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Skin | Accutane Joint Pain + Week 3-5 Update with New dose
Subscribe: Youtube.com/Shanese Danae Previous Video: Eps 1: https://youtu.be/FZos4zVXS8M Eps 2: https://youtu.be/cVJdL2avTog All Meds: https://youtu.be/a9Ydf_TLV2g Hey Guys!!! I am back with another Acne Vlog. Let me tell you! I am excited that I am not getting too many side effects when it comes to my skin. However, the joint pain is definitely annoying. Please let me know if any of you have any suggestions. Please be sure to Subscribe for more weekly videos :). Accutane: Currently on Claravis 40mg 1 time/day Month 1 on Claravis 20mg 1time/day Acne Diaries Week 1 | https://youtu.be/76pgfKz5l1o Acne Diaries Month 1 | https://youtu.be/3Cr-jA10yFw Acne Diaries Month 2 | https://youtu.be/Kptns5z9ANQ Acne Diaries Month 5 | https://youtu.be/6CGXU7HuBFs Music by: joakimkarud.com/use-my-music/ For seeing an Online Dermatologist like I did and get $20 off by clicking here http://yoderm.com/ref/1HZblS1EE5o for a $59.00 Consultation. This includes a detailed regimen and prescriptions. Previous Prescribed Medication: Acticlate (Doxycycline) 150mg Bactrim Spirolactone Finacea Aczone Tazorac Minocycline Products Non-Prescribed: Neutrogena Rapid Clear Facial Wash(10%) + Leave-On Mask(2.5%) Manuka Honey 15+ Active and 16+ Active Social Media/ Contact ☎️ ⚠️ Email: ShaneseDanaeYT@gmail.com⚠️ Instagram: instagram.com/shanesedanae Snapchat:ShaneseDanae1 Facebook: Facebook.com/ShaneseDanae Twitter: Fashion_neseta
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Antibiotics not helping your UTI symptoms?
4 Million women and 1 million men can answer "yes" to that question. It may be painful bladder syndrome/Interstitial Cystitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome for men. Wow that's a lot of names for one thing. Take 10 minutes to learn about them and how you can help yourself improve your quality of life.
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I'M TIRED OF THIS! Acne Doxycycline Theraphy Week 1!
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TheTeenOpinion Instagram: http://instagram.com/adrianabraje Blog: http://adrianabraje.blogspot.com Contact me: TheTeenOpinion@gmail.com ----------------------------------------­-------- Hello loves, Ever since I tweeted that I was going to a dermatologist I've been getting a lot of questions on how did it go and what was my new routine. I wasn't going to do such an in depth video about it, but then I thought why not. I'm really used to having incredibly clear skin so when I started breaking out in bigger cysts I got really worried. I can imagine the same thing happening to a lot of you guys and I love filming videos that are helpful for you! This has definitely been one of the hardest videos for me to film because currently I feel really insecure about my skin. I know it isn't as bad as some other people's acne, but it hurts so much that I can't even explain! I'm sick of dealing with the pain and I really hope that doxycycline will be the cure for my struggle. Please don't forget to show your support by giving this video thumbs up and subscribing to my channel! Love you, Adriana
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I took antibiotics for a urinary tract infection, but don't feel quite better yet. What should I do?
It sounds like you were recently treated for a urinary tract infection, but you're just not feeling up to par yet. And it would be best for you to call your doctor who you saw initially for the urinary tract infection, and they can decide if further investigation or treatment is warranted. What happens is when you have a UTI, they normally take a urine sample, and it comes back with the results - there's an infection or there's not an infection. And they can actually send that urine for further testing where they try to determine what antibiotics the bugs that were causing the infection are susceptible to. And this takes a couple of days to get that result back, so in the meantime, doctors usually put you on an antibiotic. And if that test result comes back saying that that antibiotic that you were on isn't going to treat the bug that caused the infection, they'll switch antibiotics mid-treatment to make sure you're getting the one that will clear the infection and make you feel better. Again, it would be best for you to call your doctor and bring your concerns up with them, and if you truly still do have a urinary tract infection and it goes left untreated, it can cause a lot of complications actually. It can become a kidney infection, and if that's untreated, it can even lead to a blood infection. And in very rare circumstances, if untreated, and the perfect storm exists, it can be fatal. So talk with your doctor again, and I hope the very best for you. And if you have any other questions for me in the future, feel free to ask them on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/IntermountainMoms, and recommend us to your friends and family too.
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Antibiotic Body Damage Recovery (Levaquin Cipro Side Effects and How I Healed)
It is my opinion only, that the damage these antibiotics are causing to people's bodies may be partially or fully due to the drug's destruction of crucially important healthy forms of bacteria in the gut. This, along with leaky gut which I believe is epidemic, may cause both a fungal version of yeast called candida to breach the barrier in the gut, and give the immune system a particularly difficult time managing it, as well as oxalate to also permeate the entire body causing a potential double-whammy that if addressed, may reverse the condition. Lots to be pissed off about with this situation. But one biggie is in how people are being told this condition is permanent. Although I believe it can be difficult to reverse, I believe it is entirely possible if approached from the above theoretical standpoint. That is how I approached it, and have had tremendous results. See my programs as well as the free info over at http://MaintenanceMotions.com. If you have some organic expeller-pressed coconut oil...or oil of your choice according to options available via Ayurvedic tradition...I'd give oil pulling a try, sticking with it for a solid few months. I have found it to be incredibly effective for joint/tendon issues, with dietary change, gut health with probiotics, and candida management to offer profound improvements. I need to consistently maintain the effort, but it's a part of my lifestyle regardless. Then I added some high quality ubiquinol to assist with mitochondrial damage, and energy production. http://FacelessFatloss.com My Over 40 program: http://Over40andRipped.com And Facebook: http://facebook.com/tim.ripped Love, Happiness, Health and Peace.........Tim .
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Neurologically Why You're Getting Numbness,Tingling, or Burning in Arms or Legs - Dr Mandell
Pinched nerves commonly cause numbness, burning or tingling in the the upper or lower extremities. The medical term is called paresthesia.
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Skin |  Starting Month 3 of Accutane + Muscle Pain Side Effects
Subscribe: Youtube.com/Shanese Danae Previous Video: Eps 1: https://youtu.be/FZos4zVXS8M Eps 2: https://youtu.be/cVJdL2avTog Eps 3: https://youtu.be/60S2n1mzHsM All Meds: https://youtu.be/a9Ydf_TLV2g Hey Guys!!! I am back with another Acne Vlog. Let me tell you! I am excited that I am not getting too many side effects when it comes to my skin. However, the joint pain is definitely annoying. Please let me know if any of you have any suggestions. Please be sure to Subscribe for more weekly videos :). Accutane: Currently on Claravis 40mg 1 time/day Month 1 on Claravis 20mg 1time/day Acne Diaries Week 1 | https://youtu.be/76pgfKz5l1o Acne Diaries Month 1 | https://youtu.be/3Cr-jA10yFw Acne Diaries Month 2 | https://youtu.be/Kptns5z9ANQ Acne Diaries Month 5 | https://youtu.be/6CGXU7HuBFs Music by: joakimkarud.com/use-my-music/ For seeing an Online Dermatologist like I did and get $20 off by clicking here http://yoderm.com/ref/1HZblS1EE5o for a $59.00 Consultation. This includes a detailed regimen and prescriptions. Previous Prescribed Medication: Acticlate (Doxycycline) 150mg Bactrim Spirolactone Finacea Aczone Tazorac Minocycline Products Non-Prescribed: Neutrogena Rapid Clear Facial Wash(10%) + Leave-On Mask(2.5%) Manuka Honey 15+ Active and 16+ Active Social Media/ Contact ☎️ ⚠️ Email: ShaneseDanaeYT@gmail.com⚠️ Instagram: instagram.com/shanesedanae Snapchat:ShaneseDanae1 Facebook: Facebook.com/ShaneseDanae Twitter: Fashion_neseta
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How Painful Folliculitis on Back of Head is Treated (Black Men's Skincare)
Today's help with skin care segment is courtesy of Skin Renewal Method (http://skinrenewalmethod.com) by Bay Harbour Med Spa - located in Miami, FL (http://miamilaserhairremoval.com) and the Atlanta, Ga area (http://bayharbourmedspaatlanta.com). I received a question via email - and subsequently had a conversation from a young black man who reached out to me in great frustration about painful and unsightly folliculitis on the back of his neck and head. He mentioned that some antibiotics were prescribed by a dermatologist but it did not eradicate the issue. I hope my thorough and in-depth explanation is helpful to you. Have a skin care related question for me? Feel free to ask below in the comment section, or via my website: http://skinrenewalmethod.com. If you find this video to be helpful, kindly LIKE and SHARE it, and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel. PRODUCTS I MENTION: CoolGlide Laser Hair Removal: More info on my blog @http://miamilaserhairremoval.com JOIN ME FOR WEEKLY SKIN CARE TIPS AND REMEDIES @ FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/bayharbormedspa INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/bayharbourmedspa/
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Treating & Preventing Urinary Tract Infections
Dr. Natasha Withers discusses the symptoms of a urinary tract infection and how to treat it.To view over 15,000 other how-to, DIY, and advice videos on any topic, visit http://www.monkeysee.com/
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How to Cure Chronic Epididymitis
How to cure / get rid of chronic epididymits. How to Cure Epididymitis In my video i'll tell you how to cure epididamitis naturally and at home without any issue .completely safe and works... With just juicing and eating clean.... Many patients with unilateral or bilateral testicular, epididymal, or scrotal pain as their sole presenting symptom receive a diagnosis of “chronic epididymitis.” This common clinical entity is diagnosed and treated by practicing urologists but essentially ignored by academic urologists. This article defines chronic epididymitis, reviews current knowledge regarding its etiology, and describes appropriate physical examination and clinical testing for patients with the condition. The recently developed Chronic Epididymitis Symptom Index is presented, which can be used for baseline evaluation and follow-up of patients with chronic epididymitis, both in clinical practice and in research treatment trials. Treatment options, from watchful waiting to medical therapy to epididymectomy, are reviewed.
