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How Red Light Heals Pain and Inflammation
Red light is considered the "therapeutic wavelength" of the visible electromagnetic spectrum because it has a unique ability to get absorbed by human tissue and trigger certain beneficial effects. In this video, I explain the basics of how red light can be used to help heal pain and inflammation associated with minor injuries and chronic pain, such as joint pain, nerve pain, sprains and strains,, headaches and even superficial wounds and skin conditions. Check out the rest of my channel for videos where I demonstrate the protocols I use to treat common pain conditions. For more detailed information, visit http://PainandInjuryDoctor.com
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TendLite Red Light Therapy Anti-Inflammatory Therapy - Device To Relief Inflammation Ailments
http://www.ridwanrreyza.com/TendliteLEDLightTherapyJointPainRelief TendLite Red Light Therapy Anti-Inflammatory Therapy - Medical Grade Strength & Relief Inflammation Ailments. THE SECRET TO YOUR PAIN FREE LIVING, Get back to your Prime in No Time! Join the thousands of clients in over 65 countries, who enjoy the incredible benefits of TENDLITE Red Light Therapy! BENEFITS: • New Medical Grade Power in Red Light Therapy - For Home Use, Self-administrated and without a prescription • Painless, Easy & Safe Treatments • Fast Sessions: Just shine the Light for up to 1 minute directly at the Joint or Disc • Treats Symptoms & Cause • Safe for You and Your Pet TRIPLE ACTION: 1. ANALGESIC Action: Systematic Analgesic Delivery • Reduces Pain Consistently • Promotes Muscle Relaxation 2. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY Action: Lowers the Inflammation Progressively • Increases Lymphatic Activity & Blood Circulation • Reduces Swelling & Stiffness 3. REPAIR & REGENERATION Action: on Tendons, Cartilages, Ligaments and Discs • Photo Activates Collagen Production necessary to rebuild the Connective Tissue that repairs the Joint or Disc. Indications The New TENDLITE® is an FDA cleared medical device - K-100213. One of these cleared indications is for the treatment of Joint Pain, such as: Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, Tennis Elbow, Arthritis, Golfers elbow, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Rotator Cuff Tendonitis, Patellar Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis. Immediate, Lasting Relief to treat you at Home or On-the-Go. TenDlite uses the 660nm wavelength of red light that has been repeatedly shown in scientific studies to heal inflamed Joints and/or tearing Tendons, accelerating the local production of New Collagen. Tendons are made of 86% Collagen Fiber. Developed & Manufactured by a renowned Biophotonic Engineer in California. Ingredients - About TenDlite®: * This medical device has a safe therapeutic LED Red Light: 660nm is the Natural Healing and Anti-inflammatory light wavelength, without dangerous UVA or UVB rays. Utilizes NASA's developed technology and FDA clearance. * TenDlite® is NOT a Laser. It is LED Light which is proven safer, has no potential to cut or burn like Laser can, if not used properly. LED has the same therapeutic efficacy as Laser in the bio-tissue on the molecular level. Specially designed experiments at the cellular level have provided evidence that Laser Light and LED Light with the same wavelength, intensity, and irradiation time provide the same biological effect. Successful use of LEDs in many areas of clinical practice also confirm this conclusion. * TenDlite® is NOT: UVA or UVB wavelength. It DOES NOT have or emit UVA or UVB rays. Directions Use TenDlite® 2 to 3 times a day, depending on the severity of your Joint Pain. Hold the device 1/2 inch above the injured joint for 1 minute (up to 2) per area covered by the red light. This safe product really stands out from all the other Light Therapy Devices because of its POWER. The quantity of light bulbs doesn't matter if they don't have enough power to penetrate your tissue. Power is really important in Light Therapy for 2 reasons: Efficacy and Time - EFFICACY - You can actually visualize the red light of TenDlite® penetrating your flesh and delivering the therapeutic light right inside of your painful joint tissue. - TIME - You just need to treat the area for 1 minute, which is far different from all the other at home devices that need to be held for 20 to 30 min per area. It adds up when you have to do 2 to 3 treatments a day and sometimes in several areas... Purchase TendLite Red Light Therapy Anti-Inflammatory Therapy Here: http://www.ridwanrreyza.com/TendliteLEDLightTherapyJointPainRelief For More Video Uploads In The Future Please Subscribe To This Youtube Channel by Clicking Subscribe Button Below! and Don't Forget To Support This Video by Giving Your "LIKE" For This Video! Please Click LIKE Button Below! Thanks For Watching The Video! See You Next Time! Note: All The Links In The Video Description Are Affiliate Links, So I Can Make Money If Visitor Purchase The Products!
