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Michigan Trump voters: Blame Congress, not the president
CNN's Poppy Harlow returns to Michigan, which helped Trump claim the presidency one year ago. Voters here said they wanted the president to reform health care, repeal NAFTA, and build a border wall. Now, they say they don't blame Trump for delays in his agenda, and wish Congress would get out of his way.
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How Michigan Republicans Plan to Rig the 2016 Elections
Michigan is considering assigning its electoral votes by congressional district, according to a report by Bloomberg’s Dave Weigel, as part of a joint bill that if passed would give Republicans a significant advantage because Michigan’s congressional districts are gerrymandered to benefit Republicans. We take a look at how Republicans in Michigan are trying to legally rig the 2016 elections, in this Lip News clip with Jackie Koppell and Jo Ankier. Newest Lip News playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slfoVkmxYRQ&index=1&list=PLjk3H0GXhhGcjJDo6cQBCQprDMQyUQY3r BUZZSAW interview clips - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0mjgU5OU1k&index=1&list=PLjk3H0GXhhGeWhHPas6M9sKUhThquDNOc CRIME TIME clips playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnBkDWWh7sg&list=PLjk3H0GXhhGeC9DbpSnIvd2i9BHh2dBvv&index=1 BYOD (Bring Your Own Doc) Highlight Videos- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bi9ov4mugFU&index=1&list=PLjk3H0GXhhGeu2DCf6Ouo7hTsA5QB2MAL MEDIA MAYHEM short videos playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK225p6GIE4&list=PLjk3H0GXhhGcz4un-zws5sMlCLk3NNjDP&index=1 https://www.facebook.com/thelip.tv http://www.youtube.com/theliptv
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Michigan Veteran Highlights Harm of Republican Tax Bill
Earlier this year, Republicans passed a tax bill that incentivizes companies to ship jobs overseas, and now American workers are worried about finding themselves in the same place Jim once did. Jim and his wife have a message for the American people: “Go vote. Go vote. Your life may depend on it.”
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Democrats who voted Trump
Many of Pennsylvania's Democrats abandoned their party and voted Donald Trump into the White House. But can Donald Trump bring back their manufacturing jobs? Maybe not. Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/1.3937862 »»» Subscribe to The National to watch more videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/CBCTheNational?sub_confirmation=1 Voice Your Opinion & Connect With Us Online: The National Updates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thenational The National Updates on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CBCTheNational The National Updates on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+CBCTheNational »»» »»» »»» »»» »»» The National is CBC Television's flagship news program. Airing seven days a week, the show delivers news, feature documentaries and analysis from some of Canada's leading journalists.
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New push to legalize recreational marijuana in Michigan
With the legalization of recreational marijuana ready to appear on the November ballot in Michigan, there is another important date in June for medical marijuana dispensaries.
The Electoral College votes to ratify Trump's win
Protests did little to slow the Trump juggernaut; James Rosen has the story for 'Special Report'
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How a Bill Becomes a Law: Crash Course Government and Politics #9
Oh my, Craig has his work cut out for him this week. The process of how a bill becomes a law can be pretty complex, fraught with potential bill-death at every corner. As if just getting through committee isn’t difficult enough, bills have to navigate a series of amendments and votes in both houses, potentially more committees, further compromise bills, and even more floor votes, just to end up on the chopping block of the president. And then in one fell swoop the president can stop a bill in its tracks with a veto! But then again, a presidential veto isn’t necessarily a bill’s end either. As you can see we’ve got to lot to cover, and we’ll be the first to admit this has been covered before, and extraordinarily well might we add, by the folks at School House Rock. But we’ll give it our best shot - without the singing of course. Well, not too much singing anyway. Support is provided by Voqal: http://www.voqal.org This episode is sponsored by Squarespace: http://www.squarespace.com/crashcourse Want to find Crash Course elsewhere on the internet? Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/YouTubeCrashCourse Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/TheCrashCourse Tumblr - http://thecrashcourse.tumblr.com Support Crash Course on Patreon: http://patreon.com/crashcourse CC Kids: http://www.youtube.com/crashcoursekids
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Michigan Trump supporters explain why they like the Republican candidate
Michigan Trump supporters explain why they like the Republican candidate
