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When Disaster Strikes: What We Learned from Hurricane Irene (Vermont Disaster Recovery Webinar)
Learn more about call center disaster recovery strategies from Vermont Emergency Management's Chief of Field Operations Robert Schell. He coordinated the disaster recovery efforts during Hurricane Irene whose 80-mile-per hour winds and record flooding caused nearly $1 billion in damages, leaving thousands of Vermont residents without water or power. This session will cover different types of disaster threats and the advantages IP-based dispatching systems have in mitigating those situations. The guests will answer questions from participants about best practices in disaster recovery, lessons learned during Hurricane Irene, and why system redundancy matters for public safety answering points (PSAPs). This webinar originally aired on Oct. 20, 2011.
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PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT - Emergency Management Planning
Emergency Management System, Crisis Management Plan, Crisis Management Examples, Active Shooting Drills, Active Shooting Training, Active Shooting Simulation. PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT is designed for federal, state, and local officials, school and medical administrators, emergency management teams, company CEOs and many other businesses, to further prepare themselves for many crisis incidents that may occur under their responsibility. PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT will provide crisis management teams with the critical information and imagery they need to rapidly plan during many high risk incidents. A complete 360 degree virtual tour of any building used for crisis management planning during many high risk incidents. PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT also includes updated overhead imagery used to quickly coordinate responding departments.
Using Unmanned Aerial Systems in Transportation Planning and Emergency Response
For the past two years a team from the UVM TRC and the Spatial Analysis Lab at the Rubenstein School has been piloting the use of UAS technology for a variety of purposes to improve planning, decision-making and responses to emergency in regard to transportation infrastructure and systems. Working broadly with industry, VTrans, regional planning commissions and towns the team has explored a variety of applications and value to the use of the UAS system and the analysis of the imagery that it can supply. This session will provide an overview of the project and an update on new ideas for future applications. The views and opinions expressed herein are entirely those of the author and do not represent the views of the Commercial Remote Sensing & Spatial Information Technologies Program, the U.S. Department of Transportation, or any of its Operating Administrations.
School Reunification - an in depth facilitated dialogue
This facilitated dialogue is designed to go into depth with your staff about how your school would respond to a reunification event and to familiarize you with current school emergency operations plans, policies, and procedures.
United Alliance Services Workplace Safety Training & Consulting
United Alliance Services Corporation www.unitedallianceservices.com 877-399-1698 United Alliance Services Corporation (UASC) is a Certified WBE, woman owned small business providing comprehensive safety services in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Washington DC. United Alliance services healthcare facilities, construction firms, manufacturing facilities, insurance providers, municipalities, and numerous other clients large and small. Some of our services include, but are not limited to: on-site safety program development and implementation, workplace health and safety classroom and online training, facility safety inspections, OSHA inspection-related assistance, written health and safety programs, insurance loss control evaluations, construction safety consulting, EPA, DOT and DOS compliance auditing and sampling, and full-time project safety management. With a library of over two hundred proven instructionally-designed courses for workplace environmental, health and safety training, United Alliance Services' is a leading expert in interactive instructor led workplace learning. United Alliance Services' offers regulatory compliance training, skills training and certification training courses for general industry, industrial safety, emergency response, construction, maritime, security, law enforcement, healthcare, fire and environmental, health and safety professionals. Course categories include: • Regulatory Compliance Training required by OSHA, EPA, DOT, DEC • Workplace Safety and Emergency Training • HazComm, Hazardous Materials Identification, Handling and Cleanup • OSHA Certified Outreach 10 hour and 30 hour Training for General Industry, Construction, Maritime and Disaster Workers • Emergency Procedures for Workplace Injuries and reporting requirements • Fire safety and Prevention • Industrial Training on NFPA, LOTO, Confined Space, Electrical Safety, Hotwork, Industrial hygiene, powered industrial trucks • Protective Equipment Training for all Industries • Construction Industry Training on Fall Protection, Excavations, Cranes, Ariel lifts, heavy equipment operations • OSHA Competent Person Training for the classroom or online • Over 30 OSHA and workplace safety online courses
Mapping for Emergency Management
Presented by Talbot Brooks, GISP and Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Geospatial Information Technologies, Delta State University. This presentation will provide an overview of crisis and emergency response and provide a foundation for engaging a broad spectrum of government and private sector geospatial professionals in the effort to conserve life and property in a meaningful and sustainable manner. Topics of discussion will include an overview of the emergency response lifecycle and other fundamentals of emergency management, tips to better understanding the needs of emergency managers and responders, and entry points through which geospatial professions may better engage the response and preparedness community.
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In 1968, A U.S  Navy Attack Submarine Exploded Underwater, No One Knows Why?