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TENDLITE Red Light Therapy Pain Relief Review
FOR THE FULL REVIEW CLICK HERE: http://killthepains.com/tendlite-red-light-therapy-pain-relief/ The TENDLITE device has a single LED bulb that produces red light of 660nm wavelength. There is a good reason the makers have chosen 660nm wavelength and not higher. It’s believed that 660nm wavelength is best suited to activate soft tissues and relieve pain. Use of light therapy to alleviate joint and muscle pain is nothing new. The red light therapy is well-known treatment method followed by millions around the world. As we discussed in the previous section, professionals often use TENDLITE to ease the pain. One key reason the TENDLITE Red Light Therapy is so popular is that there are no side-effects. The Key Features of TENDLITE Timer: TENDLITE red light anti-inflammatory therapy device comes with a pre-set mode. The device is set for a 1-minute duration as the default mode. After emitting red light for a minute it’ll automatically stop working. Users can set the timer to 3 minutes or less depending on the amount of pain. Triple Action: (a) Repairs and regenerates ligaments, tendons, and cartilages, (b) Its anti-inflammatory property eases joint stiffness and increases blood circulation, and (c) TENDLITE’s analgesic properties relaxes muscles and reduces pain by activating the body’s natural painkillers. Safety: TENDLITE is totally safe to use. The red light that the LED bulb emits is harmless to the skin and the body. The goggle that is provided in the kit is to protect the eyes from the bright light beam. Wireless: The TENDLITE Red Light Therapy device is completely cordless, it runs on battery. This makes it highly portable. Users can carry it anywhere they want. The device uses a 3.7v rechargeable battery which has a capacity of 300mAh. Guarantee and Warranty: The makers of this wonderful red light therapy device are so confident of their product that they offer a 60-day money back guarantee to its customers. If the device is not to your liking, you are free to return within the first 60 days of purchase and get your money back in full. Users also get a 1-year warranty on the device and lifetime warranty on the LED bulb.
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Say No More to Muscle Pain with PHILIPS InfraPhil Infrared Lamp!
Be sure to come back at 3.10PM later to check out this new product! The Philips InfraPhil infrared lamp! Download Live10 and chat with us at http://www.qoo10.sg/gallery/Q100954641/livechat to find out more! #qoo10sg #onlineshopping
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Red Light Therapy and Near Infrared LED Devices Reviewed
Evaluating a Full Spectrum Sauna? Looking at Red Light or Near Infrared therapy? I chat with people everyday and can help you figure out the best options. www.healthhacksreviewed.com Today you can hear and read about Red Light Therapy and Near Infrared Therapy from people and companies like: Sunlighten Saunas, Jacuzzi/Clearlight Saunas, Saunaspace, Joov Light, Platinum Grow Lights, RedLightman, Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Wilson, Dr. Oz, Wellness Mama, Dr. Mercola and so on. So we are seeing the surge in the last few years in the health and wellness industry in health leaders of all kinds talking about the health benefits of Near infrared and Red Light therapy. Ok so here you are now thinking hey I want to get those health benefits! Well easier said than done. You're going to have to put on your Physics hat and know what kind of information to request in order to figure out what is the best kind of device or equipment to purchase. Case in point some companies selling their Red light or Near infrared LED devices only tell you the total Power Wattage and not what the actual output Light Wattage level is. You need the latter specification in order to ascertain the therapeutic efficacy of the device and also to make an apples to apples comparison with other brands of similar devices. Another example is that there are some devices on the market that have LEDs that produce the wavelengths that are therapeutic. One potential disadvantage though is that the lens degree that they use over the LEDs diminishes greatly if your body is more than 3-4 inches away from the device and for some of these devices it's impossible or inconvenient to get different areas of the body right up against the element. If you are wanting to get the health benefits from this kind of device or even in a sauna but need help figuring out the best options you can chat with me anytime at www.healthhacksreviewed.com
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Red Light Therapy Benefits | Joovv Light Review
Joovv Light Review and the Benefits of Red Light Therapy- I purchased the Combo (both red light and near infrared light) Joovv light in the original size last September and have been using the Joovv light for 6 months now. I've experienced a variety of benefits from red light therapy (also known as photobiomodulation) with the Joovv device (http://lddy.no/36hx) and I wanted to explain what light therapy is, the benefits of red light therapy, and why the Joovv light is the best light therapy device for home use (in my opinion). I did hours of research trying to find the best red light therapy device for home use and it brought me to the Joovv light. It was a bit of an investment, but I've been thrilled with my results from red light therapy and the quality of the Joovv light. Joovv Light Review- PROS of the Joovv Light: -Extremely high quality (50,000 hour lifespan for the LED lights it uses and a 2 year warranty) -The Joov light uses clinically proven wavelengths (660nm for the red light and 850 nm for the near infrared light) that have been studied throughout the world -Easy to set up and use (it comes with a custom hook that can be put over a door... it only took a few minutes to set up. The Joovv light website also features section on "How to use the Joovv light" and "How to set up the Joovv light") -The Joovv light is highly rated (5 star) by hundreds of users (the Joovv website http://lddy.no/36hx features reviews where you can see all the positive effects and benefits that users have experienced from red light therapy with the Joov light) -FDA approved and patent pending -Financing