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Andrew Saul - High Dose Vitamin C Therapy for Major Diseases
A lecture given in Wichita in October 2016. Presented courtesy of the Riordan Clinic https://riordanclinic.org/events-archive/ivc-chronic-illness-symposium/
High Dose Vitamin C Therapy
High Dose Vitamin C Therapy https://www.anoasisofhealing.com/high-dose-vitamin-c-therapy-for-cancer/ What is the value of intravenous high dose Vitamin C therapy for cancer? Vitamin C is essential and without it we would have a deficiency syndrome called scurvy. Vitamin C is necessary for the production of collagen. Collagen is very important as it provides the firmness to our skin and without it our skin would sag and our gums would bleed. Vitamin C is a compound that is found in lots of different plant foods and fruits. Oranges, lemons and limes are great providers of natural vitamin c. Vitamin C is an antioxidant. What an antioxidant or reducing agent as it’s called in medical terms does is donate electrons. Wherever there is an electron deficiency it donates an electron. Atoms that have an electron deficiency are called a free radical. Free radicals run around looking for an electron and in the process they create damage. They tear holes in membranes and can cause mutations. An antioxidant comes along and gives the free radical the electron that it is hungrily looking for and quenches it. What we have found is that high doses of intravenous vitamin c are able to quickly donate electrons to free radicals. Where it runs into iron or cooper which are two very prevalent minerals in our body it creates a reaction which is called the Fenton reaction. When it donates to iron it produces hydrogen peroxides. Cancer cells having modified their genetic expression because they no longer use oxygen stopped producing antioxidant enzymes. This means the cancer cells no longer have catalase. When a cancer cell encounters a peroxide it doesn’t have the catalase which healthy cells do, to neutralize it, so it dies. Healthy cells do neutralize it and it converts the peroxide into water and oxygen which is good for the cells. This process of intravenous high dose vitamin c therapy for cancer ends up being beneficial to the healthy cells and deadly to the cancer cells. It’s a perfect combination used to fight cancer. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgEvpazxx5NNmjTiqqCAwf7p655IkC5jQ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR0Y7icMoXgQZaepRkJlHzg/videos
Does IV Vitamin C Therapy Interfere with Chemotherapy? | High Dose Vitamin C and Cancer
Does IV Vitamin C Interfere with Chemotherapy? Vitamin C and Chemo? There is no endorsement of toxic chemotherapy here, however, should one decide to do chemotherapy, there is enough medical research to show that IV vitamin C does NOT interfere with Chemotherapy, if it is not given at the same simultaneous time. Dr. Levy suggests IV vitamin C a few hours (or a day) after a chemotherapy session and continuing with weekly secessions in between. In spite of the existing and developing credible research, you may still hear (your) mainstream oncologists say that you should not do vitamin C during the whole period chemotherapy (i.e. months). There is a large collection of credible scientific studies from various journals including the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine (44 studies reviewed) that it does NOT interfere with chemotherapy agents. On the contrary Vitamin C makes chemo work better by only targeting the cancerous cells and protecting healthy ones. You may attribute this to the ignorance of your oncologist with regards to a strong collection of credible scientific studies from various medical journals which show high dose vitamin C therapy does NOT interfere with chemotherapy agents. On the contrary Vitamin C makes chemo work better by only targeting the cancerous cells and protecting healthy ones. ====================================== References: ====================================== 1. The Use of Antioxidants with First-Line Chemotherapyin Two Cases of Ovarian Cancer (Case Study) http://www.richmondhillnaturopath.com/uploads/1/3/3/5/13351706/ovarian_cancer__ivc.pdf “The use of antioxidants during chemotherapy remains a matter of controversy. The prevailing opinion is that antioxidants may reduce the effectiveness of chemotherapy by interfering with reactive oxidant neoplastic cytotoxicity. In addition, Golde’s group at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center has implicated vitamin C in tumor growth [17]. However, there is increasing evidence that antioxidants may improve efficacy of chemotherapy and inhibit neoplastic cell growth selectively [9–13,15,16,18–20]” 2. Stoute, Judith A. The use of vitamin C with chemotherapy in cancer treatment: an annotated bibliography (44 studies reviewed); Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine: 2004:19(4):198-245 http://orthomolecular.org/library/jom/2004/toc4.shtml http://orthomolecular.org/library/jom/2004/pdf/2004-v19n04-p198.pdf http://orthomolecular.org/library/jom/2004/pdf/2004-v19n04-p246.pdf http://orthomolecular.org/library/jom/2004/pdf/2004-v19n04-p195.pdf “Antioxidants [including vitamin C] do NOT protect cancer cells against free radical and growth-inhibitory effects of standard therapy. On the contrary, they enhance its growth-inhibitory effects on tumor cells, but protect normal cells against its adverse effects” Dr. Glen Highland (a researcher oncologists) has written “IV vitamin C and chemotherapy; are they  compatible?” In his research he has shown not only they are compatible, but also they synergistic (i.e. Vitamin C makes chemotherapy agents work better, with minimal damage to healthy cells.) 3. The Effect of Intravenous Vitamin C on Cancer- and Chemotherapy-Related Fatigue and Quality of Life http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4199254/ 4. High-Dose Intravenous Vitamin C Combined with Cytotoxic Chemotherapy in Patients with Advanced Cancer: A Phase I-II Clinical Trial http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4388666/ 5. High-Dose Parenteral Ascorbate (Vitamin C) Enhanced Chemosensitivity of Ovarian Cancer and Reduced Toxicity of Chemotherapy http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24500406 http://stm.sciencemag.org/content/6/222/222ra18 6. High doses of multiple antioxidant vitamins: essential ingredients in improving the efficacy of standard cancer therapy. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10067654 7. BBC NEWS - Vitamin C 'gives chemotherapy a boost' http://www.bbc.com/news/health-26038460 8. LA Times - Vitamin C as cancer treatment? High doses boost chemotherapy in study http://www.latimes.com/science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-vitamin-c-cancer-20140205-story.html 9. Antioxidants enhance the cytotoxicity of chemotherapeutic agents in colorectal cancer: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9359698 ======================= PLEASE SUBSCRIBE HERE: ======================= https://goo.gl/RzVkxo ====================================== Other Inquiries: ====================================== vitamin c and chemotherapy, vitamin c injection side effects, high dose vitamin c cancer, vitamin c cancer treatment high dose vitamin c cancer vitamin c therapy for cancer intravenous vitamin c side effects vitamin c cancer cure testimonials vitamin c and chemotherapy vitamin c and chemotherapy vitamins to avoid during chemotherapy chemotherapy and vitamins, supplements to help chemotherapy
Vitamin C Therapy Miami | IV High Dose | Benefits | Side Effects
Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which performs a variety of functions when introduced to the body. Studies show that vitamin C may protect against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and even skin wrinkling.
Proof Vitamin C Miracle Cure?   News 60 Minutes
Remember the story of Alan Smith from New Zealand, and his dramatic recovery from a coma with mega-dose vitamin C? That story went viral and was featured in the New Zealand version of "60 Minutes." But some sources didn't have it quite right. The mega-dose vitamin C was not by IV for the last two weeks. They were through a uniquely new oral C product. Alan pulled out of his coma from white-out pneumonia (lungs whited out in X-rays) and complications with leukemia. He had been on life support, and doctors were threatening to turn it off and let him die when his family intervened. They went through a series of sagas and legal hassles to get the hospital to administer IV C. The doctors complied at first, and there was enough improvement to convince the hospital staff not to pull the plug on his life support as they had threatened. But the hospital felt they knew better and stopped the IV C. Alan's condition worsened. After legal intervention, they continued at only two grams IV C daily instead of the 50 grams daily before. Alan's condition went into a critical limbo. Alan Smith only began to improve after taking Lypo-Spheric packets. You can view the first segment of the 60 Minutes Alan Smiths story here (http://www.3news.co.nz/Living-Proof-Vitamin-C---Miracle-Cure/tabid/371/articleID/171328/Default.aspx). So how did six grams per day of a special vitamin C oral compound manage to do the work of 50 to 100 grams of IV C daily? The mechanics of liposomal encapsulated vitamin C Cardiologist and orthomolecular specialist Dr. Thomas Levy discovered exactly why the clinical results of this type of oral C could match the efficacy of many times as much vitamin C by IV. Dr. Levy was skeptical at first. He has treated thousands of patients with IV C and is seriously involved with orthomolecular (high dose vitamin treatment) medicine. He couldn't believe what was happening with this oral C compound's ability to match or surpass clinical results with much higher doses of IV C. He came to realize that the combination of vitamin C and essential phospholipids radcially improved cellular bioavailability. Less than 20 percent of IV C gets into cells. But the Lypo-Spheric compound permits 90 percent of the C to get into cells. That's because cell walls are made of fats. Vitamin C is water soluble. Tiny particles of vitamin C coated with phospholipids create molecules of vitamin C coated with a substance similar to the cell walls. Thus those coated vitamin C molecules can slip into the cells easily. The encapsulation also avoids diarrhea thresholds of normal oral C. Though not nearly as expensive and much more accessible than IV C treatments, the product might not fit long term use on a low budget. So make your own! The homemade version might be slightly less than 90 percent bio-available to your cells. 60 Minutes Video 3 News http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?poi=2826&adpos=1t2&ul_noapp=true&geo_id=32251&MT_ID=10&crlp=83485421419_807&keyword=vitamin+c+sodium+ascorbate&rlsatarget=kwd-4243977926&_nkw=vitamin+c+sodium+ascorbate&device=c&crdt=0&treatment_id=7&clk_rvr_id=938075291843 http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?poi=2826&adpos=1t2&ul_noapp=true&geo_id=32251&MT_ID=10&crlp=83485421419_807&keyword=vitamin+c+sodium+ascorbate&rlsatarget=kwd-4243977926&_nkw=vitamin+c+sodium+ascorbate&device=c&crdt=0&treatment_id=7&clk_rvr_id=938075291843
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Linus Pauling: High dose vitamin C is a cure for cancer, AIDS and heart disease!