This video shows you that In 1968, A U.S Navy Attack Submarine Exploded Underwater, No One Knows Why? The conspiracy theory is that the Scorpion was somehow caught up in some kind of Cold War skirmish, and that the Soviet flotilla had sunk the sub. An unusually high number of submarines were sunk in 1968, including the Israeli submarine Dakar, the French submarine Minerve, and the Soviet submarine K-129. According to conspiracy theorists, the Cold War had briefly turned hot under the waves, leading to the loss of several submarines. Unfortunately, there is no actual proof, nor an explanation for why a Soviet task force with only two combatants could manage to kill the relatively advanced Scorpion. In May 1968, a U.S. nuclear-powered attack submarine was sent on a secret mission to spy on the Soviet navy. Seven days later, with the families of the crew waiting dockside for the USS Scorpion to return from a three-month patrol, the U.S. Navy realized that the submarine was missing. Scorpion had been the victim of a mysterious accident, the nature of which is debated to this day. The USS Scorpion was a Skipjack-class nuclear attack submarine. It was one of the first American submarines with a teardrop-shaped hull, as opposed to the blockier hull of World War II submarines and their descendants. It was laid down in August 1958 and commissioned into service in July 1960. The Skipjacks were smaller than nuclear submarines today, with a displacement of 3,075 tons and measuring just 252-feet long by 31-feet wide. They had a crew of ninety-nine, including twelve officers and eighty-seven enlisted men. The class was the first to use the Westinghouse S5W nuclear reactor, which gave the submarine a top speed of fifteen knots surfaced and thirty-three knots submerged. The primary armament for the Skipjack class was the Mk-37 homing torpedo. The Mk-37 had an active homing sonar, a range of ten thousand yards with a speed of twenty-six knots, and a warhead packed with 330 pounds of HBX-3 explosive. Scorpion was only eight years old at the time of its loss, relatively new by modern standards. Still, complaints from the crew that the sub was already showing its age were rampant. According to a 1998 article in the U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Scorpion had 109 unfulfilled work orders during its last deployment. It had “chronic problems” with its hydraulics, its emergency blow system didn’t work and emergency seawater shutoff valves had not yet been decentralized. At the start of its final patrol, 1,500 gallons of oil leaked from its conning tower as it left Hampton Roads. Two months before its loss, Scorpion’s captain, Cdr. Francis Atwood Slattery, had drafted an emergency work request for the hull, which he claimed “was in a very poor state of preservation.” He also expressed concern about leaking valves that caused the submarine to be restricted to a dive depth of just three hundred feet—less than half of the Skipjack’s test depth. Many had taken to calling the submarine the USS Scrapiron. in the navy, join navy, joining the navy, lake champlain, lake champlain ny, lake champlain vermont, list of us navy ships, navy, navy academy, navy boat, navy news, navy recruiter, navy ship, navy ships, new us navy ships, ships of the us navy, the navy, the us navy, us navy, us navy news, us navy ship, us navy ships, us navy ships list, us shipping Source: https://goo.gl/PA6bXR By: Kyle Mizokami ====================================================================================================== DISCLAIMER: Each and every content used in this video is not imaginary. All are taken from reputed news agencies. This video doesn’t meant to hurt anybody's personal feelings,beliefs and religion. We are not responsible for any of these statements used in this video. If you have any suggestion or query regarding this video, you can contact me on YouTube personal Message and you can send me message in my Facebook page. Thank you & regards Global conflicts ====================================================================================================== Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/Globalconflict7 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GlobalConflict7/ Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/globalconflict/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gl0balC0nflict ======================================================================================================
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Evacuation Table Top Exercise
Rob Evans, VT School Safety Liaison, leads a facilitated dialogue about how your school might respond if a car caught on fire in front of your school
Planning for the Safety of Minors: Routine and Emergency Situations
In this webinar, Ann H. Franke, president of Wise Results, LLC, brings attention to an issue that often goes unnoticed. Look around campus and you’ll notice lots of kids. They come without parents, particularly during the summer, to attend camps and academic enrichment programs. Your institution probably runs year-round tutoring, both on- and off-campus, K-12 school partnerships, and lots more. Most institutions develop their safety and emergency protocols to meet the needs of college students and adult visitors. This webinar explores key questions to consider when hosting youth programs on campus. Webinar participants learn vital issues they should raise at their own institutions and practical options for resolving them.
FEMA head on Irene aftermath, rescue operations
FEMA administrator Craig Fugate speaks to Erica Hill about the aftermath of Irene across the East Coast and rescue efforts in hard-hit areas, including Vermont and New Jersey.
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Forklift Training - Basic Operations
Western Carolina Forklift is one of the oldest and largest Nissan lift truck and material handling dealers in the U.S. serving all of North Carolina, and portions of Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky.
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Points of Dispensing from the Strategic National Stockpile in Hamilton County, Ohio
In Case of a Public Health Emergency, Hamilton County Public Health will establish Points of Dispensing for distributing medicine and other necessities from the Strategic National Stockpile.
2014 Bag Lecture Series: Visualizing Critical Infrastructure - Todd Sears
Bag Lecture Series: Visualizing Critical Infrastructure: The Challenges of Achieving Broad Spectrum Domain Awareness in Time of Crisis August 1 @ 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM The State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) exists to provide leadership decision support and to enable operational coordination in time of crisis. It is the State nexus of information, interaction, and initiative during large scale emergency incidents. One primary responsibility of SEOC staff is to create and maintain a Common Operational Picture (COP) of the incident area in order to facilitate situational awareness and concomitant operational decisions. A key consideration of COP construction is to represent the myriad facilities and networks contained within the 16 Critical Infrastructure (CI) Sectors. The domain is broad and contains many dynamic pieces. Getting a solid grasp on the holistic CI picture, and then operationalizing it is rife with many challenges. The purpose of this talk is to review Vermont’s approach to CI in emergency management, discuss the need for a coherent CI picture in the SEOC, and to outline the main hurdles to achieving this requisite high fidelity About the speaker: Todd Sears is a Program Planner for the Homeland Security Section of DEMHS. His areas of responsibility are Critical Infrastructure Protection Management and Programmatic Monitoring. He was previously the Homeland Security Training Coordinator for the Vermont Fire Academy. A retired Commander in the US Navy, Todd has a BA in Philosophy and International Studies from the University of South Carolina, and an MA in Strategic Planning from the Naval Postgraduate School.
Sports and Special Event Security Planning: Best Practices
Richard Morman, CPP, CSSP - Independent Consultant and Deputy Chief of Police (Retired), The Ohio State University discussed best practices for safely and effectively managing large on-campus events. The terrorism incidents on 9-11-2001 changed the way we all looked at security planning and management forever. Prior to 9-11 those of us that were tasked with planning and managing sports and special event security primarily planned for traffic, parking, crowd management and an occasional weather related incident. That has all changed and continues to evolve. In this presentation, we examined current best practices for safely and effectively managing large on-campus events.
Managing Food Safety Risks in Agritourism (2011)
Understanding the latest in food safety is essential for farmers who are planning to directly market their products. This webinar will present the latest in food safety and food-based risk management issues specifically aimed at those involved in agritourism. Whether you are a farmer new to agritourism, or are seeking to expand your agritourism operations, the webinar will provide up-to-date information, best practices, and future directions in risk management and food safety. Presenters include Ben Amsden, of the Center for Rural Partnerships at Plymouth State University, Lisa Chase, Natural Resources Specialist with University of Vermont Extension and Director of the Vermont Tourism Data Center, and Londa Nwadike, Food Safety Specialist with the University of Vermont.
Active Shooter Tabletop Exercise
Watch the Active Shooter Tabletop Exercise with Steve Crimando, consultant and educator. This is a live drill that opens up with the history of active shooter incidents and finishes with the exercise.