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Democrat Congressman Turns Against Nancy Pelosi: ‘She’s Aloof, Frenetic and Misguided’
Republican views on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi have evolved somewhat over time, as they used to despise her and want her silenced, but now they encourage the gaffe-prone Democratic leader to keep talking, as she only seems to help GOP re-election efforts. It would appear that Democrat views of Pelosi have shifted somewhat as well, as more than a few on the left have caught on to how Pelosi seems to be hurting their party more than she is helping it these days, and a few are even speaking out about it. In an interview with The Buffalo News, Democrat New York Rep. Brian Higgins from the Buffalo area made it clear that Pelosi no longer has his support for a continued role in the party’s leadership, which the 78-year-old California representative has held since 2003. “I will not support her,” stated Higgins. “She’s listening, but this is my conclusion: She’s aloof, frenetic and misguided.” Higgins has largely taken issue with the lack of a clear agenda or message from the Democrat Party — save for complete opposition to President Donald Trump — and has clashed with Pelosi over bills he supports that would expand Medicare and invest in infrastructure that he claims she has ignored. Very few Democrats have spoken out publicly against Pelosi, but Higgins implied that his voice represented many others in the Democratic caucus who have yet to publicly express their discontent with Pelosi’s leadership. “I’m giving voice to a frustration that I hear every single day,” stated Higgins. “It’s members. I don’t want to call anybody out. But this is the conversation that is taking place.” “Our leadership is out of touch with what is going on not only in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan but in Cheektowaga, West Seneca, Hamburg, Orchard Park and Lancaster,” he continued, naming off formerly Democrat-controlled states and localities won by Trump in the 2016 election. “Democratic voters at least and voters writ large feel politically homeless, and it’s because we are not offering something affirmative to give people hope and something to invest in, in the way that we want to do things,” Higgins added. Though Higgins refrained from criticizing his New York senator and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, he did issue criticism for the light-on-details economic plan Schumer and Pelosi are pushing, which has been dubbed “A Better Deal.” “It’s thematic, it’s well-intentioned, but nobody’s buying it. It’s Washington-speak,” he said of the Democrats seemingly sole agenda item. Higgins proceeded to rattle off several names of House Democrats he would support as a leader of his party, and suggested that his party was in dire need of finding a strong leader and developing a clear message prior to the 2020 election cycle. “The only thing I have is a voice and a vote, and I have to use that to try to get my conference to recognize that resistance to Trump at best is only half of it. We have to offer something affirmative,” said Higgins. “We are not ready for 2020. We’re lacking a clear, coherent and compelling narrative,” he continued. A big part of that problem is Pelosi, as Higgins added, “When she’s on the floor, she’s all over the place; she’s frenetic. I think she lacks gravitas.” According to Fox News, Higgins now joins the small but growing number of Democrats who have publicly created distance between themselves and Pelosi. It remains to be seen if that relative handful of Democrats opposed to Pelosi’s continued leadership role will swell to the size necessary to actually oust her from the leadership, or if Republicans will continue to benefit from the minority leader’s ridiculous gaffes for another election cycle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ◆ Latest news videos: https://goo.gl/BmTYua ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ★ CONNECT WITH US ★ ◆ Google+: https://goo.gl/HHKysp ◆ Email: quylao0711@gmail.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Videos can use content-based copyright law contains reasonable use Fair Use (https://www.youtube.com/yt/copyright/)
House Dems: It’s time for Michigan to invest in people
In advance of Gov. Rick Snyder’s delivery of his executive budget on Wednesday, House Democrats announced they would fight for a budget that refocuses Lansing’s attention toward everyday families, local communities and schools. Democrats proposed revenue savings by ending tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, and holding state contractors accountable — like the Unemployment Insurance Agency Vendor that recently exposed the names, social security numbers and private data of nearly 2 million Michiganders. Protecting and preserving the Healthy Michigan plan, as well as criminal justice reform, are also top priorities.
Elbert Guillory: "Why I Am a Republican"
Louisiana Senator Elbert Guillory (R-Opelousas) explains why he recently switched from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party. He discusses the history of the Republican Party, founded as an Abolitionist Movement in 1854. Guillory talks about how the welfare state is only a mechanism for politicians to control the black community.