Linus Pauling was a great scientist who was one of few people who won double Nobel Prize, for chemistry in 1954 and peace in 1962. But Unfortunately he was very wrong on the claims of vitamin C therapy.
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How Antioxidants work 1.flv
The American Heart Association, for one, does not recommend using antioxidant supplements "until more complete data are in," but instead, suggests "people eat a variety of foods daily from all of the basic food groups." Moreover, in April 2000, the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine, an advisory group that is part of the National Academy of Sciences, reported that Vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, and carotenoids like beta-carotene should come from food, not supplements. After examining available data on the beneficial and harmful health effects of antioxidants, the panel concluded that there isn't enough evidence to support using large doses of these nutrients to combat chronic diseases. In fact, the group warned that extremely high doses of antioxidants may lead to health problems, including diarrhea, bleeding, and the risk of toxic reactions.
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High Dose Vitamin C - Cancer Treatment
High dose vitamin C cancer treatment Resources: Publications by Dr. Mark Levine, Section Chief, Molecular and Clinical Nutrition Section, Digestive Disease Branch at NIH https://www.niddk.nih.gov/about-niddk/staff-directory/intramural/mark-levine/pages/publications.aspx Vitamin C - Alternative Cancer Treatment at Oasis of Hope Hospital https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HU_l7KDA3aU High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C (IVC) https://www.cancertutor.com/vitaminc_ivc/ Cytotoxicity of ascorbate, lipoic acid, and other antioxidants in hollow fibre in vitro tumours. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16157892 The Riordan Clinic https://riordanclinic.org/what-we-do/high-dose-iv-vitamin-c/ Books Knockout, by Suzanne Somers Cancer: Think Outside the Box, by Ty Bollinger The Truth About Cancer, by Ty Bollinger Please go to my website to learn more about my cancer healing story: https://www.baileyobrien.com/
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The Truth About Healing Cancer With Vitamin C - Truly Heal
In this video, we will reveal the truth about healing cancer with vitamin C. Let's learn how to prevent cancer from Truly Heal: http://trulyheal.com/ozone/?secure=2&campaign=YO Watching "CANCER is curable NOW" with your family and friends is a great way to learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle at http://trulyheal.com/cancer-is-curable-now/ All ages are inspired by this world-class documentary because it motivates the younger generation to prevent disease and helps those in need to find a safe and holistic path to health. While visiting all the different clinics, doctors and scientists we realized that all of them use high dose Vitamin C to prep their patients before treatment and they continue after the treatment to help the body to detox and recover. Some doctors even replace the chemotherapy agent with high-dose Vitamin C and combine the treatment with Hyperthermia or Hyperbaric Chamber treatments. And their success rate is very good with no side effects at all. Dr. Gordon explains http://trulyheal.com/how-to-prevent-cancer-2/ More information on vitamin c therapy https://youtu.be/YSvn1v9vYpg https://youtu.be/_G0CfBVzSTQ Shop Truly Heal Products: http://trulyheal.com/shop/ Subscribe our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/maxAwareness?sub_confirmation=1 ****Follow me: ***** Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trulyhealnow Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrulyHeal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trulyheal/ Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+MAXawareness https://youtu.be/gSgT7XrrT-A
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Vitamin C Supplement Up To 50,000mg A Day - Benefits And Side Effects -
I have been taking high dose vitamin c for 8 months straight these are some of the things i learned.
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Intravenous IV Vitamin Therapy : Myers Cocktail, Vitamin C, Glutathione
http://www.myconciergemd.com/iv-vitamin-therapy-los-angeles IV Vitamin Therapy and Intravenous Vitamin Drips such as Myers Cocktail, Vitamin C, Glutathione, Vitamin D, is used to boost the immune system, increase energy, as a hangover cure, detoxification and to treat a variety of other illnesses. Direct infusion of vitamins can bypass the degradation caused by the liver. Vitamin C infusion therapy is used in cancer treatment. IV glutathione has many benefits and is sometimes used for skin whitening. IV Myers Cocktail includes high dose vitamin C, B complex vitamins, Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin B12. We also provide a variety of other Intramuscular Vitamin treatments and Vitamin Injections including vitamin c, vitamin d, biotin, Glutathione, b complex vitamins, magnesium, phosphate, and amino acids. Many vitamins are also available as a IM or Intramuscular administration.
Can this 1 VITAMIN CURE depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, arthritis ... ?
http://www.cre8-health.com Dr Mercola with Dr Saul discuss on the phone how drugs are not nutrients and that the body does not understand drugs. The body understand nutrients and vitamins. Especially B3 which can cause elevation in mood in depressed patients and even reduce ADHD tendencies in infants and adults as well as helping with the cure of schizophrenia and it also helps dramatically with chronic arthritis patients. - Niacin B3 Flushing - Niacinamide B3 Non-Flushing - Inositol-hexaniacinate B3 Non-Flushing http://www.facebook.com/cre8health
Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C - DIY Vitamin C Mega-Dosing
The Math: 1 cup water (for lecithin mixture) + 1/2 cup water (for ascorbic acid mixture) + 3 tablespoons of lecithin (0.1875 cups) + 1 tablespoon of ascorbic acid (0.0625 cups, or 14.78676 grams) = 1.75 cups total volume of the mixture 0.0625 cups of ascorbic acid to 1.75 cups total volume means the mixture contains 3.6% ascorbic acid. You could also think of it as a ratio of 1 to 28. 1 tablespoon of the mixture contains 0.5281 grams of ascorbic acid. With an 80% absorption rate, your body will use about 0.42248 of those 0.5281 grams. 0.422 grams = 422 MG, more than 7 times the recommended dose from Health Canada and FDA. --------------------- RECIPE: Add 1 level tablespoon ascorbic acid (about $20 for a pound) to 1/2 cup distilled water. Blend for 1 minute in a blender. Add 3 level tablespoons of non-GMO soy lecithin or sunflower lecithin (about 1 dollar per ounce) to 1 cup distilled water. Lecithin may be granular or liquid. Blend for 1 minute in a blender. Pour both solutions into ultrasonic cleaner (about $35) for 6 minutes, stirring frequently with wooden spoon. Refrigerate. -------------- The Science: An ultrasonic cleaner vibrates liquid with high frequency sound (25 kHz - 150 kHz). The high frequency vibrations encapsulates, or coats vitamin C particles in a layer of lipid material (liposomes) allowing for easy absorption through cell walls. The encapsulation also protects the ascorbic acid from being destroyed by stomach acid. --------- Absorption Facts: 1,000 mg (1 gram) vitamin C tablet or capsule: Absorption 20% = 200 mg into blood stream 1,000 mg Liposomal Vitamin C (1 tbsp Liposomal Encapsulated C): Absorption 80% + = 800 mg + into blood stream In other words, 1 gram of liposomal encapsulated vitamin C (LEC) is equal to 4 grams + worth of regular vitamin C pills. --------- Vitamin C Facts: LEC is even more effective than ascorbic acid injections for absorption into cells. There is no toxic dose of vitamin C. Both FDA and Health Canada recommend 60 mg of vitamin C per day, which is about the content of 1 orange. Of that 60 MG, you will absorb 12 MG (20%) and the rest will be destroyed by stomach acid. With one tablespoon of LEC, you absorb about 422 MG. Since high doses of vitamin C can cause digestive problems, note that LE is an efficient and safe way to take high doses of vitamin C. You can spend $30 to $60 for 2 ounces of ready made LEC if you want, or you can make it yourself for in minutes for pennies. Mega-dosing on vitamin C has been known to cure everything from colds to cancer. It is worth researching the wonders of vitamin C. --------- LEC and Vitamin C Links: Vitamin C Mega-Dosing Continues to Unleash Healing Miracles Around the World: http://www.naturalnews.com/034591_vitamin_C_mega-dose_healing.html Living Proof Vitamin C Miracle Cure - 60 Minutes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTXSTGGRvKY Caner Fighter's Weblog: http://cancerfighter.wordpress.com/2008/10/05/mike-adams-on-vitamin-c-an-ironic-look-at-the-anti-vitamin-c-arguments/ Vitamin C Featured Articles from Natural News: http://www.naturalnews.com/list_features_vitamin_C.html LIPOSOMAL ENCAPSULATED VITAMIN C - As Effective As IV - DIY for Pennies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeU--wadrMY -------
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Vitamin C  The Miracle Cure 60 Minutes Living  Proof