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Salvatore DeLucia, Paramedic/FTO | 2014 AMR Stars’ Stories
Sal DeLucia began his career in EMS in Vermont then moved back home to Connecticut where he continued his career as an Emergency Medical Technician first for Flanagan Ambulance and then for New Haven Ambulance Service in New Haven, Conn. As a dedicated, hard-working EMT, Sal advanced to the Paramedic level in 1988. His strong commitment to patient care enables him to mentor many of his colleagues and he is widely recognized as one of the most knowledgeable, committed Paramedics in the region. He always demonstrates the AMR core values while anticipating a patient’s needs, safety and comfort. As a Paramedic and Field Training Officer, Sal has inspired many of his peers while dedicating himself to his profession. He regularly attends local municipal emergency management meetings. He presented a plan to the community of Orange, CT to adopt a “Heart Safe Community.” Sal worked with local businesses, volunteer agencies and business leaders to purchase CPR assist devices for the town. He then conducted CPR training for the town’s employees and EMS providers. At a recent standby community event, a patron went into cardiac arrest in front of Sal and the EMS team. Sal successfully guided the team in patient care, providing early CPR and ALS protocols resulting in a CPR save and the patient ultimately discharged from the hospital. -- Meet AMR's other 2014 Stars of Life: http://bit.ly/2014AMRStars For most about the American Ambulance Association Stars of Life, please visit the AAA's website: http://bit.ly/AAAStarsOfLife
Disaster Preparedness: Public Health Infrastructure and Perspectives on Community Resilience
Mid-Atlantic Public Health Training Center - October 16, 2013. Presenters: Randolph Rowel, PhD, Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Behavioral Health Sciences, Morgan State University School of Community Health and Policy; and Daniel J. Barnett, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
When Disaster Strikes Be the Star You Are!® Mobilizes
Operation Disaster Relief is an outreach program of Be the Star You Are!® charity. When disaster strikes anywhere in the US, volunteers go into action to collect and distribute uplifting and inspirational books, videos, music, and other resources to the victims and families to help them rebuild their confidence and lives. Sometimes these resources are a welcome break from the tragic moments, other resources are educational and helpful. The program started on September 11, 2001 when Be the Star You Are!® was one of the first agencies to get resources to NYC and Washington DC after the terrorist attacks. Since then, hundreds of thousands of dollars in new books have been donated to victims of hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, fires, and explosions. Be the Star You Are!® believes that books offer the opportunity to rebuild a life worth living. To make a tax deductible contribution to Operation Disaster Relief through Be the Star You Are!®, visit http://www.BTSYA.com. Thank you for offering relief to those who need it most.
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Local Emergency Managers' Perspectives
Local emergency managers from the metro Atlanta area share their perspective on the recovery from the historic floods of 2009.
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Kaseya: Five Reasons Why Disaster Recovery Plans Fail & How to Fix Yours
Did you know that natural disasters, such as hurricane or flood only account for approximately 3% of all business disasters while hardware failures and human error account for more than 70%? Join us for this webinar with industry expert Matt Urmston as he discusses the potential disasters within a disaster recovery plan and how you can avoid them and become the calm within the storm. Let's face it, as an IT professional, anything that interrupts normal business operations could form the basis of disaster for you. Just remember, whatever the cause of your interruption, how you prepare to respond that will decide the fate of your business. So, are you prepared? Even the best disaster recovery plans have the potential to fail. Until they are tested against an actual disaster it is difficult to know where the potential weaknesses are. http://www.kaseya.com/
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Why is COOP planning Important? (Continuity of Operations)
Answers the question "Why is COOP planning important?" Nevada's Statewide Continuity of Operations Planning Initiative is a 3 year grant funded initiative to Unify all of Nevada's Continuity of Operations Planning. Visit NVstatecoop.org For more info or contact your local Emergency Manager. Make a plan, Assemble A kit, Stay informed, and Be Prepared! Video produced by Nevada Multimedia Productions
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fema military cargo
fema military cargo passing through riverside california
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Vernon Town Meeting 2018
0:00:00 - Article 1: Election of Town Officers [Australian ballot] 0:00:00 - Article 2: Election of Town School District Officers [Australian ballot] 0:00:11 - Call to Order/Rules of Order 0:05:52 - Legislators Update: Sen. Becca Balint (Windham County) 0:10:23 - Article 3: Approve School Board Budget of $5,730,650 0:29:55 - Update on Sale of Vermont Yankee 0:33:58 - Article 4: Authorize General Fund Expenditures of $1,869,157 0:40:00 - Proposed Amendment to Article 4 - Total Expenditures of $1,831,413 - Josh Unruh 1:03:00 - General Expenses - General Fund 1:16:20 - Planning Budget - General Fund 1:16:30 - Recreation Budget - General Fund 1:27:42 - Buildings and Grounds Budget - General Fund 1:35:53 - Town Van Budget - General Fund 1:36:46 - Historians and South Side Museum Budget - General Fund 1:38:42 - Contracted Public Safety Services Budget - General Fund 2:16:17 - Fire Dept Budget - General Fund 2:16:34 - Rescue Budget - General Fund 2:16:45 - Other Public Safety Budget - General Fund 2:16:53 - Highway Maintenance Budget - General Fund 2:17:07 - Town Garage Operation Budget - General Fund 2:17:16 - Road Repair Budget - General Fund 2:18:54 - Article 5: Appropriate Library Fund Expenditures of $86,486 2:45:02 - Article 6-9: Elect Library Trustees 2:49:28 - Article 10: Elect Marsh Fund Committee 2:53:15 - Article 11: Elect Memorial Day Committee 2:53:54 - Article 12: Appropriate $1,89,457 for Capital Fund Expenditures 3:02:25 - Article 13: Appropriate $90,550 for Town Road Upgrading Fund 3:05:00 - Article 14: Appropriate $50,000 for Town Culvert Fund 3:06:06 - Article 15: Appropriate $2,500 for Town Parking Lot Maintenance Fund 3:07:26 - Article 16: Appropriate $25,000 for Professional Services Fund 3:11:59 - Article 17: Appropriate $26,963 for WSWMD 3:18:36 - Article 18: Appropriate $45,000 for Recycling and Compost 3:20:01 - Article 19: Appropriate $10,000 for Elderly Assistance Fund 3:21:01 - Article 20: Appropriate $800 for Vernon Historians 3:22:24 - Article 21: Appropriate $2000 for Public Fireworks Display 3:34:19 - Article 22: Appropriate $6,600 for SeVEDS 3:39:14 - Article 23: Appropriate $15,000 for operation of Emergency Management Office 3:43:50 - Article 24: Set the price of Cemetery Cremation lots at $100 3:46:11 - Article 25: Authorize Real and Personal Property taxes to Town Treasurer 3:47:13 - Article 26: Schedule 2019 Town Meeting at 9am on Tue 3/5/19 3:51:10 - Article 27: Approve Auditors Report 3:52:22 - Adjournment 3:54:00 - END
Adding International Incidents to Your Campus All-Hazard Emergency Response Plan
In this webinar, Pascal Schuback, former Global Emergency Manager at the University of Washington and Director at Humanitarian Toolbox, presents essential elements needed to expand your campus all-hazard emergency response plan to include international incidents. Pascal provides information on study abroad programs (faculty-led and independent), academic research, athletics, and general university travelers. He discusses the international role for each phase of emergency management (planning, response, recovery, and mitigation) as well as the international-specific committees, resources, simple training, and exercises to work through for a better understanding of possible risks. This captioned recording includes the questions asked and answered during the live webinar.