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Live: President Trump at Make America Great Again rally from Minnesota
President Trump held a boisterous campaign-style rally in Duluth, Minn., Wednesday night, his 14th trip to a state he narrowly lost since that 2016 election, according to CBS News' Mark Knoller's count. The topics covered ranged from the Inspector General's report into the Clinton email scandal, opening up mining in Superior National Forest, Immigration policy, and the friendly relationship President Trump claims to have with China's president, Xi Jinping. As-it-happened updates: https://www.cbsnews.com/media/trump-to-hold-rally-in-minnesota-live-updates/ The rally in Duluth was ostensibly for for Pete Stauber, a Republican congressional candidate running in the traditionally Democratic 8th District. Home of the state's famed Iron Range, Minnesota is important ground for Trump as a place where his new tariffs on foreign steel could play especially well. The GOP primary is set for Aug. 14. But Mr. Trump hasn't held back on his opinions of GOP incumbents he dislikes. The night before a primary for Republican Rep. Mark Sanford of North Carolina, the president blasted Sanford on Twitter and urged people to vote for his primary opponent. Sanford lost. On Capitol Hill Tuesday night, Mr. Trump again mocked Sanford in a meeting with House Republicans, reportedly calling him "nasty." -- Subscribe to the CBS News Channel HERE: http://youtube.com/cbsnews Watch CBSN live HERE: http://cbsn.ws/1PlLpZ7 Follow CBS News on Instagram HERE: https://www.instagram.com/cbsnews/ Like CBS News on Facebook HERE: http://facebook.com/cbsnews Follow CBS News on Twitter HERE: http://twitter.com/cbsnews Get the latest news and best in original reporting from CBS News delivered to your inbox. Subscribe to newsletters HERE: http://cbsn.ws/1RqHw7T Get your news on the go! Download CBS News mobile apps HERE: http://cbsn.ws/1Xb1WC8 Get new episodes of shows you love across devices the next day, stream CBSN and local news live, and watch full seasons of CBS fan favorites like Star Trek Discovery anytime, anywhere with CBS All Access. Try it free! http://bit.ly/1OQA29B --- CBSN is the first digital streaming news network that will allow Internet-connected consumers to watch live, anchored news coverage on their connected TV and other devices. At launch, the network is available 24/7 and makes all of the resources of CBS News available directly on digital platforms with live, anchored coverage 15 hours each weekday. CBSN. Always On.
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Can You Really "Keep Your Plan?"
President Obama said if you like your Heathcare plan, you can keep it. Citizens all over Michigan are finding out that is not true. #JoinMiTeam at http://www.migop.org if you are sick of Obama's broken promises.
Sanders leads rally of thousands against Republican health policy
Senator Bernie Sanders led a rally of thousands at Macomb County in Michigan, Sunday to protest Republican healthcare policy. Find RT America in your area: http://rt.com/where-to-watch/ Or watch us online: http://rt.com/on-air/rt-america-air/ Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTAmerica Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_America
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Election 101: US Congress, Michigan legislature
This November's election — 244 days away — will be a big one with big implications. (March 4, 2014)
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The Bicameral Congress: Crash Course Government and Politics #2
In which Craig Benzine teaches you about the United States Congress, and why it's bicameral, and what bicameral means. Craig tells you what the Senate and House of Representatives are for, some of the history of the institutions, and reveal to you just how you can become a representative. It's not that easy. But an eagle gets punched, so there's that. Produced in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios: http://youtube.com/pbsdigitalstudios Support is provided by Voqal: http://www.voqal.org Want to find Crash Course elsewhere on the internet? Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/YouTubeCrashCourse Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/TheCrashCourse Tumblr - http://thecrashcourse.tumblr.com Instagram - http://instagram.com/thecrashcourse Support CrashCourse on Subbable: http://subbable.com/crashcourse
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Full Event: Donald Trump Full Economic Plan Speech in Detroit, Michigan (August 8, 2016)
Full Epeech - Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump delivers campaign speech rally Donald Trump Rally Donald Trump Speech Donald Trump campaign
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Jimmy Kimmel on School Shooting in Parkland, Florida
We are all reeling after yet another senseless shooting that took place at a high school in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen people lost their lives and more than a dozen are hospitalized. Donald Trump gave a speech addressing the tragic events saying that no child or teacher should be afraid of their lives while at school. Jimmy agrees with Trump but in order to fix this SOMETHING has to be done. We need real laws that keep assault rifles out of the hands of people who are going to shoot our kids. These Congressmen and lobbyists don’t work for the NRA, they work for us. If you want to help go to www.everytown.org and write to your representatives. If they don’t listen, vote them out. Jimmy Kimmel on School Shooting in Parkland, Florida https://youtu.be/Z0vLiQLpsc8