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MY ACNE PROBLEMS ON TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)
JOIN MY PATREON COMMUNITY: https://www.patreon.com/bignoknow (Includes exclusive offers and the magic to support this channel) If you want to SEND ME ANYTHING to open on camera: PO Box 7174 Beaverton, OR 97007 Please SHARE, LIKE, COMMENT, and even FAVORITE THIS VIDEO if you found it useful or if you know somebody who it may benefit. Thank you. FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/bignoknowofficial INSTAGRAM :http://instagram.com/bignoknow TWITTER: https://twitter.com/bignoknow1 2nd channel for TRT http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpVenD6NqonyYsm1Y1GekBA DEPRESSION SCREENING TEST: http://healingfromdepression.com/depression-screening-test.htm This video is for educational and documentary purposes only and is not intended to treat or diagnose. The opinions expressed are that of the individual in the video and nobody else. Please consult a health care professional for all mental and physical healthcare needs. I Noah Thomas, the creator of this channel, have been diagnosed hypogonadism by a medical doctor and legally prescribed the medically indicated treatment of Testosterone Replacement Therapy. My Story My name is Noah and on May 18 2011, I had a rare reaction to a medication called VIVITROL and consequently, spiraled into a suicidal depression with depersonalization and anxiety. I lost 25 lbs in 4 weeks and was in full panic or near panic for 8 weeks straight mixed with the darkest most painful depression I cold have ever imagined. I immediately could not work and had to move in with my parents who, along with many siblings and friends, had to watch me 24/7 as I was a danger to myself. Eventually I was hospitalized in the Psych Ward for a week. Getting through each day seemed truly unbearable and I knew I would surely die. I have been put on many many different doctor prescribed SSRI's SNRI's Tricyclics, mood stabilizers, anti-psychotics, holistic meds, acupuncture and even a form of shock therapy called RTMS. I barely saw any improvement in my condition for a full year. It was decided I had treatment resistant depression and I spent nearly every moment in tears. Weeks after starting my newest round of medications (Seroquel & Nortryptaline) as a last ditch effort, I had my blood drawn for possible hormone imbalances and my Testosterone levels came back 200 ng/Dl and 150 ng/Dl. The average 25 year old male has 750 ng/Dl. With this discovery I had an explanation as to why I was not getting better and why I might be so so sick. The symptoms of Low T are very similar to those of major depression. I started legally prescribed testosterone replacement therapy soon after and have been checking in with the world and documenting my experience with treatment as well as giving my insight and perspective on various topics of mental health. I am blessed to say that I have slowly, over the last 6 years, been improving and becoming more stable which I never thought to be possible. My low T manifested itself in the form of Major depression, anxiety, and depersonalization/ derealization for over a year. Treating my low testosterone has been 1 HUGE part of the puzzle but I have had to continue to work hard to hold on to my mental stability with many set backs. Gaining some mental stability back is nothing short of a miracle as I was near death for what felt like forever. I do not consider myself to be totally healed yet but I am closer now then ever before and aim to use what I have been through to help or at least offer support to others in need I was able to successfully come off my Seroquel and Pamelor. I work out all the time as a part of my mental health recovery!!! Weight training and all kinds of cardio rule much of my free time and I also share this on my channel.
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Get Rid Of Back Acne In Just 7 Days || 100% Effective Home Remedy
Hi guys welcome back to my channel. Today I am going to share with you guys on how you can get rid of your back acne in just 7 days. This recipe will work for every one and it has also worked for many of my friends and so I decided to share this with you guys. So for this you will need salt, Aloe Vera gel, you can even use fresh aloe Vera gel, Apple cider vinegar, I prefer using the one with the mother in it, which basically means that it is the purest form and last but not least you will need some cotton rounds. So this procedure is basically divide into 2 steps. For the first step you only need 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of hot water and mix them together very well. Now take the cotton ball and soak it in the salt water, squeeze out the excess water and gently rub it on your back where ever you have acne or pimple for about 5 mins. Preferably do this after you take a shower. Salt is an incredibly powerful acne medication that works by cleansing the cells and killing bacteria while also promoting healthy pH levels in the skin. It exfoliates the impurities and excess oil that clogged the skin pores and promotes the growth of new skin cells. Salt also effectively dries out your skin, taking away all the oil that cause acne on your back. Now after massaging this onto your back, leave it as it is and do not wash it off. Now lets move on to the second step. Take a clean bowl and add 1 teaspoon aloe vera gel and to this add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Mix both of them together. Now take another cotton round and soak it into the solution and squeeze out the excess and gently rub it on your back. This will act as a very good toner for your back. Apple cider vinegar (ACV), as you might know, is a marvelous ingredient for your body. It may also help you get rid of back acne by balancing the pH of your body which naturally eliminates the acne breakouts. Because Apple cider vinegar is also an effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent, it is counted amongst one of the best remedies for acne as a whole and not only for back acne. Among its innumerable properties, aloe vera also has astringent, emollient, antifungal and regenerative properties. This means it can stop fluid discharge by contraction of blood vessels, make skin soft and smooth, eliminate fungal infection and can lead to regrowth of new cells thus healing wounds. All these properties of aloe vera come to usage when you apply it topically on your back to eliminate acne. So after applying mixture, Let it dry completely before putting your clothes and do not wash this off and that’s why its better to do this after you take the shower. So that’s it for this video. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING Hope you guys enjoyed this video, if you did then please give a THUMBS UP and also don’t forget to SHARE this video with your friends and most importantly subscribe and also click on the bell button to turn your notification on. So that you won’t miss any of my videos in the future. Bye guys. love you Songs: Backdrop Story by IAMBRAHMS provided by https://www.freesoundtrackmusic.com DISCLAIMER: The information/remedies provided on this channel is for general purposes only and should NOT be considered as a professional advice. All products used in my videos are those that I love using. I am not a licensed professional or a medical practitioner so always make sure you consult a professional in case of need. I always try to keep my channel and its content updated but I cannot guarantee it. All opinions expressed here are my own and I am not compensated by any brand, advertiser, PR representative or affiliate for the same unless explicitly stated in my videos and/or description box. I never try to push products on anyone but I do make recommendations based on my personal experience. I cannot be responsible for allergies to products and resultant ailments if any. I strongly suggest you do a patch test of any remedies or products before its continued usage. If any redness or itching occurs do not continue use. The content published on this channel is protected by copyright, and any unauthorized copying, reproduction, republishing, uploading, posting or duplicating of any of the material is prohibited without my express written permission.
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Chest Infection Symptoms
Visit oure website - http://chiropractorfortworth.org - Chest Infection Symptoms. Chest infection is quite common among both adults as well as small children. It is of two different types. One is related to upper respiratory tract infection where the nose, sinus cavities, larynx and pharynx are involved. In the other one, the lower respiratory tract is attacked and the lungs get affected. This is a more serious condition and is found in people suffering from pneumonia. Causes. Chest infection is caused either by the different viruses that are responsible for cold and flu or some bacteria. Its symptoms are usually observed within 2-3 days after you catch the infection and may continue to bother you for the next few weeks. Symptoms in Adults. The symptoms of upper and lower respiratory tract infection have lots of similarity but their intensity becomes much severe when the lungs get infected. Here are the commonly observed symptoms of chest infection: Chest Congestion: A dull, heavy feeling inside the chest is one of the obvious signs of infection in the chest. This is because of phlegm in chest. When there is a heavy congestion, it gives pain and discomfort. Persistent cough often aggravates this pain further. Cough: An inflammation in the air passage that lies in between the nose and the lungs causes a lot of irritation inside the throat which gives rise to a chesty cough. Initially, it is a dry cough but as mucous gets accumulated, thick mucus is expelled which is yellow or green in color. Repeated cough contracts the thoracic cavity so badly that traces of blood may come out with the phlegm. The cough bothers the patient for at least 7-10 days, if not weeks. Breathing Difficulty: As the nose and rest of the respiratory tract gets blocked with thick mucus, breathing problem arises. As a result, one starts taking shallow and rapid breaths. It also produces wheezing sound during inhalation. Fever: The body temperature often rises because of the infection. If it is an upper respiratory infection, then usually one gets a mild fever. However, the fever due to pneumonia, could go beyond 101 degrees F. Pain: Chest infection makes your body weak and it is susceptible to pain. One may experience headache quite frequently. The joints, bones, muscles and nerves of the body becomes tender and pain is experienced in various parts of the body. In this condition, back and neck pain mostly arise due to achy muscles. Symptoms in Babies. The symptoms in children and babies are more or less the same as adults. You must observe them carefully as the symptoms may have severe impact on their health. They often have swallowing difficulty in this condition. So, they should be fed with great care to avoid choking. There are some symptoms in babies that require emergency medical intervention, for example, shortness of breath, which is accompanied by a bluish tinge in lips, tongue, and face and abnormal drowsiness. Treatment. When the symptoms are mild, they may not require any medical treatment, they may subside on their own. Moderate to serious infections are diagnosed with the help of laboratory test like X-rays and mucus sample test. Bacterial chest infection is treated with the help of antibiotic medicines. However, if it is caused by virus, then antibiotics are ineffective on them. In that case, the symptoms are controlled with the help of suitable medicines. For pain and fever, pain relieving medicines are prescribed by the doctors. Expectorants and cough suppressants can be used to check a bad cough. When you are suffering from chest infection, you must take adequate amount of rest which will help the body to recover from it. You should also keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. Inhalation of steam facilitates thinning up of the mucus and ensures its faster elimination. The symptoms tend to get worse with exposure to irritants such as dust, smoke, chemicals, etc. Therefore, you should stay away from them. You should cover up your face while sneezing and coughing to avoid spread of infection. Read more at buzzle.com/articles/chest-infection-symptoms.html
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How to manage one sided testicular pain & sagging? - Dr. Ravish I R
Unilateral testicular pain or sagging might be due to torsion, varicocoele, or it might be due to a tumour also. These things have to be evaluated by a colour Doppler or an ultrasound. After evaluating the patient we have to treat the cause depending on what it is. If it is a testicular tumour, then we have to surgically remove it. If it is a varicocoele, if it is a mild grade, then we treat it medically and tell them to use scrotal supports and mild pain killers and anti-inflammatories. If it is a severe grade of varicocoele, we have to know if it is causing infertility or sever pain and spasm and difficulty in the normal physical activity. In these cases, we operate for varicocoele. So evaluation of the patient is more important for the case to find out the cause and then treat it.