available -10 ft cord -Free shipping and easy returns and excellent customer service -Thorough and informative website http://lddy.no/36hx -60 day trial period -You can choose the mini size, original size, or max size depending on how large of an area you want to treat and how quickly you want to treat it.... you can also choose a device that uses just red light therapy, just near infrared light therapy, or a combination of both (like the Joovv light I use) -Does not emit EMFs at the recommended treatment distance -The bulbs do not pulse or give off heat -Professional grade power -Helps stimulate healthy cellular function CONS of the Joovv Light Therapy Device: -Cost... this is a big one. I chose the Original Size Combo Joovv Light but if you are looking for the most affordable option, the Red Light Mini size Joovv Light would be the best choice. What is Red Light Therapy and Near Infrared Light Therapy? Red light therapy or photobiomodulation uses specific, healing wavelengths of light to create positive results. Studies have shown the most effective wavelengths of red light are in the 630 to 670 nm range and 810 to 880 nm (the combo Joov light uses 660 nm and 850 nm). How Does Near Near Infrared and Red Light Therapy Work? Basically, red light therapy works by using specific, proven wavelengths of light to increase ATP (the source of energy for your cells). Why LED Light Therapy? The Joovv light LEDs offer a tight wavelength span that allows for more usable light. They are also extremely durable and generate minimal heat. Because of their high efficiency, LEDs are thought to be more eco-friendly than other light sources. Benefits of Red Light Therapy Red Light Therapy has a huge range of clinically proven benefits, as well as benefits that fans of photobiomodulation swear by. Just a few of these possible / proven light therapy benefits include: -Collagen stimulation, anti aging, fighting wrinkles -Fights acne and helps the skin glow -Immune support -Testosterone / hormone support -Thyroid support -Better sleep -Increased energy -Improved performance -Better muscle recovery -May be helpful in treating autoimmune diseases -Hair loss (red light therapy for hair loss has been studied quite a bit) -Stretch marks -Weight loss -Pain I purchased the Joovv Light with my own money and after falling in love with the benefits of red light therapy, I reached out to the company in hopes of partnering with them. Thanks for watching my review of the Joovv light and be sure to let me know if you have any questions or comments about red light therapy and if you have ever used red light therapy. To learn more about the benefits of red light therapy, you can find numerous articles online (including the Joovv website http://lddy.no/36hx) from reputable sources that cover scientific research about red light therapy and its benefits. *This post contains affiliate links - this means I get a small commission if you purchase a Joovv light through my link. This money goes toward creating additional content for my channel. Thanks for your support! Also, this is not medical advice. I am just posting my personal results with red light therapy and the Joovv light, research about red light therapy, and what other reviewers and advocates of red light therapy have experienced.
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58. 🏃 INFRARED Saunas and Light for JOINTS, Arthritis Inflammation, and Pain Relief
Dr. Anthony Jay (#DRJ) walks into the infrared joint and shines the light on alleviating or curing your pain. Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, stiff joints, or even dental pain, see where the real science stands on #infrared treatment! * INFRARED Saunas and Light for JOINTS, Arthritis Inflammation, and Pain Relief * MORE ON DR. ANTHONY G. JAY – the scientist, science speaker, science simplifier, outdoorsman, and red camo guy – can be found at: http://www.AJCCo.com NOTE: For your convenience, ALL these health science nutrition episodes with Dr. JAY throwing papers are compiled into audio podcasts. Find them on libsyn or itunes here: http://chagrinandtonic.libsyn.com/ https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/chagrin-tonic-podcast/id1229964552 MOST IMPORTANTLY: Support this show by getting your copy of Dr. Jay's book, "ESTROGENERATION: How Estrogenics Are Making You Fat, Sick, and Infertile", from Amazon. You may also find Dr. Jay's book at a DISCOUNTED deal at AJ Consulting Company here: http://www.ajconsultingcompany.com/BOOKS MUSIC CREDIT: Two Steps From Hell - Strength Of A Thousand Men [Instrumental Core Remix] HASHTAGS TO USE AND SHARE along with DRJ: #estrogeneration #anthonyjay #arthritis #painrelief #naturalremedy #functionalmedicine CLICK SUBSCRIBE NOW.
LightStim LED Light Therapy for healing | Jason Emer MD
LightStim LED Light Therapy brought to you by the leader in cosmetic dermatology in Beverly Hills, CA Dr. Jason Emer. For more information visit http://www.jasonemermd.com LightStim Photodynamic Therapy is a powerful and key component to healing your skin. The high quality LED light reduces redness, decreases inflammation, and speeds up the healing process 150-200x faster. It emits multiple wavelengths of light which is the color you see. This super charges the mitochondria of the cells so that it can grab on to oxygen and stem cells to stimulate the cells and produce collagen. It also helps with any pain experienced prior. Dr. Jason Emer is a board-certified dermatologic surgeon responsible for many of Beverly Hill's and Los Angeles’ most defined bodies, impeccably beautiful skin, and chiseled facial features.⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Watch More: Previous Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIu_K... Next Video: COMING SOON Related Playlists: ---- If you are looking for the finest skin treatments, facial enhancements, liposculpture, liposuction, fillers in the Los Angeles, Area: http://www.jasonemermd.com Email: appointments@jasonemermd.com Follow Me on Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jasonemermd Twitter: https://twitter.com/JasonEmerMD Snapchat: @jasonemermd Instagram: @jasonemermd Also see My Fantastic Reviews On: RealSelf.com: https://www.realself.com/find/Califor... Yelp: https://www.yelp.com/biz/jason-emer-m... Featured Review: https://www.realself.com/review/hope-...
