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Safety and Survival Flashover
Subscribe, like and share to my firefighting channel for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd1387wysGrbdCfYQJe4-SQ?sub_confirmation=1 Donation page: https://streamlabs.com/firefighting FLASHOVER A. What is a flashover As a Fire Burns in a Confined Space, Heated Vapors and Gases Rise to the Ceiling, Spread Out Horizontally, and Bank Down. When Other Combustible Materials Within the Room are Heated by Convection and Radiation to Their Ignition Temperature, They Release or Re-radiate Heat and Additional Gases and Vapors. Once Room Contents Exceed Their Ignition Temperature and Further Pressurize the Room with Vapors and Gases a Violent Area Ignition or Flashover May Occur B. Warning Signs 1. Free burning fire in confined area 2. Accumulation of heated materials and gases at upper levels of room 3. Noticeable increases in smoke density and heat at all levels 4. Smoking and blistering of combustible materials removed from seat of fire a. Ignition temperatures of materials within room have tremendous influence on the probability of a flashover C. Flashover Prevention 1. Ventilation at highest safe point above the seat of the fire 2. Apply 30o fog stream to seat of fire for maximum fuel cooling 3. Apply short staccato type bursts of water in a 30o fog pattern to the heated vapors at the ceiling level to prevent or delay flashover. a. Because of the detrimental affect disruption of the thermal balance may have on an unprotected victim, caution should be exercised. D. Flashover Survival Actions 1. Exit building immediately 2. Remain as low as possible and apply narrow fog pattern, in a figure eight pattern, toward ceiling to cool, the superheated vapors. Subscribe to my firefighting channel for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd1387wysGrbdCfYQJe4-SQ?sub_confirmation=1 Read more at: Fire Protection Training Procedures Handbook 4300 (California | Department of forestry and fire protection)
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Fire behaviour instructor training
Fire behaviour instructor training April 2014, backdraft compilation.
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Teen Titans Go! | Starfire's Origin: Guessing Game! | Cartoon Network
Can you guess what Starfire's Origin Story is? Let us know what you think (or know) it is in the comments! CN GAMES: http://bit.ly/CNGames SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/109Y6wq WATCH MORE: http://bit.ly/VgnfHu About Teen Titans GO!: TEEN TITANS GO! is a comedy featuring the beloved DC heroes seen in a skewed light. They still fight crime and face classic villains, but mainly deal with all the issues of five teens rooming together -- chores, romantic tension, demon dad drop-ins and impromptu meatball parties. They also dance! The emphasis is on the odd everyday life of super heroes who haven't grown up. Visit Teen Titans GO! Website: http://bit.ly/13svCT1 About Cartoon Network: Welcome to Cartoon Network's YouTube Channel, the destination for all of your favorite cartoons and videos. Watch clips from shows like Teen Titans Go, Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, Ben 10, Steven Universe and more! Connect with Cartoon Network Online: Visit Cartoon Network WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/90omi9 Like Cartoon Network on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/SULxhQ Follow Cartoon Network on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/XqeBXf Follow Cartoon network on TUMBLR: http://bit.ly/1B3nUQF WATCH UNLOCKED EPISODES OF TEEN TITANS GO! ON THE CARTOON NETWORK APP! https://youtu.be/2sYZ8q54KFU
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IS IT TOO COLD TO SWIM NOW? | We Are The Davises
Shawn and Tyler make a run to Sports Academy while Connie and Kayla hit the mall. Kayla finds a cute shirt at Justice! Everyone heads back home to go swimming at the waterpark and the kids get shocked by how cold the water got. Do they go swimming anyway? Subscribe for more! http://bit.ly/2bZ6m0i Would you like to check out our previous video? Click the link below to watch yesterday's adventure. DID HARLEY EAT ALL MY SHOES?! https://youtu.be/zprdCzSmFV0 Our mailing address: We Are The Davises 28241 Crown Valley Pkwy, Ste F #613 Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 “We Are The Davises” is a family Vlog YouTube channel. From DIY’s to silly challenges to just about anything that take place day to day in our lives. Shawn Davis is a loving husband and father of two beautiful children. He loves to spend quality time with his family and also enjoys coaching children in team sports like football and wrestling. Connie is a nurturing wife and mother whose goal is to make all our lives as full of love and fun as possible. She is very creative and enjoys making everything in our lives the most beautiful it can be. Kayla’s passion is competitive cheer leading and loves all animals from fluffy puppies to the little frogs that hop around our front yard. Tyler is obsessed with playing video games and team sports. Football season is starting soon. Tyler loves to make people laugh and is trying to perfect his magic skills whenever he can. We are excited to share our journey through this crazy world as we do our best to make it a fun adventure for all who watch. Please be sure to check out all of our social media platforms that we have listed below for you. Twitter: https://twitter.com/wearethedavises Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wearethedavises/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wearethedavises/ Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+WeAreTheDavises2016/posts Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/wearethedavises Musical.ly: wearethedavises Do you like certain types of videos? Come and check out the playlists that we have setup to make it easier for you to watch what you like. Here is a playlist of all our daily videos. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1SgveIsSpIqtjNq-QnGHSHxv410nkJfy This playlist was put together specifically for all you Kayla fans. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1SgveIsSpIq9mItnfiQyqIO7g1-v28PM This is a fun playlist full of DIY and Q&A videos. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1SgveIsSpIpp2LdRIubfaj9zLqu8lyjG Sometimes we make up our own skits or fun activities and then we put them into this playlist for you all to enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1SgveIsSpIqqvh-bEo2pNKy2gEFfFt_v Are daily Vlogs your favorite type of video? Then you will love this playlist we put together for you full of our daily adventures. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1SgveIsSpIqz_ky5j8BbA4NROKmt25v2 This playlist is full of YouTube's most popular challenges, as well as a few that we made up ourselves. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1SgveIsSpIpUJDyGA6S60UumBPpMeM6p Credits: Creator, Director, Producer, Executive Editor: Connie Davis Music Credit: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Mod-01 Lec-02 Lecture-02-High Voltage DC Transmission
