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International Student Recruitment Strategies  - EducationDynamics
Learn international student recruitment strategies presented by Dr. Don Martin, author and former Dean.
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Study Abroad | International Students Recruitment Planning & Strategy 2017
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International Students Recruitment Planning & Strategy 2018
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International Student Recruitment
Texas Southern University
Social Media Strategy for Student Recruitment - Christian Bowman
How to develop KPIs to improve institutional outcomes using Social Media to drive student recruitment in higher education. Criterion Conferences - February 23, 2012 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Questions will be answered via Twitter: @megabowman #socialedu Christian Bowman first joined Bond University as the Internet Marketing Manager in 2010. Bond University is a private not-for-profit university situated on the Gold Coast in Queensland. With over 11 years of online marketing experience, Christian has developed online campaigns for RSPCA including a viral mobile campaign in 2001, an online marketing strategy for the first ever RSPCA online store, and managed the first social media profiles for the non-profit organisation in 2006 . Prior to his role at Bond University Christian worked for Achaeus Group for over 3 years as an Internet Marketing Consultant to the SME sector and has been involved in running workshops to help them develop online marketing strategies. Christian also develops online marketing technology for direct marketers and in 2010 sold an online voucher delivery system to a rewards management supplier. Christian is very passionate about developing simple solutions for complicated problems and helping others develop innovative marketing strategies using technology.
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Emerging Trends to Recruit International Students
In fewer than 20 minutes, gain insight into emerging trends that will impact international student recruitment strategies in 2015 and beyond: How to measure Return on Investment (It's complicated, but do-able!). Consider translating tailored content for the parents of prospective students. Improve the efficiency of the *operations* end of your admissions cycle. Integrate all of your promotional campaigns to maximize success. Contact cheryl@USjournal.com for details!
Student Recruitment System steps by steps working
This is new Student Recruitment System introduce
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Student Recruitment Today: How & Why to Change Your Strategy | Webcast
Anne Voller, VP of Talent Acquisition at Macy’s, Diana Gruverman, Senior Director at NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development and LinkedIn's Rob Humphrey discuss the latest student recruitment tactics and why you should invest in them. Subscribe to the LinkedIn Talent Blog: http://linkd.in/19V0QDv Learn more about LinkedIn Talent Solutions: http://linkd.in/1sDl7Fq Tweet with @HireOnLinkedIn: http://bit.ly/1e4VFBO Follow us on SlideShare: http://slidesha.re/17cCRvf Follow the LinkedIn Talent Solutions page: http://linkd.in/1aS4MXY
Student Recruitment and Marketing Strategies (Part 1)
Larry Chang, Program Manager, BEST Center, leads a discussion of Student Recruitment and Marketing Strategies (Part 1) at the 2017 BEST Center Annual Institute. http://www.bestctr.org The Building Efficiency for a Sustainable Tomorrow (BEST) Center promotes better building performance through the advancement of building science and technician education. It is a National Science Foundation ATE Center.
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WEBINAR: 5 Social Media Strategies for Student Recruitment
Learn more about GoMedia by visiting us at http://gomedia.goabroad.com today!
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International Student Recruitment Presentation
Presentation for Integrative Application Project course
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Improving Your International Recruitment Strategy
56% of higher education institutions will struggle to meet recruitment targets due to visa/travel restrictions, according to the recent Global Higher Education Survey conducted by TERMINALFOUR. Colleges that are able to adapt to quickly shifting political and technological trends now have a big opportunity to build brand awareness and international student enrollment. That means taking international recruitment out of a strategic plan and putting it into action through multilingual websites, geo-targeted advertising, and much, much more. On this episode of Admissions Live, we will be joined by Piero Tintori, CEO and Founder of TERMINALFOUR to explore ways colleges can differentiate themselves in international markets.
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Changing the face of International student recruitment
Subject matter discussion on why & how technology could change the International student recruitment Industry with Industry expert Abhishek Nakhate and technology expert Naresh Pai, hosted by Juhi Jani.
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Recruiting International Students
This video is about My Movie
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student recruitment agency business plan
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Low Cost Marketing Strategies to Recruit Students
RUN for Dreams Education Fair 2014 In the competitive education market, a fully integrated strategic plan is the key to deliver your best results. The well-designed marketing steps are tailored to student's interest during different stages in their educational process. And the purpose, is to make your institution be remembered by the students while they make decision for further studying. Remember, they choose you because they trust you. If you are not in their mind when they make decision, some other will be. Join us today and let us help to build your institution to build a connection with the students. RUN for Dreams Education Fair 2014 Date: 29&30 March 2014 [11am-9pm] Venue : Sutera Mall ,Johor Bahru[Malaysia] Contact : +6010-7607087 Detail: www.runx99.com RUN SOLUTION l Marketing - Design -Event Website: www.runx99.com FB :http://www.facebook.com/Run99
Recruiting International Students
How do you reach your enrollment targets within your own resource limitations? From determining target markets to tailoring your communication strategy, you will build strategies and identify resources to help you plan a recruitment campaign that fits within the realities of your outreach goals and resources. Learn more at http://www.nafsa.org/workshops.