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"Near" Infrared Bulbs are  bad source for getting Near wavelengths
Don't be fooled by incandescent heat lamp bulbs that some Infrared sauna companies or Dr. Wilson is claiming they are a good therapeutic source for Near Infrared wavelengths. Get guidance fast at: www.healthhacksreviewed.com These 250 watt bulbs are easy to purchase or you can get a near infrared sauna from several companies now that are using these incandescent bulbs. NASA and NALT which have put out all the Dosage protocols for photobiomodulation (light therapy field) all have determined in thousands of clinical studies that the MINIMUM amount of Power density (which is measured in milliwatts or watts) that is irradiating tissue of the body should be 50milliwatts or higher. Safety Guidelines suggest sitting at least 2 feet away from a 250 watt incandescent heat lamp to prevent possible burn or dermal or organ damage. At this safe distance the body does not even receive close to the minimum amount of energy required to have a therapeutic effect for near infrared wavelengths. You have to wonder right? How come I'm the one who is having to actually measure these bulbs and educate you on the real data...how come these sauna companies selling saunas with these lights in them are not? Ask them for measurements like I am providing you and they will have nothing to share. This would be like you going to a car dealer and the salesperson trying to sell you an expensive car but they won't disclose the miles per gallon or engine size etc. You may have come across a couple infrared sauna companies that use these kinds of heat lamp elements and market their sauna as "full spectrum" . The are not using the bulbs but using a similar element which is the same tungsten filament inside a long tube that is filled with halogen. That tube then goes into a rectangular case. It's very similar to the performance of the incandescent bulbs but these longer heater elements produce most of their wavelengths within the Mid Range spectrum with very tiny amount of Near and very small amount of Far. To market these elements as "full spectrum" is technically correct but a little misleading to consumers because there may not be sufficient amounts of energy therapeutically speaking in the Near and Far range. If you are looking into this kind of therapy for near infrared health benefits which have been determined with over 1,500 clinical studies then reach out to me and I can guide you on what kinds of equipment are capable of helping you. Here is the meter I was using to measure the NIR wavelengths: https://www.thorlabs.com/newgrouppage9.cfm?objectgroup_id=4216 If you are looking for therapeutic recommendations for LEDs or LASERs that are designed to provide therapeutic dosage levels of Near infrared wavelength contact me at www.healthhacksreviewed.com
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Ultra Renew with LED and ultrasound by Truth In Aging
Main Function: 1.Keep skin moisture. 2.Improve blood circulation 3.Remove eczema 4.resist melanin 5.Resist acne regenerating 6.whitening skin 7.Tighten pore and skin 8. make skin smoother 9.Remove wrinkle 10.make skin balance 11. Easy to Carrry and you can put is in your handbag, use it any where and any time 12. Can use 1 hours after finish power recharge Solve problem :Wrinkle of Eyes, wrinkle of Lips, wrinkle of Forehead and Facial wrinkles Technical Features: With photon treatment, it can promote the penetration of water soluble and oil soluble beauty essence and promotes the formulation of collagen Besides, it can activate the cell tissue with ultrasonic, accelerate the positive circulation of blood and lymph fluid, promote secretion in skin, obviously relieve wrinkles, spots, acne and droopiness from deep skin. Treatment theory: Different lights have following functions. 1). Red light: wavelength 625 +/-3nm/12 LEDs activate cells, promotes the formulation of collagen, remove wrinkles of eyes and Eye pouch. 2). Green light: wavelength 525 +/-3nm/12 LEDs, reduce inflammation, Eliminate Acne , the balance of water and oil for oily skin , very suitable oily skin, Acne skin and sensitive skin. 3) Blue light: wavelength 465 +/-3nm/12 LEDs, activate cells, down melanin, lighting and whiting skin, also can make skin moisture. 2.Ultrasonic: make cell tissue activity, Stimulate blood and lymph make virtuous circulation, irritating to the skin, increase the skin internal secretion motility, take care from deep skin, improve wrinkles, color spots, acne and sagging skin effectively. 1) Ultrasonic cleaning out function: deep cleansing toxins, discharge blackheads, prevent Acne. 2) Ultrasonic deep lead in function: 5 times absorption for your skin, , make your nutrition take care skin effectively . 3) Ultrasonic compact skin function; smooth the eye pouch, down wrinkles, compact and moisture skin 4) Ultrasonic fat burning function: Burning Fat, slimming face and body, to prevent the accumulation of fat Usage: Not More than 2-3 times/week,Around 10 minutes/time. Match with Skincare product :Gels, Skin Essence Feature:Ultrasonic + Photon Work style: Adapter power supply Package:Gift Box Power:Input :AC100-240V Output: DC15V400mA Ultrasonic Frequency:3MHz
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LED Facial Mesotherapy Electroporation