Management Lessons of the Moon Program (Andrew Chaikin)
Andrew Chaikin, space author and historian, discussed the role of project management during Apollo during the Organizational Silence event at Goddard Space Flight Center on July 31, 2012. 0:33 Ed Rogers Introduction 2:32 Andrew Chaikin Read More: http://go.nasa.gov/1mJFLnA Learn More about Goddard OCKO: http://www.nasa.gov/centers/goddard/about/organizations/OCKO/index.html
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State Emergency Operations Center activated by Gov. Cuomo
In anticipation of the major winter storm, Governor Cuomo announced that the State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will be activated at 12 p.m. Friday to monitor the storm and coordinate response efforts. ‚ As a major winter storm approaches New York State, I have activated the Emergency Operations Center effective noon tomorrow to coordinate response efforts using all state and local resources, Governor Cuomo said. I urge New Yorkers to closely watch local news reports for weather updates and adjust their travel plans accordingly, including avoiding non-essential travel during and directly after the storm since roads will be icy with blizzard conditions in some places. ‚
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This presentation introduces students to swiftwater rescue incident operations. Students will learn to recognize the need for water search and rescue; implement an assessment plan; identify the resources necessary to conduct safe and effective water operations; implement the emergency response plan system for water incidents; implement site control and scene management; recognize general hazards associated with swiftwater. Estimated teaching time is 4 hours. Over 100 slides in length. Meets NFPA 1006 & 1670 training requirements for Awareness training.
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What Is Community Emergency?
Click to sign up for the cert training here click 2017 courses you must attend entire community emergency response team (cert) educates people about disaster preparedness hazards that may impact their and trains is a national program train citizens help fill gap between or emergency, program, provided by volunteer center of racine county, inc. Community emergency response team (cert) dataset community pema pa. The community emergency response team (cert) program educates volunteers about disaster preparedness for the hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic skills, such as fire safety, light search rescue, organization, medical operations when emergencies happen, cert members can give critical support to first responders, provide immediate assistance victims, organize spontaneous at a site. Community emergency response team (cert) fairfax county community. People's 8 tips for local government community emergency preparedness. Cert is a training program that prepares people to help themselves, their families and neighbors the community emergency response team (cert) helps train be better prepared respond situations in communities hubs are located throughout city groups of have made commitment predetermined meeting sites alert system used by communications center notify residents businesses critical provide serve dc's volunteer trains citizens emergencies 16 oct 2015 engagement (c2e) committees, an amalgamation former preparedness (ep) group we've compiled 8 tips for local government. Vermont join a community emergency response team commonwealth of (cert) city indianapolis. Community emergency response teams (cert) community hubs management team training and engagement committees. Community emergency response team (cert). Cert members can also help with non emergency projects that improve the safety of community in united states, a response team (cert) refer to. Community emergency response teams (cert) community team wikipedia. One of five federal programs promoted under the umbrella organization citizen 4 nov 2015 community emergency response team (cert) program educates people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their. Googleusercontent search. Stay one step ahead of a possible disaster with these tips the fairfax county community emergency response team (cert) program prepares regular citizens to safely help themselves, their families, and your prepare for emergencies disasters training helps everyone be better prepared welcome vermont on web. Gov community emergency response team. Gov community emergency response team url? Q webcache. Educates individuals and. Community emergency response teams (cert). Community emergency response team (cert) greenville county community volunteer center. We hope you find this site helpful and informative the virginia department of emergency management (vdem) develops maintains state plans assists communities in developing localized next cert training will be offered 2017.
FEMA Best Practices
Sheriff Jack Stevens’ home survives a devastating storm because it was built to FEMA’s best practice standards. This video premiered at the 2007 National Hurricane Conference.
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Birmingham Children's Hospital future plans / The youngest patient for a pacemaker operation
This piece first broadcast on 11 Jun 2012. Televised on UK's regional television BBC1 West Midlands. Programme (Program) -- Midlands Today.
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Strategic National Stockpile (SNS)
Webisode 12: Scott Voss, Planning Section Chief for the Bureau of Emergency Preparedness at the Arizona Department of Health Services, describes the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) and the process by which it is requested, received and then distributed to Arizona's 15 counties. The SNS is managed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and, according to the CDC, consists of "large quantities of medicines and medical supplies to protect the American public" in case of a public health emergency that exhausts local inventory. (Source: http://www.bt.cdc.gov/stockpile/) Photos Courtesy: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Arizona Division of Emergency Management (ADEM) Find a transcript of this AzEIN webisode at http://bit.ly/lbLytu
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FEMA disaster center officially opens in Rockport
You have 60 days to register with Federal Emergency Management Agency if you need help recovering from Hurricane Harvey. The FEMA disaster center opened today at 911 Navigation Circle in Rockport Texas. They will be open from 7:30 am till 6:00 PM. However, FEMA officials say the fastest and quickest way to register is online at disasterassistance.gov. And if you don't have insurance and if your home suffered weather damage, FEMA officials say you still can register and still get help. William C. Lindsey, who is a media specialist with the agency, says," The important thing to remember is that when a FEMA representative comes to your house and wants to inspect your home, they will be wearing a FEMA shirt and have a FEMA badge." Lindsey says you must verify they are working for FEMA so you don't fall victim to any scammers. If the person is not a confirmed FEMA worker, you need to dial 911 and talk to police.