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International Student Recruitment: Trends and Challenges
https://jistudents.org/2017-vol72/ An interdisciplinary, peer reviewed publication, Journal of International Students is a professional journal that publishes narrative, theoretical and empirically-based research articles, study abroad reflections, and book reviews relevant to international students, faculty, scholars, and their cross-cultural experiences and understanding in higher education.
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International students Recruitment Webinar Recording
Register here - http://page.studymetro.com/International-University-Webinar-Recording Please contact Study Metro at 8088-867-867 OR Email at admission@studyMetro.com Want to Get more international students using Study Metro strategy without getting overwhelmed...and more?: If you are looking to Recruit more international students through Education Fair in India without Wasting money on ads and other stuff that doesn't bring an ROI- then you're DEFINITELY going to want to join me. Because I'm going to be revealing something that will without a doubt be an absolute game changer for you. Please watch this webinar recording for more information. Because on this webinar, as I stated earlier, you're going to learn some game changing tips and strategies that you won't want to miss! Such as: Recruit more International students for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs. Meet up with Indian students and parents to understand their needs and requirement. Tip up with Indian university and start selling your online programs. Students/Faculty Exchange Online Study Centre University/Counsellor Mapping UG Students Plus much, much more. Apply today at http://page.studymetro.com/International-University-Webinar-Recording
International Student Recruitment
PlanetGPA Demo Video
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International Student Recruitment Centre Interview - March 6th 2015
Hussein Al-Dhalaan (of International Student Recruitment Centre) talks about recruiting foreign students Hudson's Bay Centre, 2 Bloor Street East, Suite 3500, Toronto, Canada
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Recruiting Chinese International Students
0:07 What have been the biggest changes you’ve seen in the market over the past decade? 1:56 How does your advice differ for more experienced institutions and what kind of goals might they have in China? 2:54 What advice would you give to Canadian institutions specifically which would not necessarily apply to institutions from another country? 3:34 We hear a lot about the unique social media landscape in China, how is this effecting education marketing? 5:16 What as some of the particular challenges that other subsectors might face? If you're a Canadian SME and have questions about doing business in China, please send us your questions by email at SMEGateway@international.gc.ca. All services of the Trade Commissioner Service are FREE of charge to qualified Canadian clients. Question 1: What have been the biggest changes you’ve seen in the market over the past decade? Answer 1 (Kim): Well I think one of the most important changes that we’ve seen in the market is how the agency landscape has changed over time. About eighty percent of the students who go abroad do so with the help of an education agency from China. And I think one of the important things to know about the education agency in China versus other markets, like India for example, is that the education agents in China earn more money from the fees that they charge the student then they do from the institution. And so education agents in China see the institution very much as a product and the customer, their customer, is very much the family. That’s something for institutions to be aware of when they’re engaging with education agents in China is that they’re not the customer in the eyes of the agent, the family is. Over time the education agent landscape in China has consolidated. unfortunately, from a sort of preferred institution perspective the national agencies have a lot fewer spots on that list, and therefore they’re promoting fewer institutions than the education agent network before when it was much more diverse. So institutions have to compete in order to be on that preferred list and in order to be actively promoted by education agents in China. Answer 1 (James): There’s been a great increase in the number of branch offices in some of the largest agents. So just a few years ago we saw the largest agents in China with maybe twenty, twenty-five offices across the country and now we have a few with close to forty, close to fifty offices in regional centres. So this is a challenge to give them as much attention as they want but it’s definitely a change we’re seeing in the agent landscape. Question 2: How does your advice differ for more experienced institutions and what kind of goals might they have in China? Answer 2 (Kim): More experienced institutions in China are now at the stage where they’re probably reaching their saturation point in terms of their overall number of Chinese students they would like to recruit on campus. Certainly they don’t want a situation where literally fifty percent or more of the students in any given class are from China, that’s bad for everybody. It’s not a truly diverse and international environment, the Canadian students don’t feel great about it, the Chinese students don’t feel great about it, and it’s not consistent with the virtues, with the ideals of international education. So country diversity I think is very important. Those international institutions that are more experienced are now looking at addressing the imbalance in program mix and looking at ensuring that every Chinese student who does enroll in the institution is the best quality that they could possibly recruit. Question 3: What advice would you give to Canadian institutions specifically which would not necessarily apply to institutions from another country? Answer 3 (James): I think Canada right now has a number of advantages in the market compared to our competitor countries like the UK, who is having immigration issues, and to some of the other competitors. We’re in strong position right now and we should play to that strength. We should make sure that as country we are working together, that we are working with Canadian organizations that have like minded interests. If you have questions you can consult with trade commissioner’s office here, you can work with companies like Grok who have a very large Canadian client base and understand the Canadian perspective on things. Question 4: We hear a lot about the unique social media landscape in China, how is this effecting education marketing? Answer 4 (Kim): Students don’t use email anymore. It’s pretty hard to reach out to students and engage with them on email. and unfortunately, that’s a tool that is very commonly used and very comfortable for institutions in terms of following up with students and what not. So that is a major change. China’s social media ...