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Why John Boehner Was a Better Speaker than Paul Ryan: Justin Amash
Boehner openly despised the libertarian Republican from Michigan but actually allowed him and others to debate and vote freely. ---- Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/reasontv Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Reason.Magaz... Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/reason Subscribe to our podcast at iTunes: https://goo.gl/az3a7a Reason is the planet's leading source of news, politics, and culture from a libertarian perspective. Go to reason.com for a point of view you won't get from legacy media and old left-right opinion magazines. ----- One Republican member of Congress who won't be sorry to see Speaker of the House Paul Ryan leave office is the libertarian-leaning Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), who also served under John Boehner. Boehner famously had no use for Amash's principled stand on shrinking the size, scope, and spending of government and was known to swear ferociously at the Michigander. Yet Amash told Reason that compared to Ryan, "In many respects, Boehner was the better speaker." That's because Boehner believed in letting Congress actually debate, argue, and vote on amendments to legislation in a relatively open manner. Ryan, in contrast, controlled the process tightly and thus stifled the legislative process. In a recent interview with Reason's Nick Gillespie, Amash says: I would rather have the guy swearing at me and letting me have a vote than not considering me at all...Under [Ryan's] speakership, we've had the fewest open amendments of any speakership. We've had zero....Everything has to be pre-approved by the Speaker.... Under Boehner, you could walk up...and offer an amendment as long as it was germane to the bill, you got to vote on it. And this was true on basically all appropriations bills. Now, we don't even do appropriations bills. They come up with some omnibus bill and spring it on us at the last second and they say, 'This is the bill.' When asked how the Republican Party might be dragged in a more libertarian direction, Amash didn't miss a beat in suggesting that "you [need to] change the Speaker of the House and have a libertarian Speaker of the House." With Paul Ryan's departure in January 2019, that opportunity just might arrive. This interview was conducted at Reason Weekend, our annual donor event, which was held this year in West Palm Beach, Florida. For more of the interview and transcript with Amash click https://reason.com/reasontv/2018/04/09/justin-amash-reason-weekend For a podcast version click https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/rep-justin-amash-on-trump-ryan-stupidity-how-government/id1155629323?i=1000408667555&mt=2 Cameras by Jim Epstein and Meredith Bragg. Edited by Alexis Garcia. "Destiny Day" by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1500008 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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James O'Keefe Obtains Eminem's Ballot in Undercover Video
In this video, James O'Keefe requests the ballot of famous rapper Eminem, otherwise known as Marshall Bruce Mathers III. Election officials tell O'Keefe he doesn't need I.D. to vote. It seems that voting in Michigan is as simple as walking in and saying, "Hi my name is..." Website: http://projectveritas.com/ Donate: http://projectveritas.com/donate Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ProjectVeritas Twitter: https://twitter.com/Project_Veritas
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Michigan Protects Straight Ticket Voting and Voting Rights Laws In Recent Case
Procedures allowing Michigan voters to easily cast straight-ticket ballots look likely to remain in place for this fall's election after a federal appeals court refused to restore a law that would have ended the practice. A three-judge panel of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion Wednesday declining the state's request to overturn a judge's order finding that the straight-ticket voting option was heavily relied on by African-Americans and that the state's attempt to ban it appears to violate both the U.S. Constitution and the Voting Rights Act. The dispute over the 2015 Michigan ban is one of numerous battles being fought out in federal courts over election-law changes that could affect the outcome of contests on the ballot this November. http://www.politico.com/blogs/under-the-radar/2016/08/straight-ticket-voting-michigan-court-ruling-227114 http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit News using http://wochit.com
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Republican gone mad in Michigan
Rachel Maddow from MSNBC
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Siphoned Off - Terri Lynn Land for Senate
Every Michigan driver knows: our roads are a mess. Gary Peters has voted repeatedly to send our highway dollars to DC, where the lobbyists and special interests get involved. When our highway money finally gets back to Michigan, it comes attached with costly mandates we don't need. Read Terri Lynn Land's plan to solve the problem: http://terrilynnland.com/michigan-roads-bridges-highways/
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Congressman Mike Rogers Defends Michigan Workers, Opposes Cap and Trade
Congressman Mike Rogers speaks on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives opposing the dangerous "cap and trade" proposal which will kill Michigan manufacturing jobs, give billions to Wall Street traders, and impose the largest tax increase in our country's history.
