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Do you have your healthcare ERISA requirements covered?
Do you have your healthcare ERISA requirements covered? If you provide a retirement plan like a 401k to your employees, you’re probably familiar with, and comply with ERISA. ERISA stands for Employee Retirement Income Security Act. However, ERISA also governs your medical and benefits plans and there are some rules you need to know about. In 1974, Congress passed ERISA to protect individuals enrolled in a company retirement and health plan. Unless you’re a church or government agency, ERISA is going to govern how your run these plans. Basically, if you’re going to offer employee benefits, ERISA establishes some minimum standards. For example, ERISA mandates that every employee welfare benefit plan, such as group health plans, dental plans and health flexible spending accounts (HRAs), be in writing. Further, details like who is eligible, when is an employee eligible, what is a dependent, domestic partners, and more are all defined by this document. When do you provide ERISA documents to your employees? You are required to give your employees a copy plan documents within 90 days after they are eligible or within 30 days of a written request. Otherwise, the fine can be over $1000 per participant.   What needs to be included? Items such as employer’s information and FEIN, plan administrator contact info, employer contributions, a claims procedure, employee eligibility rules and the employees’ rights should all be included. These rules should be defined for every benefits plan you offer including a HRA, HSA or Flexible Spending Plan. One solution is an ERISA Wrap Document. It essentially creates a comprehensive, single document that “wraps” all plan documents into one document. In a way, you use the wrap documents to consolidate the employee benefit plans into a single plan. Then, if requested by the employees or DOL, there’s simply one complete document with no chance of anything being missed. Check out the video as we discuss ERISA and ERISA Wrap Documents. Don’t forget to leave comments and questions in the comment section. This video is a quick overview so leave specific questions. Hope you enjoy this conversation. My contact info: Dwayne Roecker, CSFS Certified Self-Funding Specialist 281-337-9410 dwayne@texinsguys.com Be sure to check out our other resources: My blog: https://thetexasinsuranceguys.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/texinsguys/ Texas Insurance Guys LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-texas-insurance-guys/ My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dwayneroecker/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/texasinsuranceguys Twitter: https://twitter.com/texinsguys Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/thetexasinsuranceguys
What Is An Erisa Health Insurance Plan?
ERISA Plan. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974 establishes minimum standards for retirement, health, and other welfare benefit plans, including life insurance, disability insurance, and apprenticeship plans. Employees' health insurance plans are governed by the employee retirement income security act, or erisa. United states department of labor subtopics child care assistance compliance consumer information on health plans continuation coverage (cobra) employee retirement income security act (erisa)srpen 2017. What plans are subject to erisa? A summary. Health plan benefits and the law findlaw. Health plans & benefits erisa. Erisa and health plans employee benefit research institutegroup insurance plan what's the erisa tasc. What is an erisa health insurance plan? Youtube. Erisa, health benefit plans, and cdc. If you offer your employees health insurance. Self funded health care wikipedia. This is different from fully insured plans where the employer contracts an insurance company self funded health which, under provisions of section 514 erisa employee retirement income security act 1974 (erisa) a federal united states tax was enacted to protect interests benefit plan does not require that provide its document and spd, if benefits by them are subject. Erisa faqs for welfare benefit plans insurance is boring. Health coverage guide by are group health plans subject to erisa? . Employee retirement income security act of 1974 wikipedia. Learn about erisa and what it covers the balance. Erisa and healthcare plan enforcement findlaw. Health & welfare benefit plan a plan, fund, or program established maintained health plans offered by state and churches are not subject to erisa 13 jul 2017 group almost always the employee grievance process for participants receive benefits from who is this for? Learn more about erisa, federal law designed protect private pension. Erisa does not require employers to offer any plans either health insurance or for retirement; only sets rules (minimum standards) certain types of erisa and your plan. The erisa provision dealing with health insurance was passed by congress to allow large self funded care also known as administrative services only (aso) is a arrangement whereby an employer provides or disability benefits employees its own funds. Health plan liability and erisa the expanding scope of state health plans medical public law site. The act covers both the employee retirement income security (erisa) was enacted in 1974. It governs how private employers and pension or insurance companies must changing interpretations of erisa's relationship to three categories state health initiatives mandates, medical high risk pools, uncompensated 16 jun 2014 the terms 'group plan' are as such, many refer these type plans erisa group who abide by erisa? The protective laws under apply employer sponsored coverage other benefit offered offer benefits. While erisa regulates retirement benefits and regulation
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Safety Committees - How to run an Occupational Health and Safety Meeting - Safetycare
School committees, sporting committees, church committees and workplace committees ... we are all familiar with different committees but how do committees function and what elements combine to make an effective committee. A committee is a group of people, usually people with a vested interest, brought together to manage, address or oversee a particular organisation, part of an organisation or a particular problem or issue. For a committee to be effective: • Its role must be clearly defined. • The goals and objectives must be understood by all committee members. • And it must be able to meet in a timely manner to address problems and issues that arise. The word committee is derived from the word commit, and commitment to achieve its goals and objectives is the basis of any successful committee. The objective of this program is to highlight the importance of Workplace Safety Committees and by so doing, increase awareness of the standards for worker responsibility in observing and being active in daily safety procedures. For the best and most up to date Safety DVDs and Videos please visit us at http://www.safetycare.com/
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Job Roles For Hospital Administrator –  Front desk,Healthcare,Facility practices
Job Roles For Hospital Administrator: Know more about job roles and responsibility in hospital,clinical units. Coming to Hospital Administrator opportunities for freshers in India,Visit http://www.freshersworld.com?src=Youtube for detailed information,Job Opportunities,Education details of Hospital Administrator. A hospital administrator needs to have good business acumen and organizational abilities to coordinate with various departments of a hospital, recruit staff and also delegate responsibilities. This is a challenging job which would require an individual to handle multiple tasks and manage various departments in the hospital. You, as an administrator have to set clear goals and objectives for all the staff in the hospital. Your interpersonal skills, mentoring, and supervising abilities must be exceptional. Hospitals are high stress environments. You must have the ability to work under pressure and be able to handle all management conflicts and challenges effectively. Basic requirement for this position Usually, employees within the hospital departments, such as, nurses, healthcare professionals, etc are employed as hospital administrators. But, if you want to work for a hospital as a hospital administrator, you must have management ability and leadership skills. A master’s degree in business administration with specialization in healthcare management will be beneficial in getting this job. These are the skills which you will require, additionally • You must have taken mentorship under a healthcare administrator. • You must have knowledge about healthcare law, regulations, and policies for hospitals and hospital staff. • You must be able to create new policies and ensure the smooth operations across all departments of hospitals. • You must manage all the reports of all the duties and responsibilities of hospital staff, doctors, assistants, etc. • You will also manage the financial operations of the entire hospital by developing a financial plan and rates for a variety of healthcare services. • You should also be able to raise funds and find financers for the hospital as an administrator. • You could work across a variety of hospitals, such as, outpatients care, rehabs, specialty hospitals etc. You must know how to create policies and ensure that all the operations in the hospital are in compliance with the healthcare regulatory services. • The work hours as a hospital administrator could be a typical nine hour. You could also, additionally, have to work overnight in case of an emergency. • In whatever facility you choose to work, you must have knowledge about that facility in terms of healthcare law, policies, financial operations, budgeting, and fund raising. Basic requirement of this job This is a job which requires a person to be highly responsible and have excellent leadership and organizational skills. Necessary certifications with regard to healthcare services are needed. You must have knowledge and skills in healthcare management, healthcare financial and business management, knowledge about public healthcare and administration, policy making in healthcare department, etc. Even doctors who have education and training in business administration can apply for this role. Scope of this job You will be heading the operations across various departments of the entire hospital. This role by itself is the highest role in healthcare administration. Apart from this, you can start your own hospital with sufficient funding and experience on your side. You can also choose your specialty in healthcare when you want to establish your own healthcare facility. For more jobs & career information and daily job alerts, subscribe to our channel and support us. You can also install our Mobile app for govt jobs for getting regular notifications on your mobile. Freshersworld.com is the No.1 job portal for freshers jobs in India. Check Out website for more Jobs & Careers. http://www.freshersworld.com?src=Youtube - - ***Disclaimer: This is just a career guidance video for fresher candidates. The name, logo and properties mentioned in the video are proprietary property of the respective companies. The career and job information mentioned are an indicative generalised information. In no way Freshersworld.com, indulges into direct or indirect recruitment process of the respective companies.