The LED Facial Mesotherapy Electroporation is a multi-functional beauty device that battles skin aging. This amazing device has been widely endorsed by top models and celebrities for their flawless skin. It integrates a wide variety of beauty innovations that eliminate skin imperfections: Microcurrent; Electroporation; Mesoporation; Infrared RF Treatment; and Light Phototherapy. It presents in a simple and modern hand-held design that is easy to operate even at home. Using this device not only helps you absorb minerals and nutrients from your skin care products but it also promotes better blood circulation and skin rejuvenation. Details: It offers 5 latest, advanced beauty innovations: Microcurrent - Microcurrent makes use of low-level current that adjusts with the body’s natural current to stimulate ATP production responsible for collagen and elastin formation. Not only does it energize facial muscles but it also helps in skin firming. Electroporation - Electroporation involves exposing skin to an electric field to reduce the cell wall resistance for better penetration and absorption of nutrients to the skin cells. It is highly effective in reducing appearances of wrinkles and fine lines. Mesoporation - This specific technology increases the absorption of active ingredients into the skin to delay skin aging. It nourishes skin leading to better hydration, muscle tone, and an even skin tone. It also leads to visible purity, elasticity and refreshment, and improved skin hydration. Infrared RF Treatment - Anaesthetic technique that makes use of radio frequency to stimulate collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. It helps regain skin elasticity. Light Phototherapy - This technology focuses on emitting light energy at specific wavelengths to fight skin aging and accelerate skin cell growth. Each mode penetrates into different layers of skin to promote faster skin regeneration. It ensures that the procedure is non-thermal and non-invasive which means no skin damage during treatment. 6 Light Phototherapy modes to help improve skin: Model 1: Pink Light Phototherapy Wavelength: 415nm (+ - 10nm) Evens out skin tone Helps whiten skin Model 2: Flash Pink Light Phototherapy Helps vitamins and minerals from beauty products to penetrate into the skin for maximum results Wavelength: 415nm (+ - 10nm) Model 3: Red Light Phototherapy Improves skin elasticity and the healing of damaged skin cells Reduces visibility of large pores, crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating the production of collagen Wavelength: 620nm (+ - 10nm) Model 4: Yellow light Breaks down toxins from the skin to remove dullness Helps brighten skin Wavelength: 590nm (+ - 10nm) Model 5: Blue Light Phototherapy Reduces skin inflammation and helps to clarify skin Targets and eliminates bacteria responsible for pimples Wavelength: 465nm (+ - 10nm) Model 6: Green Light Phototherapy Reduces visibility of age spots, dark spots, pimple scars, and freckles Targets skin pigmentation and melanin Wavelength: 520nm (+-10nm) Quadruple ultrasonic probes that cleverly promote good blood circulation and skin cell regeneration Can be used for the eyes, neck, face, and body Non-invasive treatment LED screen which presents adjustable function and intensity levels Lightweight and easy to operate Safe and dermatologically tested How It Works: Charge the device for use. Apply skin essential oil or nourishing cream. Switch on the device and select desired LED mode. Use device the message your face or targeted area slowly. Follow the message pattern as instructed from the product manual for the best result. You can gradually adjust the intensity during the treatment. The device will automatically shut off after 10 minutes of use. Wipe the device after use. For the first month, use 1 – 2 times a week. For the second consecutive month and more, use once a week. Not recommended for pregnant women or children.
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Deep Tissue | Laser Therapy | #1 | Expert | Michael Tomlinson | Sciatica | Pain Relief |Natural|HL4B
http://tomlinsonchiro. com Call 816-584-0444 To Schedule Your Consultation Today. At Tomlinson Clinic, we provide exceptional service specific for the treatment of chronic sciatica and severe low back, neck pain and knee pain, using the latest technology. We are a facility that provides an affordable alternative to drugs or surgery, so a patient can maximize a healthy lifestyle. We use the latest and safest technology, including the latest class 4 laser for the treatment of low back pain. We provide a complete care system for the patient to not only help with pain relief, but provide a plan to strengthen their bodies to prevent future problems. We focus on the patient and give them hope for their care. If we cannot for any reason help them with their problem, then we will kindly point them in the right direction for care. This approach to treating low back pain allows us to accept all forms of back, neck and knee pain. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy uses light energy (laser) to non-invasively and painlessly treat injuries. It is used by Olympic, professional and major college sports teams to help their athletes relieve their pain and to help them recover quickly from injuries. Now you can experience world class pain relief here in Kansas City. What is Deep Tissue Laser Therapy? LASER is an acronym that stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission or Radiation. In simple terms this refers to light waves of a specific wavelength -- both artificial and sunlight usually consist of many different wavelengths of light scattering in all different directions. Therapeutic benefits of high power laser therapy: 1) Pain relief -- laser therapy relieves pain through several different biological mechanisms. a) Laser therapy blocks the pain signals transmitted from injured parts of the body to the brain. This decreases nerve sensitivity and significantly reduces the perception of pain; b) laser therapy also reduces pain by decreasing inflammation and swelling; c) laser therapy also reduces pain by increasing the production and release of endorphins and enkephalins , which are natural pain-relieving chemicals within our bodies. 2) Improved nerve function -- laser light speeds up the process of nerve cell reconnection which decreases the time necessary for nerve cells to heal after an injury. Laser therapy also increases the amplitude (strength) of action potentials (signals sent along nerve fibers) which improves overall nerve and muscle function. Both of these reasons explain why laser therapy is so beneficial at -reducing the symptoms related to nerve injury -- namely sharp pain, numbness, tingling and burning 3) Inflammation reduction -- laser therapy causes the smaller arteries and lymph vessels of the body to increase in size -- a mechanism called vasodilation. This increased vasodilation allows inflammation, swelling and edema to be cleared away from injury sites more effectively. Vasodilation of lymph vessels also promotes lymphatic drainage which also aids in this vital healing process. Bruising is often resolved more quickly as a result of this particular biological effect. 