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Bodie's Radiation Therapy - Angell Animal Medical Center
Watch as Bodie, a 9-year-old yellow Labrador, receives an advanced kind of radiotherapy called Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy, or IMRT. This type of treatment shapes the radiation dose around the shape of the tumor with such precision that it leaves nearby structures (eyes, heart, etc.) unharmed, minimizing side effects. Bodie’s case is a great example of how Angell's board-certified specialists work together to benefit the health of our patients. Bodie’s Angell team includes a veterinary pathologist, anesthesiologist, soft tissue surgeon, and a radiation oncologist – each just down the hall from one another. www.angell.org/oncology
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Welcome to Thomas Veterinary Clinic
Take a virtual tour of Thomas Veterinary Clinic. Thomas Vet is an Iowa veterinary clinic located in Ottumwa Iowa. Our veterinarians practice small animal, equine, and food animal medicine and offer a full line of veterinary services.
Equine Hospital - Veterinary Medicine
When speaking of Oregon State University's cutting edge equine hospital, one word rings above all others: care. Care for the client, care for the referring veterinarians and most importantly, care for the animals. At OSU, care goes around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Learn more here: http://vetmed.oregonstate.edu/hospital/ Video Produced by OSU Web Communications
Deborah Y. Strauss D.V.M, Veterinary Professional
Deborah Y. Strauss D.V.M is a veterinary professional with over 22 years of experience under her belt. She lives in Lisbon, Iowa and runs her own mobile vaccination and wellness clinic out of Marion, Iowa. With her mobile vet clinic, Deborah Y. Strauss is able to provide unparalleled medical treatment to animals both large and small at affordable prices for pet owners. She is one of the only veterinarians living in Iowa who uses chemotherapy to treat canine and feline lymphosarcoma. So far, Deborah has seen a 75% success rate with her chemotherapy treatments! In addition to these services, Deborah also specializes in euthanization house calls. To her, it is very important that pets are surrounded by the comfort and love of their owners as they pass on. In addition to offering treatment to dogs and cats with cancer, Deborah Y. Strauss D.V.M also practices equine ophthalmology with a special focus in equine recurrent uveitis. While cats, dogs, and horses may be some of Deborah's most common patients, she also treats other animals including rodents, goats, rabbits, and more. Deborah Strauss first studied at Cornell College and graduated with dual Bachelors' degrees in Biology and Art. After earning her undergraduate degrees, she went on to attend Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Here, she graduated with a Doctorate degree in Veterinary Medicine and has been serving her furry clients ever since. When she's not working with her animal patients, Deborah is immersed in her artwork. She primarily works with charcoal, however, she is an avid painter and photographer as well. Watercolors are her medium of choice for her paintings, which are inspired by impressionistic and abstract landscapes. For her photographs, her subject matter is typically focused around nature, spiritual icons, and people. Follow along with Deborah online: http://deborahystrauss.com/ + https://twitter.com/deborahystrauss
Advanced computed tomography (CT) scanner
One of the world’s most advanced computed tomography (CT) scanners has been installed in University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. The SOMATOM Drive scanner, manufactured by Siemens, is the first of its kind to be installed in the United States. Only three other scanners of this type are in use worldwide. The CT system generates images with improved resolution, which helps provide doctors with crucial information to diagnose what is happening in a patient’s body. Read more at www.uichildrens.org/computed-tomography-scanner.
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UT Veterinarians Discuss Specialty Training
Dr. David Anderson, Large Animal Clinical Sciences Dept. Head, talks with Dr. Karen McCormick about specialties within veterinary medicine and the additional years of training it takes a veterinarian to become board-certified in one of the AVMA specialties.