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No more 'internment camps': Democrats disrupt congressional hearing
https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4553739 you can donate through this site paypal email account MBrodel@aol.com Martin Brodel 36248 HWY 133 Hotchkiss, Colorado 81419 martinbrodel1776.com http://www.zerohedge.com/ http://www.breitbart.com/ https://www.aol.com/ http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/ http://dailycaller.com/ Bear's True Blue http://www.bearsheadgasketsealer.com/ ph# 1-615-332-4570 type in Brodel for promo code and get 10% off
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Paul Mitchell:  "Tough"
Paul Mitchell is a Republican running for Michigan's 10th Congressional District. “Paul Mitchell is Michigan tough,” said Jamie Roe, Mitchell Campaign Strategist. “He grew up in a blue collar family and was the first to graduate from college. He built a successful business headquartered in St. Clair while fighting high taxes and regulation he created jobs and helped thousands get the job skills they needed to provide for their families. Paul is not a career politician and is the only candidate in this race to have the right combination of real world business experience and ability to fight the special interests and change the status quo in Washington.”
The Rachel Maddow Show - Democracy Under Threat in Michigan
April 19, 2012 Rachel Maddow reports on yet another conflict of interest on Michigan's Board of State Canvassers, and other disturbing news in the state of democracy in Michigan.
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State legislature OKs teacher retirement bill
The Republican-led Michigan legislature has narrowly voted to coax more newly hired teachers into a 401(k)-style retirement plan. (June 15, 2017)
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Michigan Legislative Democrats Respond to Snyder's State of the State
Michigan House and Senate Democrats hold a joint press conference to respond the Gov. Snyder's 2016 State of the State Address with civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson.
Rep. Trott Supports Effort to Protect Michigan's Drinking Water
Rep. Dave Trott's comments on the House floor on February 10, 2016.
"Obama out:" President Barack Obama's hilarious final White House correspondents' dinner speech
As President Obama gets set to leave office, take a look back at one of his most memorable moments when he didn't hold back in his final speech at the White House correspondents' dinner firing barbs at himself, Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz. For more info, please go to http://www.globalnews.ca Subscribe to Global News Channel HERE: http://bit.ly/20fcXDc Like Global News on Facebook HERE: http://bit.ly/255GMJQ Follow Global News on Twitter HERE: http://bit.ly/1Toz8mt
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Mike Pompeo Confirmed Secretary Of State
Mike Pompeo is somehow worse than his predecessor Rex Tillerson. Cenk Uygur and Mark Thompson, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. http://www.tytnetwork.com/join Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Read more here: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/26/us/politics/mike-pompeo-secretary-of-state.html "WASHINGTON — The Senate easily confirmed Mike Pompeo on Thursday as the United States’ 70th secretary of state, elevating the current C.I.A. director and an outspoken foreign policy hawk to be the nation’s top diplomat. In the end, the 57-to-42 tally lacked the drama of other nail-biting confirmation votes in the Trump era. This week, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, the nominee’s main Republican antagonist, bowed to pressure from President Trump to drop his objections. Ultimately, seven members of the Senate Democratic caucus — five of whom face re-election this year in states that Mr. Trump won in 2016 — joined a united Republican conference to support Mr. Pompeo’s confirmation. Shortly after the vote at the Capitol, Mr. Pompeo went across the street to the Supreme Court, where he was sworn in by Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. Mr. Pompeo then dashed to Joint Base Andrews, where a plane was waiting to fly him to Brussels for a meeting of NATO allies. Senior staff on the plane greeted him with applause.”* Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Mark Thompson Cast: Cenk Uygur, Mark Thompson *** The Largest Online News Show in the World. Hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian. LIVE STREAMING weekdays 6-8pm ET. https://goo.gl/tJpj1m Subscribe to The Young Turks on YouTube: https://goo.gl/a3JY9i Like The Young Turks on Facebook: https://goo.gl/txrhrh Follow The Young Turks on Twitter: https://goo.gl/w6ahdV Buy TYT Merch: https://goo.gl/KVysaM Download audio and video of the full two hour show on-demand + the members-only post game show by becoming a member at https://goo.gl/v8E64M. Your membership supports the day to day operations and is vital for our continued success and growth. Young Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party. 2. A young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations.(American Heritage Dictionary)
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State Rep. Jeff Irwin (D-Ann Arbor) Speaks Out Against Anti-Choice Legislation
State Rep. Jeff Irwin (D-Ann Arbor) speaks on the House floor in opposition to House Bill 5711, which severely restricts a woman's right to access safe and legal reproductive health care. Despite objections, the bill passed the House by a vote of 72-35.