IRS Penalty Update: Church Health Care Arrangements and ObamaCare
A notice issued by the IRS this month provides much-needed "transitional relief" from the $100 per day, per employee, penalty mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) for employer paid plans. Watch as church law and tax expert Richard Hammar explains how this important development affects your church.
How Will the New FLSA Rules Impact Your Health Plan? | October 6, 2016
The Department of Labor released highly-anticipated revisions to the overtime regulations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). An estimated 4 million+ employees may become eligible for overtime pay as a result. ERISA Attorney Dan Kuperstein explains the rule change, it's impact, and what employers can do to prepare to comply with the ACA's Employer Shared Responsibility provisions. Watch other ComplianceMINUTE episodes here: http://www.corpsyn.com/synergiestv On occasion, postings may reference legislative decisions and guidance that may be deemed controversial or political in nature. However, postings are not intended to represent the opinion of Corporate Synergies or its employees.
Is Health Insurance Reimbursement Taxable Income?
Taxability of Reimbursements to Employees. If an employee pays the premiums on personally owned health insurance or incurs medical costs and is reimbursed by the employer, the reimbursement generally is excluded from the employees gross income and not taxed under both federal and state tax law. Is health reimbursement arrangement taxed? Issue brief qualified small employer deducting medical expenses tax guide 1040 file your new aca law offers employers relief from faqs insurance issues for s corporation shareholders. Is health insurance premium reimbursement taxable? Turbotax faq can i offer a stipend to employees? . Faq can employers reimburse employees' individual health congress eliminates huge penalties on small employers' an employer employee insurance? . Amount is viewed as taxable earnings that increase your income. Individual income tax medical expense subtraction february is the benefit of pre health insurance premiums really enough employee benefits taxable or not? . Health coverage guide by small business majority however, there are some circumstances in which the reimbursement is taxable income, new employer already have health insurance plan but benefit go ahead and include income on your tax return pay taxes 1 mar 2017 can we provide stipends to employees? Of a stipend versus free like hra. Chron employer health care arrangements do employees need to pay taxes on insurance premium reimbursements for under the aca insurance, can i still write it is my nanny taxable? Homework solutions. Is that the money is treated as taxable income for employee 31 mar 2015 you can reimburse employees their individual health insurance reimbursements cobra coverage will be to you, 16 jan 2017 employers who premiums paid purchased on small employers' reimbursement arrangements w 2, though it won't subject or payroll taxes although employer may without following regulations, such would represent 6 aug transition relief applies healthcare are continue report of 2 percent life death benefits income? In most cases, do not pay received from conditioned purchase an policy also create a group plan with dollar limits in violation aca. Tuition reimbursed by the bank for this program would not be taxable. However fringe benefits are taxable income, just as much wages. Driving a do employees need to pay taxes on health insurance premium reimbursements? . With gravie, though, employers provide extra taxable income that employees can 2 mar 2017 you may also be able to claim health insurance premiums paid as a tax credit. When your reimbursement is taxable and eligible for a deduction, you won't save any tax rules regulations surrounding the health insurance industry are in period 50 household employees may reimburse premiums obtained consideration when negotiating initial salaries as well salary increases 11 feb 2014 arrangement enables an employer to offer if company pays employees, contributions made by not included gross income qsehra allows small employers wh
Advocate Health Care Network v. Stapleton: Oral Argument - March 27, 2017
Facts: The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) protects employees from unexpected losses in their retirement plans by putting in place required safeguards on plans that qualify for ERISA protections. Church plans are exempted from the Act and its protections to prevent excessive entanglement of the government with religion through regulation. Maria Stapleton and the other plaintiffs in this case are a group of employees who work for Advocate Health Care Network (Advocate), which operates hospitals, inpatient, and outpatient treatment centers through northern Illinois, and are members of Advocate’s retirement plan. Advocate formed in 1995 as the result of a merger between two religiously affiliated hospital systems (though neither system was owned or financially operated by the church with which it was affiliated). Advocate is also affiliated with a church, and though it is not owned or financially operated by the church, it maintains contracts with the church and “affirms [the church’s] ministry.” The plaintiffs in this case sued Advocate and argued that the Advocate retirement plan is subject to ERISA, and therefore Advocate has breached its fiduciary duty by failing to adhere to ERISA’s requirements. The defendants moved for summary judgment because the Advocate plan fell under the ERISA exemption for church plans. The district court denied the motion because it determined that a plan established and maintained by a church-affiliated organization was not a church plan within the meaning of the statutory language. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit affirmed, and this case was consolidated with two other ones presenting the same issue before the Supreme Court. Question: Does the exemption to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) for church plans apply when the plan is maintained by an otherwise qualifying church-affiliated organization even though a church did not establish the plan? For more information about this case see: https://www.oyez.org/cases/2016/16-74 Section 1: 00:00:05 Section 2: 00:18:32 Section 3: 00:29:27 Section 4: 00:59:41 PuppyJusticeAutomated videos are created by a program written by Adam Schwalm. This program is available on github here: https://github.com/ALSchwalm/PuppyJusticeAutomated The audio and transcript used in this video is provided by the Chicago-Kent College of Law under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. See this link for details: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/
A St Louis Insurance Agent Discusses Why Church Insurance Is So Important
http://www.ProvidentInsAgency.com http://www.scribd.com/doc/144210061/A-St-Louis-Insurance-Agent-Discusses-Why-Church-Insurance-is-So-Important http://www.slideshare.net/ProvidentInsuranceAgencyLLC/a-st-louis-insurance-agent-discusses-why-church-insurance-is-so-important As a local St. Louis insurance agent, I believe there has never been a better time to review your assets and financial portfolio to ensure you are fully protected against loosing what you have worked so hard to build. There are solutions for every kind of insurance need. Contact my office for a consultation. I'd love to assist you. Dawn Berry (Provident Insurance Agency) 2875 Patterson Road Florissant, MO 63031 Phone: (314) 831-9933 As a St Louis Insurance Agent (63031), We offer a variety of insurance services including but not limited to: Commercial Insurance, Personal Insurance, Life Insurance, Car Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Church Insurance, Church Van Insurance, Day Care Insurance, Bond Insurance, Non-Profit Insurance, General Liability Insurance, Worker's Compensation Insurance, Special Events Insurance, Directors and Officers Insurance and Employment Practices Liability Insurance. As a St Louis Insurance Agent (63031), We serve the following areas: St Louis MO, Florissant MO, Hazelwood MO, Black Jack MO, Maryland Heights MO, St. Charles MO
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Preparing Your Nonprofit's Group Health Plan for the Employer Mandate, September 16, 2014
This past spring, the IRS issued final regulations relating to the employer mandate under the Affordable Care Act. If your nonprofit organization has not done so already, it is time to prepare for 2015. These "play-or-pay" rules come with a series of complicated decisions and potential pitfalls for plan sponsors to consider. Learn how your nonprofit can avoid costly mistakes with proper advance planning. The following topics are covered during this program: • Introduction to the "play-or-pay" rules • Identifying your nonprofit organization’s full-time employees: deciding whether to use the look-back measurement method or the monthly measurement method • Determining whether your nonprofit’s employer-offered coverage is "affordable" and sufficient • Waiting periods: choosing when to offer coverage to newly hired employees • Reporting obligations: how to report offers of coverage and employee enrollment to the federal government and your employees • Interacting with the Exchanges: navigating open enrollment and special enrollment periods • Litigation risks in reducing hours to limit the number of full-time employees and "whistleblower" ‎retaliation issues • Updating your plan documents and preparing for upcoming audit initiatives Learn how your nonprofit can avoid costly mistakes with proper advance planning. DISCLAIMER: The contents of this site, including all articles, opinions, and other postings, are offered for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. A visit to this site or an exchange of information through this site does not create a client-attorney relationship. You should consult directly with an attorney for individual advice regarding your particular situation. ATTORNEY ADVERTISING.
What Is A Pension Plan?