International Students Recruitment- The Easy Way To Recruit International Students
International Students Recruitment can be very frustrating for many college recruiters,simply because they don't have an international student recruitment network in place. Most student recruiting agents from universities find it is very easy and cost effective to use an international student recruiting agency. If you are looking for an edge in International student recruitment then you need to view this video and go to http://planetgpa.com/Institutions.aspx
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Webinar Recording: How to optimize International Student Recruitment in Nigeria?
This session looks at Nigeria in depth, an important student source market for North American institutions. What is Nigeria's true potential and will it be fulfilled? We will be looking at: The political dimensions – the President and cabinet The economic dimensions – oil, the Economic Recovery Plan and forex challenges Developing integrated sales channels – remotely and with local presence Safety and security when active in-country Our webinars are designed to help give you what you need to stay ahead of the curve. https://www.sannams4.com/event/optimize-international-student-recruitment-nigeria/
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International Student Recruitment Threatened by New UK Immigration Rules
Senior University academics have warned that the UK Governments crack down on immigration could seriously hurt international student recruitment in the coming years. Suzanne Alexander, Director of the University of Leicester International Office comments on the debate.
Student Recruitment
It's never been easy to recruit and retain top students. The slumping economy has made the job even more difficult by reducing financial aid and limiting resources. This doesn't mean there aren't exceptional students who will eagerly attend your school. It's just that now, more than ever, you have to use the right retention and recruitment strategies to find them. In this Magna Online Seminar on CD discover what these strategies are and how they can work for your school.
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Diversify Your International Student Recruitment: Research Report on Emerging Markets
World Education Services (WES), a non-profit with nearly 40 years' experience in international education research and evaluation, identifies key emerging countries with promising recruitment potential in its research report entitled "Beyond More of the Same: The Top Four Emerging Markets for International Student Recruitment." It recommends higher education institutions to adopt a portfolio approach for balancing recruitment opportunities with potential uncertainties of expanding their efforts to emerging markets. WES offers research-based consulting solutions to help you develop an effective international enrollment strategy. Visit wes.org/RAS to learn more.
Recruit qualified international students via INTCAS
Learn more about INTCAS' carefully-crafted global infrastructure which education institutions can enter at minimal cost, and select relevant products and services that align with their International Enrollment Management goals. “INTCAS” stands for “INTelligent Communities around Students.” We help colleges, universities and boarding schools attract, recruit and manage international students in a safe, compliant and cost-effective way. Join us!
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Low Budget Marketing for Universities
Lecture of Joachim Ekström (Uppsala University in Sweden) at the 7th GATE-Germany Marketing-Kongress (July 2015) in Bonn, Germany | http://www.gate-marketingkongress.de | Vortragsfolien: http://www.gate-germany.de/2015_eckstrom_lowbudgetmarketing The size of the budget is often inversely proportional to the level of creativity required in marketing and recruitment and in this session we explore a scenario where resources are very low. From that we develop a conceptual framework that helps us decide how to best use our time and money to recruit international students. Strategic advise coupled with cheap but useful and efficient practical tools, ideas and activities will be presented with examples. Items discussed include, but are not limited to: • Recruitment, it‘s not just about advertising • A strategic framework to guide your creativity • Market segmentation, limit your scope to save money • The importance of timing your message(s) • Content curation to build your brand • Tools and techniques for converting prospects/applicants to enrolments The session provides a practical strategic framework from which to develop your own mix of recruitment activities as well as some hands-on ideas to be implemented directly. Presentation slides: http://www.gate-germany.de/fileadmin/dokumente/angebote/Kongresse/Marketing-Kongress/2015/Ekstr%C3%B6m_Low_budget_marketing.pdf
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Demystifying University Marketing and Recruitment Strategy - Tools and Techniques
Lecture of Joachim Ekström (Uppsala University in Sweden) at the 7th GATE-Germany Marketing-Kongress (July 2015) in Bonn, Germany | http://www.gate-marketingkongress.de | Vortragsfolien: http://www.gate-germany.de/2015_eckstrom_strategy Developing strategies for Marketing and Recruitment (M&R) is both art and science. It can be extremely creative and fun but also a very, very frustrating experience. The latter experience is virtually guaranteed if you forget that you work in an academic environment and just try to copy how they do it in the business world (also known as The Dark Side). The lecture provides a framework for development of M&R strategies that works well in higher education. It demonstrates some very practical tools you can use when taking your marketing and recruitment to the next level and gives insight into how you can go from strategy to implementation using several examples. To the presentation slides: http://www.gate-germany.de/fileadmin/dokumente/angebote/Kongresse/Marketing-Kongress/2015/Ekstr%C3%B6m_Demystifying_Marketing_and_Recruitment_Strategy4.pdf
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Here are BigChoice’s top 10 tips to effectively recruit international students.