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PSSL 6270 Briefing 01 - A severe winter weather alert has been issued with significant impact expected for much of the state of Vermont. The current forecast is bleak with reports of extremely damaging ice storms and snow accumulation beginning January 5th and lasting through early January 7th. This executive briefing, provided by the office of the Regional Emergency Coordinator (REC), advises local and state officials on appropriate measures which might mitigate threats associated to this impending natural disaster. With consideration for the worst case scenario, state and local officials are provided planning recommendations in the areas of community safety, transportation, communication, energy, and resource availability. This brief aims to integrate the response effort across public safety, health, and emergency management disciplines with a focus on maintaining operations and facilitating command and control for deployed resources and assets.
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Green Scene - Preparing for El Nino, Too Much Water
Preparing for El Nino: Too Much Water! This El Nino is predicted to be the strongest ever. It could bring extreme rain events this winter to California. While that may help our drought situation, too much water can be both damaging and deadly. Come learn what you can do to prepare and protect your home and business from our top NOAA Weatherman and San Diego's Emergency Operations. Event Detail: El Niño could be one of the strongest on record The latest update from NOAA's Climate Prediction Center on the status of El Niño was released and forecasters are doubling down on the persistence of this event, and predicting big things for when it reaches its peak in the months to come. "We're predicting that this El Niño could be among the strongest El Niños on record, dating back to 1950." The strongest El Niño pattern recorded so far, since 1950, took place in 1997/98, when sea surface temperatures in the central region of the equatorial Pacific Ocean reached 4.14°F above normal. Current ocean temperatures along California's coast are 4-5°F above the norm. Great for fishing and swimming, but potentially disastrous for this winter. We need to be prepared -- as strong water flows cause more damage and deaths than any other catastrophe. Expert Speakers: Alex Tardy, is the warning coordination meteorologist at the National Weather Service in San Diego. Alex has worked at several locations across the country including Vermont, Virginia, Texas, and Utah in a variety of positions including senior weather forecasting duties and science operations officer. Alex is in charge of working with a variety of public and private partners to ensure that weather and hazard information and education is received in the most efficient ways to save lives and property. Alex received a bachelor of science in atmospheric science from the State University of New York in Albany. He has worked for the National Weather Service for 22 years Marlon King, San Diego Emergency Operations Services Mr King collaborates with local jurisdictions and business groups to provide emergency management planning in order to assist these agencies in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from any natural disaster or man-made incident. Emergency Operations Services consists of developing Emergency Operations Plans (EOP), Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP), Business Continuity Plans (BCP) all according to federal and state guidelines and standards. In addition to developing these plans, the only way to ensure that the plan will work is through training, testing, and exercising these plans, and the personnel responsible for their execution. He helps to develop training, discussion based and "boots on the ground" exercises to ensure that our clients are fully prepared for a real world event. Recorded on Thursday, Oct. 15th, 2015 @SIMCenter http://www. wrsc.org 1088 Third St., San Diego, CA 92101 Venue available for rent - (619) 234-1088
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Hurricane Harvey Disaster Response Efforts – Premier Inc.
This month, two disastrous hurricanes wrecked parts of the Southern United States, leading to dozens of casualties and billions in damages. As these communities work to get back on their feet, hospitals and health systems are doing their best to maintain high-quality patient care. To help, many organizations are donating funds – Premier and its employees included. While monetary relief is crucial, there’s more to disaster planning and recovery than writing a check. There’s real work that needs to be done for people across our communities. Disaster response efforts largely go unsung. But when done well, preparations can minimize the devastation. Premier works with its members, suppliers and employees to ensure that lives can be saved even in the face of challenging circumstances. Some footage licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode - New York Air National Guard Hurricane Harvey Rescues, National Guard, YouTube youtu.be/gChN_9nejxs - Hurricane Harvey Time Lapse in Downtown Houston, Rick Gray, YouTube youtu.be/XuC-rLsxrCs - Hurricane Harvey search and recovery, The U.S. Army, YouTube youtu.be/wTfD-ZGPgP8 - Hurricane Harvey Search and Rescue, The U.S. Navy, YouTube youtu.be/fOEgXx5np0I
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How do communities recover after a disaster?
Bryan Crousore, CWS Emergency Response Specialist, explains the concept of "long-term recovery" from disasters.
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Business Continuity: Getting Your Ducks in a Row
Are you interested in learning more about the benefits and basics of continuity planning in higher education? In this webinar, presenter Krista M. Dillon, Director of Operations for Safety and Risk Services at the University of Oregon, focuses on the definition, benefits, and basics of continuity planning in higher education. As discussed in our January 17, 2017 webinar, Findings of the 2016 National Higher Education Emergency Management Program Needs Assessment, only 36% of institutions of higher education surveyed currently have business continuity plans in place. These plans help minimize the negative effects of an emergency incident and expedite the restoration of functions on campus. The session also incorporates several examples of how the University of Oregon implemented various continuity plans for planned and unplanned disruptions including a fire in a research facility, a graduate student work stoppage, and large special events like the US Olympic Track and Field Trials. Krista discusses the on-the-fly business continuity planning that took place following the active shooter incident at Umpqua Community College. Participants will take away lessons learned from the application of business continuity plans for a variety of incidents.
Administrator Craig Fugate at Crisis Data Summit
FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate provides remarks at the American Red Cross Crisis Data Summit on August 12, 2010. The Summit brought together thought leaders, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and concerned citizens to discuss the role of social media during disaster response.