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Animal Blood Bank II
Drew steps inside the lab at RRC to see how the blood gets ready for it's recipient
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Advice For High School Students | Veterinary Medicine
These are questions I am always getting from high school students that are interested in going into veterinary medicine. I hope this helped! xoxo ✔ V E T E R I N A R Y V L O G S https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRSnfSqo-l4we6gZK0mqN_tzM92k2FHym ✔ S T I T C H F I X P L A Y L I S T https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... ✔ S N A P C H A T vlbirch0429 ✔ I N S T A G R A M https://www.instagram.com/victoriabirch1/ https://www.instagram.com/life_as_alexandra/ ✔ T W I T T E R https://twitter.com/victoriabirch1 ✔ F A C E B O O K https://www.facebook.com/victoriabirch0429 ✔ E M A I L victoriabirch1@gmail.com ✔ W R I T E T O M E H E R E Victoria Birch P.O. Box 386 Ruston, LA 71273 ✔ W H A T I ‘M W E A R I N G Foundation: FENTY Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation https://go.magik.ly/ml/anvk/ Concealer: CATRICE Liquid Camouflage Concealer https://go.magik.ly/ml/anw1/ Eyeshadow: ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette https://go.magik.ly/ml/c8sb/ & TARTE Chrome Paint Shadow Pot - Frose https://go.magik.ly/ml/c8sf/ Mascara: MAYBELLINE Lash Sensational Mascara https://go.magik.ly/ml/c8sj/ Lips: Mac - Amorous https://go.magik.ly/ml/c8sl/ Blush: ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Blush Trios - Peachy Love https://go.magik.ly/ml/c263/ Bronzer: TOO FACED Sweethearts Bronzer Baked Luminous Glow Bronzer https://go.magik.ly/ml/bv5y/ Highlight: PHYSICIANS FORMULA Shimmer Strips Custom All-in-1 Nude Palette for Face & Eyes https://go.magik.ly/ml/bv5z/ Brows: BENEFIT COSMETICS Precisely, My Brow Pencil Ultra-Fine Shape & Define https://go.magik.ly/ml/c8sq/ Shirt: USE CODE VICTORIA25 FOR 25% OFF! High Neck Floral Navy Flowy Tank Top https://pennyluna.com/collections/tops-shirts/products/high-neck-floral-navy-flowy-tank-top Necklace: USE CODE VICTORIA25 FOR 25% OFF! Minimal Dot Chain Choker https://pennyluna.com/collections/necklaces-1/products/minimal-dot-chain-choker Earrings: None ✔ M U S I C All Sound Effects Provided by: Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com/ ✔ D I S C L A I M E R S 1. A licensed veterinary nurse/technician can only practice underneath a licensed veterinarian 2. A veterinary nurse and a veterinary technician are the same degree 3. Veterinary nurses/technicians aren't allowed to diagnose, prescribe or perform surgery 4. All rules and regulations regarding veterinary nurses/technicians are different for every state This video is not sponsored. All opinions are my own, honest opinions, regardless of sponsorship, referral links, and/or affiliation. Product links with Go.Magik.ly and links denoted with a ❋ denotes a referral and/or affiliate link.
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Equine Rabies Realities: Expert Panel Discussion on Veterinary Liability and Health Risks
The Rabies Realities Expert Panel Discussion was hosted by Zoetis at the 2017 American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Annual Convention in San Antonio, Texas. The panelists included Dr. Bonnie R. Rush, Dr. Susan Moore and Ms. Denise Farris, and the discussion highlighted equine veterinarian liability and health risks surrounding equine rabies exposure.
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Vet Diagnostic Center - February 21, 2014
The Nebraska Veterinary Diagnostic Center at UNL diagnoses disease problems in livestock in order to help farmers and ranchers treat their animals. Market Journal's Kurtis Harms reports.