4) Accelerated tissue repair and cell growth -- Photons of light emitted by therapeutic lasers penetrate deeply into the tissues of the body to stimulate the production centers of individual cells. This stimulation increases the energy available to these cells causing them to absorb nutrients and expel waste products more rapidly. This dramatically accelerates the repair of injured tissue leading to faster tendon, ligament and muscle healing. 5) Improved blood flow -- laser therapy significantly increases the formation of new capillaries (tiny blood vessels) within damaged tissues. With more capillaries bringing more blood to the injury site healing is sped up, wounds are closed more rapidly and scar tissue formation is reduced. 6) Reduced formation of scar tissue -- laser therapy reduces the formation of scar tissue (fibrous tissue) following tissue damage related to cuts, burns and surgery. Laser therapy is able to reduce this formation by speeding up the healing process, improving the blood flow to the injured area and more effectively carrying away waste products -- all are mechanisms mentioned above. Faster healing always leads to less scar tissue formation. Deep Tissue Laser therapy, which is used by many professional and college sports teams, can help to decrease inflammation, increase blood flow and increase ATP production which helps injured tissue to heal quicker. http://youtu.be/Hunknb_g56I
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Photon 7 LED Light Facial Mask Skin Spa Rejuvenation Machine
For more details, please visit http://www.beautyreborn.net Get Spa quality skin treatment just like Jessica Alba and Kourtney Kardashian but with a more cost effective solution at home. Inspired by Korean Beauty, this light therapy machine is powered by exclusive Nano LED technology composed of over 280 special medical SLD bulbs to produce 7 different wavelengths. Led light therapy is a pain-free, non-invasive, soothing and rejuvenating anti-aging device skin treatment. In addition, it heals blemishes, reduces skin degradation, helps improve sun damaged skin, creates more skin moisture, leading to a healthier skin tone.
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The TenDlite Analgesic Light Therapy Device -- Quick and Easy Joint Pain Relief
Find out more: http://amzn.to/2iGVVkL The TenDlite light therapy device is an advanced product that uses analgesic and anti-inflammatory light generation to induce deep penetration of light that enhances the body's natural healing process, assisting the regeneration process for injured cells and accelerating cellular metabolism. Advanced Technology for Faster Results TenDlite uses some of the most advanced medical light therapy technology available today to achieve the results that this device is known for. By generating a safe anti-inflammatory red light through advanced LED technology, this little gadget promotes deep healing without the use of harmful UVA or UVB rays. Although it may look like a laser and provide the same level of a healing potential at a molecular level, the device is not a laser at all, and it has no harmful cutting or burning effects that would normally be associated with most lasers. The Benefits of Using the TenDlite Device • The concentrated light generated by the device at the exact wavelength required for tissue and cell regeneration makes it perfect for targeting specific, small areas for deep healing. • The device is not addictive or harmful in any way, and you'll only need a couple of minutes to experience the results that other light therapy gadgets deliver in more than half an hour. • Light therapy devices such as this one have been used for decades with a fair amount of success when it comes to relieving wrist, knee or muscle pain caused by arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. • The exact same analgesic light technology used for the TenDlite product is used by professional athletes and promoted by doctors and trainers for quick pain relief and efficient healing purposes. Disadvantages • The most problematic drawback associated with this device is the fact that it goes through a lot of batteries quite fast. It may be best to buy batteries that are known for lasting longer or -- even better -- a few rechargeable batteries. • The light therapy device may not be able to cure everything, so check with your doctor before buying it in order to ensure that it's the best course of action to help you with any condition you may have. What Do the Buyers Have to Say? The quick results, intense and specific targeting of affected areas, portability and flexible use both for severe and mild pain relief are the main advantages that people who have used the TenDlite product have pointed out. While there were a few complaints about the efficiency of the device, it is important to note that the light has only a symptomatic relief effect -- especially when it comes to short term use -- and additional therapies may be necessary if you want complete relief and healing. Overview For a device that weighs just a few ounces, the TenDlite pain relief product has a lot going for it, and even though it's slightly pricier than most light therapy gadgets, its superior technology and craftsmanship, as well as the clear positive results it delivers even after long term use, has driven even medical specialists to considered that it's worth the investment. The TenDlite device is FDA approved, being completely safe to use, and causes no side effects or infections that are commonly associated with lower quality light therapy products.