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Nuclear Event US - "Unusual" Low Level Emergency - Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station- Nebraska
06-06-2011- Low Level Emergency - Fort Calhoun Station - OPPD's Fort Calhoun Station, a 484 MW nuclear power plant, is located on the west bank of the Missouri River about 19 miles north of Omaha. Planning for the facility, which began commercial production of electricity in 1973, commenced in 1966, based on studies showing a nuclear plant would be a safe, reliable and environmentally clean means of producing electricity. Experience to date support those early findings. Safety remains the number one priority in operating the plant today. http://www.oppd.com/AboutUs/22_002696 The Omaha Public Power District on Monday declared a low-level emergency at its Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station due to rising Missouri River waters. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects the river level elevation at the plant site is expected to reach 1,004 feet above mean sea level later this week, and is expected to remain above that level for more than one month. OPPD notified the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and emergency management agencies in Nebraska and Iowa of the declaration. Such a "Notification of Unusual Event" is the least-serious of four emergency classifications that are standard in the U.S. nuclear industry, OPPD said in a news release. Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station will not move out of this emergency classification until it is confident the water will remain below the 1,004-foot level, OPPD said. Fort Calhoun has been in safe shutdown mode since early April for refueling the plant, and remains in that condition. In addition to the existing flood-protection at the plant, OPPD employees and contractors have built earth berms and sandbagged around the switchyards and additional buildings on site. They also are filling water-filled berms around the plant and other major buildings on site, have staged additional diesel fuel inside the protected area and are building additional overhead power lines to provide another option for power for the plant's administration building, training center and one of its warehouses. rsoe : FL-20110607-31043-USA Twitter -Digg - Buzz - Fark - Reddit - CNN-ireporter, BBC, Christianna, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Google, vlog http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://nuclearstreet.com/resized-image.ashx/
Governor Christie on This Week: Biggest Concern Continues to be Flooding
ABC This Week (Hurricane Irene) - August 28, 2011. (Transcript Below) TAPPER: As we've been telling you, New Jersey is getting hit hard by the storm right now. New Jersey's governor, Chris Christie, is monitoring the situation from the Regional Operations Intelligence Center in Ewing, New Jersey. He joins us right now. Governor Christie, thanks for coming onto the show. CHRISTIE: Thanks for having me, Jake. TAPPER: So, Governor, the hurricane made landfall in New Jersey shortly before 6:00 this morning. Your state's just beginning to weather the storm. What are the early reports telling you? CHRISTIE: Early reports are very difficult, Jake. We have over half-a-million people that are now without power. We have 15,000 people in 45 shelters across the state; 250 roads are closed; and we are going to look at a record flooding situation here, both at the shore and inland. And so my message to the people of New Jersey is, the eye of the storm is still over the state. We are far from out of the woods on the storm itself. And I urge people to stay inside their homes. The one report we have this morning of a woman who's missing is someone who went out into their car, drove, got into the water, got out of her car, and was swept away in the water and is still missing. So, please, stay in your homes until the storm has completely left New Jersey. Then we'll be able to get through this together in the aftermath, but I need people to stay at home. TAPPER: What is your biggest concern right now? What kept you last night? CHRISTIE: Flooding, Jake, because we had the wettest August on record in parts of New Jersey before this storm. Already, we've had six to eight inches of rain dumped on south Jersey, and the rain is continuing throughout the state. And so what I'm really worried about is flooding at this point and having to evacuate even more people than the 15,000 we've already had to evacuate and shelter. So in the short term, in the next couple of days, my big concern is the inland flooding and the shore flooding and how we're going to deal with folks who maybe have to be evacuated from their homes and need to be sheltered. TAPPER: Is there anything that the state of New Jersey needs from the federal government that you're not getting? CHRISTIE: Not at this point, Jake. We have FEMA representatives here at the -- at the Regional Operations and Intelligence Center, been working with us. I'm going to be calling Secretary Napolitano in an hour or two to make a further request of additional needs. But so far, FEMA has been very responsive. I spoke to Secretary Napolitano in the last 24 hours. She's offered to do whatever she needs to do to help us out here in New Jersey. She knows how hard we're going to be hit. So right now, the cooperation between New Jersey and FEMA has been great, and I'm going to be calling Secretary Napolitano shortly to ask for some more help. TAPPER: I know you were very concerned about the -- at the time, it was 600 seniors in these Atlantic City high rises who were not leaving. What can you tell us about efforts to protect them? CHRISTIE: Well, our last-ditch efforts that I referenced yesterday afternoon got another 100 or so to leave and to evacuate. So now we're dealing with about 500 seniors who refuse to evacuate. And as soon as it's safe to travel there, I know county OEM, Office of Emergency Management, Atlantic County is already checking on these folks to make sure they're OK. They lost power in a number of the buildings as early as 10 o'clock last night. So the county officials in Atlantic County are going to check on those folks. And as soon as we have some reports, we'll be able to share them with the public. TAPPER: Why do people not leave their homes at times like this? CHRISTIE: You know, I think it's a combination of things. You know, Jake, New Jerseyans are especially tough, kind of cynical, hard-edged folks, and they think the "cry wolf" syndrome, you know, it's all over TV, but it's never as bad as they're telling you it will be, that's one of the reasons. Another reason is that people are very scared, they want to protect their property. And thirdly, especially with the elderly, you know, we had one 92-year-old woman say to us yesterday, "I'm 92 years old. If I die, this is where I want to die." And so I think it's a combination of all those things that make people not heed the warnings. But the good news is that we evaluated over a million people from the Jersey shore in 24 hours without incident. And if those people had stayed at the Jersey shore, I think we'd be talking about significant loss of life. And now, hopefully, we're not going to be talking about that. TAPPER: All right. Governor Chris Christie, thanks for joining us. Stay safe. CHRISTIE: Jake, thank you very much for having me.