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How long do you live after being diagnosed with bone cancer ? |Frequently ask Questions on Health
Diagnosed with cancer discussions multiple myeloma outlook, life expectancy, survival rates. Even without brain mets, liver mets and widespread bone make a my 80 year old mom was diagnosed with stage iv breast cancer in april i am not asking how long what can you do for me so that treatment depends on the type of have, as chemotherapy, radiotherapy be used before after surgery to treat cancer, being directed at cancerous section by an external machine. Survival rates of bone cancer. How many patients require chemotherapy after lung surgery. Tells you what percent of people live at least 5 years after the cancer is found. Dog bone cancer, also called osteosarcoma, occurs in about 5. After diagnosis for people with stage 4 breast cancer is 22 percent. As long as your dog seems to be enjoying her life, these are the medications i use people with bone cancer have questions about their prognosis and survival. Of course, many people live much longer than 5 years (and are cured) 7, find out the risk and survival rate for diagnosed with bone cancer. Living with stage 4 the breast cancer no one understands. While you can pursue treatment with the assistance of your veterinarian, 26, more commonly diagnosed is secondary bone cancer, where a cancer named after primary site it began, for example lung secondaries. All how long does a person survive once cancer has spread into bone canadian society. It's most likely to do so within five years of when you received treatment for the condition 6, 2011 a frightening diagnosis stage 4 cancer is in which quickly after being diagnosed; Alternatively, they live. Just like in humans, cancer is a devastating disease that can quickly, there are multiple types of cancer, including those affect blood, bones, guess how long your cat will live if she has and he only do it on case by basis. My sister in law was just diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer 18, my brother a one month ago. My mum was given 2? 4? 6mths max to live. Lung cancer metastasized to the bone longer than 2 years after diagnosis, and able do work of a light or sedentary nature; Patients with ps are osteosarcoma is most common form in dogs, accounting for over blood tests can also yield insight into how well dog treatment. As with primary breast cancer, treatment for mets can often be harsh and advanced cancer was curable as long it diagnosed early. Metastatic breast cancer life expectancy and prognosis healthline. Bone cancer council australia. Carcinoma or ilc came back 15 years after her original diagnosis you don't go from being cured to stage 4 how is bone cancer diagnosed? A doctor order a other possible causes. Of the cancer, treatments chosen and response to treatment can put all of this. That's how many people are living 5 years or 10 after diagnosis you will read general information on surviving the disease. We help you to live well with the impact of cancer at any stage your. So, i would not put off anything that you like to do with or for him. Googleusercontent search. The cancer was thru the entire right kidney and had spread to several bones both lungs would you help shed some light on bone in dogs? We have a thirteen year old rottweiler who just diagnosed with her two left legs. The sooner you are diagnosed and start treatment, the better your outlook. Predictors of survival in patients with bone metastasis lung cancer. She is having a challenge getting up and around but still has an appetite. If you have been recently diagnosed, we will review your pathology to confirm stream typelive stage iv bone cancer can be any tor n, meaning the tumor size and grown into lymph nodes generally for people with primary in england more than 80 out of every 100 (more. What we are learning about cancer suggests that some forms of have the capacity to lie dormant for long metastatic breast what does it mean you? . Bone cancer survival rate, causes, types, and treatment. The 5 year survival rate for people diagnosed with bone cancer at an early should talk their doctor if they have questions about this i a grandpa who has cancer, and is stage 4, he 71 years it impossible to tell how long any one patient will live, 4. You are here cancer information types bone prognosis and survival people with at least 90. Bone cancer symptoms, signs, treatment, survival rate, types treatment key to living with metastatic bone mayo clinic. How long can a person with lung cancer live? Sharecare. Percent means how many out of 100. Stage 4 breast cancer life expectancy caring. How long do cats live after being diagnosed with cancer? Pets. She is now in month 17th. Primary bone cancer your chances for recovery (prognosis statistics grandpa has cancer, and is at stage 4 forum discussion on topix. Read about bone cancer prognosis, treatment, symptoms, signs, survival these tumors are not considered primary cancers because they do 2,300 cases of diagnosed in the u. Because osteosarcoma tends to spread rapidly, it should be taken very usually only l
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BSVC - Fracture Repair Surgery - Ballston Spa Veterinary Clinic
518-885-5650 www.BallstonSpaVet.com Fracture Repair Surgery Video Voice-Over Talent: Dr. Eric Andersen, DVM Video Producer: Rich Schellinger
Veterinary Specialists:  Helping Special Pets!
Seeing your pet sick is hard enough, but what happens if your veterinarian seems to be stumped as well? Increasingly, veterinarians and pet owners are turning to the skills and special talents of the veterinary specialist. More than 25 different specialties are available, helping pets with everything from cancer to broken legs. In fact, there are more than 8,000 veterinary specialists across the US providing rare treatment and diagnostic abilities.
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Iowa's Highly Reliable Hospitals
As irreplaceable pillars in the community, Iowa's community hospitals fulfill many roles: safe havens for those seeking healing; hubs for community wellness; engines that generate billions of dollars in economic activity. Similarly, our 70,000 employees are many things to the people they serve: kind and patient listeners; skilled and caring healers; gentle and loving therapists for mind, spirit and body.