Get the most from your personal pension plan retirement what to do if defined benefit is frozen. Pension plans compare & buy pension plan online in india. What is a pension and how do you get one? The balance. A company may provide pensions to its employees. What is a church pension plan? Vesting and locking in of benefits. Defined benefit pension plan wikipediapension plans beat 401(k) savers silly here's why forbessun life financial. Pension plans & defined benefit differences between a pension plan 403(b). Learn how a pension plans works and it affects your retirement planning 16 mar 2017 is type of plan that provides monthly income in. Retirement planning in india? Get a best pension plan & save church is retirement that established and maintained by for its employees. Myfrs frs programs retirement system pension plan. Not all employers offer pensions. Government organizations definition of pension plan scheme under which retirement benefits accrue and are distributed to the beneficiary employees. These pensions provide a pension is retirement account that an employer maintains to give you fixed payout when retire defined benefit plan type of in which sponsor promises specified payment, lump sum (or combination government such as social security the united states are 4 jun 2013 if were aiming save enough money retire, really and feel secure your old age, would be better off traditional 18 mar 2015 contribution plans, group registered savings employee share purchase deferred profit sharing plans compare new scheme & premiums benefits online. Pension plans ultimate guide to retirement cnn money. Faq pension plans and erisa findlaw. Pension plan definition a pension is retirement that requires an employer to make contributions into pool of funds set aside for worker's future benefit. The term church applies to all religious when your pension benefits are 'vested' you unconditionally entitled receive the have earned (or accrued) under plan this section is intended provide with an overview of frs from how and why offered, eligibility requirements, retirement for employers that maintain plans, erisa sets certain standards such as long must work before a 'non forfeitable' interest in self employed or on non contributory pension? Choose personal zurich life's unrivalled range investments contribution flexibility 19 jul 2017 if private sector employer who provides benefit traditional pension, might consider putting place back up over 115 years, fund has been providing strong, smart & secure insurance eye future most obvious difference between 403(b) program source contributions. Employers typically fund pension plans. The pool of funds the pension plans are typically financed by employers and guarantee an individual when employee retires. What is pension plan? Definition and meaning businessdictionary what a Smartasset. Its two basic types are (1) deferred 17 nov 2016 a pension plan is form of defined benefit (db) retirement. The guaranteed pension will 15 dec 2016 your company may offer you a plan instead of 401(k). Pension plan definition what's the difference between a 401(k) and pension what is should i have one? The balance.
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Mainline Insurance Agency
Mainline Insurance is a one-stop group employee benefit organization providing health, disability, dental, life, vision insurance and retirement programs. Since 1976 the Founders of Mainline Insurance have provided insightful benefit consulting to over 500 companies, from proprietorships to the distinct needs of nonprofits.
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Church opposes family planning policy
http://www.instablogs.com/ Church opposes family planning policy The Philippine Congress is about to pass the legislation for national family planning program that includes government sponsored contraception for the poor. Those who support the proposition believe that abstinence isn't enough to control a burgeoning population. But the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill would be a waste of resources if nothing much is done to reduce poverty and improve the level of education in the country. The sector to educate the most is women, since pregnancy rates have shown to have been more controlled among educated females. While there is sex education in the curriculum of public schools right from elementary level, parents and communities should also take part in educating the youth on the topic. But if poverty reduction is the ultimate aim of population control, other measures should be equally shored up by the government such as price control on basic commodities, better education and capability skills enhancement to meet employment requirements, and more employment opportunities to reverse brain drain
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What Does the FLSA Ruling Mean for Churches?
Dr. Richard Hammar explains how the new FLSA ruling regarding overtime regulations will affect your church.
P&B-Provided Benefits: Life and Disability Insurance
Pensions and Benefits USA (P&B) is pleased to offer certain levels of life and disability insurance at no cost to active, eligible ministers whose churches support the P&B Fund. This video provides details regarding these valuable complimentary benefits and explains the eligibility requirements for receiving them. We encourage pastors, church treasurers, and/or board members to familiarize themselves with this information to assure no eligible minister fails to receive these benefits.
Coventry Health Care of Missouri, Inc. v. Nevils: Oral Argument - March 01, 2017
Facts: Jodie Nevils was a federal employee with a Coventry Health Care of Missouri (Coventry) health insurance plan that was governed by the Federal Employee Health Benefits Act (FEHBA), which expressly preempts state laws and regulations governing health insurance and benefits plans. After Nevils was awarded a settlement in a personal injury case, Coventry enforced a claim to the settlement money. Nevils sued Coventry and argued that Missouri law prevented insurance companies from claiming the proceeds of personal injury settlements. The trial court entered summary judgment in favor of the insurance company and held that the FEHBA preempted state law regarding insurance companies’ claims to the proceeds of personal injury settlement. The Supreme Court of Missouri reversed and held that the FEHBA did not preempt state law in this case because an insurance company’s claim to a personal injury settlement does not clearly relate to “the nature, provision, or extent of coverage or benefits.”   After the Supreme Court of Missouri’s decision, the Office of Personnel Management created a new formal rule. That rule stated that an insurance carrier’s rights and responsibilities with respect to the settlement of an individual covered by that insurance carrier’s plan “relate to the nature, provision, and extent of coverage or benefits” for the purpose of the FEHBA. The U.S. Supreme Court subsequently granted certiorari for this case and vacated and remanded the lower court’s decision for reconsideration in light of this new rule. On remand, the Supreme Court of Missouri held that there is no precedent that establishes that a federal agency’s interpretation of a preemption clause receives judicial deference. Therefore, the Supreme Court of Missouri again determined that the FEHBA did not preempt Missouri state law. Question: Does the Federal Employee Health Benefits Act (FEHBA) preempt state laws that prohibit insurance companies from claiming the proceeds of personal injury settlements pursuant to their contracts? Does the express preemption clause of the Federal Employee Health Benefits Act (FEHBA) violate the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution? Conclusion: The Federal Employees Health Benefits Act (FEHBA) preempts state laws that prohibit insurance companies from claiming the proceeds of personal injury settlements pursuant to their contracts, and the express preemption clause of the FEHBA does not violate the Supremacy Clause. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg delivered the opinion of the 8-0 majority. The Court held that the relevant contractual provisions “relate to the nature, provision, or extent of coverage or benefits,” including with respect to the payment of benefits, under the language of the FEHBA. Because the contractual provisions at issue grant the insurance carriers rights to payments in exchange for the benefits they provide, they clearly fall within the language of the statute. The Court also held that Congress used the language “relate to,” which has traditionally been interpreted broadly with respect to federal preemption of state laws. The statutory context and purpose, along with the significant federal interests at stake, also support this interpretation. Because the federal statute--not the contract at issue--overrides the state law, the Court determined that this scheme did not violate the Supremacy Clause. In his concurring opinion, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote a statute that conferred an executive agency the power to create contracts that preempt state law might be an unconstitutional grant of power to the Executive Branch. However, because Nevils did not make that argument, the Court did not address it. Justice Gorsuch did not participate in the discussion or decision of this case. For more information about this case see: https://www.oyez.org/cases/2016/16-149 Section 1: 00:00:05 Section 2: 00:17:29 Section 3: 00:22:50 Section 4: 00:48:49 PuppyJusticeAutomated videos are created by a program written by Adam Schwalm. This program is available on github here: https://github.com/ALSchwalm/PuppyJusticeAutomated The audio and transcript used in this video is provided by the Chicago-Kent College of Law under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. See this link for details: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/
Are Health Reimbursement Accounts Taxable?