High Voltage DC Transmission by Prof.S.N.Singh,Department of Electrical Engineering,IIT Kanpur.For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in
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Hovercraft: Takedown
iTunes - http://bit.ly/takedownapple Google Play - http://bit.ly/takedowngoogle Amazon - http://bit.ly/takedownamazon Thugs have taken over the the Hovercraft highways! Build your custom Hovercraft. Arm it to the teeth with machine guns, lasers, and rockets. Then take to the streets and rack up those Takedowns! FEATURES * Build a completely custom Hovercraft and arm it with guns, lasers, missiles, and more! * Smash enemy vehicles to pieces and cause crazy chain reaction explosions! * Equip up to 5 weapons simultaneously, and customize your loadout from thousands of possible combinations * Long range sniper cannons? 360 degree tracking lasers? Triple fire homing rockets? How about all of them, at the same time! * Blast your way through gorgeous rocky mountain passes at break neck speeds * Counter enemy weapons with dozens of unique power ups and weapon types * Upgrade your Hovercraft squadron and become even more powerful * Endless loot! Collect & win tons of rare, epic, and legendary consumables & gear from card packs * Real-time damage models affect all of your Hovercraft's systems, from weapons to thrusters * Experience insane physics-based combat racing, like nothing you've played before! “I got 35 Takedowns! What’s a Takedown?...” – Margaret from California “Those #@$% laser trucks keep blowing up my power core!” – Noah from New Zealand “My custom Hovercraft is a flying cat with laser eyes and machine gun paws.” – Spark from New York FOLLOW US https://www.facebook.com/hovercraftgame https://twitter.com/HovercraftGame http://www.highscorehero.com/
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Arson Expert Court Qualified Fire Origin Cause Expert Witness
http://www.themcmullencompany.com/arson-investigation.html - Expert Arson Court Qualified Fire Origin Cause Expert Witness phone (530) 757-1291 The McMullen Company was founded in 1993 by our President, former Chief and California State Fire Marshal James F. McMullen. With his unique balance and range of experience the McMullen Company is able cater to clients needs both nationally and internationally. The McMullen Company is one of the nations leading national fire consulting firms. Arson Expert James McMullen is a fire origin, fire cause, arson investigation court qualified expert witness with over 40 years experience. The Fire Investigation Expert James McMullen has testified over 125 times in depositions or trials - fire department fire fighter consulting service administration and operations, including strategic fire planning and evaluating public fire fighting, fire safety and fire prevention consulting services. The McMullen Company is one of the nations leading national fire consulting firms. There consulting services include but not limited too: Arson expert witness. Building construction code consulting. Fire prevention expert witness. Fire and building code expert witness. Fire cause and origin arson investigation witness. Fire and Building Code Development / Analysis. Fire department management & operations consultants Fire & life safety code consultant. Fire Protection Equipment. Fire cause investigator consultant. Fire department operations expert consultant. Fire Protection Construction. Forensic arson investigation expert witness. Forensic fire investigation expert witness. Life safety expert witness Consulting Services. Wildfire and Wildland Urban Interface. Window fall prevention Consulting. Window safety code consultant. James McMullen Fire and Life Safety Accomplishments: Over the course of his career he had hands-on Fire and Life Safety experience and Expert Witness testimony, He has built a solid reputation for delivering accurate, impartial results with proven experience you can trust. Company Brochure: http://www.themcmullencompany.com/brochure-tmc-2012.pdf For more information we invite you to phone us at (530) 757-1291 or Fax us at (530) 757-1293
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Vox Machina Go to Hell | Critical Role RPG Episode 91
Check out our store for official Critical Role merch: https://goo.gl/BhXLst Catch Critical Role live Thursdays at 7PM PT on Alpha and Twitch: Alpha: https://goo.gl/c4ZsBj Twitch: https://goo.gl/D9fsrS Listen to the Critical Role podcast: https://goo.gl/jVwPBr Vox Machina descend into the nine hells, take a walking tour of the city of Dis, and sample the local cuisine. Watch Critical Role Live Thursdays at 7pm PT at https://www.twitch.tv/geekandsundry and https://www.projectalpha.com Check our Marvel Puzzle Quest available for Apple & Android devices at http://bit.ly/crquest Thanks to our friends at Wyrmwood Gaming for sponsoring Critical Role! Check out their handcrafted goods at http://www.wyrmwoodgaming.com You can pick up Critical Role merch at http://shop.geekandsundry.com Thanks to @CRTranscript and all the #critters for closed captions! For more RPGs we love, go to http://bit.ly/GS_RPG Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry/
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NIST News Briefing-Charleston Sofa Super Store Fire
NIST Study on Charleston Furniture Store Fire Calls for National Safety Improvements Major factors contributing to a rapid spread of fire at the Sofa Super Store in Charleston, S.C., on June 18, 2007, included large open spaces with furniture providing high fuel loads, the inward rush of air following the breaking of windows and a lack of sprinklers, according to a draft report released for public comment today by the U.S. Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The fire trapped and killed nine firefighters, the highest number of firefighter fatalities in a single event since 9/11. For more info visit: http://www.nist.gov/el/fire_research/charleston_102810.cfm
Enrique and Proloquo2Go - He always understood
The story of 9-year-old Enrique who has Down Syndrome and does not speak, but now thanks to Proloquo2Go is able to communicate effectively with his family and at school. Disclaimer: Note that this video presents an unscripted case study and any statements made in the video pertain to this particular case and are not intended as a comprehensive product evaluation or recommendation. Different people have different needs and it is always recommended to get an AAC evaluation from an expert.