Goat Caesarean Section (C Section), Surgery Performed By Veterinarian Doctor
Watch how veterinarian doctor perform a C section on a goat. For veterinary animal surgical products used, please go to http://www.keebovet.com.
The Specialists: What is a Veterinary Specialist? | JustFoodForDogs
Dr. Julie Stegeman, DVM, Diplomat American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine of Southern California Veterinary Specialty Hospital provides an overview of what is required to become a Board Certified Veterinary Specialist and outlines the various specialties.
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Dog's Ultrasound guided liver aspirate, fenestration technique by Iowa Veterinary
Ultrasound guided liver aspirate, fenestration technique Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails of Iowa! Visit us online at http://www.bebt.com
East Barnet Vets - Behind the Scenes  720p
East Barnet Veterinary Surgery - behind the scenes video
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Disease Discovery in Animals & Global Health | Mark Ackermann | TEDxGooseLake
Dr. Ackermann's talk looks at the historical impact of veterinary medicine on global health. He talks about his own research, which focuses on the link between RSV and lambs, and tells audience members about a drug that will help shorten the common cold. In his faculty position, Mark is a professor in the Department of Veterinary Pathology in the College of Veterinary Medicine with responsibilities and activity in research, clinical service in surgical and post-mortem pathology, and teaching. Mark's laboratory investigates the cellular and molecular mechanisms that predispose perinatal lung to respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection in preterm and term lambs that closely mimics respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection in human infants. He is a board-certified pathologist with clinical service for the ISU Lloyd Veterinary Teaching Hospital, veterinary practitioners in Iowa and does consultation work throughout the United States. He is currently Secretary/Treasurer of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP), whose members are specialists in the clinical discipline of veterinary pathology. In addition to his faculty work, he also currently serves as Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies at ISU CVM. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Acupuncture Helps Iowa Rescue Dog
An ancient Chinese therapy technique is proving to be as effective on pets as it is on people.
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Veterinarian Loses Job For Sharing Image of Cat She Killed with Bow and Arrow
A Texas veterinarian will not be allowed to practice for a year after a photo of her posing with a dead cat she killed with a bow and arrow emerged last year. Kristen Lindsey posted the controversial photo on social media in 2015. She said she thought it was a feral or wild cat but it's believed the feline was actually a family's pet named Tiger. After the post was put up, animal lovers took to the streets to protest. The vet was fired from the animal clinic where she worked.
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10/1/00 KHNL_Dog acupuncture
Dog acupuncture
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Holistic Vet St Louis | Best Holistic Veterinarians in St Louis MO
Holistic Vet St Louis | Best Holistic Veterinarians in St Louis MO Please visit us at http://www.animalrehabstlouis.com/ or call us at (636) 549-9100 for the best holistic veterinarian services in St. Louis, Missouri. Best Holistic Vet Medicine As part of our holistic veterinarian services, we offer energy medicine which includes all concepts of energy: light, sound, electro-magnetism, body, mind and spirit. In addition to concepts central to electro-chemical physiology, older traditions of “life force” may also be a part of energy medicine. This area of medicine has grown significantly in the past ten years in both supportive research and acceptance within traditional medicine. Specialities in holistic and energy medicine include: Acupuncture/Acupressure Bioelectromagnetic Therapy Botanical Medicine Chiropractic Color and Light Therapy Diet/Nutrition/Nutritional supplements Homeopathy Microcurrent Electrical Therapy Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation Psychoneuroimmunology and more. At Pet Rehab & Pain Clinic we utilize and blend these modalities with other approaches to create the greatest opportunity for a full recovery and longer, healthier life for your pet. Functional medicine is a science-based, patient-centered, medical healing at its best. Instead of looking at and treating health problems as isolated diseases, it treats individuals who may have bodily symptoms, imbalances and dysfunctions. The roots of functional medicine lie with Sir William Osler, a pioneer as one of the first functional medicine professors at John Hopkins University School of Medicine. Remove anything that impedes the body from moving toward this optimal state of physiology.Your pet’s body naturally wants to be healthy, but things needed by the body to function at its best might be missing or something may be standing in its way. Functional medicine identifies the factors responsible for the malfunction, treating the underlying root cause and giving a much better chance at successfully resolving a patient’s health challenge. Using scientific principles, advanced diagnostic testing and treatments primarily other than drugs or surgery, functional medicine restores balance in the body’s primary physiological processes helping to restore that individual to a more optimal state of existence and a longer healthier life.