Vitamin C cures viruses, cancer, & many other diseases. https://www.facebook.com/wwhealthnews/?fref=ts https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cancer-And-Cures-What-They-Dont-Tell-You/189686971186664?ref=hl FLUORIDE CAUSES CANCER https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fluoride-What-They-Dont-Tell-You/211706275677622?ref=hl VACCINES CAUSE CANCER & A MYRIAD OF AUTOIMMUNE & OTHER DISEASES !!! https://www.facebook.com/VaccinesWhatTheyDontTellYou?ref=hl
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IV Vitamin Therapy Shavano Park Tx
iv vitamin therapy shavano park tx intravenous vitamin therapy shavano park tx, dr myers cocktail shavano park tx, high dose vitamin c infusion therapy shavano park tx The IV route allows for a much higher concentration of nutrients to be delivered than the oral route of administration (tablets, capsules or liquids) Many vitamin and mineral supplements are not well absorbed by the body. Because we can deliver large doses of nutrients safely into a vein, intravenous (IV) therapy with vitamins & nutrients is an extremely valuable medical tool. The Power of Vital Nutrients Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants can have an incredibly potent effect when administered directly into a vein. All of the nutrients used at the Wycoff Wellness Center are natural and have been proven to be effective in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions. IV Vitamin and Nutrient Therapy may also be used for a variety of other reasons such as just feeling "unwell." We often employ a trial infusion with a "Myers' Cocktail" or what we refer to as a "IV Energy Boost", a general vitamin infusion, to see if we you some improvements. We live in a time when obtaining the needed amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants is difficult with diet alone! The amount of critical nutrients in our food supply has been depleted by poor farming practices. Much of the food we eat is grown in foreign countries. We cannot control the way foods are grown or the chemicals that may be part of the food supply. In addition, some individuals do not adequately absorb nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract. Patients who have chronic constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain or bloating most likely are not absorbing nutrients adequately. This sets the stage for an ongoing cycle of malabsorption resulting in chronic illness due to these deficiencies. Chemical toxicity secondary to acute or chronic exposure to chemicals - including patients with severe environmental illness, chemical sensitivity or past exposure to chemicals - may also benefit. We use various types of detoxification protocols to help these patients.
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Revolution Health High Dose Vitamin C 'Living Proof'
Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic provides IV nutrition and high dose Vitamin C. High dose vitamin C is very safe and extremely effective. Allen Smith contracted swine flu and was scheduled to be removed from life support before his family insisted that he be given high dose Vitamin C. After this therapy he recovered very quickly.
Antioxidants Benefits  & Adverse effects - Dr. Priyanka Dasari Reddy
Some of the important antioxidants in relation to the skin and ageing are Vitamin A, C, E, selenium, melatonin, glutathione, carotenoids flavinoids etc. Some of the adverse effects that high doses of antioxidants can cause are it can cause anti nutrient effect, that is these antioxidants bind to the essential minerals like iron and zinc in the body and cause decreased absorption it he gastrointestinal tract. It also increase lung cancer. According to the trial called as CARET trials that is carotenoids and retinoids evaluation trial. There is an increased chance of lung cancer in case there is excess beta carotenoids and retinoids, while the right dose of antioxidants can help in cancer treatments. Excess amounts of antioxidants can interfere with the cancer treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Therefor it is really important to get the right dose of antioxidants that your body needs. So antioxidants taken in the right amounts along with other systemic benefits, it also benefits your skin and your ageing by helping preventing the free radical effect of the DNA, the collagen production and the skin cells, therefore providing a long life of the skin cells. All the side effects of free radicals like wrinkles, fine lines are all controlled with the help of antioxidants. So please visit your dermatologist to get the right dose of antioxidants that can help you from preventing premature ageing. Stay healthy. Stay happy.
VITAMIN C AND CHEMOTHERAPY website : http://goo.gl/R2qoqG My channel : https://goo.gl/tfswGr A debate is under way in terms of taking vitamin C or other antioxidants as well as a cancer treatment with chemotherapy. Researchers believe that antioxidants can reduce the effect of certain anticancer drugs that act by producing radicals. According to a summary published in 2007, there is no evidence of negative interaction between oral intake of vitamin C and other antioxidants and cancer treatment in human. Some studies even point to a protective effect against the toxic effects of treatments. Uncertain efficacy prevention of cataracts, epidemiological data indicate a correlation between high levels of vitamin C in the blood and a reduced prevalence. As for clinical trials, the results obtained with antioxidant supplements containing vitamin C. More recently, a meta-analysis reported no preventive effect of vitamin C. Uncertain efficacy prevention of macular degeneration, in a 2001 study (AREDS), 3640 subjects aged 55 to 80 years were followed for 6 years. In those with moderate to advanced macular degeneration, taking a supplement containing 500 mg of vitamin C, 400 IU of vitamin E, 15 mg of beta carotene and 80 mg of zinc slowed progression maladie28. However, according to a meta-analysis of over 60,000 individuals, vitamin C does not prevent or retard macular degeneration and should not be recommended in this indication58. Uncertain efficacy treatment of asthma, according to a 2009 study, a diet low in vitamins A and C is associated. Treatment with vitamin C has been tried, but their quality and the results were considered insufficient to recommend the use of supplements in treating. Ineffective treatment of colds, in recent decades, numerous studies have examined the effectiveness of vitamin C for colds. Their results indicate that taking supplements does not significantly reduce the length or severity of colds among both adults. Precautions Warning Long-term consumption of high doses of vitamin C supplements should be avoided if: Kidney failure accompanied by a metabolic disorder of vitamin C or oxalic acid Hemochromatosis G6PD deficiency Intestinal surgery
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This Is The Most Important Antioxidant for Your Cells!
Dr. Thomas E. Levy discusses how glutathione may be the most important intracellular antioxidant. Find out why that is and how it works with vitamin C to optimize health and fight disease. http://www.ihealthtube.com
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New Study Shows High-Dose Vitamin C Treatment Effective Cancer Killer
Scientists at the University of Iowa have discovered high-dose vitamin C given intravenously may be effective at killer cancer cells. However, researchers have found that when vitamin C is given intravenously, blood levels are 100 to 500 times higher than levels seen with oral ingestion. Researchers have found that vitamin C breaks down easily, generating hydrogen peroxide, a reactive oxygen species that can damage tissue and DNA. http://www.upi.com/Health_News/2017/01/09/Study-sheds-light-on-how-high-dose-vitamin-C-kills-cancer-cells/1721483985439/ http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit News using http://wochit.com
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Curing the Incurable with Vitamin C!
Dr. Thomas E. Levy discusses how he became interested in studying vitamin C more and what he saw that convinced him to look closer at it. He also discusses some of the things that may be treated simply with high dose vitamin C. http://www.ihealthtube.com
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Can Vitamin C Heal Cancer Or Bring People Back From The Dead?
http://www.extremehealthradio.com/facebook http://www.extremehealthradio.com/159 Dr. Andrew Saul talks about high dose Vitamin C therapy for healing the body of all kinds of physical ailments. We talk about how much Vitamin C to take using bowel tolerance. Can Vitamin C bring a man back from Swine Flu and Leukemia? We talk about how taking high doses of Vitamin C can radically change your life. STAY UP TO DATE! http://www.extremehealthradio.com/subscribe RADIO SHOW http://www.extremehealthradio.com/ MY BLOG http://www.extremehealthradio.com/category/blog/ FACEBOOK US! http://www.extremehealthradio.com/facebook TWEET ME! http://www.extremehealthradio.com/twitter
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High Dose Vitamin C - Ascorbic Acid - A Very Effective Tool in the fight against Cancer?