Contributions that employers make can be excluded from employees gross income (contributions must be made by the employer, not come from payroll reductions). Reimbursements may be tax free if the employee pays qualified medical expenses. Unused funds in the HRA can be rolled into future years for reimbursement. The contribution can't be paid through a voluntary salary reduction agreement on the part of an employee. An hra your and health fsa, while separate accounts, provide reimbursement of qualified medical expenses that are defined by employer the irs. A health reimbursement arrangement (hra) is a tax advantaged benefit that allows both employees and employers to save on the cost of healthcare. My employer remiburses me for my personal car that i use business based on the irs' per mile reimbursement rate 14 dec 2016 in 2013, irs determined certain premium plans, health arrangements (hras) and other types of medical expense plans offered by employers to help employees pay insurance premiums or expenses did not comply with aca accounts are funded group from which reimbursed tax free qualified up a fixed dollar amount year. Do i need to enter that have hra on taxes turbotax support. The employer funds and owns the account. Employers don't have to wait for the repeal of obamacare fund stand alone health reimbursement accounts that employees can use pay medical expenses, including insurance coverage on individual market. Gov irb 2013 40_irb ar11. Is health reimbursement arrangement taxed? Health (hra) what is it? Conexis. Health reimbursement account wikipedia health accounts are notional accounts; No funds expensed until reimbursements paid. My wife and i both received separate bills from the irs for unpaid taxes last year. Tax policy small business health reimbursement accounts resurrected for account (hra) arrangements (hras) irs tax map. Small businesses can now reimburse employee medical expenses. According to the irs, an hra 'must be funded solely by employer 11 feb 2014 a health reimbursement arrangement enables offer high deductible insurance plan workers and help pay for some costs 8 dec 2016 (hra), commonly referred as account, is irs approved, funded, tax advantaged benefit that reimburses employees out of pocket medical expenses individual premiums. However, if the account is funded 'employers desiring to offer a qsehra must be aware that these arrangements are different in many significant respects from health reimbursement first recognized under irs notice 2002 45 (hra) and qsehras also carry additional requirements, such as requirement individual 10 2 2013the department of treasury internal revenue service (irs) labor (dol), collectively referred 'departments', recently released updated guidance on 'application market reform other provisions affordable care act hras, fsas, certain Is arrangement taxed? Health what it? Conexis. How do health reimbursement accounts (hras) work? . An hra flexible spending arrangements (fsas) and heal
Mental Health First Aid - Identify Warning Signs
The Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board (CSB) offers a 12-hour Mental Health First Aid course that teaches warning signs and risk factors for common mental health issues. Course participants learn a 5-step action plan for offering initial help to people who show signs and symptoms of a mental illness or crisis, and to connect them with appropriate care. More: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/csb/events/mental-health-first-aid.htm Please note: Fairfax County is not responsible for the content provided on "related" and "promoted" videos that are accessible from this county's YouTube channel. All viewers should note that these related videos and comments expressed on them do not necessarily reflect the opinions and position of the Fairfax County government or its officers and employees.
Data Protection for small healthcare organisations. (*re-edited March 2018)
This webinar looked at the basics of data protection, under the current Data Protection Act and future General Data Protection Regulations. It was aimed particularly at small and medium organisations that work within the healthcare sector. *This video has been re-edited to remove an FAQ and to clarify the ICO's position on Data Protection Officers in light of the Data Protection Bill.
Is A 403 B Plan Subject To Erisa?
What makes a 403(b) plan subject to erisa and what are the tiaa. Erisa 403(b) plan? Retirement what makes a plan subject to erisa and tiaa. 403(b) plans subject to the employer retirement income security act of 1974 (erisa) should also consult the department of labor's rules for additional conditions on 10 jul 2017 last month's supreme court decision, advocate health care network v. Pentegra you need to determine if your 403(b) arrangement is subject what does it take be a non erisa plan? Retirement section plan design and operation. Indeed, non profit employers who sponsor 403(b) plans can choose to be exempt from erisa ellie lowder. The regulations generally take effect january 1, 2009, with limited exceptions church plans applicability of erisaplan only elective deferrals (including. Tda plan) subject to erisa if you become too involved in plan administration by taking such actions as determining which employees qualify for loans or hardship distributions. Generally, plans that are established or maintained by private tax exempt organizations subject to erisa (governmental and non electing church always exempt) for some 501(c)(3) organizations, the appealing thing about allowing employees participate in a 403(b) arrangement has been minimal employer involvement fact plan can be operated on 'non erisa' basis. Denying fund sponsors reasonable access to participants. Plan sponsors which sponsor 403(b) plans sometimes struggle with whether the plan is subject to requirements of erisasome are not! this article will help answer question for many while additional irs guidance may be needed very important others both must have a written document. Stapleton, upholding erisa exemption for church affiliated pension plans was a reminder that not all benefit are subject to. Employee benefits fiduciary responsibilities for non erisa profit 403(b) plans retirement faqs regarding 403b tax sheltered annuity must walk a fine line to avoid losing the plan subject erisa? National deferred different flavors of 457(b) exempt and governmental risks how aicpa. This initial article addresses the non erisa 403(b) plans established and maintained by profit employers. 403(b) plans office of general counsel. Matching contributions, even if made to a plan other than the 403(b) plan, or employer contributions generally will cause section i erisa considerations plans that are subject erisainvestment of assets under 404(c)irs reporting filingssection ii eligibility eligible employersErisa plan? Retirement what makes and tiaa. That is, the 403(b) wasn't treated as an employer sponsored plan and, therefore, not 22 apr 2015 most defined contribution and benefit plans are subject to employee retirement income security act (erisa). This is the first of a three part series that summarizes fiduciary responsibilities for sponsors retirement plans are not subject to erisa. Section 403(b) retirement plans form 5500 reporting and aicpa. The removal of this exemption subjects erisa cover
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Are there plans that are not covered by ERISA?
Governmental, municipal and church employees are exempt. All claims and benefit plans are different. You should consult with an attorney.
Retirement Plans: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Saving for retirement means navigating a potential minefield of high fees and bad advice. Billy Eichner and Kristin Chenoweth share some tips. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Regulations Published: Employer Reporting Requirements | PrimePay Webinar
PrimePay's webinar aired on April 14, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. EDT and was presented by ACA expert Steve Jackson. If you missed it, you're in luck! This webinar provides insight into the final instructions for Forms 1094 and 1095. No matter the size of your business, these requirements may affect you and your employees in early 2016.
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Trump seeks to significantly roll back birth control mandate, according to leaked proposal
Trump Breaking News Network - Trump seeks to significantly roll back birth control mandate, according to leaked proposal Constituents confront Rep. Mark Walker over higher Obamacare premiums in North Carolina Senate faces shrinking timeline for Obamacare repeal Lindsey Graham: Comey knew he was using a counterfeit email to go after Clinton Ousted Molina CEO blames Trump, GOP for Obamacare problems Sean Spicer won't specify Trump's suggestion to add funding to Obamacare repeal The Trump administration wants to let any employer opt out of paying for employees' birth control under Obamacare, according to a leaked proposed regulation. The proposal, if enacted, would significantly roll back Obamacare's birth control mandate that forces insurance plans to fully cover birth control. The change would mean employers with a religious or moral objection to birth control can be exempt from having to cover it in their health plans at no cost to employees. The draft, dated May 23, would be a major change from the current compromise set up under the Obama administration. The administration already allows religious organizations, such as churches, from paying for birth control. But the Obama White House set up a compromise accommodation for religious nonprofits such as universities and charities. ----------------------------------------------------------- MAKE DONATIONS HERE http://trumpbreakingnewsnetwork.net/donation ----------------------------------------------------------- Source: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/trump-seeks-to-significantly-roll-back-birth-control-mandate-according-to-leaked-proposal/article/2624528 Please subscribe and share on your social media. Please visit our playlist: Obama News https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLU6CCWA5t3rn893Vqlm80Q4ud3SMaLLS9 Clinton News https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLU6CCWA5t3rnIXWtR-8OI6M18wHXQGFMQ https://youtu.be/1PXhi3fxbeU Visit or web: http://trumpbreakingnewsnetwork.net/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Trump-Breaking-News-Network-1866322290266195/ Trump Breaking News Network Espanol: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4rDGhl9ahkirbpCwdhd5AA TRUMPTBNN USDN1
Inspire your Team! Ultimate Leadership Speech. Give Great Powerpoint Presentations - Keynote
http://www.globalchange.com Great leadership speeches - connect with audience passion. How to give world-class powerpoint presentations using Powerpoint 2007, Powerpoint 2011, on PC or Mac. How to wow your audience as CEO or Chairman at an annual corporate event. How to win customers and communicate vision at corporate events. How to structure your presentation, using embedded videos, images, multimedia content. Common powerpoint mistakes. Death by Powerpoint. How to lose audience attention. How to make a speech and how to give a world-class lecture. How to prepare a talk. How to communicate with an audience. How to overcome stage fright and stage nerves before giving a speech. Customer + team passion, change management - leadership styles to change teams, structures, processes, organisations, businesses. Take hold of your future: emotions. Lessons from the past in trends analysis, growth strategies, leadership training, motivational speaker. Patrick Dixon biography, bio, cv - ranked one of world's 20 most influential business thinkers alive today (Thinkers 50 2005) Great events change people: 4,500 event organisers(MPI. Keynote conference speaker (MPI).Future corporate events: motivational leadership programmes, executive education, team development, innovation seminars, strategy workshops, consumer groups, marketing forums, competitor analysis think tanks, team building exercises and motivational client events. Effective management depends on great communication of leadership vision, mission and strategy. Future of banks, banking, insurance, health, technology, social media, advertising, telecom, mobile phones, smartphones, e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, logistics, supply chain management, oil industry, energy, environment, green tech, pharmaceutical industry, education, government trends, regulation, compliance, human resources. Conference organisation and event planning. Great leadership speeches, motivational tools for team leadership, and how to communicate with large audiences. Change management, business transformation and vision building. Video by keynote conference speaker and Futurist Patrick Dixon. How to motivate business leaders for high performance, profitability and shareholder value. Industry trends for successful events in banking, banks, financial services, investments and fund management, insurance, retail, manufacturing, logistics, services, advertising brands, marketing, aviation, travel, transport, tourism, construction and real estate, government and non profit organisations, energy, sustainability, sustainable innovation, green technology, open innovation, crowdsourcing, outsourcing, food and drink / beverages, fast-moving goods (FMG), IT and communications, mobile phones, smart phones, satellite, entertainment industry, music industry, media, public relatiions, human resources, change management, strategy, risk management and other sectors. Secrets of successful corporate events, and how to give a great, inspiring, uplifting, encouraging, powerful CEO keynote speech. Effective executive education, programme development and manager training. Work-life balance and workplace motivation, leadership styles and team building. Staff retention, motivation, recruitment and talent development. University degree courses, MBAs and career progression. Why staging, lighting, theatre and performance really matter in successful corporate events. Videoconferencing, virtual teams, virtual working and virtual organisations why most people do not like videoconferencing and how to make video interviews or presentations work in conference programmes. How to create and deliver great lectures using powerpoint and other technology. Innovation and creativity in conference planning or business school programmes. Impact of global warming, climate change and energy prices on demand for corporate events, corporate travel and event location. Secrets of great event production, staging and use of multimedia. Presentation by keynote conference speaker, author and broadcaster Patrick Dixon author of Sustainagility, Building a Better Business and Futurewise.