Serving Society & Animals: The School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
According to Joan Hendricks, dean of Penn's School of Veterinary Medicine, people go into veterinary medicine because of a couple reasons. They love animals, probably first and foremost. They also have a fascination with science and desire to understand how things work—whether it's canine vision, equine orthopedics, or cell and molecular biology. These medical professionals, Hendricks says, have the potential to change the world—perhaps because veterinarians are trained to innately understand how animal and human health is linked together, as well as to the world around them. "Veterinarians do so much more than take care of your cat—not that we don't love the cat and are very proud of the cat, the dog, the horse," Hendricks explains. "Our training and what we want to do is to make the world better for all living things. It folds in everything—biomedical science to make health better not just for people but for animals, as well. We may be studying cancer in a cat or how to get rid of digestive problems in a cow. But we're also doing it in a way that we know will benefit people, and we may be doing it with MDs or other expert colleagues." Veterinarians also become experts in food security and safety—an especially big focus in Pennsylvania, where agriculture is a major industry—as well as in infectious diseases that spread from animals to people (and vice versa). This wide-ranging expertise is part of something Hendricks feels passionately about: She is a supporter of the One Health initiative, which is a worldwide effort to bring together medical professionals to collaborate and communicate about animal, human, and environmental health. The connections between Penn Vet and other disciplines have a long history at the University. Penn Vet, which was formally founded in 1884, is the only veterinary school in the country that is an outgrowth of a medical school. Hendricks says these close ties have made for a rich history of collaboration and an especially robust research network that extends across schools. "There is no other veterinary Ph.D. program that is as big or as sustained by the [National Institutes of Health] as [Penn Vet's] VMD-Ph.D. program," Hendricks says. "That's a fact. That's because of our connection with the medical school." Since her appointment as dean in 2006, Hendricks has overseen the two Penn Vet campuses—one in Philadelphia and the other, dedicated to large animal medicine, in Kennett Square, Pa. Several important advancements have been made under Hendricks' tenure, including the Working Dog Center, breakthroughs in canine cancer studies, and the development of a software package that helps farmers around the world more effectively manage their dairy herds. Before she was named dean, Hendricks was a member of the Penn Vet faculty, and in 2001, was the first woman named to an endowed professorship at the school—the Henry and Corinne R. Bower Professor of Small Animal Medicine. Hendricks received her VMD from Penn Vet in 1979, her Ph.D. in 1980, and also completed her residency and postdoctoral fellowship at the University. So, what's kept Hendricks here for nearly four decades? "I usually say I married a Philadelphian and they don't move. That's the non-academic answer," she says. "I never would have imagined that I would feel there was endless variety and interest and challenge, but it's just been endlessly interesting. There's a ton of flexibility—all the opportunities to connect to new people, get new training. When I basically said, 'I've been studying English bulldogs and sleep apnea, but now I want to study fruit flies,' Penn said, 'OK.' Nobody said, 'What are you talking about?' They said, 'If you find the money, knock yourself out.'" Text by Heather Davis
Donald Trump and Animal Welfare
http://www.veterinarysecrets.com/news Dr Jones shows you 5 key points that highlight Donald Trump's priorities for the welfare and protection of animals. Dr Jones shows you what you can do to influence some of the decisions to be made. Share this video and subscribe (it's free!) for more videos every Tuesday and Friday! http://goo.gl/P8nNvh Thank you for making me the #1 Natural Pet Health Network on YouTube Follow Veterinary Secrets: Blog: http://www.veterinarysecrets.com/blog Podcast: http://vetsecrets.podbean.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onlinevet Instagram! http://instagram.com/veterinarysecrets Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dogandcatdoc Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/veterinarysecrets
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Puppies ! Elsa & Anna toddlers dog at the Pet VET - Sick ? Animal doctor clinic
In this toys dolls parody video Elsa and Anna toddlers notice something strange : their lovely pet dog is not playful, not happy . They believe the dog is sick. Is it ? The dog doesn’t want to play at all! Anna and Elsa decide to take the dog to the Vet for a check-up. The doctor from the Animal Clinic soon finds out that the dog is pregnant and it is going to have puppies soon ! Yay ! How many puppies will the dog have ? What will the girls name the new born puppies ? Also, the animal doctor is Teresa, the Barbie doll :) Little Elsa doesn’t listen and something happens around the vet clinic ! Watch their puppy adventure and find out what happens ! Enjoy ~! See ALL "Come Play With Me" Videos here: https://www.youtube.com/c/ComePlayWithMe/videos For more videos, click below to SUBSCRIBE, it’s FREE ! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ00zWTLrgRQJUb8MHQg21A?sub_confirmation=1 Music Sound Effects Credits: From YouTube Music Library and "Prelude and Action", "Carefree", Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Veterinary Science End of Year Video 2015- #10
Made for the Veterinary Science Center at CTC, Courthouse campus.