My Interview with Sen. Cameron Brown Republican Candidate for Michigan Secretary of State
Republican Candidate for Michigan Secretary of State Campaign Site http://www.judyemmons.com/ My Blog: The World According to Me http://apackof2-theworldaccordingtome.blogspot.com/ Grassroots in Michigan http://mitcot.ning.com/
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Congress  enacted Indefinite detention law For U.S. citizens!
Stop Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens Without Due Process Oath Keepers http://oathkeepers.org/oath/2011/11/30/stop-indefinite-detention-of-u-s-citizens-without-due-process/ Tell Congress: Say NO to Indefinite Detention and Endless Worldwide War https://secure.aclu.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=3897&s_subsrc=SEM_Google_search-indefinite-detention_Indefinite-detention_indefinite%20detention_p_9302629342 Al-Qaeda doesn't exist? Viewer made this point. But didn't they admit already that Al-Qaeda doesn't exist? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gzun4ehFjeA&sns=fb Washington (CNN) -- The Senate on Thursday passed a giant defense bill that includes a new policy for detaining and trying suspected al Qaeda terrorists -- a policy that attracted controversy during the debate and may draw a presidential veto. The defense authorization bill passed by a vote of 93-7. In keeping with budget cuts across the government, the $662 billion bill shrinks Pentagon spending by $43 billion from last year. It includes funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and sets policies for the various weapons systems and personnel programs at the Defense Department. Senate debate on the detainee matter was at times volatile and emotional. After years of struggling with issues of who should investigate, detain and try suspected terrorists -- civilian authorities and courts or the military and its tribunal system -- Armed Services Committee Chair Carl Levin, D-Michigan, and ranking Republican John McCain of Arizona reached a long-sought compromise to codify the process. However, critics complained the deal was weighted toward the military because it required any suspected al Qaeda terrorists, even those captured inside the U.S., to be held potentially indefinitely by the military. That concerned the White House and many lawmakers who think the responsibility belongs, in part, to law enforcement agencies and the federal courts and warned that Americans could possibly be detained indefinitely by the military. Levin and McCain denied their bill would allow for the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens. "This country is special because we have certain values, and due process of law is one of those values," Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein, D-California, argued on the Senate floor. "I object to holding American citizens without trial. I do not believe that makes us more safe." "You have people on the left who hate saying 'the war on terror,'" responded Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina. "They would never ever use the military and always insist the law enforcement be used because they don't buy into the idea that we're at war. They want to criminalize the war." Senators ultimately reached an agreement to amend the bill to make clear it's not the bill's intent to allow for the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens and others legally residing in the country. "It would provide the assurance that we are not adversely affecting the rights of American citizens in this language," Levin said while expressing support for the compromise. "It supports present law," Feinstein added. Senators from both parties also challenged the Obama administration's policies toward Iran, unanimously approving an amendment insisting on tough new sanctions against Iran's Central Bank and entities that do business with it. Senators want to punish Iran over its pursuit of a nuclear weapons programs and the recent storming of the British Embassy in Tehran. The administration complained the Senate amendment would make it difficult for the White House to manage a delicate foreign policy matter. Also Thursday, the Senate approved on a voice vote a Democratic amendment requiring President Barack Obama to develop a plan to expedite the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, which is scheduled to be completed in 2014. While it's not clear the amendment will force any actual acceleration of the withdrawal, Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Oregon, said the Senate vote was a "message" to the president that U.S. troops have successfully performed their mission of stamping out al Qaeda and the 9-11 terrorists and "it's time to bring our men and women home." The measure still needs to go to conference for reconciliation with the House version of the bill.
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Senator and Attorney General have heated exchange
GOP Senator John Cornyn of Texas levels charges against Atty. General Eric Holder during a committee hearing.
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Putting Donald Trump Supporters Through an Ideology Test: The Daily Show
After Donald Trump proposes an ideology test for potential Muslim immigrants, Jordan Klepper quizzes the presidential hopeful's supporters. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now -- no login required: http://www.cc.com/shows/the-daily-show-with-trevor-noah/full-episodes The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.