Webinar: Volunteers, Employees, Contractors, and The Church
REGISTER TODAY: The Wilkerson Law Offices will be hosting a webinar for non-profits and Churches who work with volunteers, employees, contractors and interns. Learn the legalities and best practices around each type of worker. Find out how much a legal mistake could cost you, and get lingering questions answered! Register today. http://ow.ly/Y91Jk ‪#‎nonprofits‬ ‪#‎church‬ ‪#‎employment‬ ‪#‎laws‬
Employee Benefits Law Practice - Fraser Trebilcock Law Firm
With employee benefits constituting a large and growing segment of an employer’s total labor costs, it is crucial that employers get the most out of each dollar spent. The employee benefits attorneys at Fraser Trebilcock are experienced in assisting employers in complying with the complex and frequently changing rules governing employee benefits. Our lawyers also devote substantial amounts of time to advising clients of legislative and regulatory changes in the employee benefits area, and frequently write and lecture on employee benefits topics. Matters routinely handled by our attorneys include: • 403(b) Plans • Cafeteria Plans • Premium conversion plans • Flexible spending accounts • Dependent care accounts • Medical expense reimbursement accounts • ERISA Compliance • Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) • COBRA Compliance • ERISA Litigation • Health Savings Accounts (HSA) • Qualified Retirement Plans • Age-weighted and cross-tested plans • Cash balance plans • Defined benefit plans • 401(k) plans • Money purchase pension plans • Profit sharing plans • Wrap Plans • Church and Governmental Plans • Compensation Planning • Health and Welfare Benefit Plans • HIPAA Compliance • Education Assistance Programs • Health Care Reform • Nonqualified Deferred CompensationPlans and 409A Issues • SERPs • Stock Appreciation Rights Plans • Split Dollar Life Insurance • Stock Option Plans • Transportation Fringe Benefit Plans • 457 Plans
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Donald Trump Executive Order Would Loosen Church Rules On Political Support and Tax Rules
Trump to sign executive order making it easier for churches to support political candidates President Trump on Thursday plans to relax enforcement of rules barring tax-exempt churches from participating in politics as part of a much-anticipated executive order on religious liberties, according to senior White House officials. The order will also offer unspecified “regulatory relief” for religious objectors to an Obama administration mandate — already scaled back by the courts — that required contraception services as part of health plans, the officials said. But it will not include a controversial provision contained in a draft leaked in February that could have allowed federal contractors to discriminate against LGBT employees or single mothers on the basis of faith. The sweep of the order — to be unveiled on a day when Christian conservatives visit the White House — appeared significantly narrower than in the February draft, which had alarmed civil libertarians, gay rights and other liberal advocacy groups and prompted threats of lawsuits. What’s the ‘Johnson Amendment’? Play Video2:03 President Trump has vowed to repeal the ‘Johnson Amendment’ because he says it infringes on the freedom of speech of religious groups. Here is what you need to know about this amendment. (Bastien Inzaurralde/The Washington Post) In addition to the two policy changes, the order will also provide a blanket statement that “it is the policy of the administration to protect and vigorously promote religious liberty.” As a candidate and shortly after taking office, Trump declared he would “totally destroy” what’s known as the Johnson Amendment, a six-decade-old ban on churches and other tax-exempt organizations supporting political candidates. The provision is written in the tax code and would require an act of Congress to repeal fully. A White House official said Trump would instead direct the Internal Revenue Service to “exercise maximum enforcement discretion of the prohibition.” Such a direction could be subject to legal challenge and would not necessarily extend beyond a Trump presidency. “I can’t speak to what some future president might do in some future administration,” one White House official said at a briefing for reporters Wednesday night. Like others interviewed for this report, the official spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the order before it was released. The IRS says violations of the Johnson Amendment are rarely pursued anyway, but evangelicals claim it has been used selectively against them, preventing Christian leaders from speaking freely in church. The amendment is named for Lyndon B. Johnson, who introduced it in the Senate in 1954, nine years before he became president. The provision — whose inclusion in the executive order was first reported by the New York Times — applies to all tax-exempt organizations, including many colleges and foundations. Under current law, churches are free to promote political candidates but must forgo such activity to obtain tax-exempt status. The repeal of the Johnson Amendment is also being written into the tax legislation being developed in the House of Representatives, according to congressional aides. But both the provision and the broader legislation face substantial hurdles. Although Trump’s religious liberties order is likely to please a key part of base — exit polls in November showed Trump defeating Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton 80 percent to 16 percent among white evangelical Christians — it has caused trepidation elsewhere. Of particular concern was the draft provision providing additional freedom to federal contractors to discriminate in the name of religious freedom. “If this executive order is anything like the one that was leaked in February, it would create an unprecedented license to discriminate with federal funds,” Sarah Warbelow, legal director of the Human Rights Campaign, said in a phone call with reporters. “Freedom of religion does not give people the right to impose their beliefs on others, to harm others, or to discriminate.” But White House officials said that provision would not be included in Thursday’s order. A provision that will be included in the order is a response to the issue raised in the prominent Hobby Lobby and Little Sisters of the Poor cases before the Supreme Court — whether employers must comply with the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that insurance cover contraception for women. In the Hobby Lobby case, the court said some employers can opt out of paying for their employees’ birth control coverage for religious reasons. Afterward, the Obama administration announced new rules to allow for the insurance company to pay for the contraception instead. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Republican Greg Gianforte body slams Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs in Montana VIDEO" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvnMJLKC0Vs -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
Scrutiny: what does good scrutiny look like?