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Rutland Pedestrian Safety Assessment
In early April, a public assessment was held to identify issues with a historically hazardous stretch of West St. in Rutland, between Wales St. and Pine St. The assessment was inspired by the USDOT’s mayoral challenge. US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx challenged mayors throughout the country to make streets safer for bicyclists and pedestrians. Rutland is the first attempt at tackling this challenge, but we hope other areas throughout Vermont will follow in Rutland’s footsteps. Watch the video to learn more. In partnership with: NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) Division Office FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) Governor’s Highway Safety Program City of Rutland Police Department City of Rutland Department of Public Works City of Rutland Planning Commission Rutland Regional Planning Commission Rutland Area Physical Activity Coalition The Bus (local transit provider)
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Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant (Entergy) Decommissioning w/ Arnie Gundersen
About This Video: Nuclear Free Future host Margaret Harrington speaks with Fairewinds Founding Director Maggie Gundersen, Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen, Media Producer Nathaniel White-Joyal, and Administrator Samantha Donalds about the decommissioning of Vermont Yankee. Fairewinds Team on Nuclear Free Future with Margaret Harrington Full upload and transcript available here http://tinyurl.com/lz6q4a3 I'm so glad that you can be here to discuss our topic, which is decommissioning Entergy Vermont Nuclear -- Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant. And let's start from the top. Who wants to jump in on the momentous decision that Entergy made on August 26th? MG: On August 26th, Entergy announced that at the end of this fuel cycle in 2014, they're going to shut down the plant permanently. MH: So when is the end of the fuel cycle? AG: October or November of 2014. So it's still a year away -- a year plus a little bit away. They had to announce because they have to buy fuel. And if they weren't buying fuel, their employees would know immediately that something is wrong and so when they made the decision not to buy fuel, they had to notify the employees, at which point they had to notify the public. MH: And we the public heard that on August 26th. And the reasons given were not about the safety of the plant or about the many things that we've been talking about on this conversation for the past several years. But what was the main reason? AG: Well, Entergy's position is that the market didn't justify keeping the plant running. You know, they tried to sell power to Vermont back in 2012 at 6-1/2 cents a kilowatt. The market was only at 4 cents so the Vermont utilities dug in and said, we're not buying from you. So had the Vermont utilities bought from Vermont Yankee, they might have continued to run because effectively, Vermonters were subsidizing Vermont Yankee. But anyway, we got cheaper power by almost 2 cents, and then the combination of Fukushima Daiichi costs to fix it up and it's a stand-alone old plant and they had to fix a condenser. They were looking at something on the order of a quarter of a billion in plant improvements. So they decided to pull the plug instead. MH: And what were they waiting for, Arnie? AG: In my opinion, just a couple of weeks before that, the federal courts ruled in their favor and basically said that the federal law preempts the Vermont law as far as nuclear safety issues go. I think they wanted that decision. If they had canceled the plant, likely the decision never would have been made. I think their minds were made up before that federal decision was ever made, and I think that they wanted it in hand so that when Vermont starts to argue about the decommissioning of the plant, they'll be able to say hey, look, the federal government disagrees with you. MH: That's an interesting element in this discussion because most viewers, including myself, wouldn't know about this or wouldn't put it together such as that it's a strategy for the public, is it not, to appeal to the credibility of Vermont Yankee? AG: Yeah, I think they are going to claim that it was strictly market forces and that Vermonters had nothing to do with it, and that's part of the strategy, too, is to belittle the efforts of Vermonters and the legislature and the activists. And then separately, though, they wanted that piece of ammo in their back pocket about the federal law. That was an important piece in their strategy about how to rein in Vermont and how to prevent us from down the road making other demands on them. MG: And I think it's one more layer on that. I think that there was an industry strategy on the nuclear industry heavily supported Vermont Yankee in its fight against Vermont. And there were all kinds of lobbying efforts and the same attorneys that the whole industry uses. So I think that they wanted to put that out there so the industry could pushback in any other state that tries to intervene, because there's so many aging nuclear plants out there, and that many of them are leaking, many of them don't have adequate emergency evacuation plans -- on and on and on. And so I think they wanted to make sure that it becomes an issue only between them and the NRC because they have co-opted the NRC. The NRC does not regulate. It's beholden to the industry. MH: Exactly. And let's emphasize for our viewers again the uniqueness of Vermont's position; that the legislature voted to shut down Vermont Yankee. And is this unique in the United States for Vermont to have done that? AG: Yeah, we have to remember it wasn't a narrow victory. It was 26 to 4, including the leading Republican Randy Brock said that if antinuclear activists had infiltrated Vermont Yankee's management, they couldn't have screwed it up any worse than Entergy did all by themselves (...)
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Handling Threats and Other Disturbing Behavior on Campus
This is a presentation from the National Center for Campus Public Safety’s free webinar series, Campus Public Safety Online. In this webinar, Marisa Randazzo, Ph.D., principal and co-founder of SIGMA Threat Management Associates, LLC, and an international expert on threat assessment, targeted violence, and violence prevention, reviews the components and procedures of behavioral threat assessment. She provides a checklist of best-practice components, discusses how to evaluate current threat assessment programs, establishes screening questions to know when it is important to use threat assessment, and provides tips on conducting threat assessments in the shadow of high profile mass shootings. The webinar is appropriate for professionals from public safety, student affairs, counseling / EAP, human resources, emergency management, risk management, and general counsel.
Portable Toilets  | Virginia |  Construction Toilets | Portable Toilets Rental
Portable Toilets | Virginia | Portable Construction Toilets | Portable Toilets Rental 757-485-8888 http://www.spiveyrentals.com Spivey Portable Toilets It's all about the service. Serving Hampton Roads and Northeastern North Carolina, we can provide once a week service, twice a week service, or tailor services to fit your needs. Some of the products we offer: Portable Toilets ADA Handicapped Portable Toilets Portable Holding Tanks High Rise Units Portable Hand Wash Stations Baby Changing Stations Portable Toilets | Virginia | Portable Construction Toilets | Portable Toilets Rental When Warren C. Spivey, Jr. founded Spivey Rentals in 1969, he made a commitment to service. Together with his brother Dan Spivey, they began servicing portable toilets and septic tanks in Hampton Roads from our first location in Hampton, VA. Over the years, Spivey Rentals has grown into a multifaceted company. True to its roots, Spivey Rentals remains Hampton Roads' leader in portable toilet rentals, but has also established divisions of Traffic Control, Disposal, Sign Fabrication, and Safety. Whether providing elite products at affordable prices or services that are second to none, we are committed to carrying on the legacy of Warren Spivey. Portable Toilets | Virginia | Portable Construction Toilets | Portable Toilets Special Events Traffic Control Spivey Traffic is a traffic control leader throughout Virginia and NE North Carolina. The benefits of using Spivey Traffic include both time and cost savings, as well as decreased work zone liability for your company. Spivey Traffic allows your company's work force to do what they do best... Work! We will arrive on site where our Traffic Specialists will manage the set up, maintenance, and take down of a safe and compliant work zone. Spivey Traffic videos the work zone after the set up has been completed and documents each set up on the Work Zone Safety Checklist (Form #TE-970001). These records are retained by Spivey for future use if needed. We take safety seriously. We accomplish this through extensive training and traffic industry knowledge. We are well versed in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), the Virginia Work Area Protection Manual and other traffic related procedure and specification documents. Traffic Control ServicesSpivey Traffic Capabilities Traffic Control Plan (TCP) Development download TCP Plan Lane Closures Flagging Operations Road Closures and Detours Mobile Lane Closures 24-Hour Emergency Response Service Traffic Control Devices Available Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMA) - Non CDL Variable Message Signs (VMS) Arrow Boards Advanced Warning Signs and Racks Type III Barricades Barrels Cones Certifications Traffic Control Design Specialists (TCDS) Traffic Control Supervisors (TCS) Traffic Control Technicians (TCT) Certified Flaggers Equipment / Traffic Control Devices NCHRP 350-Test Level 3 Approved Employees Trained By: American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Ancillary Support Sign Shop: Regulatory, Warning, Guide and Specialty Sign Manufacturing and Installation Rental Shop: A Full Range of Traffic Control Signs & Devices Available http://youtu.be/K_OHlAnT3JQ Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson, Williamsburg, James City County, York County, Isle of Wight County, Southampton County, Outer Banks, Gates County, construction toilets, port a pottys, portable bathroom, portable bathrooms for athletic fields, portable bathroom rentals, construction site bathrooms, Portable Toilets | Virginia | Construction Toilets | Portable Toilets Rental
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Industry Focus: ArcGIS for Utilities solution templates
Explore industry templates and tried-and-tested apps and maps available with ArcGIS Solutions with a specific focus on solution templates for the utilities sector.