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What is none* ?
An out of the box riddle game: http://whatisnone.com
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Operation wow
Are your fingers up for fight? Enjoy the first multi-touch shooter! Operation Wow challenges you to complete six enthralling missions, but this time you'll need to use your fingers fast enough to get through exciting battles that will keep you glued to your iPhone. Forget about the boring machine gun! Now you have the exclusive multi-touch fire that allows you to kill your enemies using several fingers at a time. Interact with items that appear on the screen to cause massive chain explosions. Enjoy the two minigames included that will help you improve finger speed and dexterity and prepare yourself to win the war. A legendary game with a unique gameplay. ★★★ Game features ★★★ ✓History mode with 6 different levels: Base camp, Jungle, Warehouse, Village, Rescue and Airport. ✓ Two minigames: Targets! and Meat ninja! ✓ Three difficulty levels. ✓ Game Center with challenges and online scores. Fight to be the best. ✓ Graphics and explosions optimized to look great on the iPhone 4 Retina Display. Iphone version: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/operation-wow/id417891479 iPad version: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/operation-wow-hd/id424180954?mt=8 WEB: http://www.ivanovichgames.com/Operation_wow/Operation_wow.html
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MyTuner Radio iPhone 6 App Preview
MyTuner Radio iPhone 6 App Preview
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Mooklet PV v1.1
Official Page: http://mooklet.in "Mooklet for iPhone" is a new and unique application that allow to create and publish an original Photo Story Book as a HTML5-based web application, so users can view it via their browser or by installing it as an app on their iPhone or iPad.You can launch your Mooklet in full-screen mode and interact with it just like a native photo book application built with Objective-C.
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CDFinder 5.7 Introduction - New Features
http://www.cdfinder.de Welcome to the New Features of CDFinder 5.7 Hi, my name is Norbert M. Doerner, and I am the developer of CDFinder. I am very proud to present you the brand new CDFinder 5.7, the best disk cataloger ever! The new features in groups: Audio CDFinder has always supported MP3, AAC (those iTunes files), AIFF, and Windows WAVE files. Due to popular demand, we have added two more formats: FLAC (the free audio lossless codec), and ALAC (Apples own lossless codec). Of course, CDFinder catalogs all important metadata, the duration, tags, artist, and even cover art and lyrics. Cool! Documents A nice thumbnail is worth more than a thousand words, so CDFinder now has thumbnails for even more document formats. Apple Pages and Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, and even Quark XPress. Isn't that nice? How about text files? Wouldn't it be cool if CDFinder could peek into those as well and give you a small preview, so you have an idea what is in the file? Yes, that would be cool and CDFinder can now do that! Supported formats include .doc and .docx from Microsoft Office, TXT, RTF, NFO and textClipping files. CDFinder will read the first 256 characters, display them in the Inspector, and of course search them. Turn that on in the Cataloging Preferences here! Photos One important new feature you hopefully won't even see is the new metadata cataloger in CDFinder, it is much more stable now. And you can finally export photos directly from CDFinder! Select a couple of them, open the context menu, and "Export Photos to...". Then tell CDFinder where to place them, what format and size you want, and if you need metadata. That's all! Hit Export, and CDFinder will just write them, all ready be to uploaded to web services, or sent by email, or whatever. QuickLook is back! Apple has gone through great length to make it impossible for Carbon apps to open the QuickLook window in Snow Leopard. But hey, a challenge is a challenge, and so again in CDFinder 5.7, all you have to do is select some files that are currently online, it the Space bar, and voila, QuickLook is back! Cataloging We have improved cataloging a lot. Not only does CDFinder 5.7 gather more and better metadata, as you saw, but updating very large catalogs is now a LOT faster than before. And we are talking million files here, for the huge server disks that CDFinder makes searchable. For those, we keep getting requests for some form of automatic and time controlled updating of catalogs. Well, we didn't want to add a complex calendar user interface to CDFinder, so we figured that iCal is a decent calendar, and iCal is able to schedule Automator Actions. So, CDFinder 5.7 now has an Automator Action to catalog or update any disk. And with iCal, you can schedule that in any way you want. Splendid. There will be a special video tutorial about that soon. We have also improved cataloging of folders. You knew that CDFinder can also catalog just folders, right? Anyway, if you catalog a folder, CDFinder will now display the data size of all items in that folder properly, and it will also grab any custom icon of that folder for the CDFinder catalog icon. Nice. Geotagging The cool GeoFinder is the tool to search for photos taken at specific locations, and we figured its beautiful map would be the perfect choice to add fresh geotags to your photos as well. So, here it goes: Hit a place in GeoFinder, select a couple of photos in your catalog, and open the context menu. There it is: "Set GPS Location from GeoFinder". It is that simple. CDFinder will not only update its catalog with the new coordinates, but write it into your photo files as well! (RAW included!) And uh, if you use Google Earth, yeah, CDFinder can read the current position from that as well. And who discovers another nice enhancement in GeoFinder? And there is one more thing! Domo Arigato! CDFinder is now translated into Japanese as well! Not that I would understand a single word, sorry, but it sure looks nice, and is very helpful for our Japanese CDFinder users, of course. Uh, I lied, there are many more things in CDFinder 5.7, little details and improvements. Please check them out in the CDFinder Blog, and just try them yourself! OK, here is another one: Select a photo, and open the Copy context menu. Look at that! You can now copy the preview, the thumbnail. Excellent. Could we use that as the icon of a catalog? Yep, we can! Open the Get Info window, hit "Paste Icon", done. Now is that cool, or what? Thanks for watching, and I hope you will enjoy the new CDFinder as much as I do! CDFinder - The Search is Over!