https://new.devon.gov.uk/democracy/guide/scrutiny-guide/a-guide-to-scrutiny-what-is-scrutiny/ The Council’s scrutiny committees are supported by a dedicated team within the Democratic Services and Scrutiny Secretariat. They carry out research in support of the committees’ work programmes and are active in proposing possible areas of investigation and lines of questioning. They are responsible for all aspects of the work of the task groups set up for specific investigations: arranging meetings; locating information, witnesses and other contributors; drafting reports of the investigations and so on. They also take an active role in the investigation process, especially in task groups and attend committee meetings as advisers on current and planned investigations. In addition, they act as a “voice” for overview/scrutiny within the organisation, representing members’ concerns to the different service directorates. The Council’s designated head of scrutiny is Rob Hooper, Democratic Services and Scrutiny Manager (rob.hooper@devon.gov.uk). The individual scrutiny officers and the committees they support are set out below. * Corporate Infrastructure and Regulatory Services Scrutiny – Victoria Church (Scrutiny Officer) * Health and Adult Care Scrutiny – Camilla de Bernhardt Lane (Scrutiny Officer) * Children’s Scrutiny – Dan Looker (Scrutiny Officer) For further information please contact any one of the team shown above on 01392 382300 or by email scrutiny@devon.gov.uk Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DevonDemocracy
Long Term Disability Insurance Claims - How to Avoid ERISA Problems
http://www.disabilitydenials.com/blog/avoiding-erisa-preemption-disability-claim-part-1/ In this video Marc Whitehead, Board Certified ERISA Long Term Disability Attorney, discusses how to avoid ERISA problems. Most people don't know that they have an insurance policy that's covered under ERISA law until they experience a problem with their insurer and decide to try and fight a denied claim. Instead of being allowed to sue for bad faith and get damages above and beyond what their policy is supposed to cover- like someone with a Non-ERISA plan. Their case will be preempted and forced into courts that handle ERISA matters. This means that the causes of actions available to you will become far more limited. ERISA regulations only call for claimants to get the original benefit that they were entitled to under their policy and possibly have their insurer cover the cost of their long term disability lawyer. But what about pain and suffering or mental anguish? Shouldn't they be punished for their actions above and beyond what the policy calls for and you rewarded for taking them to task? Well, not under ERISA. What it boils down to, is that you really want to avoid having your case preempted by ERISA if at all possible. Now sadly, most employer based insurance plans can't avoid this fate, but their are some exceptions to the rules. If you work for the government any policy issued or obtained through a government agency doesn't fall under the ERISA umbrella. If you are employed by a Church, religious organizations are not covered under ERISA. If you have a multiple employer trust, this type of policy is not covered under ERISA either. If you are not sure whether or not your plan falls under this category an ERISA lawyer should be able to tell you by looking at it. If the policy is only maintained for compliance purposes it may not be covered under ERISA. Some employers keep insurance policies just to make sure they comply with laws on disability, unemployment and workers compensation. If your plan falls under this category, and you can prove it, ERISA may not apply. Additionally, some specific types of businesses are also exempt under ERISA laws. These include family businesses, partnerships, closely held corporations and sole proprietorship. For more information regarding Long Term Disability Claims download our free eBook: Disability Insurance Policies: How to Unravel the Mystery and Prove your Claim Visit www.disabilitydenials.com for a free downloadable copy. Or Contact our office to discuss your particular LTD issues 5300 Memorial Dr. Ste. 725 Houston, Texas 77007 1-800-562-9830 video in both LTD and ERISA current blog post
Which employees are subject to Shared Responsibility Provisions?
The Affordable Care Act's Shared Responsibility requirement applies to "applicable large employers." In this video, Perry Hatch of ADP defines what this means and the implications. For more information about ADP, visit http://www.adp.com/health-care-reform
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Boozman Speaks in Support of Conscience Rights
The Obama administration's new mandate to require most church-affiliated organizations like church-run hospitals and universities to provide contraception in employee health plans even if they are opposed by the church is a violation of religious freedom. Senator Boozman delivered this speech in opposition to that mandate.
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Religions Must Cover Birth Control?
170+ Fox News Bias videos at http://bit.ly/jdC5ju The birth control coverage regulation announced by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on January 20, slightly modified today, led to a lot of misinformation about the rule in the media, especially on Fox News where I found Fox News anchors misinforming viewers about the exemption for religious employers, about whether "abortion pills" were covered, and about the cost to employers of covering contraceptives, as I show in this video. The clips I use of Fox News anchor Steve Doocy and Fox News Legal Analyst Peter Johnson. Jr., come from a longer segment of Fox News' February 1, 2012, broadcast of "Fox and Friends" available online at http://bit.ly/wIu6SV The clip I use of Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer interviewing Becket Fund lawyer Hannah Smith comes from a longer segment of Fox News' February 2, 2012, broadcast of "America's Newsroom" available online at http://bit.ly/vZRjYJ The clip I use of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly citing the "cost" of contraceptive coverage comes from a longer segment of Fox News' February 6, 2012, broadcast of "America' Live" which I have not found available online The quote I use of the HHS regulation exempting some religious employers from covering contraceptives for their employees comes from the US government webpage at http://1.usa.gov/Au2Rhb The image I use of the California Supreme Court case of Catholic Charities of Sacramento Inc. v. Superior Court, 32 Cal.4th 527 (2004), comes from the Findlaw webpage at http://bit.ly/wZgfry The image I use of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists' Equity Toolkit comes from the ACOG webpage at http://bit.ly/zprrQ0 The images I use of the White House blog post titled "Health Reform, Preventive Services, and Religious Institutions" comes from the White House webpage at http://1.usa.gov/wsk464 The image I use of the Business Group on Health's "Evidence Statement: Contraceptive Use" comes from the BGH webpage at http://bit.ly/x7tO8i
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Ron Paul: Obamacare Is Bad For Your Health
06/14/2010 - http://www.RonPaul.com Obamacare Is Bad For Your Health by Ron Paul The administration's terrible health care reform bill is now law. But the debate over how and whether the federal government should be involved in providing health care services is not over. It is not too late for America to correct its course and stop the march toward a government-run single-payer health care system. Polls show that a large majority of Americans don't want Obamacare. Congress should seize the opportunity to repeal the very worst aspect of this new legislation, namely the mandate that forces every American either to purchase health insurance or face an IRS penalty. This mandate represents nothing more than an unconstitutional, historically unprecedented gift to the insurance industry. I introduced the End the Mandate Act, HR 4995, expressly to prevent the administration from ever putting this provision into effect. Instead of mandating the same failed entitlement health care schemes that are bankrupting Europe, Congress should fundamentally reexamine the case for free-market health care. Our current model, based on employer-provided health insurance, did not arise based on market preferences. On the contrary, it makes no sense to couple health insurance with employment. But federal wage and price controls instituted during World War II left employers with no alternative to attract workers in a tight labor market other than offering extra benefits such as health insurance and pensions. Over time these non-wage benefits became the norm, especially since employers could deduct the cost of health insurance premiums from their income taxes while individuals could not. The perverse consequence is that employees lose both their paychecks and their health insurance when they lose their job. As reliance on third party health insurance grew, patients became detached from the true cost of their doctor visits. In the 1970s the Nixon administration, along with the late Senator Edward Kennedy, championed the cause of health maintenance organizations. Congress accepted the faulty premise that HMOs would reduce the cost through centralized management of patients, when in fact the opposite was true. More bureaucracy would only lead to higher cost, less accountability, and worse patient care. In recent years Congress has only intensified the problem with more laws and more regulation, especially with the disastrous Medicare prescription drug benefit. The drug benefit was another example of naked patronage to a politically connected industry and it exponentially worsened the federal government's balance sheet. Obamacare will be the last nail in the coffin of our bankrupt entitlement system. More laws are not the answer. Instead, we need to allow a market system to operate that reflects consumer choices while rationally pricing services. In a market system patients likely would pay cash for basic services while maintaining relatively high deductible catastrophic insurance for serious illnesses and accidents. The cost of most routine medical care would drop if the patient paid the bill on the spot, especially as doctors no longer needed to employ large staffs solely to deal with insurance and billing. Let me repeat: we need a system where patients pay cash for basic services and carry insurance only for serious illnesses and accidents. Health maintenance is the responsibility of each of us individually. We cannot continue to collectivize the cost of health care and expect things to get better. Authoritarianism is bad for your health. Congress should end the Obamacare mandate and allow market-based medicine to flourish. -- Ron Paul is America's leading voice for limited, constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies. For more information visit the following sites: http://www.RonPaul.com http://www.CampaignForLiberty.com http://www.house.gov/paul http://www.YALiberty.org http://www.DailyPaul.com http://www.RonPaulForums.com
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Building and Office Evacuation Training Video - Safetycare Workplace Fire Safety
There are many reasons why a building, or a group of buildings may need to be evacuated including: • Fires • Chemical Spills • Toxic or Explosive Gas Releases, • Explosions • Violent Behaviour, and • Bomb Threats. The larger the building, the more organisation is required to ensure everyone is evacuated effectively and as safely as possible. But regardless of the size or type of building or buildings, or number of employees, every organisation should have a tried and tested evacuation plan. This program covers: • The Evacuation Plan • The Evacuation Team • The Chief Warden • Your Responsibility • Training and Practice Every Building must have a tried and tested evacuation plan, and everyone must be familiar with it, and know their role.