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Skin Rejuvenation & Pain Relief Light Therapy -  TherapyLighting.com
http://therapylighting.com/ Light therapy using LED (light emitting diode) photo-therapy is a simple, safe treatment which can offer a robust healing to damaged facial skin. It is also effectively used for pain relief. Unlike intense pulsed light (IPL) devices and lasers that use heat, the LED technology is a non-thermal and non-ablative narrow band of light. It focuses beneath the skin and energizes the cells in a similar way that the energy of the sun stimulates a plant. This can result in a net increase in extra-cellular matrix proteins and collagen formation, which in turn lead to improved skin tone and texture, reduced pore size, reduced pigmentation, and fewer lines and wrinkles. Pain and injury light therapy treatment is a non-drug, non-invasive modality. It is able to stimulate the healing mechanisms of the body. Through the use of specific light wavelengths, the body tissues get energized, resulting in a complex chain of biochemical responses. LED light therapy is the solution in the management of pain relief, muscle and sports injuries, and joint aches.
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TenDlite Fast JOINT PAIN RELIEF NEW Anti-inflammatory & Analgesic Light Review
TenDlite Fast JOINT PAIN RELIEF NEW Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic Light - https://amzn.to/2JCKRDF Red Led Light Therapy Device - TENDLITE® Advanced Pain Relief FDA Cleared Joint & Muscle Reliever MEDICAL GRADE ● THE EVOLUTION OF PAIN MEDICINE ● The World's #1 Red Light Therapy | MEDICAL GRADE Strength & Relief | FDA cleared LED Light Therapy Device - for your Joint Pain Relief. ONLY USE FDA REGISTERED/CLEARED RED LIGHT MEDICAL DEVICES. Red light devices that are not registered/cleared by the FDA are not legal and are not checked for safety, quality or effectiveness. ● THE SECRET TO YOUR PAIN-FREE LIVING ● Localized Photo-Activation Supports Healthy Joints - HEALTHY, PAIN-FREE JOINTS ALLOW YOU TO FOCUS ON ACTIVITIES THAT HELP WITH STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY & MOBILITY - Tendlite has a powerful and safe Medical Grade LED at the Therapeutic Wavelength of 660nm. Direct Red Light for Easy, Fast, Safe & Painless Therapy: Just shine the Light for 1 minute Directly at the Joint or Muscle. ● DOCTOR-RECOMMENDED & USED BY HEALTH PROFESSIONALS ● TENDLITE® utilizes state of the art technology used on Pro Athletes by today's leading Doctors, Physical Therapists, and Trainers. Now you can successfully apply to ease painful joints and muscles at home for a fraction of the cost. PROFESSIONAL QUALITY RIGHT AT YOUR HOME. ● TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR ACHES AND PAINS WITH SCIENCE BASED RED LIGHT THERAPY BIOSTIMULATION● Drug-Free | Not Addictive | No Drug Side-effects | RED LIGHT THERAPY IS USED TO SUPPORT RECOVERY BY EASING ACHES AND PAINS. ● ASSEMBLED IN THE USA UNDER RENOWNED CALTECH ENGINEER SUPERVISION TO LAST AND PERFORM ● 5-YEAR Warranty on the High-Tech Therapeutic LED Bulb + 1 Year Full Warranty on the whole Device. Top Quality Stainless-steel Construction. Not Available in Stores - Order Here! TenDlite Fast JOINT PAIN RELIEF https://youtu.be/RARWnKrxFeQ Best Arthritis Pain Relief Products https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2dnNQmqJUbKivHRyAQPdrSmoRazVo4D2 #tendlitefastjointpainreliefnewantiinflammatoryandanalgesiclight #tendliteredlighttherapyreviews #doestendlitework #tendlitediscountcode #tendliteforwrinkles #tendliteinstructions #painrelieftherapytendlite #tendliteuk #tendliteamazon #tendlitereview #luminagroup #laserlighttherapypain #dplflexpad #infraredlighttherapyforarthritis #bestcoldlaserforhomeuse #redlighttherapyforjointpain #infraredlighttherapyforkneepain #tendliteforwrinkles #doestendlitereallywork #ledpainrelieverdoesitwork #tendlitediscountcode #tendlitemw #redlighttherapyfortendonitis #redlighttherapytendonitis #redlighttherapyforsportsinjuries #redledlighttherapydevicetendlite Disclaimer: This video description contains affiliate links. Meaning, if you click on one of the product links, we may receive a small commission. This help supports our channel and enables us to continue to make videos for you to watch. Thank you for the support!
UltraSpa Light Therapy TestimonialVideo 1
The 21st century Anti-Aging, Stress & Pain Relief LED phototherapy system that you can take with you anywhere you go, on or off the planet. The UltraSpa phototherapy system is based on 30 years of the inventors experience in the field of phototherapy and product development. The UltraSpa uses the most tested wavelengths of Red, Blue and Near Infrared LED light. These beneficial wavelengths of light can be used for Mood lifting, Energy renewal and profound Stress Relief. The Anti-Aging effects are amazing and can be applied directly to the skin to increase collagen and elastin production, reduce inflammation, speed healing, increase circulation and fight acne bacteria.