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Firefighters Protect Life and Property
The lessons taught in this classroom could mean the difference between life and death during a fire, as adequate training is vital in the dangerous profession of a firefighter.
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Dress Up : Professions
Download on the App Store: http://apple.co/2ay4kD6 Download on Google Play: http://bit.ly/Professions_Android Dress Up : Professions, is an educational game crafted by PlayToddlers, in which the smallest of the house may have fun dressing adorable children with different uniforms of professions, and after doing so, coloring them. Includes lots of small details pedagogically studied for stimulating the senses of children and babies, promoting their learning. They will learn concepts such as differentiate between left and right, the colors, the different items of clothing and professions. In addition, toddlers will enhance their creativity and fine motor skills by coloring the professions that have been completed. Features - Carefully crafted to be used even by the youngest child without assistance. - Assemble up to 30 puzzles with more than 100 different garments, representing 15 different occupations, for boys and girls. - Paint and color 30 different drawings. - Professional illustrations hand drawn. With a harmonious color scheme, which is sensitive to the senses and designed and tested specifically for very young children. - Music and sound designed to stimulate and amuse. - Children can learn the names of the 15 jobs represented. The application allows you to quickly change the language, so it can be used to teach the name of the professions in spanish, english and portuguese. Your children will be learning while having fun. - It's a PlayToddlers' game : We devised every detail to create a pedagogical, fun and unique experience, taking advantage of touch devices, and making it extremely easy to use.
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Extracting an iWeb Site's Content into Sandvox
New in Sandvox 2.6 is the ability to "extract" content from an existing website, especially an iWeb-built site. Watch this demonstration of the process.
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iMobie AnyTrans 6 Official Video
AnyTrans 6 now can fully manage your iPhone, iPad, iPod, even iTunes and iCloud content in one handy place. Better still, you can free move the most Android data to iPhone with ease. Download here: https://www.imobie.com/anytrans/download.htm Follow us on: Twitter - https://twitter.com/iMobie_Inc Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/iMobie Google Plus - https://goo.gl/sCvsnR
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This video I teach you how to get the super speed its easy and you can get it in real life the power is very real so I tell you my ways that I got super speed sort of like the flash because well you ASKED! Enjoy ! Lets try to get 50 Likes in the first few hours! This video is for entertainment (: Follow Me On Social Networks Links Below ✦Twitter http://twitter.com/extreamfilmakin ✦Facebook http://facebook.com/extreamfilmaking ✦Instgram http://instagram.com/Mattgt1 ✦Google + https://plus.google.com/u/1/b/102433321230016199818/102433321230016199818/vid ✦ WEBSITE http://extreamfilmaking.forumotion.com Music "Take a Chance" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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The Justin Guitar Beginner Song Course by FourChords for iOS & Android JustinGuitar Easy Guitar Song
Free to try it out! iOS: http://www.bit.ly/jgtr-bsc Android: http://www.bit.ly/jgtr-bcsa The Justin Guitar Beginner Song Course by FourChords is out now! A song based guitar course where you play awesome songs with a backing track right from the start. It's awesome fun for complete beginners and more confident strummers! Explore hundreds of songs in the Playground or follow a structured course with exclusive video lessons and the songs structured to match the course too! Free trial to check it out too! Hope you dig it :) JustinGuitar web: http://www.justinguitar.com facebook: https://www.facebook.com/justinguitarofficial twitter: https://twitter.com/justinsandercoe other apps: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/developer/justin-guitar/id502491353 Musopia web: http://musopia.net facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MusopiaApps twitter: https://twitter.com/MusopiaApps other apps: https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/musopia/id464674713
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The Animals Carols iPhone App Demo - State of Tech
In this app, the animals present at the manger are given the voice for the first time and tell their own story of the Day that Jesus was born. It is beautifully and classically illustrated with added interactions on the screen in 3D gyroscopic effects. Download Animals Carols on the App Store https://goo.gl/WulZT2 View the full article http://stateoftech.net/animals-carols State of Tech - http://stateoftech.net Find us here Facebook - http://www.fb.com/stateoftech Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/stateoftech Instagram - http://instagram.com/stateoftech
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Howlin' Wolf "Smokestack Lightning" Live 1964 (Reelin' In The Years Archives)
This is the only known filmed version of "Smokestack Lightning" by Howlin' Wolf. This was shot in England during the famed American Folk Blues Festival tours and features the legendary Hubert Sumlin on guitar. In addition to other great Howlin' Wolf footage, our archive houses many iconic blues performances from Muddy Waters, Lightning Hopkins, Sonny Boy Williamson, Willie Dixon, Son House, Mississippi Fred McDowell, John Lee Hooker, Big Mama Thornton, T-Bone Walker and Buddy Guy. Reelin' In The Years Productions houses the world's largest library of music footage, containing over 20,000 hours of material covering nearly every genre from the last 60 years. We have live concerts, TV appearances, interviews, in-studio segments, b-roll and more. In addition to music we have thousands of hours of interviews with the most recognizable celebrities, comedians, politicians, athletes, artists and authors of the 20th Century. If you need footage for your film, documentary, TV show, commercial, museum exhibit or presentation, we are your one-stop shop. Visit our online database at http://www.reelinintheyears.com to explore our archive, but please email us as we are constantly adding new material to the archive. We do not supply material to fans or collectors under any circumstance, so please do not contact us if that is your intention.