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GWAR "I'll Be Your Monster" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Listen on Apple Music: http://www.apple.co/thebloodofgods Buy Here: http://www.metalblade.com/gwar GWAR video "I'll Be Your Monster" from the album "The Blood of Gods." Directed by David Brodsky. GWAR‘s new album is being hailed by critics as the greatest sonic event since the Big Bang. The Blood of Gods chronicles the massive battle between GWAR and the forces of all that oppose them. Along the way, the band challenges the sins of humanity from politics, pollution, and organized religion, to fast food, and factory farming. Humans are shown as what they are: a parasitic disease that must be eradicated before they suck the planet dry!
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This is the original photo from Google earth Before they starting censoring all the camps and Before they started adding a lot of the bogus areas that were designed to "debunk" the Original camps. Sorry the Map turned small when I uploaded. Some locations are Camp names and some are general areas of where the camps are located, Nevertheless, Please take the Time to search every single one for yourselves in order to get a better understanding of what is going on. 1.Washington-Seattle/Tacoma 2.Washington Send Point 3.Washington-Okanogan County 4.Washington-Ft. Lewis 5.Montana-Maimstrom AFB 6.Idaho- Clearwater National Forest 7.Saint Josephine County 8.Idaho-Minidoka Jerome 9.Nevada-Wells 10.Nevada Winnemuca 11.Nevada Stillwater 12.Nevada- Las Vegas AREA 13.Ashley National Forest 14.California-Tule Lake 15.California-Oakdale 16.California-Twenty-nine Palms 17.California-Ft. Irwin 18.California-Veterans Affair Medical Center(Berrman William RMD) 19.Arizona-Sedona 20.Arizona-Wickenberg 21.Arizona-Pinal County 22.Arizona-Phoenix 23.Arizona-Florence 24.New Mexico-Fort Stanton 25.New Mexico- Holloman 26.New Mexico-Ft. Bliss 27.Texas- Lubbock 28.Texas-Ft. Bliss 29.Texas-Amarillo 30.Texas-Eden 31.Texas-Mexia 32.Texas-Ft. Worth 33.Texas-Killeen 34.Texas-Beaumont/Port Arthur 35.Texas-Carrolton 36.Colorado-Trinidad 37.Coloado-Granada 38.Colorado-Ft. Carson 39.Arkansas-Pine Buff Arsenal 40.Arkansas-Jerome 41.Arkansas-Ft. Chaffee 42.Arkansas-Omaha 43.Arkansas-Berryville 44.Akansas-Blythville 45.Arkansas-Rohwer 46.Oklahoma-Lawton 47.Oklahoma-Tinker 48.Oklahoma-McAlester 49.Louisiana-Ft. Polk 50.Louisiana- Oakdale 51.Louisiana- North of Interstate 12 52.Utah-Cedar City 53.Wyoming-Laramie 54.Wyoming-Southwest 55.Wyoming-East yellowstone 56.Wyoming-Heart Mountain 57.Nebraska-NorthWest 58.Nebraska-Scottsbluff 59.Nebraska-NorthEast 60.Nebraska-South Central 61.South Dakota-Edgemont 62.South Dakota-Yankton 63.North Dakota-Minor 64.Minnesota-Camp Ripley 65.Minnesota-Duluth 66.Wisconsin-Ft. McCoy 67.Michigan-Berrien County 68.Michigan-BayCity 69.Michigan-Camp Grayling 70.Michigan-Sawyer 71.Illinois-Sheridan 72.Illinois-Marseilles 73.Illinois-Savanna 74.Illinois-Galesberg 75.Illinois-Lincoln 76.Illinois-Maynard 77.Illinois-Greenfield 78.Illinois-Scott AFB 79.Illinois-Marion 80.Missiouri-Richards-Gerbaur AFB 81.Missiouri-Warsaw 82.Missiouri-Ft. Leonard Wood 83.Maine-Houlton 84.New Hampshire North 85.VERMONT 86.New York-Ft Drum 87.New York-Buffalo 88.New York- Albany 89.New York-Otisville 90.Ohio-Camp Perry 91.Ohio-Lima 92.Pennsylvania-Allenwood 93.Pennsylvania-Camp Hill 94.Indiana-Ft. Benjamin Harrison 95.Indiana-Camp Atterbury 96.Maryland-Ft. Detroit 97.West Virginia-Mill Creek 98.West Virginia-Beckly 99.Virginia-Petersburg 100.Tennessee-Ft. Campbell 101.Tennessee-Crossville 102.North Carolina-Andrews 103.North Carolina-Camp Lejeune 104.South Carolina-Greenville 105.South Carolina-Charleston 106.Alabama-Talladega 107.Alabama-Montgomery 108.Georgia-Oglethorpe 109.Georgia-Morgan 110.Florida-Avon Park 111.Florida-Camp Krome These are the camps depicted on this map, I know there are more but this is what I have so far. *Please note that some internet search engines have already begun to hide and censor results in order for people not to gather information on the facilities(mainly Yahoo and Google). WAKE UP PEOPLE THIS IS NOT A JOKE! IM PRETTY SURE THERE IS A LOCATION NEAR THE AREA IN WHICH YOU LIVE IN. PLEASE SEARCH OUT EVERY LOCATION FOR YOURSELVES AND MAKE OTHERS AWARE OF WHAT IS GOING ON!!! intro is small segment by a band called "Valient Thorr"
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