MYSTERY RASH After Strep Throat & Antibiotics: LIVE DIAGNOSIS with Dr. Paul
Patient came in with strep throat and was treating with antibiotics. He then returned with a massive rash soon after. CAN YOU NAME THIS RASH? Dr. Paul BLOG: http://www.integrativepediatricsonline.com/blog/ Please LIKE,COMMENT,SHARE, or even FAVORITE if you found this video to be helpful. Thank you and remember to SUBSCRIBE for weekly videos. FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Paulthomasmd/106480022715622 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Paulthomasmd WEB SITE: http://drpaul.md/
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No More UTI, No More Antibiotics - I Found A Solution
I can relate to your frustration. As someone who suffered from UTIs almost every month, I finally found a solution. I haven't had a UTI in over a year! Urinary Tract Infections, also known as UTI. I wanted to share this video with those of you who suffer from UTIs. When I would get the UTI, I would have to go on antibiotics because the infection processed through my body so fast that drinking lots of water or cranberry juice did not help make it go away. For me, once I get a UTI, the only way to make it go away is to go on antibiotics. For some people, they can drink a lot of water or cranberry juice and it goes away. That just never worked with me. Prevention was my only hope. I had tried many things to prevent from getting the UTI (baking soda, cinnamon, concentrated cranberry pills, purest cranberry juice) and I would still get UTI and have to go on antibiotics over and over again. I believe taking antibiotics whether from UTI or whatever type of infections (ear infections, etc) is not good for you. It slowly breaks down your immune system and ruins your stomach. I believe it is the cause of my allergies and also causes my stomach to react unnaturally to certain foods, which I hadn't had a problem previously. I've heard that if taking antibiotics for a long time, your body becomes immune to it and one day when you need it, it won't work anymore. Sounds so scary. Therefore, I wanted to find a solution to never getting another UTI again. I have been UTI free for over 1 year now. I'm so excited to share this with especially those that are similar and also want to find a solution. This product that I use is called D-Mannose Powder and the brand is NOW. Who would have thought a simple sugar powder could help so much to the point I no longer get UTIs. Believe me, I was so skeptical at first. But I had another round of antibiotics waiting for me if it didn't work. First I followed what the suggested usage on the back of the bottle mentioned. That did not work. Then, I altered the way I take it so that it would work for me. It mentioned to take it every day as a dietary supplement. I only take it at certain times (please view my video to see details on how I made it work for me). When I mention flushing with 5 cups in my video, that means drinking 4 - 5 cups of water in 1 hour after waiting 45 minute for the teaspoon of D-Mannose to set in. This bottle is not cheap. So I wanted to make sure I only use it when needed. Not sure which way would work best for you. I'm only sharing my experience and how I have made it work for me. Disclaimer: I am not claiming that it would cure the UTI or treat the UTI. Please consult with your physician before using. I have mentioned this D-Mannose to my physician and she is happy I no longer get the UTIs. I have successfully used it to prevent me from getting a UTI for over 1 year now. You can purchase this item at a health food store called Sprouts. This is a local health food type grocery store that also sells vitamins. As mentioned in the video, I will update this description section when I know of a sale. There is currently a sale going on from 01/03/18 to 01/10/18. I believe it is 25% off. For those who do not have a Sprouts near you, you can also purchase it online. I hope this video has inspired you to find solutions. I was hesitant to put up this video because it is a very sensitive subject. But I know so many people suffer from UTIs so perhaps this video would be helpful and valuable. Take care! Cheers!
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Lyme Disease Symptoms – Top 10 Symptoms of Lyme Disease and Signs for the Tick Infection
Lyme disease symptoms are linked to symptoms of Lyme disease and its signs for the tick infection. It is an underreported and often debilitating disorder. It's miles transmitted with the aid of spirochete microorganism. In our previous video, we've mentioned Lyme disease definition and further statistics. To know detail please subscribe this channel: https://goo.gl/gQL0cj Lyme tick chunk seems like a strong purple oval or a bulls-eye. It could show everywhere to your body. The bull’s-eye has a center pink mark and it's miles surrounded through the way of a clean circle with a big red circle on the outdoor. Lyme rash is flat and it doesn’t commonly make any itch. Tiredness, lack of power and fatigue are the most commonplace signs and symptoms. The Lyme fatigue also can appear specific from everyday tiredness. This fatigue seems to take over your body and it can be extreme. You may get a snooze for the duration of the day, or you may get to sleep greater hours than popular. Your joints can be irritated, painful, and swollen. You could have inflexibility and confined form of motion in a few joints. Pain can circulate around and from time to time your knees can harm. You can also have bursitis. It's miles the skinny cushions among surrounding tissue and bone. Approximately 52% of humans with Lyme disease undergo a headache and fever inside each week in their contamination. It may be difficult to differentiate Lyme flu symptoms from a viral contamination or ordinary flu. You moreover may not distinguish the fever, because it may be generally low-grade. Sleep disturbances and night sweats are common in Lyme disease. Joint pain can wake you up at night. Your body temperature can exchange, and nighttime sweats or chills might also additionally wake you. This time, your head and face can feel flushed. You may problem concentrating in college and at work. Your memory can lapse and you may hard to bear in mind an acquainted name. Once in a while you public shipping to a memory area, you could forget about how to flow there. Source: 1. https://www.healthline.com/health/lyme-disease-symptoms Watch More: 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u1abZc7wY4 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgHZWiEVA-A #################################### This Youtube channel associated with a website. You can visit this website and can know more detail about your asking topic. Website: http://newswebbd.com ************************************ There is the all social profile link of this Youtube channel. You can visit and stay with us. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/newswebbd/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/newswebbd24 Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+MotasimBillah
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How to Treat Chlamydia
SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS http://bit.ly/PianoAppSale http://www.mahalo.com/how-to-treat-chlamydia DISCLAIMER Mahalo.com and this video is an information resource to be used for educational purposes only. The information is not intended to serve as a substitute for professional medical advice and we recommend that all decisions about your treatment or products you wish to use should be discussed thoroughly and frankly with your doctor. Chlamydia is one of the most common Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the United States with more than 4 million cases diagnosed yearly according to the Mayo Clinic. The international HIV and AIDS charity, AVERT, states Chlamydia is often referred to as a "silent" disease due to the lack of visible symptoms. Chlamydia can cause reproductive damage that could lead to infertility according to the National Institutes of Health. The Mayo Clinic lists the most common symptoms of chlamydia as vaginal or penal discharge, genital itching, burning during urination, painful sex, swollen testicles and lower back pain. Transmission of chlamydia is generally tied to sexual activity. If you suspect you have chlamydia, you should seek medical attention. The Centers for Disease Control and Preventions states the basic diagnostic procedure requires taking a culture from the cervix or penis. After a positive test result, treatment will include a regimen of antibiotics such as Zithromax that may be taken as a one-time dose or over a five to ten day period according to the Mayo Clinic. Planned Parenthood recommends taking the full round of antibiotics as prescribed and avoiding sharing your medication to ensure eradication of the infection. Generally the infection will be resolved within two weeks. The Mayo Clinic states that after you complete your antibiotics cycle, you will need to return to your doctor to be retested to ensure your system is free of chlamydia. One of the most important aspects of your treatment is to refrain from sexual activity until you and your sexual partners are confirmed to be cleared of the infection according to the CDC. All your sexual partners should be tested and treated as the CDC states that reinfection with chlamydia can occur if your sexual partners are still infected. To avoid future infections, the National Institutes of Health suggests following safe sex practices by using a condom and limiting the number of your sexual partners. The Mayo Clinic also advises to avoiding douching as it can increase your infection risk. More Videos From Mahalo.com: What Not To Do On A Date: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=AFC3649895B388B1 How To Use Twitter: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=50B07469DABAB436 LA's Hottest Bartender: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=96FA90BA24F548EA How To Flirt: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=FE6A2A8DA16AD365 How To Play FarmVille: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=783B260723506DEA How To Use iPhone 4: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=32C24F50A404FFC6 How To Read Body Language: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=B136F7631ED490DF How To Use Windows 7: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=B47CD82C4D38321B How To Play Guitar Songs: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=BE077DEF7EB33D00 How To Get A Job: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=0717724A987EF8BF Creative Commons Images: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pap_smear_showing_clamydia_in_the_vacuoles_500x_H&E.jpg
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How long does it take for a PID to go away ? | Best Health Channel
Pelvic inflammatory disease (pid) idphpelvic harvard health. If side effects still bother you and wonder if do not suddenly quit taking your medicine unless doctor tells to. Or to be in a long term mutually monogamous relationship with partner who has inflammatory disease (pid), condition that how does it take for the symptoms go. A few days of starting treatment, your symptoms improve or go away. Pride center at equality park of south florida. How is pelvic inflammatory disease (pid) treated? Stds sharecare. How long does it take for a pid to go away? Youtube. Pelvic inflammatory disease (pid) pelvic allina health. If you could know right away exactly which organisms were causing remember to take all your antibiotics, even if symptoms are long term problems can occur pid is not treated promptly. Be able to undo damage (like scarring) caused by long term pid infections cause chronic (long term) abdominal pain and problems with future pregnancies. Go to the patients in this rct adhered well protocol, so it does not provide a gonorrhea causes no long term problems if is treated early course of you are prescribed more than one dose an antibiotic, be sure take your symptoms that do go away after treatment caused by another pelvic inflammatory disease (pid) serious complication can lead women and testicle all medicine, even before within week finishing treatment, refers infection uterus (womb), view internal organs specimens for laboratory studies, continue or abscess away, surgery needed. Antibiotics for pelvic inflammatory disease webmd. What is pelvic inflammatory disease? Symptoms, pictures, treat disease risk factors, treatment, & more. Gonorrhea gonorrhea treatment overview healthwise medical. Biopsy during a biopsy, your caregiver will take tissue sample from the if you do not finish treatment for pid, infection go away view messages patients providing insights into their medical experiences with pelvic inflammatory disease treatments. The infection will not be fully cured if you do take all of the medicine. How long does it take for pid to completly heal? Vaginal and symptoms of superdrug online doctor. If the infection is not treated, it could spread to other parts of your body or create an abscess in fallopian tubes ovaries drug details for antibiotics pelvic inflammatory disease. Pelvic inflammatory disease our bodies ourselves. Make sure you finish all the medicine as prescribed. If you have a high fever or severe pain, go to the closest emergency room 15, 2011 pelvic inflammatory disease (pid) is general term for an infection that how long had pid, what if any antibiotics taken, and your health. If you have had the disease for a long time before find it, to 14, see your doctor straight away. Pid how do you get pelvic inflammatory disease can pid? Gonorrhea and chlamydia are the most common causes of pid. Usually several types of antibiotics are prescribed and the woman must take 27, how do women get pelvic inflammatory disease? Their patients that although their symptoms go away before infection is cured, attributed to pid comes predominantly from long term reproductive sequelae 18, i was diagnosed with recently & havesince started just wondering after finshing all medicine does it or disease, sometimes called pid, an fallopian tubes untreated lead problems, including if a girl who has had pregnant, scarring note clicking these links will you site outside kidshealth's control 1. The reproductive system, it will likely take some time to heal, and sometimes, chronic pain does anyone know how long for chlamydia gonorrhea turn so this pid go away or always be there since is a pelvic inflammatory disease (pid) sexually transmitted infection (sti) of female don't do anything get rid them, you are much more. Pelvic inflammatory disease. If pid is not treated, for most women with mild, uncomplicated pid, outpatient treatment appropriate to take 1 azithromycin pill initially and a week later, than doxycycline or without metronidazole effective in the of. If fever and pain do not improve after several days, you need a Pelvic inflammatory disease (aftercare instructions) what uhs health topic pelvic. Faq077 pelvic inflammatory disease (pid) acog. Pid cause chronic (long term) abdominal pain and problems with future pregnancies. Azithromycin for pid beats doxycycline on all counts ncbi nih. Pelvic inflammatory disease (pid). Away after treatment? The symptoms will 31, important to finish all of the medication, even if go away. Pelvic inflammatory disease bmj best practice. Pelvic inflammatory disease pid a serious bacterial std in womenpelvic i wanna know. Googleusercontent search. Symptoms go away before the infection is cured would you like to nigeria website? How do i get tested and treated for pid? Pelvic inflammatory disease also called pid an in your doctor or local planned parenthood health center right. Pelvic inflammatory disease (aftercare instructions) what you uhs health topic pelvic. Ever feel off
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When Should I Reintroduce Probiotics?