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Lightworks v14 - Quick Start Guide
In this Quick Start Guide for Lightworks v14 we'll take a look at creating a project, importing media, putting together an edit, adding effects and audio adjustment then finally exporting the finished work to a file.
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Reverso Context iPhone App Demo
Reverso is the one and the only tool that provides you instantly translations of the selected text when reading content on your browser, reading on iBook or any other app, with no need to exit the app you are using. Download Reverso Context on the App Store https://goo.gl/Xkc2l8 View the full article http://stateoftech.net/reverso-context State of Tech - http://stateoftech.net Find us here Facebook - http://www.fb.com/stateoftech Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/stateoftech Instagram - http://instagram.com/stateoftech
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Magic Bullet Denoiser III: Camera Test (feat. Mark Cuban)
Magic Bullet Denoiser III is the fastest, most powerful video denoiser on the market. See for yourself in this low-light camera test.
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LBCC - Professor Steven Wallech
History Professor Steven Wallech talks about the conundrums of culture. This presentation is part of LBCC's "Know your College, Know your Colleagues" faculty series and was recored May 1, 2013.
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West African Truckers (Documentary)
West African truck drivers spend days, weeks, and sometimes months dealing with corrupt border officials and illegal checkpoints on harrowing delivery trips that should take just a few hours. -- The truck driver holds a mythic stature in American music, from the hayseed hagiographies of Slim Jacobs and Bobby Sykes to the liner notes of Big Black's Songs About Fucking. There aren't as many country songs about African truckers, but they are no less the virile champions of industry and gluteal fortitude as their US counterparts. On their backs rest the burden of an entire continent's economic development and through their bloodstreams runs a hell of a lot of the continent's HIV. Trade in West Africa is perennially fucked, partially because the colonial powers of the 19th and early 20th centuries chopped the place up into a pizza pie of nonsensical borders, but also because most post-colonial governments in the area were so unabashedly corrupt we had to coin the term "kleptocracy" to describe them. Driving a semi full of margarine a US state's length to its delivery point often involves passing through 3-4 separate countries and navigating the byzantine customs and immigration processes at each port of entry. Then there are the internal checkpoints manned by local police and customs agents on the lookout for smugglers, or non-smugglers who can be intimidated into coughing up a bribe. Then there's just fuckers who'll pull you over and straight-up rob you. Infrastructure ain't always so hot here, either. All of which turns shipments which would take a few hours in Europe or America into grueling, day-cum-week-cum-monthlong affairs punctuated by long and unpredictable periods of complete standstill. Which, in addition to wasting fuel and driving up the cost of goods with every unplanned stop, also fuels the sort of boredom that can only be fought by dumping money into the less savory sectors of the economy. Namely booze sales and roadside prostitution. Which is where the AIDS come in. Intrigued by the African long-haul trucker's dual reputation as the foundational building block of West Africa's would-be robust economy and lotharious Johnny AIDS-leseed, we hitched a ride with a trailer full of soap to see just how hard it is to get from point-A to point-basically-A-and-a-half. Hosted by Thomas Morton Follow Thomas on Twitter: https://twitter.com/@BabyBalls69 Watch Thomas in "Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan" here: http://bit.ly/Bride-Kidnapping Subscribe to VICE here! http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Nihilumbra, The Trailer
Impressive and amazing trailer for the new kickass iOS triple A game: NIHILUMBRA. With lots of gameplay, like it should be! http://www.nihilumbra.com http://itunes.apple.com/app/nihilumbra/id500161349?mt=8 App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.
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World of ANARGOR - official trailer
World of Anargor RPG game Free to download on iTunes and Google play
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Wolf Online intro Movie(Full version)
Free Download [Iphone/Ipad] https://itunes.apple.com/app/id977924322 [Android] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hanaGames.WolfOnline [Amazon] goo.gl/bzA3eL [Game Overview] A cruel and gruesome war among three wolf species starts. A real network survival game, to survive not only from animal hunting for food but also from battles against other wolf species for your own species. “Wolf Online” is the best online animal game followed by “Life of Wolf” series with striking 5 million downloads throughout the world. We are now waiting for you, the best wolf warrior, to participate. [Game Theme] The wolves’ hunting for survival and prosperity has started. You can select one wolf from Mountain Wolf, Snow Wolf, and Wild Wolf and participate in hunting as one of their members. To survive in a dangerous, rough hunting ground, you have to endlessly hunt animals and master your own skills. Also, you can grow faster only if you win in the battles among the wolf species and get trust from your own wolf species. In the hunting ground that is distinguished by 6 characters, there are plant-eating animals such as rabbits, deer, and giraffes, but there are also many other scary beasts and wild animals such as tigers, lions, and rhinoceros that can threat and attack you. When you meet monsters from legends, you should ask for help from your wolf colleagues because they will make your strong teeth and sharp claws useless. Your colleagues will come to you right after hearing your cry. If you are ready and all set, now let’s leave to the hunting ground of the wolves. [Features] 1. The best real hunting game among three wolf species. - Harmonious Mountain Wolf, coldhearted and fast Snow Wolf, and scary and cruel Wild Wolf. You can choose one from a total of 12 wolves, consisting of 4 kinds for each of the 3 species. 2. Various battle mode system - Single-play hunt, fighting other wolf species (PVP), a cooperative raid fight with wolf players from all over the world to defeat the dragon, etc. 3. The best wolf is always with his colleagues. - You can enjoy hunting animals and share food with other wolves of your species. 4. Summon your colleagues immediately when you are tired. - When you too get tired while hunting or fall in a danger, you can immediately call your colleague wolf players around you through the network summon function. 5. Character growth system through hunting - Attack, defense, moving speed, stamina, and skill development system according to animal hunting and by winning honor/credit. 6. Various animals for hunting and monsters from myths - Herbivores such as rabbits, deer, giraffes; predatory animals such as lions, tigers, and bears; Monsters and creatures from myths such as Cerberus, vampire, chimera, and dragon. 7. A total of 6 different combat/hunting maps offered - 6 different, highly realistic combat/hunting maps with varying geographical features and backgrounds: Snowstorm, Arcane River, Wildland, Combat Field, Dragon Lava, Stone Mountain 8. Other functions - Energy supplement system through the self and dead bodies - Real-time multi-chatting function with other players online
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The Visible City: Virtual Exhibition & Mobile App
The Visible City is a virtual exhibition and mobile tour that tracks the rise, fall, and revival of neon in Vancouver, shining a light on people whose lives played out under the neon signs. Their stories create a textured social history of Vancouver, illuminated by neon. Curator: Hanna Cho Design by: Switch United Download today! Available on iTunes and GooglePlay or view online at www.museumofvancouver.ca/visiblecity
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How to teach shapes to preschoolers with Preschool EduMath2 by Cubic Frog® Apps!