Is High Dose Vitamin C -- Ascorbic Acid -- a very effective tool in the fight against Cancer? Vitamin C is commonly understood to be an antioxidant. The National Institutes of Health has replicated research done at The Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning which shows that very high blood levels of vitamin C can act as a pro-drug that forms hydrogen peroxide at doses lethal to cancer cells. This pro-oxidant effect is best achieved by intravenous administration of vitamin C. New findings suggest that high oral doses of vitamin C used in conjunction with "redox cyclers" may support and enhance the effect of IVC against cancer. The full length video can be seen at http://www.riordanclinic.org/education/videos/how-vitamin-c-fights-cancer.shtml Intravenous Ascorbate (IVC) as a Chemotherapeutic and Biologic Response Modifier -- Full Report http://www.riordanclinic.org/research/research-studies/vitaminc/protocol/ Vitamin C Intravenous - The Riordan Protocol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjHjdc_tBuU Be sure to 'Thumbs Up', Share and Subscribe! And...I still have some financial needs. So, If you want to contribute, here's the link to my NEW Fundraising Page http://gogetfunding.com/project/gvloanguy-s-cancer-treatment-fund You can get the Yellow Salve Recipe here -- remember to cut in half. http://thedailytrumpet.blogspot.com/2013/01/escharotic-salves-black-salve-warning.html Watch MY JOURNEY WITH CANCER videos here http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE96C8D238B9D388F&feature=plcp my websites http://thedailytrumpet.blogspot.com http://www.youtube.com/user/gvloanguy http://www.youtube.com/user/gvloanguy2 This video is fair use under U.S. copyright law because it is (1) transformative in nature, (2) uses no more of the original work than necessary for the video's purpose, and (3) does not compete with the original work and could have no negative affect on it's market.
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Vitamin C Intravenous - The Riordan Protocal
The Many Cures of High Dose Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid). Lypospheric Vitamin C or Intravenous Injection.
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Skin Brightening/Lightening & Anti-Ageing Glutathione + Vit C IV Push in Dubai
Glutathione + Vitamin C Intravenous Push is one of the most sought after treatments available at Elite Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Group, In addition to Skin Brightening/Lightening and Anti-ageing benefits, this treatment also strengthens the immune system and is good for over-all wellbeing. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger, which works by ridding the body of toxins and free radicals that lead to hyperpigmentation, age spots, sun spots, wrinkles and other conditions that stress the skin and keep it from looking its best. The antioxidant properties of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and its role in collagen synthesis makes Vit C vital for skin health. Vit C is also known to aid Glutathione to stay in its most active form thereby boost its Brightening, Hydrating & Anti-ageing effects. The Glutathione & Vit C IV Push ensures effective delivery of the nutrients directly through the bloodstream into the cells for maximum absorption. Each session takes about 30 minutes with No down time. The Glutathione & Vit C treatment can be combined with one of our Medical, yet Relaxing Facials for Enhanced Results and Experience. Results and course of treatment required may vary depending on the patient's lifestyle, skin condition and skin concerns.
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How Much Vitamin C Should I Take ? |Dr.Michael Greger
How Much Vitamin C Should I Take ? Dr.Michael Greger For many years, the RDA (the recommended daily allowance) for vitamins was just based on preventing deficiency with a margin of safety. But, the minuscule amount of vitamin C, for example, needed to avoid scurvy is not necessarily the ideal intake for optimal health. So, what might be the optimal intake of vitamin C? Let’s ask the body. How might we do that? By seeing how much the body absorbs and excretes. Experiments showing how much vitamin C our body absorbs and excretes can give us a sense of how many vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables we should be take each day. Video Sources Effect of antioxidant vitamin supplementation on cardiovascular outcomes: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23437244 Authors' perspective: What is the optimum intake of vitamin C in humans? Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22698272 Doctor Michael Greger is an American physician, professional speaker on public #health issues, He is creator site about #nutrition facts and every aspect of healthy eating site http://www.NutritionFacts.org
Vitamin C Therapy And Cancer
Vitamin C Therapy And Cancer https://www.anoasisofhealing.com/vitamin-c-therapy-for-cancer/ http://www.anoasisofhealing.com/video-disclaimer/ There are many metabolic therapies used to fight and treat cancer and one of them is intravenous high dose vitamin c therapy. It was proven a long time ago that a person could not take enough vitamin c orally to achieve the levels necessary to kill cancer cells. Vitamin C is an ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is a compound that is essential to life on earth and we find it in the smallest to the largest of organisms. And, most organisms are able to produce it “as needed”. Humans are primates and therefore don’t produce it on its own, we need to consume it through our diet, hence why vitamin c is called a vitamin. So what does vitamin c actually do for us? Well, it’s a reducing compound or what is better known as an antioxidant. An antioxidant donates electrons where needed which is amazing in and of itself and very beneficial to our overall health. There are many times where a molecule needs an extra electron and those are called free radicals, so the antioxidant quenches free radicals. Free radicals are detrimental to our health so this is what we want and need to happen. Now, something altogether different happens when vitamin c therapy is used intravenously in high doses. The vitamin c or antioxidants then donate electrons to copper or iron which we have an abundance of in our bodies. This process produces peroxides which are normal metabolic intermediates used in all sorts of metabolic situations. The key point to understand is that normal healthy cells have an enzyme that converts these peroxides into water and oxygen. Cancer cells do not have this enzyme and therefore can’t covert these peroxides and the cells end up dying. That’s why we use metabolic therapies like vitamin c therapy because they are beneficial to healthy cells and they kill the bad cells or cancer cells. The cancer cells can’t metabolize the antioxidants or vitamin c. Using these additional search terms will allow you to find us in other places on the internet; Vitamin C Therapy And Cancer, Vitamin C Therapy And Metabolic Medicine, Vitamin C Therapy And Cancer Review, Vitamin C Therapy And Cancer Treatment, Vitamin C Therapy For Cancer, Vitamin C Therapy And Cancer Research, How Vitamin C Therapy Fight Cancer, How Vitamin C Therapy Is Used Against Cancer, How Vitamin C Therapy Can Kill Cancer, How Cancer Cells Are Killed By Vitamin C Therapy, The Metabolic Vitamin C Therapy, Does Vitamin C Therapy Kill Cancer, How Does Vitamin C Therapy Kill Cancer, How Does Vitamin C Therapy Kill Cancer Cells, How Effective Is Vitamin C Therapy. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgEvpazxx5NNscDFpWMTLvFYksIQIlMyS https://www.youtube.com/user/oasisofhealing/videos Disclaimer for An Oasis of Healing and Dr. Thomas Lodi videos: The content found here is for informational purposes only, and is in no way intended as medical advice, as a substitute for medical counseling, or as a treatment/cure for any disease or health condition and it should not be used as such. Always work with a physician before making any changes to prescription drugs or a qualified health professional before making any changes to your diet, lifestyle, or exercise activities. This information is provided as-is, and the reader/viewer assumes all risks from the use, non-use, or misuse of this information. Testimonials All diagnoses, recoveries and examples are only of what has been achieved by others, and such results are not typical. Where specific testimonials and treatments are used and attributed to a particular individual or business, those persons are sharing their actual experience and are in no way to imply or solicit a guarantee of projection of a cure, your medical condition or results.