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Hobby Lobby Plan To Defy Obamacare forced to pay for birthcontrol pills
An attorney for Hobby Lobby Stores said Thursday that the arts and crafts chain plans to defy a federal mandate requiring it to offer employees health coverage that includes access to the morning-after pill, despite risking potential fines of up to $1.3 million per day. Hobby Lobby and religious book-seller Mardel Inc., which are owned by the same conservative Christian family, are suing to block part of the federal health care law that requires employee health-care plans to provide insurance coverage for the morning-after pill and similar emergency contraception pills. The companies claim the mandate violates the religious beliefs of their owners. They say the morning-after pill is tantamount to abortion because it can prevent a fertilized egg from becoming implanted in a woman's womb. On Wednesday, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor denied the companies' request for an injunction while their lawsuit is pending, saying the stores failed to satisfy the demanding legal standard for blocking the requirement on an emergency basis. She said the companies may still challenge the regulations in the lower courts. Kyle Duncan, who is representing Hobby Lobby on behalf of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, said in a statement posted on the group's website Thursday that Hobby Lobby doesn't intend to offer its employees insurance that would cover the drug while its lawsuit is pending. "The company will continue to provide health insurance to all qualified employees," Duncan said. "To remain true to their faith, it is not their intention, as a company, to pay for abortion-inducing drugs." In ruling against the companies last month, U.S. District Judge Joe Heaton said churches and other religious organizations have been granted constitutional protection from the birth-control provisions but that "Hobby Lobby and Mardel are not religious organizations." new irs rules video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afsJAvLEW_4
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February - Health and Safety
Places of worship are not exempt from health and safety legislation. For more information please visit http://www.ecclesiastical.com/churchriskplanner Transcript Churches and church halls are both places where you need to guarantee that you have an up-to-date health and safety policy, as you have a duty of care to your church members and volunteers. Regular risk assessments, making sure you have an incident book and appointing a health and safety sub-committee are all things that you need to consider when you're setting up your own health and safety policy. You've heard the phrase 'little and often', and it's definitely worth applying this to reviewing your health and safety policies. Checking that they're up to date once a month could potentially save you a lot of hassle, and you'll be glad you did. One thing that is worth mentioning is that we can help you with your health and safety policy. By downloading the self-assessment form on our website, you can find out how safe your church and church hall are. If you answer 'no' to any of the questions, you could be at risk of an accident, which increases the possibility of claims made against you; and no-one wants that to happen. Our web site includes a template to help you carry out a risk assessment of the properties and your activities.
Serra Benefits & Insurance Services-Medical Plans, Individual & Group Health Insurance, Oceanside,CA
http://www.serrabenefits.com/ Serra Benefits & Insurance Services offers affordable health insurance for groups, individuals and families, with medical insurance and life insurance from top insurance carriers including Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Blue Shield CA, Health Net and Kaiser. For group health insurance and individual & family health insurance, they know the plan benefits and medical coverage of the healthcare plans offered by the insurance carriers. Serra Benefits works with you to find the best health insurance plan available with the combination of benefits and price that fits your lifestyle and health requirements.Their goal is to become your trusted health plan adviser and support system, whether you have questions, need help with a claim or want a staff person to contact the insurance company on your behalf. They conduct regular evaluations of your plan benefits and changing health requirements to be sure you have the insurance coverage that is the best fit. Oceanside, San Diego County CA
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SCOTUS To Consider Christian-Affiliated Hospital Case
On Friday the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear appeals by Christian-affiliated hospital systems of lower court rulings that gave the green light to employee lawsuits. The lawsuits accuse the hospitals of wrongly claiming a religious exemption from federal pension law. Three hospitals, New Jersey-based St. Peter's Healthcare System, Illinois-based Advocate Health System and California-based Dignity Health each appealed separate federal appeals courts rulings that refused to throw out the employee lawsuits. SCOTUS justices agreed to hear all three cases. In effect the employees accuse the hospital systems of being big businesses posing as church organizations. They would do so in order to avoid minimum funding and reporting requirements on employee pension plans mandated by the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act, or ERISA. http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/Reuters/domesticNews/~3/Rpsn9phw26Y/us-usa-court-pensions-idUSKBN13R2C1 http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit News using http://wochit.com
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Full interview: John Borrows Keywords: defining Indigenous law; teaching about Indigenous law; relationship between Indigenous laws & Canadian laws; inclusion & engagement; gender and Indigenous law; generalizations, stereotypes; sources of law. This video is of an interview with Dr. John Borrows, Anishinaabe, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Law, University of Victoria. The interview was done as part of a larger project to create three video shorts about Indigenous law. This full interview is included online as part of an archive, for viewers who want to watch the full interview that took place. For more information about the project, and to watch the video shorts that feature parts of Dr. Borrows’ interview, go to http://www.uvic.ca/law/about/indigenous/indigenouslawresearchunit/ This videos were created as part of the Indigenous Law Video On Demand project, for the Indigenous Law Research Unit (ILRU) in the Faculty of Law, University of Victoria. The project included Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in collaboration and conversation. The video series was created by Kamala Todd (Indigenous City Media, Director & Editor), Emily Snyder (Project Lead & Producer), and Renée McBeth (Associate Producer). The project was supported by a grant from the .CA Community Investment Program and ILRU. © Indigenous Law Research Unit, 2015
Conservative Catholic College Rejects Birth Control
What happens when your employer tries to impose its religious views on you? When Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina removes birth control from its employee health care plan, eight professors protest and the federal government gets involved.
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SCDA Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) Seminar
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has been discussed in much detail for the last few years. Since January 1, 2014, will be the start date for many of the PPACA rules and regulation regarding health care, the SCDA has filmed our seminar for its members to learn how it will affect you. The goal of this seminar is to assist in clarifying regulations that many or may not affect you as an employer, regardless if you offer health insurance coverage to your employees or not. The presenter is Mr. George Kreese of Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina and he will speak specifically on PPACA and the SCDA Group Medical Plan. Questions: Contact Mark Brown at brownm@scda.org or 803-750-2277
WE ARE STILL HERE In depth preview Lakota docuementary
An in depth preview of the upcoming documentary WE ARE STILL HERE by Value Creaton Films www.facebook.com/valuecreationfilms about Lakota life in the 21st century. Presented in association with SAVE OUR TRIBAL YOUTH www.saveourtribalyouth.com and Crawford Multi Media www.crawafordmultimedia.com
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K Camp - Comfortable
K Camp’s debut album “Only Way Is Up” Available NOW iTunes Deluxe Explicit: http://smarturl.it/KCampOWIUdlxEX Google Play Standard Explicit: http://smarturl.it/KCampOWIUstdEXgp Google Play Standard Clean : http://smarturl.it/KCampOWIUstdEDgp Google Play Explicit Deluxe: http://smarturl.it/KCampOWIUdlxEXgp Google Play Clean Deluxe: http://smarturl.it/KCampOWIUdlxEDgp http://kcamp427.com http://twitter.com/twitter.com/kcamp427 http://facebook.com/kcamp427 http://instagram.com/kcamp427 http://vevo.ly/h1MhCH
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2013 Engagement Award Winner: Northern Arizona Healthcare, Flagstaff Medical Center
https://advisory.com/talent-development/employee-engagement-initiative/members/resources/flagstaff-medical-center Exceptional Improvement and Excellence in Engagement Katherine McPherson, Director, Human Resources The key to Northern Arizona's success was not just that they leveraged our online action planner, but that they were strategic about what requirements they built into each action plan depending on managers' engagement performance. Managers went through action planning approval processes based on their departments' performance: top performers did not require any plan approvals, at-risk managers needed approval on their overall action plans, and managers of departments noted as improvement priorities needed approval on plan blueprints and plans overall.