Teaching shapes and measurements to toddlers is a fun adventure with Preschool EduMath 2. Preschool EduMath 2 is a kids learning app full of activities to learn shapes for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Children play 16 different educational games for basic geometrical mathematics that help kids master shapes, size, more/less, number recognition, counting, pattern and sequence building, sorting, and so much more while incorporating confidence and fun into the learning process. Preschool EduMath 2 is part 2 of the colorful educational app specially designed to teach children of every learning style shapes and measurements. Great for parents and teachers to teach basic shapes for 2 and 3 year olds in the classroom and on the go. Have fun while learning with these shape activities for children. You can find EduMath 2 by Cubic Frog® Apps here: Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=8319795735916109436 iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/preschool-edumath-2-free-easy/id971313809?mt=8 Cubic Frog® is a team of childhood learning experts who have created the Preschool EduMath 2 to teach basic shapes in an easy and exciting way for kids. Teaching shapes to 2 and 3 years olds is is as easy as 123 with Preschool EduMath 2 for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids of all ages! Find the best apps for kids made by Cubic Frog® here: Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de... iTunes: http://itunes.com/apps/cubicfrogapps Don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/cubicfrog ✓16 Different Unique Educational Games And Quizzes Including Counting, Patterns, Sequences, Shapes, Biggest/Smallest, Number Recognition, More/Less, Heavier/Lighter, Matching, Directions, Reasoning and More ✓Sensory Based Learning System Utilizes Colorful Graphics With Touch and Sound Command ✓Fine Motor Skill Building Using Touch Commands ✓User Friendly Setting Page Lets Parents Customize By Turning Each Game On or Off! ✓3D HD Colorful Rainbow Graphics! ✓Two Adorable Animated 3D Characters and Their Animal Friends Guide Children in Their Learning Process ✓Amazing Music, Voiceover And Sound Effects! ✓Innovative Reward System and Surprise Stamps! ✓Unlimited Play, The Fun Never Ends! ✓No Ads, No Distraction, No In-App Purchases! Follow Cubic Frog®: -------------------------------------------- Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cubicfrogapps Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/cubicfrog Google+: https://plus.google.com/104258368793190801448/posts Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/cubicfrogapps
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Forensic Files - Season 8, Ep 41: Visibility Zero
Click here to watch great FREE Movies & TV: http://filmrise.com In 1993, the Amtrak Railroad experienced the deadliest train crash in United States history, when the Sunset Limited derailed while crossing Alabama's Big Bayou Canot bridge. Forty-seven passengers and crew were killed; scores more were injured. The clues to the cause of the crash lay etched in twisted steel and buried in the mud of the Big Bayou Canot. Originally aired as Season 8 Episode 41.
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HSN | Suze Orman Financial Solutions for You 01.22.2017 - 04 PM
Suze Orman Financial Prices shown on the previously recorded video may not represent the current price. View hsn.com to view the current selling price.SHOP NOW http://www.hsn.com
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Augmented Reality iPhone Sudoku Grab
New version of Sudoku Grab - now has a real time augmented reality capture. Here's some details on how this works: There are also some details on how to build you own app here: https://www.cmgresearch.com/2009/08/14/How-does-it-all-work.html
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Ukrainian Opinion: Will Ukraine's plans to fortify its Russian border make the country more secure?
Ukraine Today correspondent Sam Kearley asks people a question: Will Ukrainian plans to fortify the country’s border with Russia make Ukraine more secure? Check out our website: http://uatoday.tv Facebook: https://facebook.com/uatodaytv Twitter: https://twitter.com/uatodaytv
House Fire Fort Collins
Wow, so sad, another fire tragedy so close to home. According to the Coloradoan this morning, we lost another neighbor and her dog to a fire last night. This was a house fire in the city of Fort Collins. It happened just after 11pm on Monday night August 20th 2012. Kathy lived in her house for about 25 years. She retired just a few years ago, and I know she was so excited about her new chapter. She lived alone in her home, and was a great neighbor to us for the last 14 years. She was quiet and polite and never bothered anyone, just friendly smiles and waves as she was coming and going. Our condolences to her friends and family.