Cancer Cure- I.V. Vitamin C (Curing Cancer & Infections)
The Health Show. Dr.Thomas Levy is a board-certified Cardiogist and author. He is an expert on vitamin C. " TV Host, author and researcher Sal DiBella host The Health Show, featuring interviews with doctors and researchers on the latest developments in cancer treatment. Sal DiBella research on alternative cancer treatments is compiled in his book "60 Doctors talk about the Cure and Prevention of Cancer." The Health Show features interviews with doctors and researchers from the book, as well as new developments in cancer research. The Health Show is one of the most compilations of interviews on this topic, straight from the doctors and researchers with those exciting and sometimes controversial treatments. Episode topics include traditional and alternative treatments, preventative treatment, diet and lifestyle choices, the mind and body connection, and many more. (cancer can be cured) Visit my Facebook page. Sal DiBella fight for your life. https://www.facebook.com/sal.dibella.96 https://www.youtube.com/results?searc... Please comment below. If you liked this video and if you want to support this Show. Please hit the like and subscribe buttons. You can skip questions by clicking the time. Questions: 1:25 About Dr. Levy and how he started with Vitamin C and how it effects your body to create health . 13:15 We talked about a dairy farmer Alan Smith who had swine flue, and cancer the hospital wanted to pull the plug on his life support system. His family fought the hospital to give him IV Vitamin C. 33:02 I asked him about a friend of mine that had cancer. After an operation she developed an infection and was cancer free but died of the infection. Could the IV Vitamin C get rid of her infection at that time? 47:35 He talked about Vitamin C and how it cured polio. 51:30 He talk about Dr. Klenner curing acute hepatitis, encephalitis, rheumatic fever, with Vitamin C. 51:49 Since he is also an attorney I asked him Legally do we have any rights in the U S to demand IV High dose Vitamin C ? 54:03 We talked about any side effects taking IV High dose Vitamin C. 57:38 We talked about a doctor in Cherry Hill NJ that is giving IV Vitamin C to lung cancer patients and putting them into remission. 1:03:53 We spoke about the Liposome Encapsulated Vitamin C. Is it as good as the IV Vitamin C.? 1:06:44 Does IV High dose Vitamin C work with all cancers.? We talk about root canal, cancer and heart attacks and toxins. 1:12:32 Tuberculosis and Vitamin C.? 1:14:45 We talked about the benefits of Glutathione and Vitamin C . 1:17:15 We talked about Vitamin K1 & K2. 1:22:52 Dr. Levy talks about what in his books
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http://lifevantage.com/8aloha This method of making your own LIPOSOMAL ENCAPSULATED VITAMIN C enables individuals to have the effectiveness of Intravenous Vitamin C for a price that that equates to pennies on a dollar. Avoids that experience of diarrhea when one takes Vit C in pill form. Recently I had a toothache, about 4-5/10 pain, took Lip. Vit C, pain was gone next day. re-posted from Brooks Bradley, process inventor Dear List Members, I have been somewhat remiss in not supplying additional information which might make prosecuting an acceptable generation process....somewhat easier. To that end, I offer a few elaborating comments. First, using some form of blender to enhance/accelerate the process is perfectly acceptable....and effective. However, one must understand the limitations of using this modality. To wit: Because the entire encapsulation process is, essentially, a refined homogenization process the researcher is bound within the limits of the chosen process....itself. e.g. Using a blender in the early stages of the ultrasonic type protocol, places a limit (especially particle size) on the resultant compounds. As a general rule, the smallest liposomes achievable...are going to be larger than 150 nm in size—-even after extensive agitating. Therefore, if smaller particles are desired.....some procedure must be invoked to achieve this. Ultrasonic energy is an excellent way to achieve this. Ultrasonic energy applied to solutions having, previously, been mixed using mechanical blenders (of the household type) will improve the encapsulation process greatly (sometimes as much as an order of magnitude) through the immediate size reduction of the encapsulated particle size. Additionally, both power levels and exposure time experienced from the US energy......have a pronounced effect on the end product. e.g. simply by extending the time exposed to the US energy will yield a product with a majority of particles of a markedly reduced physical size (sometimes by more than one-half). Also, by increasing the power spectral density [energy delivered to the target], considerable size and complexity reduction may be achieved. (Sometimes from larger, multiple-layered liposomes, down to single-layered liposomes of much smaller size).This one characteristic, alone, should justify the selection of the larger US unit over the smaller one....as the larger US power level output is much higher. The way to capitalize on this advantage is to limit the depth of the parent solution in the larger US unit, to 3/4″ to 1″. Because the distance from the US energy! source and the mass of the target material DOES, in fact, have a powerful effect on the delivered energy. Direct visual observation alone, will confirm the powerful increase in cavitations (energy field) of the liquid medium. This type innovation will yield effects that in some cases....challenge the results of laboratory-grade, high pressure (over 3000 psi) impact plate systems.....costing $10,000 and up. What most commercial producers (and labs) do, is they RECIRCULATE their candidate solutions.....in order to achieve smaller—-and more isolated—-end products. By extending your exposure time, using shallow solutions, DIYs can...in many cases, actually challenge, to some degree, the levels accomplished by these very high dollar commercial machines.....using their own DIY homemade systems. Someone asked the question...does pre-agitation via blending devices damage or compromise the candidate solutions. The short answer is NO. Almost any type of agitation aids in the homogenization process. I have some descriptive information relative to the use of blending devices, which may prove of use to the list membership, but I must go at this time. Sincerely, Brooks Bradley. There is granular sunflower lecithin (google it ) also available for those not wanting to use soy lecithin. from google "sunflower lecithin" ONLY AVAILABLE IN LIQUID FORM http://www.sunfood.com/sunflower-lecithin-raw-16oz-love-raw-foods.html http://www.austradeinc.com/sunflower-lecithin.html http://www.bluemountainorganics.com/_catalog_85743/Sunflower_Lecthin For Yahoo Groups Liposomal Encapsulation Tecnology http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/DIY-LET/ Is Vitamin C Dosing a Miracle? http://technorati.com/lifestyle/article/is-vitamin-c-dosing-a-miracle/ Answer to recent question on how much do I take - "I don't recommend dosages. Everyone is different, they metabolize differently, are facing different challenges at different times. There are some references you can check up with on my liposomal page at 8aloha.com" www.lifevantage.com/8aloha for best anti-oxidant action, an indirect method of free redical control, though much more powerful than antioxidants - See my Dr Dan Murphy video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K5MsroBrVw Do your own due diligence about Vitamin C excess, such as here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitamin_C_megadosage my website: http://8aloha.com
High Dose Vitamin C A Very Effective Tool in the fight against Cancer?
Is High Dose Vitamin C -- Ascorbic Acid -- a very effective tool in the fight against Cancer? Vitamin C is commonly understood to be an antioxidant. The National Institutes of Health has replicated. Is High Dose Vitamin C -- Ascorbic Acid -- a very effective tool in the fight against Cancer? Vitamin C is commonly understood to be an antioxidant. The National Institutes of Health has replicated. Its that time again! Back to High Dose Vitamin C!!! We rotate through various therapies to keep things fresh and Ryder always loves it when we come back to HDVC because his liposomal vitamin.
Controversy: Do Antioxidants Help or Hinder Chemotherapy and Radiation?
Intravenous vitamin C has been successfully used at The Center for over 20 years as adjunctive care for cancer patients. The National Institute of Health has published research replicating The Center's demonstration that high doses of vitamin C are selectively toxic to tumor cells. This presentation explains the scientific mechanism underlying this effect and shows you how to further enhance its effectiveness with special doses of oral supplements. ---------- Presenter: Glen Hyland, M.D. Download: ---------- The Riordan Clinic is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization focused on orthomolecular medicine, health education and health research. To learn more about the Riordan Clinic or to make a donation, please visit http://www.riordanclinic.org
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DIY intravenous vitamin C
Help us caption and translate this video on Amara.org: http://www.amara.org/en/v/B1OD/ Preparation and infusion of high dose vitamin C (buffered ascorbic acid) at home. After being denied care at two infusion clinics due to my HIV status, to say nothing of the high cost, I am getting closer to being self-sufficient about giving myself the infusions. In addition to initial consult charges ranging from $150 to $300, clinics charge $150-175 per infusion. I estimate that I can do three home infusions for the same price. All I gotta' do is learn how to hit those veins. ADDED 06/09/2015: This seems to be a very confusing subject. Vitamin C Foundation, for example, states that only sodium ascorbate be used and that ascorbic acid is too acidic. Yet in the same article they later state: "Ascorbic acid (hydrogen ascorbate) is highly reactive, and the most powerful and fastest acting form of vitamin C. The Vitamin C Foundation believes that the ascorbic acid form of vitamin C is more potent fighting infections, and may be better against heart disease. However, it is too acidic to safely use intravenously. Ascorbic acid must be buffered for IV, or sodium ascorbate can be mixed with water for IV." This seems to imply that ascorbic acid is actually "better", but needs to be buffered. The product manufactured by Merit Pharmaceutical states it is ascorbic acid that has been "buffered" with sodium bicarbonate and sodium hydroxide. I get my IVC at the Riordan Clinic, in Wichita, Kansas, which has been performing IV vitamin C for more than 30 years. I'll trust them to take good care of me. I think it's safe to safe that ascorbic acid should not be used without proper buffering. I would also say that the only safe way to do this is by working with professionals who have training and experience in the field. I regret using the term "do it yourself" in the title of this video. Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/B1OD/
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Should Cancer Patients Take Vitamins and Supplements? | Dana-Farber Cancer Institute?