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Admissions Live: Video in Student Recruitment
Mallory Wood, marketing manager at mStoner, joins the show for an information-packed session on the use of video in student recruitment efforts. Mallory discusses strategy, reach, production tips and more. Whether you are a one-person show or have a highly equipped marketing team this is one show you will not want to miss.
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A better way to recruit Chinese students
Overview of a unique, fast and cost-effective way to have your own professional recruiting office in China with better results and minimal risk. Program based on long running China Sales Incubator. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Webinar: Why Earned Media Overpowers Social Media in Student Recruitment
This webinar defines the facets of earned media as well as its relevance to social media and emerging technologies in driving student recruitment and admissions strategies for institutions of every size.
Study Abroad  | Free Webinar  International Student Recruitment & Indian School Tie UP
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Modern Recruitment Marketing Strategies Webinar
Talemetry Director of Talent Sourcing and Marketing Solutions Stephen Schwander and Vice President of Marketing Ian Alexander discuss how recruiting professionals can see increased recruiting performance through modern recruitment marketing strategies. The presenters review a recruitment marketing maturity framework and touch on several key practices with regard to: – Directly sourcing candidates – Refining job ad performance – Pipelining and campaigning candidates – Mobile and social recruiting – Talent Networks To learn more about Talemetry recruitment marketing software visit http://talemetry.com/.
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20170825 Overseas students recruitment fair
Although Malaysia as a country attaches great importance to education, Malays are given priority when it comes to higher education. This has limited the educational opportunities for ethnic Chinese along with other non-Malays, which means even if the Chinese students are receive excellent grades, there still might not get into school in their own country.
5th QS-MAPLE Best International Student Recruitment Brochure - Bronze Winner
5th QS-MAPLE Creative Awards: Best International Student Recruitment Brochure - Bronze Winner - Management Center Innsbruck
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International Student Recruiter College Admissions Consultant
International Student Recruiter College Admissions Consultant http://www.PaulFDavis.com 72 nations touched w life-changing messages (info@PaulFDavis.com) http://www.Linkedin.com/in/worldproperties international student recruiter college admissions consultant international, student, recruiter, college, admissions, consultant, international-student, student-recruiter, international-student-recruiter, college-admissions, admissions-consultant, college-admissions-consultant
ICEF Monitor Interview: Lisa Cynamon Mayers, Intead, Part 1 of 2
Mystery shopper experiment reveals best practices in communication strategies ICEF Monitor catches up with Mrs Lisa Cynamon Mayers, an Academic Advisor with Intead (International Education Advantage), a full-service consulting, strategy and digital international education solutions marketing company. Mayers explains how Intead conducted a mystery shopper experiment in which a Chinese staff member at Intead posed as a prospective student. The staffer sent an enquiry email to 30 universities in the US, Australia and Canada in an effort to observe how each would respond to a query from an international prospect. The results may surprise you... Don't forget to watch Part 2! Click here to view it: http://ow.ly/KhRxC. For the accompanying article, please see: http://ow.ly/KhRiX. For more industry news, market intelligence, research and commentary for international student recruitment please visit http://www.icefmonitor.com, subscribe for daily or weekly updates, and follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/icefmonitor.
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University of Newcastle School of Architecture International Recruitment Video
A Guts Creative project. We produced this video for the University of Newcastle’s School of Architecture and Built Environment. Through our research we found out what international students want to hear - authentic student stories. So we created this one. It's one part of the execution of our marketing strategy work to help the school recruit more international students. Launched on WeChat last month, watch this space! Direction: Katherine Williams Editing: Josh Bruce Production: Ben Matthews www.gutscreative.com.au
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Marketing and Recruiting for Graduate Students - EducationDynamics
In this session Marcus Hanscom, Director of Graduate Admissions, Roger Williams University, assess and identifies opportunities for customizing your marketing and recruitment efforts to boost your graduate enrollments.
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States Take Global Approach to Higher Education
States know that increased international exposure can contribute to economic growth and increased trade and foreign investment. While higher education institutions traditionally have focused on recruiting international students, several states now are formalizing their approach to attracting foreign students and encouraging foreign exchange in strategic economic and workforce development plans. This eCademy session identifies trends in state government activity supporting internationalization and examines why this is an area of increasing opportunity for states.
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