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Moose Peterson: "Captured" | Talks at Google
Moose stops by the Googleplex to discuss his latest work, his passion for aviation, and his recent conservation trips. Moose's work has direct impact on our world. Captured: Behind the Lens of a Legendary Wildlife Photographer is more than just a photography book-it's a chronicle of more than 30 years'worth of unbelievable moments that only nature can reveal. And Moose Peterson is more than just a wildlife photographer-he's a storyteller in both prose and pictures. If you're looking for the ultimate guide to wildlife photography from a man who has devoted his entire career to capturing nature's finest and most rare moments, you'll find it here in Captured. If you're looking to be transported into the wild to confront a grizzly bear and her cubs, stumble upon a pack of wolves, or capture an owl in flight, you'll find it here, as well. You'll also find a healthy dose of inspiration as the stories behind the photos are revealed as only Moose can tell them. In the end, you'll come away with invaluable photographic techniques gained through a lifetime of experience and a new appreciation for the passion of wildlife photography. You'll gain knowledge that you can put to use on your next excursion into the wild, your local or state park, or even your own backyard.
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Digital Scale PRO app - your iPhone can weigh weed - iOS & Android app
Android & iOS app. https://itunes.apple.com/app/id649265345 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.diamondscale DESCRIPTION First and only actually working scale for iOS & Android devices. High accuracy when instructions are followed. Perfect for weighing diamonds, jewelry, coins, gold, silver -- all small objects. IMPORTANT INFORMATION -For proper working devices must be equipped with the gyroscope. -Results are displayed in grams and ounces. -Application is totally ads free. -Instructions must be strictly followed. -The more gently you use the application, the more accurate results you will receive. LET'S GET STARTED Please prepare a coin (0,2 EUR, 0,05 USD, 100JPY, 0,2 GBP or 1 PLN) and an inflated bag (zip bag or pack of chips are the most proper). INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Put your device on an inflated bag. 2. Press "PRESS to calibrate" button and wait until the "calibration ... please wait" communicate will disappear. 3. After calibration process is done gently place a coin in the middle of the top/bottom area of the phone and once again wait until it is done. 4. Gently place an object you would like to weigh on the coin and wait until the result shows up on the wheel. IMPORTANT TIPS: -Always put the bag on the "still" surface like floor or table (avoid moves which could induce vibrations of the surface). -Do not touch the bag or the phone while placing coin and objects.
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Spyglass [v 2.2] - new features (an iPhone application) (in English)
--- Spyglass --- Download from the App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/app/spyglass/id332639548?mt=8 More: http://happymagenta.com/spyglass/ Spyglass is an essential hike, bike, drive and car GPS navigation tool kit and a compass app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Specifically designed for the outdoors and for off the road hiking, walking, cycling, driving, boating, sailing and flying, it is best and comes in very useful where a turn by turn navigator fails. On its heads-up display (HUD) Spyglass shows a lot of location and attitude aware info. Employing advanced augmented reality technologies Spyglass combines a mil spec compass with maps, remembers, finds and shows directions to your custom waypoints (POI) using precise 3D AR-markers and direction arrows on the compass azimuth circle. Spyglass measures distances on map, distant object dimensions, elevation and angles with built-in sextant and inclinometer utilities. Stadia-metric optical sniper's rangefinder reticle finds distance to targets in real-time like a hi-end scope and laser binoculars viewfinder. Serving as a digital tactical GPS, speedometer, altimeter, magnetic or gyrocompass, using accelerometer and gyroscope, it is the best compass app for Geocaching, Encounter and other treasure hunt, orienteering and surveying outdoor games. It displays time, azimuth, accuracy, GPS coordinates, latitude, longitude and military grid, altitude, speed, course, waypoint bearing, distance and ETA, location hints, artificial horizon, stadia marks, pitch, roll and yaw angles -- all over the live image from camera -- and allows to take a picture with that location specific information. Built-in catalogue of bright stars makes possible using Spyglass for celestial and stellar navigation, the compass tool is fine-tuned and calibrated using the Sun, the Moon and star finder and tracker -- a map or a known landmark is also a good reference for calibration. As a best compass for surveying, hunting, fishing, boating, sports, hiking, scouting, biking, documenting, marine travelling, police, military and rescue missions, it serves as a marker and locator for destination waypoints and also supports lots of coordinate systems and geodetic datum, distance and angular units. Coordinate and unit converter understands -- imperial, metric, angular mil, mile (mi) and nautical mile (MPH and KPH), foot (ft.), yard (yd.), rod, pole, perch, chain, furlong (fur), kilometer (KM/H), geographic and Geocaching coordinates, MGRS, WGS84, UTM (with banded UTM), OSNG, OSGB36 grids and much more.
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Math Evolve : A fun educational game app for kids. The best math game for iOS.