Should vitamins and supplements be a part of a cancer patient's diet? Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Center Nutritionist Stacy Kennedy, MPH, RD, CSO, discusses the best foods and diet for cancer patients. This video was originally filmed as part of a live video webchat, "The Best Foods and Diet for Cancer Treatment and Survivorship," held on March 25, 2015. View the entire webchat here: https://youtu.be/w-92_tZr_B0 More information on nutrition during cancer treatment is available at: http://www.dana-farber.org/nutrition Transcription: You really want to go back to your dietician and to your doctor with any of these questions, because certain supplements are important and helpful. Some people need to take Vitamin D. Some people need to take probiotics. Magnesium sometimes, if your blood level is low from chemo. But there are other supplements that can actually reduce the effectiveness of your treatment. For example, taking high-dose antioxidant pills during radiation therapy may reduce its effectiveness—same thing for chemo. So, you don’t want to be going through all of this and doing something that’s inadvertently sort of compromising its success to some extent. One thing that people often are understandably confused about is, ‘Well, then I guess I shouldn’t eat blueberries, because those have antioxidants.’ And the issue and concern is just with supplements, which can be high dose, potent, and also to some extent a lack of regulation, so we don’t want you skipping those fruits and veggies. We want you picking those and asking your doctor about the supplements. Don’t just start taking vitamins thinking they’re going to fill in the gaps.
High Dose Vitamin C - A Very Effective Tool in the fight against Cancer?
Is High Dose Vitamin C -- Ascorbic Acid -- a very effective tool in the fight against Cancer? Vitamin C is commonly understood to be an antioxidant. The National Institutes of Health has replicated research done at The Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning which shows that very high blood levels of vitamin C can act as a pro-drug that forms hydrogen peroxide at doses lethal to cancer cells. This pro-oxidant effect is best achieved by intravenous administration of vitamin C. New findings suggest that high oral doses of vitamin C used in conjunction with "redox cyclers" may support and enhance the effect of IVC against cancer. The full length video can be seen at http://www.riordanclinic.org/education/videos/how-vitamin-c-fights-cancer.shtml Intravenous Ascorbate (IVC) as a Chemotherapeutic and Biologic Response Modifier -- Full Report http://www.riordanclinic.org/research/research-studies/vitaminc/protocol/ Vitamin C Intravenous - The Riordan Protocol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjHjdc_tBuU Be sure to 'Thumbs Up', Share and Subscribe! And...I still have some financial needs. So, If you want to contribute, here's the link to my NEW Fundraising Page http://gogetfunding.com/project/gvloanguy-s-cancer-treatment-fund You can get the Yellow Salve Recipe here -- remember to cut in half. http://thedailytrumpet.blogspot.com/2013/01/escharotic-salves-black-salve-warning.html Watch MY JOURNEY WITH CANCER videos here http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE96C8D238B9D388F&feature=plcp my websites http://thedailytrumpet.blogspot.com http://www.youtube.com/user/gvloanguy http://www.youtube.com/user/gvloanguy2 This video is fair use under U.S. copyright law because it is (1) transformative in nature, (2) uses no more of the original work than necessary for the video's purpose, and (3) does not compete with the original work and could have no negative affect on it's market.
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Dr  Richardson    IV Vitamin C
Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy with various other antioxidants and nutrients has been used for years as a treatment option for various types of cancer. The very high doses of Intravenous Vitamin C (15 to 100 grams/infusion) appear to be toxic (lethal) to cancer cells. It is used to stabilize membranes, boost the immune system, and increase energy. It also has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-histamine properties. High doses of vitamin C given intravenously have very few side effects. Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy is not a cure for cancer but a viable treatment option.
IV Vitamin Therapy or Intravenous Therapy
http://AMAskincare.com Every biochemical, physiological process in our bodies requires vitamins. Depending on what you need, an immune boost or an energy boost or to help you get over an illness or to give you simply more vitality and more longevity. IV Therapy with high potency vitamins, customized for whatever it is you need will make a huge difference in your life. Healthy and safe doses of minerals, natural vitamins and amino acids injected intramuscular or intravenously, directly into the blood stream, bypasses our digestive system. When vitamins are taken orally, only about 10% is actually absorbed into our bodies. The benefits of minerals, amino acids and high potency vitamins are much more effectively experienced through intramuscular injections or intravenously through an IV. High potency IV vitamin therapy is utilized by millions of people around the world for a growing list of conditions. The validity of these IV therapy’s have been proven by thousands of scientific studies for a growing list of ailments including Asthma, Anxiety, Cancer, COPD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diabetes, Depression, Fatigue, Fibromylagia, Hypertension, Hepatitis, Immune Deficiencies, Multiple Sclerosis, Mononucleosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Stress and Seasonal Colds and Allergies. IV Vitamin Therapy can also be used to improve anti-aging and antioxidant therapies such as Well-being, Mental Clarity, Sports Performance, Energy and Stamina. Certain ailments are often tolerated much better by patients undergoing high potency IV vitamin therapy. Studies show that the effects of conventional therapies are often enhanced when combined with high potency IV vitamin therapy. AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare Irvine / Newport Beach 949-428-4500 2302 Martin St. Suite 400 Irvine, CA 92612 Beverly Hills / Los Angeles 310-460-2444 6310 San Vicente Blvd. Suite 285 Los Angeles, CA 90048 LEARN MORE ABOUT IV VITAMIN THERAPY https://www.amaskincare.com/services/high-potency-vitamin-therapy/ SCHEDULE A FREE IV VITAMIN THERAPY CONSULTATION WITH OUR DOCTORS http://www.amaskincare.com/free-consultation-youtube/ SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LATEST IN LASER SKINCARE TREATMENTS http://www.youtube.com/user/AMAskincare?sub_confirmation=1 CONNECT With US! Google+ http://plus.google.com/u/0/+AMASkincare Facebook http://www.facebook.com/AMASkincare Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/amaskincare/ Instagram http://www.instagram.com/amaskincare/ Twitter http://twitter.com/AMASKINCARE
What Is The Side Effect Of Vitamin C
Vitamin C is LIKELY SAFE for most people when taken by mouth in recommended doses, when applied to the skin, when injected into the muscle, and when injected intravenously (by IV) and appropriately. In some people, vitamin C might cause nausea, vomiting, heartburn, stomach cramps, headache, and other side effects.Common side effects of vitamin C include: Redness and warm feeling of the skin, or flushing. Headache. Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.Vitamin C is very important for your health, leading some to take vitamin C supplements. This article explores whether its possible to consume too much vitamin C and what the potential side effects are.Vitamin C benefit, side effects dosage, 500 mg, 1000 mg - Information on overdose, what is the amount you should take daily? by Ray Sahelian, M.D. September 20 2016. Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C was isolated in 1928. This vitamin serves as an excellent antioxidant and could protect various cells and tissues ...Learn about the potential side effects of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Includes common and rare side effects information for consumers and healthcare professionals.Independent and unbiased analysis of vitamin C as a supplement, including benefits, side effects, dosage, and more.- Therapy treatment of cancer with high-dose vitamin C has been studied since the 1970s, and since have been used as CAM therapy in patients with cancers, infections, and fatigue. In both preclincial and clinical trials high-dose vitamin C therapy has been shown to be helpful in cancer treatment.When obtained from food sources and supplements in the recommended dosages, vitamin C is generally regarded as safe. Side effects are rarely reported, but include diarrhea, nausea, abdominal cramps, and other gastrointestinal symptoms. For most healthy individuals, the body can only hold and use about 200-250 mg ... Vitamin C is a water-soluble substance, and therefore does not accumulate in the body. This accounts for the absence of any data on vitamin C toxicity per se. Vitamin C in itself is of low toxicity, and has only minor adverse effects, such as diarrhea, nausea and other digestive disturbances. Learn more about the daily upper tolerable intake level for vitamin C and toxic overdose symptoms, like gastric discomfort. ConsumerLab's ... Now, I orally take 6 grams per day without any side effects. ... In fact, taking a high dose has been shown to negate some of the beneficial effects of getting the daily requirement.Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) is a water-soluble vitamin recommended for the prevention and treatment of scurvy. Ascorbic acid is available in generic form. Common side effects of ascorbic acid include transient mild soreness at the site of intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. Too-rapid intravenous administration of the ...Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is found in many fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C plays an important role in collagen formation, and it also functions as an antioxidant, boosting the immune system. Although you need to consume vitamin C every day, too much can be toxic.Despite its potential health benefits, vitamin C has some disadvantages as well, such as the risk for developing side effects when ingesting large doses of the nutrient. As with all nutritional supplements and vitamins, consult your physician before taking vitamin C supplements to make sure it is safe for you.
Vitamin C - Alternative Cancer Treatment at Oasis of Hope Hospital
Dr. Francisco Contreras describes how high doses of Vitamin C administered intravenously are used for cancer treatment at Oasis of Hope Hospital, an alternative cancer treatment center. Doctors at Oasis use Vitamin C at very high dosages over a very short period of time as an oxidant to produce peroxide, which is the killing agent for malignant cells. To learn more about Oasis of Hope's use of Vitamin C as an alternative cancer treatment, or to receive a free consultation visit (scroll down page): http://www.oasisofhope.com/vitamin-c.php For more in-depth cancer research information on Vitamin C and Cancer Treatment visit http://www.oasisofhope.com/irt_ch5_oxidizing_cancer.php
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Mega doses Vitamin C !