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Buja Wobble Board Rehab For Three Legged Dogs
Simple homemade buja boogie wobble board makes for great post-amputation core strengthening physical rehab exercises for three legged dogs. This DIY rocker board helps build core strength in dogs and rebuild strength in legs after amputation surgery. See all the videos and read interviews from our tour of Veterinary Cancer Care clinic in Santa Fe at http://tripawds.com/tag/vcc
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Veterinary dermatology at the LSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital is a specialty service for the investigation and management of skin disease and allergy in all animal species.
Yelawolf - Till It’s Gone
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/TillItsgone Sign up for updates: http://smarturl.it/Yelawolf.News Music video by Yelawolf performing Till It’s Gone. (C) 2014 Interscope Records Best of Yelawolf: https://goo.gl/vy7NZQ Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/ynkVDL
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AGam in Kansas - Tour of Equine Section at KSU's Veterinary Health Center - November 24, 2016
(Chris) Okay, so now we're in one of the exam rooms that we would use for horses. After they get checked in, there's a large area where they unload, maybe the student would do the exam, but this room gets used quite a bit, could you explain a little bit about the room that we're in right now? (Laurie) Yes, so it's one of our general exam rooms, we refer to it as the colic room, but we will see a lot of different horses, not necessarily just colic in this area, but the room we have a set of stocks here that we're going to usually try to get your horse in, not always successful, but as usual we do our exam in the steady stocks. This is actually where we're going to do our general work up. We're going to get basic physical exams of temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate. We're going to listen to the heart and the lungs; do we need to pass a tube, do we need to do a rectal exam, do we need to pull out an ultrasound. We'll do all those things, and in some situations, we have a pretty critical horse, we may have multiple veterinarians here doing things simultaneously. Students will be involved; they'll be involved in doing things like listening to the heart, getting that temperature, that sort of thing. This is the area we can do it. We also have a set of scales over here, so we can actually get accurate weights on our large patients. (Chris) I think that something too is, when they come here, usually the owner depends on the case, but they sure can be back here and are communicated during the process. It's not like you drop something and you have to wait in some little room to figure out what's going on. We try to keep people involved and you can look in here sometimes and they'll be like eight different veterinarians and eight students, and all doing different things, and communicating with each other. Depending on the case, even anesthesiologist will come in here, if it's going to have to go to surgery, they'll get stuff ready from here too. (Laurie) That's the big difference between, when we work on large animals or equine in particular, the owner is part of this. In smaller, maybe you've had that experience where they've taken your dog, taken it to a different room and you're not around for the examination. That's not going to be the case in this situation. We're working right with the clients, right with their horses, and so clients are involved, they're involved with asking questions, so all those sort of things. (Chris) The decision process, you guys do a great job by just communicating where they're at, even financially know what are some options, here is what we have, and so I think that's a big part of it. Maybe some people are hesitant of coming because they think everything is just going to be thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars, but there's different options and we work with the client in trying to figure out what's best for the patient for sure, but also for that of the client. (Laurie) Yes, and that's something that's really-- when I talk to my students, one of my jobs is to know exactly what things cost, and it's the client's money. Clients get to decide how they want to care for their horse, so we usually come up with some different options, different plans, explaining those options and plans to the owner to understand what they're getting into. (Chris) All those things are great and --I sure appreciate you shedding light a little bit on that area for that of owners. You guys have any questions or concerns just give us a call here at Kansas State Veterinary Health Center, either about your patient or even about the facility. We'd sure be welcome to any aspects and talking to you on that. Thank you Dr. Beard in talking today, and I'm Dr. Chris Blevins for Horsin’ Around, and we'll see you around.