Here is a question from a subscriber who has a parasite infection and who is taking an antibiotic. Your FREE Candida Report here: https://www.yeastinfection.org/free-candida-report/ Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand. Thanks for coming back and looking at my video. Got a bunch of YouTube subscriber questions here, so I'm going to go through them and do one video per question. The first one here is from a person called Billy Bob. When should I start to reintroduce good bacteria or probiotics into my system? I'm diagnosed with D. fragilis, which is a parasite, Dientamoeba fragilis through PCR testing and I'm on doxycycline right now. My pharmacist's told me to take the probiotics three hours before the antibiotics. This seems a terrible waste of money to me since probably all the probiotics will be killed off by the antibiotics. I also feel that my abdominal pain intensifies after I take the probiotics, and I don't want to feed the parasite who lives from my intestinal bacteria. On the other hand, the doxycycline therapy lasts over three weeks and I'm getting weaker and weaker every day. Can I get my strength back without taking probiotics? Well, Billy Bob, I would question why you'd want to take antibiotics for three weeks to kill a bug that's quite easily killed off with something like grapefruit seed extract. Dientamoeba fragilis is not a hard parasite to nail by any means. It has a good friend called Blastocystis hominis, and those guys often hang out together. Whereas D. fragilis tends to be the guy with just the small charges like the felonies and the break an entrance, the Blastocystis is the heavy duty gangster. That's the guy who's killed people, who's probably joined ISIS, he's a real bad guy. So when you've got blasto and you've had it a long time it can be a tough sort of a monkey to get rid off. But when you've got Dientamoeba fragilis on its own from my experience it's a push over. It's easily nailed. It's a scaredy-cat. It can be taken out quite easily with grapefruit seed extract. So all you have had to have done would be to take 5 to 10 drops of GSE, grapefruit seed extract three times per day for maybe two to three weeks, and you would have nailed this sucker and you would not have had to resort to doxycycline. I've done some videos on parasites so I'm sure of this. I'm quite upset when I read this, someone taking these stupid antibiotics for three weeks because the collateral damage can be quite significant. In my experience doxycyline is definitely linked up with the destruction of bifidobacteria, and these predominate in the large intestine. So taking the probiotics three hours before the antibiotics is dumb, it's a pretty dumb idea, just stupid to me. That's like having a cup of whiskeys before you go for a driving exam. What a stupid thing to do. You just don't do dumb things in life. The pharmacist says it's okay, but I would wait until you're entirely finished the course of antibiotics, then I would go on the probiotics for about two to three months, a long time yes, two to three months minimum if you've been on three weeks, and also recommend that you start focusing on prebiotic foods. Look some of my videos I've completed on prebiotic foods. So these are foods high in FOS, GOS. These are particular sugars that feed up the bugs in the colon where the bifidobacteria like to live, and they get nailed by the doxycycline. Doxycyline can cause side effects for some people. I would not, not, not recommend that you repeat this prescription of antibiotics because sometimes when you go back and repeat the bug test, they still find the bug, and then they want to give you more antibiotics. So you'd only be a fool to do that. Yes, I would start taking the probiotics as soon as you finish the antibiotics, like the second day, the following day you would take them, and then you would take them twice per day, sufficient with breakfast and eating meal, and you would take it for at least I would say 10 to 12 weeks or even longer, until you feel in very good shape and then probably another three to four weeks beyond that. And don't forget the prebiotic foods. Can I get my strength back without taking probiotics? You can, but it's going to take a lot longer, and it'll be a lot easier achieved. Try and get one in particular that's got a lot of bifidobacteria in it. I think that'll work quite well for you. Thank you Billy Bob for your question. I hope that answers it
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Free from Lyme Disease through a diet change (tick bite/Borrelia)
Itsy got more and more ill and was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease. She desperatly struggeled to get well and it turned out to be a diet change that was the answer. Get my free 'Top 5 Tips for Getting Your Health Back Naturally': http://fruitylou.com/top-five-tips Get personal health coaching at http://www.fruitylou.com Get Louise's 'Get Started Guide': http://fruitylou.com/get-started-guide Instagram: http://instagram.com/fruitylouise Twitter: http://twitter.com/FruityLouise Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FruityLouise Tumblr: http://fruitylouise.tumblr.com ----------------------------------- ABOUT FRUITY LOUISE ----------------------------------- Louise aka FruityLou is a Danish coach, speaker, author, television journalist and event maker. She used to be really ill herself but got well through a diet and lifestyle change. She has written the two most comprehensive books on natural healing and the 80/10/10 raw food diet published in Scandinavia. On top of that she has also written three e-books in Danish where her first one, the 'Get started Guide' has been translated into English - http://fruitylou.com/get-started-guide. Louise is a certified coach with years of experience in helping people improve their health through mental and dietary changes. She is the organizer of the international and longest running 80/10/10 fruit festival in the world - the Fresh Food Festival. As a speaker she has spoken on several stages both in Scandinavia and abroad including the Fresh Food Festival of course. As a journalist she has interviewed some of the most knowledgeable pioneers within the 80/10/10 / HCLF movement and she constantly work to keep herself updated with the latest information. ------------------------- LOUISE'S STORY ------------------------- For many years Louise suffered from both adrenal fatigue, liver problems, gout, low hormone production, anxiety attacks, depression, insomnia, low back pain, PMS, brain fog and about 30 other symptoms. Amongst others the doctor told her she had so severe cell and DNA damage that she was close to cancer and that she probably could not get pregnant either. Being a television journalist she knew that she had to research to find a new solution. She promised herself that if she ever got well she would use it in a positive way to help others and luckily she did. In 2009 she came across a super healthy diet and lifestyle that became the turning point in her entire life and in only a few years she healed herself naturally without any treatment or medication. Today she feels better than ever and she has dedicated her life to inspire and help others get their life and happiness back too. Thousands of people around the globe have already followed her inspirational tips and her 'Get started Guide' has been downloaded more than 3.000 times. Her most inspiring Youtube video has been watched more than 1.200.000 times and her channel is all about improving your health and happiness. Read more about Louise here: http://fruitylou.com/about-me For her Danish channel go to: https://www.youtube.com/raskpaarawfood Learn more about the diet with Louise's 'Get Started Guide': http://fruitylou.com/get-started-guide
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How to Treat Urinary Tract Infections Naturally -  Home Remedies For Uti
Amazing! You must see this awesome animated story of unforgettable friendship and love for animals. Click here to watch! https://youtu.be/ZnAZnZCJ5Zs --~-- http://www.waysandhow.com Subscribe to Waysandhow: https://goo.gl/RK2SbN Home remedies for uti. Tips on how to treat urinary track infections naturally. Urinary tract infections or UTIs are one of the most common infections. If you have a UTI, it can be very painful to pass urine; you may experience a burning sensation each time you urinate. You will also feel frequent urges to urinate even when your bladder is empty. Here's how to treat urinary tract infections naturally. Waysandhow. ---------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Google+: https://plus.google.com/+waysandhow Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waysandhow/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/waysandhow/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/waysandhow
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How I Got Rid Of My Body Acne FOREVER!
How I got rid of my bacne & chest acne once and for all! #acne#skincare#howto Support me & my videos by donating to my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jenniferfix Products mentioned in this video: Epsom Salt: https://www.target.com/p/epsom-soothing-lavender-bath-salt-for-soaking-up-up-153/-/A-16602436?ref=tgt_adv_XS000000&AFID=google_pla_df&CPNG=PLA_Health+Beauty+Shopping&adgroup=SC_Health+Beauty&LID=700000001170770pgs&network=g&device=c&location=1013668&gclid=Cj0KCQjw24nNBRChARIsALldLD3dbNoPu2jHhu6XqO2AqBLLKozBZxVv33ePjTPo5a6PraW5g6FOcu8aAjY9EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Dove Sensitive soap:https://www.target.com/p/dove-174-sensitive-skin-beauty-bar-4oz-8ct/-/A-11223553?sid=1309S&ref=tgt_adv_XS000000&AFID=google_pla_df&CPNG=PLA_Health+Beauty+Shopping_Local&adgroup=SC_Health+Beauty&LID=700000001170770pgs&network=g&device=c&location=9031148&gclid=Cj0KCQjw24nNBRChARIsALldLD2NagLvAolf3nCOPYccSOAgrCmQU9AFMASoMqv3LIYBUx3OhsaUL7QaAtSWEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Pink Grapefruit Body Wash: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Neutrogena-Body-Clear-Body-Wash-Salicylic-Acid-Acne-Treatment-Pink-Grapefruit-8-5-Fl-Oz/12166849?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=0&adid=22222222227000148092&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=40842490352&wl4=aud-310687322322:pla-78655582592&wl5=9031148&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla_multichannel&wl10=8175035&wl11=online&wl12=12166849&wl13=&veh=sem FOLLOW ME: ♡INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/jenniferfix ♡SNAPCHAT: jennifer_fix ♡TWITTER: https://twitter.com/jenniferfix ♡TUMBLR: https://jenniferfix.tumblr.com For business inquiries ONLY: jenniferjanefix@gmail.com *This is not a sponsored video*
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Cure Your Urinary Tract Infection By Yourself At Home, With This Natural Antibiotic! (Recipe)
Cure Your Urinary Tract Infection By Yourself At Home, With This Natural Antibiotic! (Recipe) Don't Forget To Subscribe: https://goo.gl/GxNHT4 Find us on Facebook : https://goo.gl/Gedy3J FInd us on Google+ : https://goo.gl/TDKbpr Visit our website : https://goo.gl/gACZbb Thank You, dont forget to subscribe
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Testicle Pain Relief
For a NEWER and more detailed version of this video please visit http://www.do-it-yourself-joint-pain-relief.com/testicle-pain-relief.html Learn a do-it-yourself testicle pain relief treatment that can be done by anyone.. Free yourself from testicle pain by yourself...for Free.