AVAILABLE NOW for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch: http://bit.ly/uH4KTD Math Evolve is the best math game for kids practicing multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction! A Math Game For The Next Generation Math Evolve is an action-packed game for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch designed to help students practice their multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction skills in a game that is actually fun! Designed by a teacher, Math Evolve allows you to practice arithmetic as you fight against challenging enemies and compete for high scores in this deep and immersive video game. Get more info at: http://www.mathevolve.com Become a VIP and get exclusive content by 'ilking' our page: http://on.fb.me/pt4liI
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Popout! The Night Before Christmas
One of the most highly anticipated books of the holiday season has arrived. PopOut! The Night Before Christmas is the sequel title to the widely popular interactive book sensation, PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Enjoy this favourite Christmas classic in a modern, yet authentic, setting on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. See William Denslow's masterful illustrations brought to life with innovative pull-tabs, spin-wheels, and elements that bounce and spring with the touch of a finger. Listen to "O Christmas Tree" beautifully performed on piano while you read and interact with each page of the book. Explore every scene and discover the many delightful life-like interactions at your fingertips. Features: * Touch and drag objects to make them "spring" to life or tilt to watch them slide and move * Objects that literally PopOut!™ of the page to delight you and your family * Beautiful vocal performance, music, and sound effects will immerse you in the story * "Read to Me" with word highlighting to help improve reading skills * Or read it yourself and hear individual words and page numbers spoken with the tap of a finger * 50 pages of authentic text and illustrations with realistic page turning interactions just like the original hardcover book Visit us: www.loudcrow.com Follow us: twitter.com/loudcrowinc Like us: facebook.com/loudcrow
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Superhero Comic Book Maker - Duck Duck Moose
DOWNLOAD HERE:http://bit.ly/HeroiPad or http://bit.ly/HeroiPhone An award-winning creative app that will ignite the imagination. Create personalized animated comic books featuring monsters and superheroes. Build comic strips and narrate the story using the self-record feature. Includes 55 scenes and coloring pages with 170+ stickers. AWARDS: Parents' Choice Silver Award; Children's Technology Review Editor's Choice Award. AGES: 3-9. PLAY CATEGORY: Creative ACTIVITIES MAKE A COMIC BOOK:
 - 27 background scenes: skyscrapers, space ship, the moon, wild west, ice cave, deep sea
and more - 170+ animated stickers with sound effects
 - 29 crayons and 29 colored pencils
 - Drag and drop multiple scenes to create a comic strip
 - Narrate the comic book story using the self-record feature - Tap the stickers to make their mouths move - Move the stickers to create your own movie COLOR:
 - 28 coloring pages
- featuring alien monsters, cute, fuzzy monsters, Super Dog, Big Foot, Captain Banana Man, dinosaurs and ninjas SHARE: - Save your comic books to your Photos to share with family and friends! ABOUT DUCK DUCK MOOSE Duck Duck Moose, an award-winning creator of educational apps for children, was founded in 2008 by three parents who share a passion for children, education, music, design and play. To date, we have created 16 top-selling titles and have won 15 Parents' Choice awards, 15 Children's Technology Review Editor's Choice Awards and a KAPi award for the "Best Children's App" at the International Consumer Electronics Show. We work with educators and play-test with children to ensure our apps are frustration-free for little fingers and full of whimsy, wonder and educational content for all to enjoy. Duck Duck Moose takes children's privacy very seriously. Our apps do not include any third-party advertising or collect any personal information. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy: www.duckduckmoose.com/privacy-policy. Visit us: www.duckduckmoose.com Email us: support@duckduckmoose.com Blog with us: www.duckduckmoose.com/blog Like us: www.facebook.com/duckduckmoose Follow us: www.twitter.com/duckduckmoose Watch us: www.youtube.com/duckduckmoosedesign Pin us: www.pinterest.com/duckmoose
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Le Vamp iOS In-Game Cinema
It's your job to guide and protect the rambunctious young Le Vamp as he runs through the forest, oblivious to the dangers it contains. Only your quick flicks and taps can protect him from sunlight, running water and deadly foes. Along the way, you can help him gather coins for upgrades, or feed him Blood Pigs to keep him healthy (or as healthy as an undead can be, at least!). If you can just help Le Vamp stay ahead of the angry mob, he'll have the time of his afterlife!
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Block Pop Tutorial for Final Cut Pro X
http://www.noiseindustries.com/info/blockpop 23 customizable transitions that break the outgoing clip into blocks and reveal the next clip. Block Pop is available exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. FxFactory is a revolutionary visual effects architecture powering hundreds of plug-ins for Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere Pro and After Effects: http://www.noiseindustries.com/fxfactory/
Sing With Olive | Kids iPhone App
http://www.swagsoft.com.sg Created by Emmy award-winning animation studio, Peach Blossom Media, and featuring the writers of Dora the Explorer and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, this interactive and musical series is designed to introduce preschoolers to English vocabulary in an exciting and captivating way. Using music, movement and challenging puzzles, Olive and her friends explore the world of nursery rhymes and fix the language-related problems they encounter. This application contains 8 fun-filled nursery rhymes to sing and dance along to, plus the entire set of alphabet flash cards based on our cute and cuddly characters! Each video starts with the opening of the magical pop-up book to reveal the title of the rhyme. It features snippets of the entire episode in a fun and humorous way. New words are also highlighted by the character LB (Lightning Bug) within the video.
FotoMagico 4.2: Simple Mask
FotoMagico 4.2 will bring an amazing new feature that will make it even easier to achieve stunning effects. Find out more about FotoMagico at http://www.boinx.com/fotomagico Join our webinar on how to create effects like these http://boinx.com/webinars/
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Susan Polgar - Mente Brilhante: Desenvolvendo a Genialidade - Filme Completo (dublado)
(Reino Unido, 2007) Susan Polgar é a primeira mestre feminina de xadrez do mundo. Mas ela não nasceu com uma mente brilhante. Ao invés disso, sua capacidade cerebral foi desenvolvida através de uma experiência singular ao longo de sua infância. Esta é a história de como um treinamento produziu uma mente de gênio, perfeitamente adaptada para o seu caso. Documentário do canal National Geographic (Nat Geo) My Brilliant Brain - Make me a Genius
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Who Let The Sheep Out - Smartphone game trailer
Trailer of "Who Let The Sheep Out" by JesterApp Games Now available!! Amazon android store: http://www.amazon.com/Who-Let-The-Sheep-Out/dp/B00P52BP9I/ref=sr_1_1?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1415266731&sr=1-1 Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.federicochiummento.wholetthesheepsout&referrer=utm_source%3DAndroidPIT%26utm_medium%3DAndroidPIT%26utm_campaign%3DAndroidPIT Apple store: https://itunes.apple.com/it/app/chi-ha-fatto-uscire-le-pecore/id916828248?mt=8 Theme Music: "Brightly Fancy" by Kevin MacLeod from "Incompetech.com"
Views: 942 Federico Chiummento