Abaxis In-Clinic Video - Wellness Testing
A pet owner's guide to preventative medicine. Your pet's complete health care involves several important procedures. Obtaining a complete and thorough history of your pet's activity and behavior is important. A complete physical examination is also a vital component of pet care. Regardless of age, all pets can benefit from routine blood testing. Dogs and cats age much faster than humans and their organ systems deteriorate at much faster rate. As animals age, they are prone to many of the same diseases as humans; diabetes, kidney and liver disease, heart disease, cancer, hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone level) and hyperthyroid (high thyroid hormone level). As a preventive measure, we recommend blood testing at least every year, and more frequently as your pet ages.
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Femoral Fracture 4 weeks after surgery
Visit http://www.canineortho.com/index.php/canine-orthopedic-surgery/fractures to learn more about canine fractures, surgical repair and the cost of fracture treatment. At Colorado Canine Orthopedics our orthopedic veterinary specialty team includes four board certified veterinary surgeons with over 50 years of combined experience. All of our surgeons are Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons.
On Assignment with Anelia--Bald eagle found in river, lead poisoning suspected
STORY Y UPDATE: River died a few days later. On the day he died, his blood results indicated that he had such a high level of lead poisoning that the doctor said, "There was nothing we could have done to save him." ORIGINAL STORY BRIEF: On Jan. 8, 2016, a Friday, a mother-and-daughter team of veterinarians who own a Waverly pet hospital were surprised to see a couple of men bring a bald eagle to their practice on Friday. Drs. Frost and Wallen suspected lead poisoning and after drawing blood, they sent the 9-pound bird to a rehab center.
What happens when the immune system goes rogue?
When the immune functions well, it activates a variety of processes to protect us against deadly threats, such as invading microbes and cellular disease. But what happens when the immune system goes rogue and attacks the body it’s meant to defend? That's the essence of autoimmune disease—a person's immune system mistakenly attacks healthy cells in their body. Immune systems go off course more often than one might think. In fact, approximately 10% of the population suffers from some form of autoimmune disorder. Betty Diamond is an immunologist who's working to uncover a deeper mechanistic understanding of autoimmune disorders in an effort to improve the lives of people suffering from these diseases. Tune in to Betty’s 2017 TEDMED Talk to learn more about how her patient-centered studies are not only revealing valuable new insights, but also empowering patients to play a leading role in the research into autoimmune diseases.
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UW Health Clinics Madison WI Physician Hospitals Medical
For the some of the best medical care in town go to UW Health Clinics in Madison, Wisconsin. They provide a full range of services for every member of your family including alcohol and drug treament abuse, cardiology, dermatology, geriatrics, gynecology, hearing aids, opthamology, pharmacy, psychologists, and more. Visit us http://www.yellowpages.com/info-3290892/UW-Health-Clinics?from=youtb
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TNE-5000 Esophagoscope featured on GMA
Esophageal Cancer Warning Signs. Utilizing Transnasal Esophagoscopy for early detection and treatment.
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Lakeshore Veterinary Hospital and Pet Lodge – Mandeville Louisiana
Lakeshore Veterinary Hospital and Pet Lodge Mandeville LA - For care… For comfort… For health… Bring your pets to Lakeshore Veterinary Hospital and Pet Lodge. Here, we treat your pets like they’re our own. Whether it‘s laser surgery, dental care, grooming or boarding, our experienced team provides nothing but quality service. So whether your pet is a dog, cat or something more exotic, Lakeshore Veterinary Hospital will tailor a plan just for you. Lakeshore Veterinary Hospital and Pet Lodge…sharing the care. veterinarians veterinary pets animal hospital health care treatment eLocallink, Inc.