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What Is Keto Rash?
Get Purified Biles Salts Here: https://shop.drberg.com/gallbladder-f... Take Dr. Berg's Advanced Evaluation Quiz: http://bit.ly/EvalQuiz Your report will then be sent via email analyzing 104 potential symptoms, giving you a much deeper insight into the cause-effect relationship of your body issues. It's free and very enlightening. Dr. Berg talks about keto rash. When you release more fat than usual. Fat is the substance that stores all sorts of toxins. And if your liver or gallbladder is not releasing toxins in a regular manner, your body could back up with toxic slug causing a reaction in the skin. Hi guys its Dr. Berg, in this short video I want to discuss this thing called keto rash. Here you go in this ketogenic diet and you end up with this terrible rash. If you look this up there is not much information about this and it’s hard to know what it is and so people try all sorts of things and they would start eating more carbs. This is my theory about what it is, if you look at a rash it is usually itchy called pruritus. Itchiness is coming from the liver. High levels of histamines are dumped up in to the liver because when you switch over to ketogenic and or you are running on ketones, you are releasing tons of fat that is coming out through the liver and if you don’t consume enough vegetables you are going to actually have a fatty liver but you are dumping more fat and that fat holds a lot of stuff like chemicals and toxins. If you don’t have enough bile in your gallbladder and you do a ketogenic diet, you might not be able to release the toxins that are coming out with the fat in the proper matter and you are going to create a little bit of the immune reaction with the histamines. One of the purposes of bile is to break down fats but the other purpose is to eliminate toxins. The solution is to add purified bile salts, you can use my formula which is the gallbladder formula or you can just find purified bile salts but it will increase the flow of the bile to the liver and gallbladder so you will eliminate the toxins a lot better and reduce the rash reaction that is occurring. Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio: Dr. Berg, 51 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods. His private practice is located in Alexandria, Virginia. His clients include senior officials in the U.S. government and the Justice Department, ambassadors, medical doctors, high-level executives of prominent corporations, scientists, engineers, professors, and other clients from all walks of life. He is the author of The 7 Principles of Fat Burning, published by KB Publishing in January 2011. Dr. Berg trains chiropractors, physicians and allied healthcare practitioners in his methods, and to date he has trained over 2,500 healthcare professionals. He has been an active member of the Endocrinology Society, and has worked as a past part-time adjunct professor at Howard University. DR. BERG'S VIDEO BLOG: http://www.drberg.com/blog FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/DrEricBerg TWITTER: http://twitter.com/DrBergDC YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/drericbe... ABOUT DR. BERG: http://www.drberg.com/dr-eric-berg/bio DR. BERG'S SEMINARS: http://www.drberg.com/seminars DR. BERG'S STORY: http://www.drberg.com/dr-eric-berg/story DR. BERG'S CLINIC: https://www.drberg.com/dr-eric-berg/c... DR. BERG'S HEALTH COACHING TRAINING: http://www.drberg.com/weight-loss-coach DR. BERG'S SHOP: http://shop.drberg.com/ DR. BERG'S REVIEWS: http://www.drberg.com/reviews The Health & Wellness Center 4709 D Pinecrest Office Park Drive Alexandria, VA 22312 703-354-7336 Disclaimer: Dr. Eric Berg received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988. His use of “doctor” or “Dr.” in relation to himself solely refers to that degree. Dr. Berg is a licensed chiropractor in Virginia, California, and Louisiana, but he no longer practices chiropractic in any state and does not see patients. This video is for general informational purposes only. It should not be used to self-diagnose and it is not a substitute for a medical exam, cure, treatment, diagnosis, and prescription or recommendation. It does not create a doctor-patient relationship between Dr. Berg and you. You should not make any change in your health regimen or diet before first consulting a physician and obtaining a medical exam, diagnosis, and recommendation. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The Health & Wellness, Dr. Berg Nutritionals and Dr. Eric Berg, D.C. are not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this video or site.
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A Warning In The Last Stages Of Lyme Disease
A Warning In The Last Stages Of Lyme Disease
Acute Epididymitis, its Quick Cure
Heat and bed rest has for 2000 years the only treatment of this troublesome malady. An anesthetic spermatic cord block will end the pain instantly and allow a return of normal testis in three days, and back to work then. It is high time this becomes the Standard of Care.
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How to Get Rid of a UTI  | home remedies for uti | urinary tract infection
Urinary tract infections can be a very painful condition to have. Not only that, unless they are treated correctly they can be notoriously difficult to get rid of. Many women find that despite antibiotics and expensive over the counter remedies, they still go on to have a number of repeat infections. In this video you can learn how to get rid of a UTI naturally, and if followed correctly, the strategies used will help ensure that you remain UTI free. Treating UTI Naturally watch out this video to learn How to Get Rid of a UTI ! Urinary tract infections can be extremely painful and debilitating. As if this wasn't bad enough, most women who use antibiotics to get rid of a UTI find that they have a recurrence of the infection within a few short weeks. Fortunately, urinary tract infections respond very well to natural treatments which, if used correctly, can get rid of both the symptoms and infection much faster than antibiotics How to Get Rid of a UTI Naturally at Home : If you would like to know how to get rid of at UTI naturally, there are a few home remedies which can be used. These are suitable for mild to moderate symptoms which have not lasted for more than a day or so. They may even help to relieve the pain and discomfort of more severe attacks. How to Cure a Yeast Infection or Urinary Tract Infection, Naturally UTI Symptoms - Get Rid of Urinary Tract Infection! How to get Get RID of a UTI / Bladder Infection / Cystitis FAST... I can't believe this WORKED!!!!! HOW TO GET RID OF URINE STAINS NATURALLY!!! Natural home remedy for urinary tract & bladder infections Urinary Tract Infection - Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Lyme's !  Spirochete Parasites  COPPER CURE.
The existence of the Lyme disease epidemic is officially covered up in the UK, its myriad presentations routinely misdiagnosed as everything from "M.E." to MS to hypochondria. This is the first admission by a US government body that the cause is an incapacitating biowar agent: SAN ANTONIO (AP) -- The $10.6 million Margaret Batts Tobin Laboratory Building will provide a 22,000-square-foot facility to study such diseases as anthrax, tularemia, cholera, lyme disease, desert valley fever and other parasitic and fungal diseases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified these diseases as potential bioterrorism agents.". http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/10039154/ So, for the first time, a US government body admits that Lyme disease is a biological warfare agent. This is the reason that hundreds of thousands of men, women and children around the world have been left to rot with wrong diagnoses, or have had their Lyme disease acknowledged but been told that it is an "easily-treated" disease, given 3 weeks' antibiotics, then told to shove off when their symptoms carried on after that. In Britain the existence of the epidemic is denied completely, and virtually no effort made to warn or educate the public about the dangers of ticks, which carry the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi. The Borrelia genus has been a subject of biowar experimentation at least as far back as WW2, when the infamous Japanese Unit 731, which tortured and experimented on live prisoners, studied it. The reality is, Lyme disease is for many a chronic, horrendous, incapacitating disease producing crippling fatigue, constant pain, loss of memory, possible paralysis, psychosis, blindness and even death. It was an ideal biowar agent because it evades detection on routine tests, has an enormous range of different presentations, and can mimic everything from ADHD to multiple sclerosis to carpal tunnel syndrome to rheumatoid arthritis to chronic fatigue syndrome (M.E.) to lupus to schizophrenia. Enemy medical staff would never know what had hit them, nor even that ONE illness had hit their population, rather than an unexplained rise in dozens of known conditions. Honest doctors and scientists who tried to treat or research Lyme disease according to ethical principles have been viciously persecuted by government-backed organisations in the US, Europe and elsewhere. Many specialists in the US were threatened with loss of their license or had anonymous, false allegations sent to the medical board, which tied them up in mountains of paperwork and legal fees...some were forced out of medicine or even driven to suicide. Instead, medical disinfo agents, most of whom have a background in military/biowarfare units, such as Dr Allen Steere, Mark Klempner, Philip Baker, Edward McSweegan, David Dennis, Alan Barbour etc were enabled to assume top positions in Lyme research , CDC, NIH etc from where they issued false information , covering up the true seriousness and chronic nature of the disease, and comdemned untold numbers to a living hell. Please help Lyme patients publicise this scandal, which has caused suffering on a massive scale. More information on Lyme's bioweapon https://sites.newpaltz.edu/ticktalk/social-attitudes/story-by-smaranda-dumitru/ http://www.actionlyme.org/BIOWEAPONS_ATTRIBUTES.htm https://cassingram.com/bioweapon-lyme-disease/ Information on heath benefits of copper. (Copper+zinc) http://healthyeating.sfgate.com/effects-zinc-copper-metabolism-6505.html https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/minerals/health-benefits-of-copper.html?isamp=1 https://phys.org/news/2013-11-zinc-starves-lethal-bacteria-infection.amp
For chronic Lyme Disease patients, frustration, but new hope - WFXT 02-08-2018
It was thirteen years ago. But Colleen Donovan remembers it well. "I remember getting a tick bite and having a bullseye rash on my rib cage. It was classic, too." Donovan got that bite while working at a summer camp for children in her native Rhode Island. " I was out there every day so I was routinely pulling the ticks off me," Donovan said. "And I immediately went to a walk-in clinic. And they tested me for Lyme Disease." She was prescribed a course of the antibiotic commonly used for Lyme Disease, doxycycline. But days later, she got a call from the clinic. "They told me to stop taking it when the test came back negative." Donovan followed those instructions -- a decision that's haunted her ever since. "I should have been retested. And I should have just had the full course of medication because had that been done I might have been one of those people who fully recovered after" Instead, within three years, she began to develop a set of symptoms she now believes originated with that tick bite. "I was tired. My joints were aching," Donovan recalled. "And it would be different joints. First it was my left knee. And I thought I must have injured it. And then it was my other knee on the other side. And then my elbows would hurt. And then it would go away." Doctors refer to Lyme disease symptoms that linger or reappear months or years after a treated acute infection as Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome, or PTLDS. "That's a way to characterize that, even after appropriate treatment, people can still present with symptoms," said Dr. David Crandell of the Dean Center for Tick-Borne Illness at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston. "The major groupings of symptoms usually are problems with pain, muscle aches, joint aches, severe debilitating fatigue." Dr. Crandell says the most challenging symptom of PTLDS is mental confusion. "The term that most people use is brain fog," he said. Colleen Donovan is far from alone, said Mary Beth Pfeiffer, a former investigative reporter and author of the new book Lyme: The First Epidemic of Climate Change. "Ten to 20 percent of people with Lyme Disease will continue to have symptoms a year or more after treatment," she said. Pfeiffer found many of these patients have trouble getting medical care for their symptoms because what they're experiencing goes against the grain of what's medically acceptable for Lyme Disease -- not to mention what insurance companies may be willing to cover. "Medicine put out this view of Lyme Disease as easy to treat... readily curable... with antibiotics. That did not work for everyone." Pfeiffer said often patients with continuing Lyme symptoms are dismissed as having psychosomatic maladies -- when there's actually emerging science showing the Lyme Disease bacterium -- or spirochete -- can survive antibiotic treatment. "In mice, in monkeys... in test tube studies we are finding that when we expose the spirochete to the antibiotics that doctors use every day for Lyme Disease some of those spirochetes survive," Pfeiffer said. "This is where the controversy lies, says Dr. Kim Lewis, a Lyme Disease researcher at Northeastern University in Boston. "It is not possible to isolate the pathogen from our patients suffering from PTLDS. Which would indicate the pathogen is gone. (But it is) very difficult to prove a negative. That something is not there. So it is conceivable that some form of pathogen remains in the body." Dr. Lewis and his team are working on developing new treatments for Lyme Disease under a $1.5 million grant. "We now have a compound we've identified that is highly selective in killing Borrelia (the Lyme Disease bacterium) and not other bacteria," Lewis said. "It is also available orally and we see no toxicity. It clears the infection very nicely in mice." That compound is several years away from use in humans. But Dr. Lewis says human trials of a potential treatment for PTLDS are on the horizon. That treatment is based on the observation that 'chronic' Lyme symptoms bear a resemblance to some auto-immune diseases that arise because of a bacterial imbalance in the gut, or what is known as the 'microbiome.'
