipal Hospital, Bangalore is the first centre in south India to provide this state of the art technology, and has the credit of largest number of HIPEC surgeries performed in India. To know more visit our website : https://www.manipalhospitals.com/ Get Connected Here: ================== Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManipalHospitalsIndia Google+: https://plus.google.com/111550660990613118698 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ManipalHealth Pinterest: https://in.pinterest.com/manipalhospital Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/manipal-hospital Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manipalhospitals/ Foursquare: https://foursquare.com/manipalhealth Alexa: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/manipalhospitals.com Blog: https://www.manipalhospitals.com/blog/
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Intradural Extramedullary Spinal Tumor Removal Using a Minimally Invasive Approach
This video demonstrates the minimally invasive approach to intradural tumors using the transmuscular dilating tubes with an oblique angle to the spine and a hemilaminotomy using the high speed drill. This allows preservation of the spinous processes, inter- and supraspinous ligaments and hemilamina on the contralateral side, while not compromising the microsurgical technique required for tumor dissection, mobilization and resection. Thus, we feel that this technique offers distinct advantages to the patient through a reduction in tissue trauma with no disadvantageous implications for tumor removal. This information has been taken from Safety and Efficacy of Intradural Extramedullary Spinal Tumor Removal Using a Minimally Invasive Approach, a manuscript that can be read here: http://journals.lww.com/neurosurgery/Abstract/2011/03001/Safety_and_Efficacy_of_Intradural_Extramedullary.28.aspx . It was submitted by corresponding author Richard Mannion, MBBS, PhD, FRCS, from the Department of Neurosurgery at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Queensland, Australia.
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MedStar Union Memorial Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery by Dr. Michael Fiocco
MedStar Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, is a nationally recognized full-service cardiac hospital, and the only Maryland hospital to consistently get a three-star rating for open heart surgery by Consumer Reports magazine. As part of the MedStar Heart Network-- our regional heart program combines the programs and resources of four leading heart programs from MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center, MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital, Medstar Harbor Hospital and MedStar Union Memorial Hospital. Four hospitals. One goal. To heal hearts. In this video, the chief of open heart, Dr. Michael Fiocco, performs an aortic valve replacement surgery on a patient with life threatening calcification. He explains each step-by-step process as he goes, to give viewers a better understanding of what happens during the surgery. Because this is an actual surgery, the images may be deemed graphic in nature by some viewers. For more information on the MedStar Heart Network, MedStar Union Memorial Hospital, aortic valve replacement surgery, or for media interviews with Dr. Fiocco, call Debra Schindler, Media Relations Manager at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital: 410-554-2496.
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Radiofrequency Ablation - San Antonio, Texas
Do you have Back Pain? Wonder why you can't get rid of it? The award winning doctors at Pain and Spine San Antonio - Texas, have teamed up with Paindoctor.com to bring you an explanation about a Radiofrequency Ablation.
DFINE - STAR Procedure Animation
Targeted Radiofrequency Ablation (t-RFA) for Spinal Tumors
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Pain Medicine - An Overview of Ultrasound for Pain Medicine - Benefits and Limitations
ISURA 2012 Lecture Michael Gofeld MD, DEAA Assistant Professor Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine Neurological Surgery University of Washington Seattle WA, USA www.usra.ca
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Brain Surgery by Dr Tushar Arora for removal of a big Blood clot at Apollo Ludhiana on 6th May 2011
Brain Surgery on 32 years old Man who was hit by a truck while going home on his bike from work ...The clipping shows how the Neurosurgeon reaches the brain by cutting a window in the Skull using a machine called Craniotome..aand then removes the clot very carefully without any damage to the brain..There was also found a big fracture of the skull and the big blood Clot outside the covering membrane of the brain called DURAMATER was pressing upon the Brain very severely and the Patient was therefore comatose.. Operated on 6 may 2011 at Apollo Ludhiana by me in Neuro OT of Apollo Hospitals Ludhiana....Patient Improved within 6 hours of Surgery.. It was Heartening to know that the patient's wife was giving birth to their first child (daughter) on 5 may 2011. while the patient was lying Comatose at the Intensive care Unit at Apollo Ludhiana..MAY GOD BLESS ALL THE THREE OF THEM..The family really needed the blessings very badly.
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Posterior Frontal Glioma Awake Craniotomy
For More Video, Visit: https://www.aiimsnets.org
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Al terminar de colocar dren subdural en un caso de hematoma bilateral. Once the subdural drain is in place in a bilateral chronic subdural haematoma.
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Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy using ICG dye with Stryker 1588 AIM Platform
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Hematoma By Vessel Rupture-Brain surgry to removal of blood clot
C-Section https://youtu.be/PBeiwEx2t74 Brain Surgery https://youtu.be/OM0Nn8ICpug Endoscope For Ear https://youtu.be/y8vFik8-P84 Oroscope https://youtu.be/u1KYdOoq0g8 Appendectomy https://youtu.be/hkEzdRqrB3k
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Lumbar Intradural Tumor
Dr. Pakzaban (www.pakzaban.com) demonstrates microsurgical resection of an intradural spine tumor associated with the cauda equina.