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A Message for the Anti-Vaccine Movement
Jimmy feels that all of this anti-vaccination silliness is starting to snowball, so he invited some real doctors to address it. These are actual medical professionals so hear them out and then decide for yourself. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: http://bit.ly/JKLSubscribe Watch the latest Halloween Candy Prank: http://bit.ly/KimmelHalloweenCandy Watch the latest Mean Tweets: http://bit.ly/JKLMeanTweets8 Connect with Jimmy Kimmel Live Online: Visit the Jimmy Kimmel Live WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/JKLWebsite Like Jimmy Kimmel Live on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/JKLFacebook Follow Jimmy Kimmel Live on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/JKLTwitter Follow Jimmy Kimmel Live on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/JKLInstagram About Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jimmy Kimmel serves as host and executive producer of Emmy-winning "Jimmy Kimmel Live," ABC's late-night talk show. "Jimmy Kimmel Live" is well known for its huge viral video successes with 2.5 billion views on YouTube alone. Some of Kimmel's most popular comedy bits include - Mean Tweets, Lie Witness News, Jimmy's Twerk Fail Prank, Unnecessary Censorship, YouTube Challenge, The Baby Bachelor, Movie: The Movie, Handsome Men's Club, Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective and music videos like "I (Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum" and a Blurred Lines parody with Robin Thicke, Pharrell, Jimmy and his security guard Guillermo. Now in its thirteenth season, Kimmel's guests have included: Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Halle Berry, Harrison Ford, Jennifer Aniston, Will Ferrell, Katy Perry, Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, George Clooney, Larry David, Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg, Kobe Bryant, Steve Carell, Hugh Jackman, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Garner, Ryan Gosling, Bryan Cranston, Jamie Foxx, Amy Poehler, Ben Affleck, Robert Downey Jr., Jake Gyllenhaal, Oprah, and unfortunately Matt Damon. A Message for the Anti-Vaccine Movement http://youtu.be/QgpfNScEd3M
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Rolling Hills Animal Hospital Profile Video
Rolling Hills Animal Hospital 50 years of quality pet care.
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Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center
The Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center is a state-of-the-art veterinary hospital that is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our practice offers 24-hour emergency care and a wide array of specialty services from orthopedic and soft tissue surgery to ultrasound and endoscopy. We work together with your primary care veterinarian to provide high-quality medical care to pets in Southern Oregon and Northern California. Our team includes board certified specialists and highly trained doctors and staff who have been chosen for their skill and expertise, as well as their compassion and dedication to veterinary medicine. Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center is an emergency and referral only practice housing specialists with expertise in a wide variety of areas in small animal veterinary medicine.
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hvm - HBOT and Rehabilitation Medicine
How HBOT aides in the process of veterinary rehabilitation.
Dog Cries Every Time He's Touched — Until He Meets This Woman | The Dodo
Kanye the Shelter Dog Cries Every Time He's Touched | Kanye the shelter puppy couldn't stop crying out in pain when anyone came near him because he'd never felt a gentle touch. But then he met this woman, and she knew exactly how to transform him into the most trusting dog ❤️ Love Animals? Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCINb0wqPz-A0dV9nARjJlOQ?sub_confirmation=1 Credit: Monica Mitreanu via JukinVideo (https://www.jukinmedia.com/) Follow The Dodo: Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedodosite/timeline Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dodo Watch us on Snapchat Discover: https://www.snapchat.com/discover/The-Dodo/4978545017 Love our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thedodo/ Check out our site: www.thedodo.com For the love of animals. Pass it on.
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Dr. Bartlett Discusses Integrative Medicine on KCRG
There is more than one way to approach the treatment of many medical conditions. Suzanne Bartlett, MD, explains what integrative medicine is, including how nutrition, mind/body approaches, sleep and the provider-patient relationship can help naturally optimize your health and well-being. Plus, hear how changes in this board-certified OB-GYN's own life led to her interest in alternative approaches to western medicine. With KCRG TV-9's Ashley Hinson. From KCRG TV-9, October 14, 2013
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Eric B. & Rakim - I Ain't No Joke
Best of EricBAndRakim: https://goo.gl/HCuKu7 Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/EMXvV5 Music video by Eric B. & Rakim performing I Ain't No Joke. (C) 1987 The Island Def Jam Music Group
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