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Prostatitis Breakthrough (Chronic Nonbacterial Prostatitis)
http://MaintenanceMotions.com What I consider to be a chronic prostatitis breakthrough. A new discovery for the medical enigma called "chronic non bacterial prostatitis." This possible solution can apply to any pelvic pain disorder, including UTIs and interstitial cystitis. A lot more research needs to be done in this area, but in the meantime, sufferers can easily make dietary adjustments to lower their oxalate exposure to see if they obtain results. Most foods contain varying amounts of oxalate. I use the food listings at lowoxalate.info currently as my go-to source. Outside of them, there are only a small handful of other worthwhile sites, with plenty of sites giving what I feel is a tremendous amount of misleading info. When we are focusing on diet as a solution to our ills, which is so often either a direct cause or a contributor to our problems, it is frustrating...extremely frustrating...to be eating what we're all told are the best, most nutrition-dense foods there are, foods that SHOULD be helping us, but are giving us no real relief from our symptoms. When we are missing organisms that are a built-in part of us at birth, and experience leaky gut from multiple possible causes now (hybrid wheat, alcohol abuse, candida overgrowth, etc) we are building an environment that can easily cause us a lot of problems in the future. I will continue to expand upon this as I believe it relates to a number of other serious diseases that western medicine does not seem to have an answer for. All they ever needed to do was explore the idea that kidney stones may not be localized to the kidneys...and that the condition may affect other glands, organs and joints as well. If you've read this far, please like the video so that others will be inclined to watch it as well. Love, Happiness, Health and Peace...............Tim .
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MyLife Testimony...severe back & joint pain, & cough
Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector
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"Chlamydia Information: Testing, Symptoms and Treatment" by getSTDtested.com
Learn about chlamydia testing, treatment, and symptoms. For private, same-day chlamydia testing, visit http://getstdtested.com/chlamydia-test. Dr. Sabrina Kendrick, Director of the Ruth M. Rothstein CORE Center, talks about the symptoms, transmission, testing and treatment of Chlamydia. Real Help on Chlamydia; Sabrina Kendrick, M.D.; Brought to you by getSTDtested.com. Video Transcript: Chlamydia is very common, it is one of the most common STDs and there are about an estimated three million cases in the United States per year. Chlamydia is a disease that can cause inflammation in men in the urethra and in women, they are most commonly asymptomatic sixty percent of the time, but if they do have symptoms they may come in complaining of vaginal discharge or vaginal odor, they may have vaginal spotting or they may even pain or burning when they urinate. Men, when they come in with complaints, they may commonly complain of a urethral or penile discharge or a drip. They may also complain of a little tingling or irritation or burning when they urinate. Chlamydia is transmitted through sex, whether its sex, vaginal sex where its penis to vagina or whether its oral sex where the mouth goes on the penis, or whether its anal sex where there is anal-receptive sex where the penis goes in the anus. The test for Chlamydia involves a urine-based test where the patient would urinate in a cup and the specimen is sent to a lab and tested for Chlamydia and the results come back within three days. Chlamydia is easily treated with a low-cost antibiotic that cures the disease and kills the organism when you take it. Some of the complications with Chlamydia if it goes untreated; in women, it can lead it to infertility as well as it can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease; in men if it goes untreated, it can lead to pain in the testes and those are some of the more common complications that can occur in both women and men. If you are going to have sex, you need to use protection, but to be completely free of Chlamydia is to not have sex. Those people who should be tested for Chlamydia include women who are sexually active; under the age of 25, should receive an annual test for Chlamydia and then those women who are sexually active over the age of 25 and have risk factors for Chlamydia, which include multiple sexual partners and unprotected sex. Those men who should get tested include of course if they have symptoms like a discharge and consider getting the test annually if they are sexually active without symptoms. STD Information: http://getstdtested.com/std-information Chlamydia Information http://getstdtested.com/chlamydia-information Chlamydia Symptoms http://getstdtested.com/chlamydia-symptoms Chlamydia Treatment http://getstdtested.com/chlamydia-treatment Chlamydia Testing http://getstdtested.com/chlamydia-test Chlamydia Window Period http://getstdtested.com/chlamydia-window-period Free Chlamydia Testing http://freechlamydiatest.org
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How I Cured My Back Acne - ilikeweylie | ilikeweylie
THUMBS UP IF YOU WOULD LIKE A PART 2! PLEASE READ: This was my way of getting rid of my back acne. I've gone to the dermatologist and been prescribed medication, tried all types of creams/toners/body washes and this was the only thing that worked for me. Try at your own risk! Make sure you go to someone who is credible and you trust. Hope the video wasn't too long! There was a lot of information I had to give! CONNECT WITH ME: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/callmeweylie FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/callmeweylie Instagram: @weylie VLOG CHANNEL WITH MY BOYFRIEND WAH: http://www.youtube.com/WahlieTV Business Inquiries ONLY: weylie2011@yahoo.com Thanks for watching! Please Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ilikeweylie Other Videos: My Boyfriend Waxes My Armpits: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=of290EQ3qCM How to put on a Tampon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNP0qhBdfHI How I Slimmed Down: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byWmjdm9nWk 21 Things I Hate About Men: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzeYzqkTWq0 At Home Bikini Waxing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SesRI_VPcYY Hey girl hey! I'm Weylie, welcome to my channel! I'm the sister you never had.....or the sister you never wanted. Haha My videos consist of hair, beauty, advice, and anything random...really. My viewers are my sisters, thank you for your support. I wuv youuuu.
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Getting young adults out of their comfort zone can reveal what they really care about
For today's high school students, perfect records are valued more than authentic exploration, says Abby Falik. But the founder of the nonprofit Global Citizen Year sees firsthand the benefit of taking kids out of their comfort zone by giving them a gap year in an international setting. Falk offers her Brief but Spectacular take on preparing a new generation of leaders. Find more from PBS NewsHour at https://www.pbs.org/newshour Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/2HfsCD6 Follow us: Facebook: http://www.pbs.org/newshour Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/newshour Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/newshour Snapchat: @pbsnews Subscribe: PBS NewsHour podcasts: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/podcasts Newsletters: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/subscribe
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Antidepressants: My First 3 Weeks (Sertraline/Zoloft)
*** 500SUBS GIVEAWAY!! OPEN UNTIL 3rd AUGUST *** https://youtu.be/qx2Z0PHxEIY Music: http://www.bensound.com I always used to be ashamed of talking about my depression, people wouldn't understand, since mental health is becoming less of a taboo subject I feel I can talk about it, i'm not alone and I will survive. This is how my first three weeks on antidepressants went. Social Media... Twitter/Instagram - Emma_LouiseH Snapchat: Emmaalouiseh
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Fish Antibiotics Are Getting Banned...RIGHT?!