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HLHS - Pediatric Heart Surgery
Palliation for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Redmond Burke M.D. Pediatric Heart Surgery Nicklaus Children's Hospital Department of Cardiovascular Surgery www.pediatricheartsurgery.com Anesthesiologist: Danielle Madrill M.D. Pediatric Cardiologist: Abdul Aldousany M.D. Assistant: Frank Alonso RNFA Chief Perfusionist: Jorge Ojito To learn more click here: https://www.nicklauschildrens.org/medical-services/the-heart-program.aspx
Back Pain Due to Lumbar Spinal Stenosis 203-656-3636 Stamford, Darien
Best Treatment for pain from Lumbar Spinal Stenosis try a free consult to learn if it can help you by clicking on http://www.darienchiropractor.com/schedule.html or call Darien Chiropractor Brian McKay @ 203-656-3636 My guidance is easy. Get your MRI and go see a chiropractic specialist who provides non medical spine decompression for lumbar spinal stenosis . It might take a couple of weeks to see outcomes do not be impatient. It took a while for your issue to end up being medically considerable it might take a couple of weeks to recover. This is your best option in recovery spinal stenosis due to disc bulge or herniation. Exactly what you will certainly take advantage of the most is to lengthen the spinal column. If the soft tissue returns up and fibrotic it can block the slim canal. The decompression treatment will certainly extend the tissue potentially making more space for the spine to perform itself. The system is as follows. You are placed into the device and strapped in above and listed below the waist. Depending upon where you have the cord compression the most affordable strap is pulled on an angle to cause unfavorable pressure within the disc space.The simplest method to imagine this is to press a tube of tooth paste. after you put the tooth paste on your tooth brush some continues to be outside television. As you stop pressing television the staying tooth paste supports into television. This is exactly what happens to your disc throughout decompression. The disc product that lodges into your back canal pressing your spine is drawn back into where it belongs, in between the two vertebra. Let's state that you have actually been offered a medical diagnosis of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis. The first thing is for you to comprehend precisely what spinal stenosis is. The back canal includes 2 works, the spine and spine fluid. That is all there is space for. When something is obstructing the spine canal it is called stenosis, this implies a constricting of the typical opening. You can have stenotic arteries which might result in angioplasty to offer you a more efficiently concept of exactly what stenosis implies. That you have this horrible medical diagnosis does not signify completion of the world. You have alternatives which I will certainly provide to you now. The first option I advise to take is to obtain a copy of your MRI and make a consultation with a chiropractic physician who utilizes non medical back decompression. If you do not have an MRI then it would be time to obtain an MRI. An appropriate medical diagnosis of lumbar spinal stenosis needs an MRI that is examined by a radiologist. YOu can not see into the spinal column with plain movie x-rays. The MRI will certainly reveal the cord however you will certainly have to have a stir image which shades the cord perfectly. This will certainly assist in making a correct medical diagnosis much faster. For our functions we are going on the presumption that you have stenosis. The herniated or bulging disc is among the most typical reasons for canal stenosis in both the lumbar and cervical spinal column. We are restricting today's discourse to lumbar spinal stenosis. So the bulging disc has to return where it originated from to stop the signs that develop from the troublesome disc. The factor non medical spine decompression is so practical is since there are no adverse effects with the exception of claustrophobia originating from the tight harness you remain in throughout treatment. It can be restricting and it takes place so rarely it is practically a non concern. The spine decompression system does exactly what can not be done by treatment or medication. It can really recover the disc that is included. The disc triggering the stenosis does not have it's own blood supply. It gets it's nutrients from imbibition, that is to state that activity triggers fluids to move in and out of the disc. When activity is slowed down by element joint hypertrophy or synovial cysts then you have an absence of movement. It is very important to keep in mind that arthritis is 3 works scientifically. First you have absence of movement, then you have actually discomfort connected with the absence of movement and lastly you have wearing off of the bone. So you can comprehend why it is very important to have the bone step easily. You will certainly have less discomfort and more imbibition also promoting a healthy disc environment. https://www.linkedin.com/in/darienchiropractor https://www.facebook.com/ChiropractorBrianMckay https://www.youtube.com/user/CoreDarien https://youtu.be/U4_VjugWJ6c https://youtu.be/pHGQcRsmWCI https://youtu.be/JlZFHm_V5Co
Sciatic Nerve - Episode 1
This neurosurgery video shows up sciatic nerve operation episode 1 of 4. Warning: Adults only and all rights belongs to Neurosurgery Channel. It will be prosecuted in case of theft. You're free to use this song and monetize your video, but you must include the following in your video description: Impact Lento by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100619 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ You're free to use this song and monetize your video, but you must include the following in your video description: Cylinder Five by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/cylinders/ Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/
Nerve Testing Following Neck Dissection
Nerve testing following a level IV selective neck dissection of a patient with a Stage 2 squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the tongue.
Animated preview of robotic surgical device
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Robotic Pancreaticoduodenectomy with Cholecystectomy
Presented at the Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract(SSAT) 55th Annual Meeting, which took place on May 2–6, 2014, in Chicago, Illinois, during Digestive Disease Week.
What Is The Definition Of Breast Medical Dictionary Free Online
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UK Clinical trial will assess focused ultrasound as treatment for back pain
The Focused Ultrasound Surgery Foundation has awarded a research award to Professor Wladyslaw M. Gedroyc of St. Mary's Hospital in London for two-year randomized clinical trial comparing MR-guided focused ultrasound with radiofrequency ablation in the treatment of back pain caused by facet joint disease. The clinical trial marks the next step in Gedroyc's pioneering efforts to develop a noninvasive treatment for facet joint disease that provides more complete and longer lasting pain relief than current therapies. He and his team at St. Mary's Hospital have already conducted a non-randomized pilot clinical trial in which MR-guided focused ultrasound was used to treat 17 patients suffering from extreme back pain caused by facet joint osteoarthritis. Post-treatment assessments show the technology is safe and effective.
Medical Zone - Differential Diagnosis of Spinal Epidural Abscess
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