Rand Paul Sells Out Libertarian Values
Rand Paul isn’t an anti-war congressman, but he plays one on TV. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. http://www.tytnetwork.com/join Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Read more here: https://www.thenation.com/article/rand-paul-surrender-monkey/ “Senator Rand Paul opposed the nomination of outgoing Central Intelligence Agency director Mike Pompeo to serve as secretary of state for all the right reasons. Then Rand Paul supported the Pompeo nomination for all the wrong reasons. The Kentuckian’s rejection of his own arguments against putting a Koch-brothers errand boy in charge of American diplomacy confirmed that the senator is just another Republican who talks big about breaking with the Trump administration only to fall in line when it counts. Like Tennessee Senator Bob Corker and Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, Paul goes out of his way to present himself as his own man (and gladly accepts praise for his “independence”), but he refuses to deny Trump and the Republican leadership his vote on critical tests of conscience.”* Hosts: Cenk Uygur Cast: Cenk Uygur *** The Largest Online News Show in the World. Hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian. LIVE STREAMING weekdays 6-8pm ET. https://goo.gl/tJpj1m Subscribe to The Young Turks on YouTube: https://goo.gl/a3JY9i Like The Young Turks on Facebook: https://goo.gl/txrhrh Follow The Young Turks on Twitter: https://goo.gl/w6ahdV Buy TYT Merch: https://goo.gl/KVysaM Download audio and video of the full two hour show on-demand + the members-only post game show by becoming a member at https://goo.gl/v8E64M. Your membership supports the day to day operations and is vital for our continued success and growth. Young Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party. 2. A young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations.(American Heritage Dictionary)
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Caught On Tape: Fake Lobbyist Shames Congressman
Rep. Jim Himes lets lobbyists and donors write our laws, so we decided to make a "generous donation" of our own. Learn more and take action at https://represent.us/action/operation-moneyfumble/ ----- Sources ----- How did your Rep vote on H.R. 992? [1] https://www.govtrack.us/congress/votes/113-2013/h569 Contributions by Vote [1] http://maplight.org/us-congress/bill/113-hr-992/2452693/contributions-by-vote On H.R. 992, derivatives regulation: [1] http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2013/10/28/house-set-to-vote-on-2-bills-is-seen-as-an-ally-of-wall-st/?_r=0 [2] http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2013/10/30/house-passes-bill-on-derivatives/ Citigroup's Involvement: [1] http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2013/05/23/banks-lobbyists-help-in-drafting-financial-bills/ [2] http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2013/10/29/business/dealbook/29lobbyists-documents.html [3] http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2013/05/24/why-did-citigroup-try-to-overturn-an-overhaul/ [4] http://maplight.org/content/73351/citigroup-derivatives-bailout-bill-House-HR992 Representative Jim Himes (D - CT): [1] https://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/contrib.php?cycle=2012&cid=N00029070&type=C&newmem=N [2] https://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/recips.php?cycle=2012&id=D000000071 [3] http://maplight.org/content/73257 [4] http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-04-26/wall-streets-favorite-democrat [5] http://dccc.org/blog/entry/dccc_chairman_steve_israel_names_rep._jim_himes_as_national_finance_chair/ How derivatives work: [1] http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/2012/10/17/163038597/ask-a-banker-whats-a-derivative [2] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3im-iJdhv4 Created by Motiv http://www.meetmotiv.com
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Rep. Bart Stupak speaking in Cheboygan, MI
Rep. Bart Stupak speaking in Cheboygan, MI
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Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Washington Post reports, Billionaire Donald Trump won the Republican presidential primary in Michigan, Trump also won the Republican primary in Mississippi – giving him a pair of victories in far-flung and very different states, and demonstrating that furious attacks by his rivals and his party’s elite have not stopped Trump’s momentum. See the report here: https://youtu.be/wrabkoMjkXI Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/michigan-primary-races-march-8-election-updates/2016/03/08/4222f230-e4e8-11e5-b0fd-073d5930a7b7_story.html ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUPPORT THE NETWORK WITH THE LINKS BELOW! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Patreon $5/mo: http://nnn.is/monthly-gift-5 Give once: http://nnn.is/one-time-gift Give BTC: 13Hd1HFqS5CDLCMcFQPWu9wumubo6X2hSM Tip Brian The Editor: http://nextnewsnetwork.com/tip-the-editor/ T-Shirt Shop: http://nnn.is/get-your-gear-here Gold buyer's strategy: http://nnn.is/free-gold-secret Teach Your Child About Liberty: http://nnn.is/1HvxU37 Watch Us on Tiger Steam! http://nnn.is/GET-TIGER --- $50 off promocode: BUYTIGERSTREAM Cast your vote in the Selection 2016 Poll: http://nextnewsnetwork.com/election-2016-poll/ ---------------------------------------- Send Us News Tips! ---------------------------------------- http://nextnewsnetwork.com/viewer-submitted-news/ ---------------------------------------- FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL! ---------------------------------------- http://Facebook.com/NextNewsNet http://Twitter.com/NextNewsNet http://NextNewsNetwork.com Hashtag: #N3 Community Guidelines Disclaimer: The points of view and purpose of this video is not to bully or harass anybody, but rather share that opinion and thoughts with other like-minded individuals curious about the subject to encourage conversation and awareness.