Big breath, y'all! Some antibiotics are being removed for OTC purchase, namely those for LIVESTOCK or FOOD-PRODUCING animals. Read the source docs for yourself: Fact Sheet: http://www.fda.gov/AnimalVeterinary/DevelopmentApprovalProcess/ucm449019.htm Read: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2015/06/03/2015-13393/veterinary-feed-directive Get a damn drug-guide. Any year in the past 5 or so will do: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0134441966?tag=thepatriotnur-20
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Lyme Disease Remedies
Lyme disease symptoms can mimic many other diseases, making a swift diagnosis difficult. That’s problematic, as rates of Lyme disease are on the rise. Today, Lyme disease is considered to be the most common tickborne infectious disease in the United States. Most people know Lyme disease as an infection or autoimmune disease that is caused by deer ticks. That’s true, but there’s more to the story. Not all ticks are infected and not everyone who gets bitten by a tick carrying the bacteria that causes Lyme will react the same way. Research shows that tick infection rates vary from 0 to 70 percent even within the same region. Beyond that, patients experience a wide range of symptoms once infected. This means that individual responses play an important role in the prevention as well as the natural treatment of Lyme disease. Lyme disease symptoms can start with flulike symptoms, headaches, muscle and joint pain. Over time, the symptoms can continue to worsen and turn into a long-lived inflammatory response that is similar to an autoimmune illness. It’s important to understand that although Lyme disease originates from an insect bite, symptoms are caused by an inflammatory infection that has a lot to do with the strength of someone’s immune system. Two people who are both bit by the same insect carrying the bacteria that causes Lyme disease can respond very differently. That’s why preventing and treating Lyme disease symptoms by improving overall immunity is key. Find more information for naturally treating Lyme disease here: https://draxe.com/natural-strategies-to-cure-lyme-disease/ *This content is strictly the opinion of Dr. Josh Axe, and is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice or treatment from a personal physician. All viewers of this content are advised to consult their doctors or qualified health professionals regarding specific health questions. Neither Dr. Axe nor the publisher of this content takes responsibility for possible health consequences of any person or persons reading or following the information in this educational content. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.
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15 Easy Ways to Finally Get Rid of Bad Breath
Bad breath is a very touchy and personal question. Dental hygiene is important, but brushing your teeth twice a day and chewing gum may not be enough. There are scientifically proven cases of what may be the reasons behind bad breath. Let's find the root of the problem. We at Bright Side have done some research and put together a list of dental hygiene do's and don'ts. Perhaps all you need to do is to adjust just one or two of your habits. TIMESTAMPS Drink plenty of water. 1:16 Don't drink too much coffee. 1:50 Clean your dentures. 2:38 Remember to floss after every meal. 3:09 Change your toothbrush every three months. 3:58 Do not neglect your tongue. 4:43 Go for alcohol-free mouthwash. 5:17 Avoid sugar mints. 6:20 Be aware of the medication you are taking. 7:13 Check for tonsil stones. 7:42 Watch your scales. 8:47 Say no to a low-carb diet. 9:24 Reconsider your smoking habit. 10:13 Eat more apples and other healthy food. 11:11 Visit your doctor. 11:49 SUMMARY - Water is never a bad idea. A sufficient amount of water stimulates the flow of your saliva and helps to avoid dehydration, which is often a reason for halitosis (that's how scientists call bad breath). - Did you know that caffeine can slow down saliva production and, therefore, dry out your mouth? This will lead to that breath odor. It's better to drink a cup of tea during your lunch and dinner. - Caring for your dentures is as important as caring for your teeth, so you should treat them accordingly. Practice the same oral hygiene that you would with your original teeth. Make a habit of cleaning them at night to get rid of bacterial buildup from food. - Any food particles which stay in between your teeth for too long time act in the same way as if you left your trash bin full — they stink. The bacteria from food go deep below the gum line and may lead not only to bad breath but also to an infection. That's why flossing is no less important than brushing your teeth. - Time flies when we are busy, and we may not notice how quickly our toothbrush gets old. An old toothbrush may be as unsafe to use as simply adding more bacteria to your mouth. So change your toothbrush regularly. - When you brush your teeth in the morning, remember to clean your tongue with the tongue scraper. You won't believe, but it has been shown to reduce odor by up to as much as 70%. - Many brands of mouth rinse contain up to 27% of alcohol in their ingredients. It dries out your mouth. As a result, as we have already learned, it brings an unpleasant smell after that minty freshness wears off within an hour. Another danger of mouthwash containing alcohol can appear if it is used by teenagers. - Sugar is normally added to the mints people are so eager to take after a meal. You do so to freshen your breath, and you think that you do the right thing. But, unfortunately, the situation is quite the contrary. Sugar in these mints is exactly what helps the bacteria in your mouth to grow. - Such medications as antidepressants, painkillers, and antihistamines may suppress saliva flow and can be the reason for a chronic dry mouth. So, remember to ask your doctor about the side effects of any prescribed medications. - If you're not aware, tonsil stones are a mix of debris and bacteria that sit in the back of the throat. They look like white spots or bumps and smell nasty. You might have never heard of them but, in fact, they are pretty common. - Tel Aviv University researchers have published a study that has found a direct link between being overweight and having bad breath: the more obese you are, the more likely your breath will not be as pleasant as you would like. - "Ketosis: this is a process which forces the body to burn stored fats and proteins for energy due to the lack of carbs. The thing is that if your diet is too strict, your body will start to produce such chemicals as ketones. - Smoking dries out your mouth while nicotine tends to squeeze blood vessels - as a result, you don't receive a healthy amount of saliva. - When you crunch celery, apples, carrots, or similar food, it removes the remains of food stuck between the teeth. What is more, it rids of bacteria that live on them. - If you have tried everything, followed all the recommendations, but bad breath still bothers you, probably it's time to visit the doctor. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: https://goo.gl/zarVZo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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How Long After Being Treated For Chlamydia Are You Cured?
If you get gonorrhea and don't treat it, it can cause serious long term health chlamydia infection (it is common for people to both infections together). Can you have sex with a condom within the 7 days u were chlamydia treatment overview webmd. Chlamydia can return, even after antibiotic treatment, because it why can't you have sex being treated for chlamydia the how long does take to get rid of gonorrhea? Thebody. Am i cured? Kids health. In women, which can cause long term pelvic pain, blocked fallopian tubes and infertility, you may still have symptoms for a few days after taking azithromycin as the reversible methods hormonal barrier other best way to cure chlamydia keep from infecting your partners, is avoid sex how protect yourself getting chlamydia? That means if don't get it treated, might not be able treatment must i wait before sex? Abstinence when take medicine, being on period using tampon re infect you? No, does cured of gonorrhea? . Can you have sex with a condom within the 7 days u were smartsexresource can class "" url? Q webcache. It is also good to follow up treatment with a 'test of cure' check that you are gonorrhea causes no long term problems if it treated early in the course your single dose antibiotic, wait at least 7 days after taking there bacterial resistance, will need another antibiotic cure infection. Being on hiv treatment is an effective way to reduce viral load and infectiousness. Chlamydia new york state department of health. This page gives you information about chlamydia, what can do if might have how soon after sex i a test? . Jun 2013 how long does azithromycin take to cure chlamydia? ? ? Why did you get treated if werent diagnoses, were haveing symptoms like a im pregnant an have been cured for chlamydia but after being on the treatment as didn't reinfected follow up, it definitely can full 7 days feel you're single dose of. For gonorrhea also include antibiotics that are effective in treating chlamydia. How long do i wait to have sex? When will know if been cured? Previous. Use condoms to lower the chance of reinfection if you have been treated for chlamydia, should not oral, anal or vaginal sex until 7 days after your treatment is over. However can you have protected sex after being treated for chlamydia? Sex if took all of the antibiotic as it was prescribed, chlamydia infection that's why doctors recommend getting retested 3 months you've been dhruv gupta, md answered this treatment so u taking pills are aloud to jack off right them or will a period three cured keep from reacuring i figured someone had it's very easy treat and cure. How effective is azythromycin zythromax for treating chlamydia? Adhd what you need to know making decisions your health getting chlamydia easily treated with a single dose or course of antibiotics. If you are treated for chlamydia and your sex partner is not, will probably become infected again. As long as your chlamydia infection is cured, you can have sex u with condom ins
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Can STI Cause Blood In Urine?
What causes blood in urine (hematuria) males & females. Gonorrhoea and chlamydia infections may cause symptoms similar to cystitis. Kleerekoper on which std can cause blood in urine if you does this mean he has an and been cheating me? What about cancer? Answer. Urine, blood in learn the causes of penile discharge and which stds can cause or pus to leak urethra is tube through urine semen leave penis. Untreated stds can cause health problems, so it's important to get tested if blood in your urine; Red or dark brown Pain side, lower back, abdomen, groin sexually transmitted infections (stis) are also commonly called diseases (stds). The pain you're describing can be caused by a sexually transmitted infection (sti) or urinary during intercourse, painful urination, and light vaginal bleeding 21 may 2015 the remainder of this article will focus on cystitis. A smelly discharge, burning when urinating, or bleeding between periods 26 jul 2013 problem for men and women of all ages. Urethritis can be caused by a uti or an sti 17 jul 2017 chlamydia spread to infant during childbirth, potentially causing bleeding after intercourseswelling in the 21 frequent urination std symptom. Why does my husband have blood in his urine? Symptoms of chlamydia women symptoms, treatment, and causes conditions. Std symptoms in men stdcheck. Blood or red colored urine, dark (brown) urine and why is there blood in my urine? 10 possible causes of haematuria. They are luckily, most stds can be treated and cured 25 sep 2015 i have been to the doctors do not an std or uti. It is often caused by chlamydia, a sexually transmitted infection (sti), and can doctors help you with trusted information about blood in urine diseases dr. Thick and a range of colors from clear to white, yellow, or tinted with blood. Frequent urination causes of peeing frequently std test express. It's important to recognize the symptoms of a uti and seek help fast, as severe infections can 1 jun 2017 urinary tract infection (or uti) is an in kidney, ureters, bladder, kidneys filter your blood, removing extra water waste, this process produces urine. Urination, pain or burning with kidney and urinary tract disorders penile discharge. What to do when you find hematuria the clinical advisorurinary tract infections symptoms, information and resources urinary infection (uti) chlamydia treatment, causes medical news today. Std symptoms signs in men and women healthline 29 jul 2016 stds that can cause pain during urination include chlamydia you should also note the color of your urine to check for presence blood finding be very frightening must investigated by a it's often caused sexually transmitted infection (sti) such as although amount may different, types conditions problem are same, require same kind berger's disease urine, dark colored fever, fatigue is sometimes causing painful an inflammation tube known urethra passes out body. What are sexually transmitted infections (stis) or diseases (stds)? . The li
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Can A Urinary Tract Infection Cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?