I take 15000mg to 20000mg+ vitamin c (ascorbic acid) almost 1 year already, my kidney works great, completely no symptom of having kidney stone but totally feel better!!! Sodium ascorbate seems a much better choice, because it's not acidic, especial good for who can't eat ascorbic aicd & someone who want to take mega doses of Vitamin C for treatment!
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IV Vitamin Therapy San Antonio Tx
iv vitamin therapy san antonio tx iv nutrition therapy san antonio tx dr myers cocktail san antonio tx iv vitamin nutrition therapy san antonio tx Nature's unsung weapon: If the National Institutes of Health (NH) is revisiting the issue of vitamin C as a cancer cure.....Shouldn't You? Is it the next weapon against cancer? IV Vitamin Therapy is a fantastic way to get antioxidants and vitamins that your body is lacking back into your system. Most vitamin supplements cannot be taken orally in sufficiently higher doses and quantities that are required by the body. These high dosage vitamins when taken orally cannot be metabolized by the liver in time and are removed from the body before getting to the cells that need them. An example of this is any oral dose of vitamin C greater then 2 grams can cause diarrhea while IV doses of vitamin C of 25 grams or more have no reaction. High Dose Vitamin C Therapy, IV infusions allow for greater tissue saturation and the body tolerates high doses required for improved immune system function and detoxification of cells. As one of your treatments, we use different mixtures to provide immune system support, detoxification, skin rejuvenation, improved circulation, heavy metal removal and to elevate energy levels. The result being overall better health levels as a proactive means of disease prevention. Replaces essential Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrients and Amino Acids Nature's antibiotic, anti-viral, anti-fungal and natural detoxifier Boosts and restores Immune System Functions, can be as effective as a flu vaccine Greater tissue saturation with no side effects Effectively eliminates and neutralizes a wide variety of toxins and infections, assists in returning body to pre-deficiency states Increases energy and appetite Provides Intravenous nutritional support to patients who cannot or will not eat to meet their nutritional needs as it regards disease and treatment of chronic and acute illness Relieves the burden of cancer patients and others who are challenged to meet their nutritional needs Stimulates collagen formation Inhibits, Hyaluronidase to prevent Metastasis Induces tumor cell death (Apoptosis) Compliments traditional therapies Potentiates chemo and radiation Relieves pain and promotes well being
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Vitamins and Supplements -- The Benefits of "Food First" | Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
For more information, recipes, and nutrition tips, and to watch more videos on Eating Well During Cancer, visit http://www.dana-farber.org/eatingwell. Vitamins and supplements are a big area of conversation, controversy, and research. When considering ways to ensure that you are getting the nutrients you need for optimal health, Dana-Farber nutrition specialist Stacy Kennedy explains why it's important to think about the benefits of "food first." Transcription: I’m Stacy Kennedy, a nutrition specialist for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Welcome to Eating Well During Cancer. Today I’d like to talk with you about vitamins and supplements—what’s OK, what might be beneficial, and what should you avoid. Vitamins and supplements are a big area of conversation, controversy, and research right now. But before we get into details around vitamin pills, I’d like to take a step back and think about the benefits of food first. A lot of research on vitamins and supplements comes out of data looking at what people were eating in their diet. We know that people who eat a variety of plant-based foods can gain a variety of important health-promoting nutrients that we call ‘phytonutrients.’ It’s really important to think about eating by the rainbow. Getting some red fruits and vegetables, what makes a tomato red is an antioxidant called ‘lycopene’ that’s going through a lot of research to see its potential role or benefit in prostate cancer. We have orange. What makes a carrot orange or a sweet potato have that vibrant, bright, orange hue is another antioxidant in the same family called ‘betacarotene.’ We also have yellow, like mango and banana. We know that green vegetables have a variety of important nutrients. Don’t forget about blue or purple—that anthocyanin that makes the blueberry blue is an antioxidant that can benefit our immune system as well. Then there’s also the white family, which is often overlooked—things like garlic and onions, which contain an important phytonutrient called ‘allium.’ There’s also ginger. Many of these examples of antioxidants or phytonutrients also come in pill form, but what we want to do is take a look at food first. An as example of why this is important, let’s think about that betacarotene that we talked about in the carrot. Many years ago, there was a research study that found that people who ate more betacarotene-rich foods, like carrots, had lower rates of developing lung cancer. However, when people were given betacarotene supplement, the researchers actually had to stop the study early, because they found that the participants who were current or former smokers taking the active betacarotene were actually at risk for developing lung cancer—the total opposite effect of what we were hoping for in that type of study. We know now that high-dose antioxidant supplements during certain types of cancer treatment can actually reduce the effectiveness of that cancer treatment. However, don’t give up your blueberries yet—getting antioxidants from foods doesn’t cause that same concern. The body knows how much to absorb and what nutrients your specific body needs at that current moment in time. So, eating as many blueberries as you want during cancer treatment is not going to be detrimental, like taking a high-dose antioxidant supplement could. That doesn’t mean that all supplements are not healthy. It’s important to think about a supplement as just that—a supplement to your diet. For example. omega-3 fatty acids are an essential fat that we have to eat, and they play a role in many things—everything from helping to reduce inflammation to having a healthy brain and healthy mind and cognition. There’s a variety of benefits. We get omega-3 fats from certain types of fish, but we can also get them from things like walnuts. Some people may choose to take a supplement, but you always want to run that by your doctor or your nutritionist first. Look to get those nutrients from your foods first. Now, some supplements might be necessary. For example, when you’re going through treatment, you may have low blood levels of certain nutrients, like magnesium, and in that case, you might need to take a supplement. Vitamin D is another example of a supplement that might be important to take. Vitamin D deficiency is very common, but it’s a blood test, so your doctor can check that out for you, and you can speak with your doctor and your nutritionist. Hopefully you’ve learned that eating foods first is the best approach to getting your vitamins, and as far as supplements go, check and see—it’s always important to ask questions. For more information and recipes for great, nutrient-rich foods, and tips on what vitamins you may want to choose or avoid, check out our website or download our app. On behalf of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, I’m Stacy Kennedy.
Dr. Mercola: The Benefits of Liposomal Vitamin C
http://www.mercola.com/ Dr. Joseph Mercola, natural health physician and Mercola.com founder, talks about the importance of liposomal vitamin C to your body.
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Mega Doses of Vitamin C (cancer cure)   - YouTube.flv
well worth a look
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What Is An Antioxidant Vitamin?
However, solubility is not the only way to categorize antioxidants vitamin e collective name for a set of eight related tocopherols and tocotrienols, which are fat soluble vitamins with antioxidant dec 22, 2014 such as c carotenoids, include beta carotene, lycopene lutein help protect healthy cells from oct 4, 2017 high doses may increase risks prostate cancer one type stroke. Several vitamins and minerals, including a, c e selenium, act as antioxidants most multivitamins contain because are nothing more trusted multivitamin brands also a healthy dose of antioxidants, at gnc find top antioxidant supplements like coq10 & grape seed extract. Read about antioxidant benefits & how they help fight free radicals. The three major antioxidant vitamins are beta carotene, vitamin c, and e. Vitamin c, vitamin e, and beta carotene are among the most commonly studied dietary antioxidants nov 9, 2011. Which vitamins & minerals are antioxidants? Sf do multivitamins contain Vitamin faqs geritolquality antioxidant supplements vitamin and mineral to prevent the antioxidants what you need know familydoctorantioxidants benefits top foods high in ultimate guide drantioxidants protecting healthy cellswhat News medicalvitamins youtube. Antioxidant supplements may also interact with some there are several nutrients in food that contain antioxidants. Antioxidants protect you from the destruction of free radicals by binding together to fruits and vegetables are naturally rich in antioxidants. Some foods are higher in antioxidants than others, though. Cochrane antioxidants help prevent free radicals from damaging your cells. Plants, which are foods high in some examples of water soluble antioxidants vitamin c, polyphenols, and glutathione. They are fresh fruits and vegetables that high in antioxidants, vitamins, dietary fiber, although there several enzyme systems within the body scavenge free radicals, principle micronutrient (vitamin) antioxidants vitamin e, c, selenium, carotenoids examples of found naturally many. Discover their many types, sources & benefits here free radicals created from oxidation can harm the cells in your body. Antioxidants protect your cells against the damaging effects of free radicals, which may play a role in heart disease, cancer and other diseases. Googleusercontent search. Gnc the aim of this cochrane review was to find out whether taking antioxidant vitamin and mineral supplements prevents development amd. Antioxidant properties of vitamins nutrition. Antioxidant vitamins and the prevention of coronary heart disease antioxidants power c & e insidetracker's blog. How vitamins act as antioxidants and help prevent free radicals from forming destroying cells sep 1, 1999 clinical use of antioxidant vitamin supplementation may to coronary heart disease (chd). Antioxidants, vitamins, & supplements for immune system foods, antioxidants, a list of antioxidant vitamins types, benefits food sourceslivestrong. Epidemiologic studies find lower chd nov
Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Cured Using Vitamin C IV Therapy
Listen to this patient testimonial about how her rheumatoid arthritis pain was eliminated via IV Nutritional therapy.