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Michigan congressional primary kicks off... voter turn out low
Syma Chowdry reviews what your vote would mean for the 2016 primary ◂ WXYZ 7 Action News is metro Detroit's leading source for breaking news, weather warnings, award-winning investigative reports, sports and entertainment. WXYZ 7 Action News is Detroit's breaking news and weather leader. Channel 7 - on-air, online at WXYZ.com and always Taking Action for You. For more download the WXYZ mobile app: iPhone: http://bit.ly/iOS-wxyz Android: http://bit.ly/wxyzplay
Michigan Democratic Primary | Do We Focus Too Heavily On Polls?
How much should we focus on polls? Usually they're pretty helpful, but sometimes Bernie Sanders comes into Michigan and breaks all expectations. Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz (Turner Classic Movies), Ana Kasparian, and John Iadarola (ThinkTank), hosts of the The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. *** Download audio and video of the full two hour show on-demand + the members-only post game show by becoming a member at http://www.tytnetwork.com/join/. Your membership supports the day to day operations and is vital for our continued success and growth. Get The Young Turks Mobile App Today! Download the iOS version here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-young-turks/id412793195?ls=1&mt=8 Download the Android version here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tyt
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Jon Runyan - The Millionaires
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) continues on offense, releasing new online ads — titled "The Millionaires" — to expose twenty-three Republican Members of Congress who are about to vote for another tax cut for millionaires at the expense of the middle class and seniors. The new advertising begins today in the districts of twenty-three vulnerable House Republicans as part of the DCCC's "Drive for 25" campaign to win the Majority. With 100 days until Election Day, House Republicans will vote this week to give people making more than $1 million a year another $130,000 tax break, according to the Tax Policy Center, and once again double down on their failed priorities instead of protecting the middle class and seniors. This past weekend, the DCCC held "Middle Class First" grassroots events in 19 congressional districts to expose Republicans' plans to put millionaires over the middle class. "Democrats are on offense again as House Republicans vote this week to protect tax breaks for millionaires instead of strengthening the middle class," said DCCC Chairman Steve Israel. "Under House Republicans' top-down economics, millionaires, corporations that outsource jobs, Big Oil and special interests get a $130,000 tax break which we can't afford. Democrats are holding Republicans accountable for their misplaced priorities and the heat is on House Republicans for putting millionaires and special interests first, and the middle class and seniors last."
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Sierra Club 2010 House Race Ad: Michigan District 07 Mark Schauer and Tim Walberg
Sierra Club 2010 House Race Ad: Michigan District 07 Mark Schauer and Tim Walberg. - Founded by legendary conservationist John Muir in 1892, the Sierra Club is now the nation's largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization -- with more than two million members and supporters. Our successes range from protecting millions of acres of wilderness to helping pass the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. More recently, we've made history by leading the charge to address climate disruption by moving away from the dirty fossil fuels and toward a clean energy economy. Visit us here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SierraClub Twitter: https://twitter.com/sierraclub Instagram: https://instagram.com/sierraclub
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Congressman Benishek: 'Fair Share'
The average Michigan family pays over $6,000 in federal income taxes every year. The Big Oil companies get over $6,000 in tax subsidies every minute. And Congressman Dan Benishek voted to keep giving Big Oil tax subsidies, saying oil companies quote "pay their fair share." Call Congress Benishek at 202-225-4735 and tell him to stop voting to protect tax breaks for Big Oil.
Brexit: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Britain could soon vote to leave the European Union. John Oliver enlists a barbershop quartet to propose a smarter option. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Michigan Republican Tom Barrett Birthday Tax Digital Ad
Digital ad explaining the new birthday tax and higher fees on Michigan families voted for by Tom Barrett and his fellow Republican legislators in order to pay for their reckless and irresponsible "roads fix."
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