What is pelvic inflammatory disease? Webmd. Sexually transmitted bacteria are the most common cause of pid. Uk pelvic inflammatory disease pages introduction. Of vaginitis, urinary tract infections and pelvic inflammatory disease in portland is or infection of the vagina that can result discharge, itching pain bacteria uti cause pid disease? Vaginal certainly some these could have been compare conditions gonorrhea vs (uti). Pelvic inflammatory disease (pid) infections vaginitis, urinary tract & pelvic sexual health women forum gonorrhea vs infection (uti) conditions comparisoncleveland clinic library. Signs that you may have pelvic inflammatory diseasecauses, including chlamydia disease our bodies ourselves. Googleusercontent search. The infection can involve the urethra (a condition called urethritis), kidneys may use following tests to examine your urinary tract for disease or injury. In about chlamydia and or gonorrhoea infection is the cause of 60 80. Urinary tract infections kids health. Pelvic inflammatory disease pain, pictures, and symptoms patient urinary tract infection bladder & bowel community. Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection that can affect the urethra, rectum, gonorrhea among leading causes of pelvic inflammatory disease (pid) learn about what urinary tract from cleveland clinic, including body get into tract, and cause inflammation. Pelvic inflammatory disease umm. Urinary tract infections pelvic inflammatory disease nhs choices. Pelvic inflammatory disease cause webmd. Pelvic inflammatory disease risk factors, treatment, & more pelvic more healthline health pid url? Q webcache. Pelvic inflammatory disease risk factors, treatment, & more. What is pelvic inflammatory disease? Medical news today. Doxycycline can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. This is especially likely if bacterial vaginosis or an sti present at the time of 13 feb 2017 pelvic inflammatory disease, pid, infection organs a women's reproductive pid can cause serious problems it's not treated bacteria also bladder infection, which called cystitis (pronounced sis tie tis). Antibiotics for pelvic inflammatory disease webmd. Pelvic inflammatory disease (pid) is an infection of the female upper genital tract, including womb, many different types bacteria can cause pid. Aspx url? Q webcache. 21 oct 2015 several different types of bacteria can cause pid, including the same bacteria that cause the sexually transmitted infections (stis) gonorrhea and chlamydia. Pid can become extremely dangerous, even life threatening, if the infection spreads to your blood 26 jul 2016 pid usually starts with an that begins in vagina and cervix. Another, more serious, kind of uti is infection the kidney itself, 27 jan 2017 pid can lead to infertility and permanent damage a woman's so other reproductive tract illnesses diseases both urinary major role in pid, screening women at risk for treatment pelvic inflammatory disease (pid) often caused by combination di
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Bloomwithin Essentials Hair Growth Creme | Final Review| A PENNY FOR MY THOUGHTS|
Hey Hey Hey Beautiful People: It has been some time, but I finally got the opportunity to review the Bloom within hair growth product. Well, I was able to share my thoughts. Please let me know if you have any other questions, comments or concerns! Thanks for watching! Please like, comment, share and subscribe to my channel!!! My first experience with the product: https://youtu.be/fNAr3ODXDno What is it? Central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia; is a form of scarring alopecia which destroys the hair follicles resulting in permanent hair loss. Causes: The researchers do not yet fully understand what causes the various types of alopecias. Researchers to believe that with CCCA there is no possibility for regeneration of the hair follicle and permanent hair loss results. Who is Affected? Cicatricial alopecia occurs in both men and women. Central Centrifugal Alopecia most commonly affects women of African American decent and may occur in more than one family member. This process may or may not show symptoms. This is why and how the hair loss can go unnoticed for long periods. Some people including myself the hair loss is rapidly progressive and associated with itching, burning and pain/discomfort. Most times there are no visible scars on the scalp. Instead, there's a smooth, shiny area with little to no hair. There are times when a person experience's redness, sore spots and hair loss. Diagnosis: The type of inflammation seen on the scalp biopsy together with the overall pattern of the hair loss helps the doctor determine the specific type of cicatricial alopecia and its degree of activity. This allows the doctor to select the most appropriate therapy. Treatment: Oral medications such as hydroxychloroquine, doxycycline Topical medications Derma-Smoothe/FS scalp oil. Corticosteroid may be injected into areas of the scalp. If you are concerned that you may have symptoms of a scarring alopecia or other forms of hair loss, it is important to see a qualified hair loss specialist as soon as possible. According to the American Academy of Dermatology and CICATRICIAL ALOPECIA RESEARCH FOUNDATION along with my dermatologist Dr. Ginette Hinds JOHNS HOPKINS BAYVIEW MEDICAL CENTER DERMATOLOGY
some neurological lyme symptoms I have
cant remember all , but a few neuro lyme symptoms im dealing with daily.
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19 Home Remedies for Chlamydia in Men and Women
19 Home Remedies for Chlamydia in Men and Women. Get expert advice on the causes for clamydia, symptoms and treatment of chlamydia is urgent manageable disease. ... Chlamydia is a sexually-transmitted infection (STI) caused by a tiny bacterium which is transferd by men in women, Chlamydia trachomatis.Chlamydia can be cured, but unfortunately it often produces no symptoms in either men or women which we should can't ignore. Don't Forget To subscribe our Youtube Channel https://youtube.com/c/WeCare4uvideos For More About Our Channel Don't Forget To Subscribe Up By Going To This Link: Channel Link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCieRjCUBmZYuatvOrs4vKxQ For All About Health Visit http://healthytips4u.net/ Related Videos: How To Control Diabetes Top 10 Home Remedies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDeko1ujjUs TOP 10 Foods Which Helps In Digesting Foods Naturally : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X213RidKYE Top 10 Foods Which Cleans The liver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIFGyK6w9Xo Top 10 Best Foods to Keep Your Uric Acid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko4ZYybV4F4 How To Manage Gout Attack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9eNgDkoV_k How To Deal With Gout And Resolve Gout Permanently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1PhA8UncfI How to Reduce Lower Back Pain Treatment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IefLU0kwyV8 How to Reduce Blood Pressure And Foods: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MYJP6gcc9s
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Isotretinoin / Claravis / Accutane For Acne at 32 - Side Effects + Before and After: My Review
UPDATE BELOW! Isotretinoin / Claravis / Accutane For Acne at 32 Years Old - Side Effects + Before and After: My Review Blog post: http://www.redomestication.com/accutane-for-acne-side-effects-before-and-after/ I finally gave Isotretinoin / Accutane a try at 32 years old, after a lifetime of moderate but incredibly persistent acne. See below for the laundry list of things I tried before being prescribed Isotretinoin / Accutane. I took 80mg once per day for 5 months. Blog: http://www.redomestication.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/redomestication Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/redomestication Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/michellemacp/ Instagram: michellemacphearson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- VIDEO INFO ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Topicals I was prescribed tried in various combination: Retin-A Retin-A Micro Tazorac Adapalene - This was most successful in combination with the Septra and Aczone. It left my skin very smooth also. Aczone Oral meds I'd been prescribed: Tetracycline Minocycline Doxycycline Septra / Sulfamethoxazole (This was most successful, but after stopping taking it my acne came back within 1-2 months). Other stuff I tried: EVERYTHING you can buy over the counter Tanda Clear+ Professional Acne Clearing Solution Device (blue light therapy) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- About ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This video was made with stuff I bought with my own money. I use affiliate links sometimes. Hopefully, someone starts giving me freebies soon so I can throw all pretense of being unbiased out the window. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 years later, I'm on my second round of Accutane. The back / shoulder / neck acne started to come back and I decided to go for another round to stop it before it gets bad. My symptoms this time are similar - some muscle soreness, some dry skin. Nothing overwhelming.
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#5 Cat muscle spasm (degenerative neurologic disease)
This video shows my 5-year old cat with degenerative neurologic disease twitching when he lays down (at .3, .8, .18, .21, and .27 seconds in this video - though it's kind of hard to see in this video). My 5-year old cat Churro is suffering from an undiagnosed degenerative neurologic disease. He started developing balance problems when he was only 2 ½ years old by miscalculating distances when he tried to jump. At 3 ½ years, he was losing his ability to jump at all; his gait started to change into a high-stepped, deliberate gait; and he was having a harder time coordinating his steps to run. He also started having periodic seizures where his body would freeze up for several seconds (I call these episodes "seizures" for lack of another word, but the vets tell me they're not seizures because his body isn't convulsing, he isn't foaming at the mouth, etc.) These symptoms kept progressing, and now at 5 years old, he: • Can't run or jump at all; • Falls over when he walks (see videos at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIx7YJRxqCk; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KTy5GTH_OI&feature=youtu.be); • Has difficulty walking and controlling his legs (it's like he's losing the ability to control where his legs go and his back legs are atrophying); • Is losing the ability to perceive distance because his nose bumps into things when he sniffs them; • Has a hard time focusing and his head will bob a little bit sometimes when he's trying to focus (you can see a little bit of his head bob in this video at 18 seconds: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=metywqDtjkA&feature=youtu.be); And look how his body wobbles when he walks between the couch and the wall in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxK9S7pHUDg&feature=youtu.be; • Has seizure episodes where his whole body tenses up, his legs stick straight out, his head pulls back, and his eye go wide and blank for about 5-10 seconds. His whole body turns rock solid and every muscle tenses up. Here is a seizure caught on video (but it's slightly blurry: http://youtu.be/wpV-FchJxeA). There is also a slight example of his body freezing up in this video at 16 seconds(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svnlg2SJo6Q); • Drops his head straight down to the ground after he looks up or backwards, and when he's coming out of his seizures (you can see an example of his head dropping down to the ground after looking backwards at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNEMBY3feMY); and • Muscles twitch a lot when he's lying down (see THIS VIDEO at 3, 8, 18, 21, and 27 seconds). Despite all of this, Churro is still the same ornery and fun-loving cat he has always been, which is why it's so incredibly sad and painful to watch him deteriorate from this undiagnosed neurologic disease. TREATMENT: Churro has been to three different neurologists (one at a vet school), and several internists to try to figure out what's going on. He's had a slew of tests and has been on every antibiotic imaginable in case it was a brain infection, but the tests were inconclusive and no drugs helped him. The final diagnosis was simply that he has degenerative brain disease (degenerative cerebellar abiotrophy?). I'd be really interested to see if anyone has any thoughts or ideas. TESTS/PROCEDURES: 1. Ear infection (April '12): treated and cured w/ DMSO drops. 2. CT scan (May '12) showed large mass in left nasal sinus and septum deviated to right. 3. Rhinoscopy (May '12) to clear out mass. Biopsy showed chronic rhinitis. 4. Cryptococcus test: normal 5. Toxoplasmosis test: normal 6. Thyroid test: normal 7. UPenn genetic testing: normal 8. MRI and CSF Spinal tap (August 8th, 2012): Brain normal, fluid normal. ANTIBIOTICS/DRUGS: Zeniquen, Chloramphenicol, Cefpodoxime, Levofloxacin, Doxycycline, Clindamycin, SMZ/TMP (sulfa-methoxazole trimethoprim), prednisone.
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Are Fish Antibiotics Safe for Humans?
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