Dr. Thomas E. Levy - Vitamin C The Ultimate Antibiotic
Watch Dr. Thomas E. Levy speak about the numerous proven health benefits of high-dose vitamin C and the effectiveness of liposomal vitamin C. On page 131 of Dr. Levy's book Primal Panacea he writes "My clinical experience with Altrient C liposome-encapsulated vitamin C suggests that the clinical impact of liposome-encapsulated vitamin C may even exceed the clinical impact of intravenous vitamin C for some acute infections."
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Skin Whitening Tablet / Make Skin Brighter With Help Of Vitamin C / Celin Tablet True Review / Hindi
kin giving you a beautiful and even tone. How Much Vitamin C Should I Take To Lighten Skin? Vitamin C cannot be stored in the body and therefore needs to be taken in your diet daily. The Recommended dietary allowance provides goals on how much vitamin C one should take depending on age and gender. Vitamin C deficiency is very rare since this vitamin is widely available in foods and vegetables. The RDA for an adult is 40mg per day. How many vitamin C to take to lighten skin? For skin lightening, a high dose of 1000mg to 3000mg is recommended. The body has a saturation point- it is able to use enough and flush out the excess. This should be obtained from a combined intake of supplements and foods. Since it cannot be stored in the body, toxicity from vitamin C is very rare. However, taking large amounts of more than 1000mg per day can cause stomach upsets and diarrhea. The above conflicting statements make it necessary to consult your doctor if planning to take vitamin C supplements for the purposed of skin lightening How much vitamin C you are taking The form of vitamin C you are using, topical application works best Your consistency in using vitamin C skin whitening products Before getting into vitamin C and skin lightening, it is important to learn on what is vitamin C and how to use it for skin lightening. Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid is one of the most abundant minerals in natural. It is a water soluble vitamin largely required by our bodies for almost all cell functions. It is also an antioxidant that works to neutralize free radicals which are harmful and can easily damage the skin and other important organs of the body. Vitamin C and Skin Lightening Skin color and tone is determined by melanin, a pigment made by melanocytes. Melanocytes are cells that are found in the skin and they work by converting amino acid tyrosine into melanin using the enzyme tyrosinase. Melanin is the deposited in the upper layer of the skin in form of Pheomelanin (lighter, yellowish pigment) or Eumelanin (darker pigment). The more melanin your cells produce, the darker your skin will become. Dark skin pigmentation is accelerated by those things that increase the activity of melanocytes or damage the skin such as hormonal imbalance, sun exposure, medications and damage by free radicals. How Does Vitamin C Whiten Skin It is a potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals that damage the skin causing aging and dark skin pigmentation. It helps in the regeneration of skin cells and repairs damaged skin. It exfoliates the skin and helps get rid of dead skin cells which are darker exposing the lighter and brighter skin cells below. Vitamin C increases the levels of two other very important antioxidants Glutathione and vitamin E that help the skin to make the yellowish pheomelanin instead of eumelanin which is darker. It inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase which is responsible for converting tyrosine into melanin hence less melanin is produced. The acidic nature of vitamin C helps to cleanse the skin and eliminate infections that may have been caused by micro-organisms. This keeps your skin healthier, brighter and smoother. How to Use Vitamin C to Lighten Skin While intake of high levels of vitamin C mean that more is taken up to the blood and into the skin cells, the body has a limit. It uses just enough vitamin C and gets rid of the excess even when you take higher doses. For the best skin lightening results, it is recommended to use topical vitamin C which more effective in skin lightening than oral intake. Even better, combine a rich vitamin C diet with topical application for best skin whitening results. Here are the different ways you can use vitamin C to lighten skin: Topical Vitamin C for Skin Lightening Topical vitamin C is widely available in stores in forms of creams, lotions and serums. To get the best out of topical vitamin C products, always check the label for a PH lower than 3.5 and a concentration of 15-20%. Vitamin C products oxidize very quickly when exposed to air, heat and light and turn yellowish. Topical vitamin C products should not be discolored since they are no longer effective and can be harmful to your skin. Vitamin C Cream to Lighten Skin Color Does vitamin c lighten skin? Well Vitamin c cream, lotion and oil may be used as a supplement alongside pills, capsules or vitamin c injection. This cream contains glutathione in them that is responsible for production of pheomelanin that gives the skin its lighter complexion. The vitamin c creams eliminates hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and wrinkles and whiten the s
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Benefits of Amla |  It Is The Most Powerful Antioxidant, Has 20 Times More Vitamin C Than Oranges
It Is The Most Powerful Antioxidant, Has 20 Times More Vitamin C Than Oranges, Kill Cancer Amla is one of the most important plants in traditional Ayurvedic medicine in India and has been valued for its beneficial properties for thousands of years. It is seen primarily as a powerful rejuvenator that promotes longevity and wellness. Amla contains a very high concentration of vitamin C. A glass of juice of amla contains twenty times more vitamin C than a glass of fresh orange juice. So you can easily see why the amla is so revered in Ayurveda. It is the richest source of vitamin C. This is the most potent antioxidant fruit has 20 times more vitamin C than orange juice, The God of the liver. Amla (Amalaki Fruit) is an extraordinary powerful fruit with numerous beneficial properties that serve our health: Stomach ache Numerous abdominal problems can be solved with the Amalaki fruit, such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, cramps, infections and other digestive problems. Diabetes Prevention Amla improves liver function, helps in pancreatitis, swelling, pain and pancreas function. Its regular consumption reduces blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes by regulating insulin secretion. That is, the study results showed that only 3 g of powder Amalaki is more efficient than many of the drugs used in treatments for diabetes. Liver detoxification It is scientifically proven that the Amalaki is amazing in cleansing the liver of toxins, especially the negative effects of drugs (especially those against tuberculosis). Cancer Treatments In cancer treatment, antioxidants play an important role. They can even help in the prevention, helping to reduce inflammation and cell damage. Skin Regeneration This amazing fruit is used as a treatment for rashes, pimples, acne and other skin problems, including all kinds of inflammations. Stimulates hair growth Another advantage is that its use will help foster growth, hydration, protection, shine and softness of your hair. Simply mix the powder with Amalaki little hot water, leave for an hour, and then apply it on the hair massaging. Leave it for about 30 minutes to 1 hour and then rinse. The effects are wonderful! Beautiful skin, hair, nails As claimed above, this fruit is beneficial for the hair, prevent hair loss, stimulating growth, prevents the appearance of gray hair and used as a natural remedy for dandruff. In addition, Amalaki helps the regeneration of tissue, so the body feels rejuvenated. As a result, it is often found as the main ingredient in many products such as shampoos, facial creams, hair masks and others. How to use this Indian gooseberry and enjoy its beneficial effect? You have a few options: Fresh Amla Amla as fresh fruit is very tasty and has an amazing flavor, with a hint of red chili powder. You can also enjoy a fresh amla juice, which is a fantastic drink with a delicious taste and favorable properties. Their preparation is easy as well: Remove the seeds of two Amlas and grind to a paste. Mix the paste with 1 cup of water and use a sieve to strain it. Add 1-2 tablespoons of honey and a pinch of salt. The amla paste can also be mixed with a mixture of spices to make chutneys. Amla Seca Choose the widest range of amla and cut it into small pieces, then sprinkle salt on it and let it dry. When completely dry store in an airtight container. You can also prepare a supari, which can be eaten as a mouth freshener after meals. Simply grate, then sprinkle on ginger juice, lemon juice, black / rock salt and spices like cumin (Jeera) / carom (ajwain). This mixture should be spread on a tray and allowed to dry for a couple of days. Amla Preservada You prefer this option if you are one of those who enjoys murabba and chutneys. You need to take the smaller variety of amla, boil, add sugar, spices, and salt. Kitchen this mixture and preserve it as a jam or jelly. Side effects and contraindications amla The evening dose of amla before sleep can weaken teeth in the same way can the sobreexpocisión to citrus fruits, eroding the tooth enamel. It is an edible fruit, no other known drawbacks with respect to Amla, even at high doses.There is evidence suggesting some caution among individuals with iron deficiency because the amla can chelate iron and thereby reduce the amount of usable blood iron. Source: healthybookonline.com
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