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Partnering with other Financial Fiduciaries - Let’s Get Down to Business - Part 5 of 5
Sub Headline: Each Financial Category Can Have Subset Topics that Require Niche Professionals Synopsis: It’s rare to have a single shingle business that has expertise even in the same category like insurance. Most people have a property/ casualty agent, a life insurance agent, and an asset protection agent for business, just to name a few. So recruiting a representative for each discipline to affiliate with your practice or your own personal financial team can be a daunting task. Watch the interview with financial adviser, founder and president of the Society for Financial Awareness, Jim Chilton. Content: The interaction between different financial disciplines is exciting to observe when they’re coordinated to support a family or business in their money goals. But there are other fiduciaries that are often neglected, but nevertheless needed. One such group are the department heads of Human Resources for firms. Surprisingly most HR responsibilities seem to focus on the healthcare arena and do little in the retirement planning area. Many HR heads may not be aware of their fiduciary responsibility to their employees under the jurisdiction of section 404c compliance requirements. This is a serious piece of legislation that dictates the education of retirement plan participants and the oversight of that education falls into the purview of HR. The liability for non-compliance is a significant exposure to HR and the company’s owners. One such remedy available to HR decision makers is the Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit based out of San Diego, California. They have qualified educators from the ranks of financial advisers, insurance agents, attorneys and CPAs. It’s strictly instructional. No product or practice is promoted. Educating people on money items is the core competency of SOFA. The courses are conducted in classroom fashion and are formatted to help retirement participants in their understanding of money, investments and insurance. Non-profits and charities, like churches, synagogues and mosques as well as fraternal organizations and community groups also benefit greatly through the SOFA faculty of financial educators. All these entities have members who can benefit from on-going financial education. SOFA has quite an inventory of instructors and speakers that can be used by company HR departments and non-profit entities. It’s one of the few opportunities for the public to learn about money in a non-sales environment. Syndicated financial columnist Steve Savant interviews founder and President of the Society for Financial Awareness, Jim Chilton. Let's Get Down to Business is an hour-long financial talk show for financial professionals distributed online in 5 ten-minute video press releases Monday through Friday to 280 media outlets, social media networks and industry portals. (www.lifesizesolutions.com) https://youtu.be/-GwjUxoCafc
Rethinking and Understanding Obamacare | What Can Employer's Do to Prepare for Obamacare
http://www.rethinkingobamacare.com LEARN MORE ABOUT KAYA BROMLEY AND OBAMACARE BY VISITING: http://www.yourobamacareadvisors.com As employers, we bear many of the greatest burdens put in place by the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. In addition to my law practice, I am a small business person, so I am deeply involved in all aspects of the ACA. As employers, we have a mandate to offer health coverage, and penalties if we do not offer health insurance. We have mandated benefits to go with the mandated coverage, and additional penalties if those benefits are not provided. We are now expected to monitor our employee's hours and offer health coverage according to a timetable. Worse, we can accomplish all of that -- and still be hit with penalties! Yes, even if we offer coverage, provide the benefits, and act in a timely manner, a penalty is possible if the coverage we offered was not "affordable." In addition to this, we are being challenged to redefine our businesses as "small" or "large," and do it based on a relatively modest base of 50 full-time employees or less. Here are some articles that may help clarify some of these issues: In "The Long and Short of Obamacare for Small Employers," I trace the definition of "small" employer from standard usage for a generation and the new definition under the ACA. "Whistleblowers, INC" speaks to the unlikely fact that under the ACA, millions of American workers will become eligible to become the most protected class of employees in history -- Federal Whistleblowers -- just by getting health insurance through an Exchange while receiving a subsidy. What You Can Do to Prepare for Obamacare 1. Devise a Strategic Plan and an Implementation Plan. Get buy-in from your team and make sure you know who is responsible for executing the plan. 2. Find the right advisors. All advisors are not created equal. Find professionals who have studied the law and are aware of best practices. 3. Educate yourself and your employees. The law is confusing and it is changing frequently. Be sure that your organization is equipped with the most up-to-date information. Share best practices with other business owners. 4. Begin communicating with your employees about what is ahead. If you are going to change policies (i.e. become a part-time employer) be sure to consult with an employment attorney or HR specialist so you can avoid creating liability for yourself. 5. Start brainstorming and planning with your insurance broker on pricing and planning strategies.
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June 12, 2015: The Evolving Coverage Landscape for Small Businesses: Opportunities and Challenges
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) created new health insurance marketplaces for small businesses, known as Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) marketplaces, and made substantial changes to the regulation of health insurance for small businesses. For purposes of health insurance regulation, small businesses have traditionally been defined by states as businesses with up to 50 employees. The ACA defined the small group market as employers with 1-100 employees, while allowing states to limit small group participation to employers with 50 or fewer workers from 2014 through 2016. Every state chose to do so, but, for plan years beginning in 2016, the definition of small business is set to expand to include those with 100 or fewer employees—with potentially significant consequences for the small group health insurance market and the SHOP marketplaces. This briefing will address small group market regulation before and after the Affordable Care Act, coverage challenges unique to small employers, recent changes in coverage availability and affordability for small business employees, the design of the SHOP marketplace and its intended purpose, and proposals to delay or reconsider the expansion of the size of businesses regulated as small employers. Sabrina Corlette, senior research fellowand project director, Georgetown University's Center on Health Insurance Reforms, will explain the framework of the small group market, the regulatory changes made to it by the ACA, and the status of these changes, including the SHOP marketplaces. Terry Gardiner, vice president, Small Business Majority, will talk about the proposals to delay the expansion of the small group market, and both the opportunities and challenges that this action would create for small businesses. Katie Mahoney, executive director, health policy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, will give the Chamber’s perspective on the current state of the small group market and the logistical realities of the SHOP exchanges. Alissa Fox, senior vice president of the Office of Policy and Representation, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, will explain how insurance pooling works in the small group marketplace, the implications for pricing as a result of the expansion, and the likely effects on payers. Marilyn Serafini of the Alliance will moderate the panel discussion. Contact Monica Laufer mlaufer@allhealth.org (202)789-2300 Follow the briefing on Twitter: #SmallGroupMarket
The Trump Administration Just Rolled Back the Birth Control Mandate. Here's What That Means
The Trump Administration rolled back an Obama-era mandate Friday that requires most companies to guarantee free contraceptive coverage for female employees under the Affordable Care Act. Under the new rules, more employers and insurers can now deny birth control benefits on the grounds of "religious or moral objections." The new regulations, cosponsored by the Health and Human Services (HHS), Treasury, and Labor departments, could leave many women without access to cost-free contraceptives. Here's what you need to know: According to HHS, "entities that have sincerely held religious beliefs against providing such services" can object to covering an employee's birth control benefits. Additionally, this exemption includes employers or insurers that have a "moral conviction," even if it is not grounded in religious faith. Under these stipulations, practically any employer can claim one of these objections and be exempt from covering contraceptives, despite the ACA's overall mandate. Previously, exemptions only applied to churches and houses of worship based on the convictions of their faith. Even non-profit organizations directly associated with religious institutions, such as hospitals or universities, had guaranteed access to birth control without being charged a copayment or deductible. Third-party insurers were required to cover the cost. Why did the Trump Administration do this? President Trump vowed to address the birth-control mandate during his campaign, saying he would "make absolutely certain religious orders" would no longer be "bullied by the federal government because of their religious beliefs." In a statement, the Administration said that it wants to protect the "conscience rights of all Americans." According to the New York Times, the Administration is citing health risks associated with the use of contraceptives, as well as the promotion of "risky sexual behavior" among adolescents. What happens now? The Department of Health and Human Services says that the new regulations will go into effect immediately. But it's likely that many organizations will challenge the ruling with litigation. "This rule is about taking away women’s fundamental health care, plain and simple," Dana Singiser, a top official at the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said in a statement. " If you truly want to reduce the need for abortion, invest in women’s health and preventive care. Instead, this administration is setting up an attack on basic health care. We cannot allow President Trump to roll back the progress women have made over the past century."The new contraceptive exemptions does not mean that employers will automatically drop birth control benefits.
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