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Infrared-Light Treatment Can Heal With Heat, Proponents Say
But experts warn of risks in using heat for pain relief and other ailments. Lisa Sigell reports.
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Strongest Most Affordable LED light therapy device
8,000mW 8 Watts of light power handheld for $905 but less cost per unit if 2+ are ordered. Has Red Wavelength and Near Infrared Diodes. This device just was released and has blown me away. There is even a book written which provides guidelines for using it. The company that has produced it is well known for manufacturing the strongest Class 3 devices currently in the industry. Now you don't have to spend $8-20,000 on a laser or other LED system in order to get the required joules of energy and idea Dosage Time for getting the best therapeutic outcomes possible. To learn more about Laser and LED brands out there or get a discount on this new device the LZRultrabright just reach out on my website anytime www.healthhacksreviewed.com PROMO Code: AlexTarris10
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MLS Laser Therapy for Healing Injuries & Pain Relief
LASER THERAPY FOR HEALING INJURIES AND PAIN RELIEF We help you get back on your feet. A Step Above Foot Care is proud to be on the leading edge of medical technology. We have the FDA approved MLS Laser Therapy treatment for foot and ankle pain. A Step Above Foot Care helps relieve foot and ankle injuries and other conditions with the MLS laser in Long Beach and surrounding areas. The new MLS Laser Therapy at A Step Above Foot Care is the most effective, proven, pain free treatment for foot conditions such as heel pain, bunion pain, and plantar fasciitis. MLS Laser Therapy painlessly reduces inflammation, resulting in a speedier recovery. Laser Therapy is an advanced modality for the treatment of inflammatory or painful conditions. The MLS Laser Therapy effectively treats: Heel pain Sports injuries Bunion pain Plantar fasciitis Circulation issues Neuromas Tendinitis, such as Achilles tendinitis Ligament injuries, such as a sprained ankle Soft tissue injuries Muscle strains and tears Sore muscles and joints Degenerative conditions Arthritis Wounds Pre-surgical and post-surgical pain and swelling Muscle strains and tears Neurological pain General pain Musculoskeletal disorders Anti-inflammatory applications What is MLS Laser Therapy? It is an alternative solution to treat pain in your feet. The MLS laser is a state-of-the-art therapy that assists in restoring mobility to patients with various painful foot and ankle conditions. It has been proven effective through extensive and credible studies conducted by some of the best institutions in the country, including Harvard University. This laser therapy, also known as cold laser therapy, is a healthy, alternative solution to relief of foot pain without surgery or medication. It is also used in conjunction with medications and surgery. The MLS Laser Therapy is a safe way of treating painful feet, and is effective in just a few treatments. An additional advantage is that each treatment is quick and affordable. What does MLS stand for? MLS stands for Multi-wave Locked System. This patented system delivers two specific synchronized wavelengths of laser light. One laser emission acts on inflammation, and the other has an analgesic, pain-relieving effect. FOR PATIENTS: What to expect: Laser therapy is a non-invasive technique to help reduce pain and inflammation. Laser therapy can be safely used as an adjunct or replacement for pharmaceutical drugs and/or surgery. This pain relief treatment is FDA cleared and enables patients to have an alternative to drugs and surgery. Laser therapy treatments last between 5 and 10 minutes depending on the condition being treated. Laser therapy treatments must be administered directly to skin, as laser light cannot penetrate through layers of clothing. It is painless. Safety and efficacy: The MLS Lasers are cleared by the FDA and adhere to strict standards in order to provide you with the safest non-invasive treatment option on the market. Laser therapy provides you with a safe and effective alternative to drugs and surgery. Most patients see results within 3 to 5 short treatments. The MLS Laser Therapy works by flooding the tissues with photons, which energizes cells, resulting in increased circulation to the injured area and ultimately pain reduction. Laser therapy allows your body to utilize its own healing powers by inducing a series of healing responses in your body. During treatment you may feel a soothing warmth that identifies the beginning of an 18-24 hour process of modulated cellular activity leading to decreased pain and inflammation. Some patients state they feel a comfortable warm sensation in the area being treated, while other patients usually don't feel the laser. There is no pain, heat, or swelling during or after the treatment. Over 90% of patients experience positive results after the third treatment, with the average course of treatment being 7 to 10 sessions. In many cases, by the 3rd or 4th treatment, swelling is greatly reduced and there is a rapid relief of pain. The effects of MLS Laser Therapy are cumulative; therefore, expect to see improvement as you proceed through your Treatment Plan. Chronic conditions can be controlled with regular treatments. Acute conditions usually subside quickly, typically within one phase of treatments. It is critical that once you start, you complete the course of treatments recommended by your doctor or symptoms are likely to reoccur.
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High Intensity Laser - Medical Effects
www.btlnet.com High Intensity Laser is a device which penetrates the skin non-invasively and causes healing, recovery and pain relief in the tissue. Key effects of the High Intensity Laser are photoacoustic effect (analgesia), biostimulation and thermic effect. Watch the video to find out more about how the High Intensity Laser works and how the therapy can help you or your patients.
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LED Light Therapy at Facelove
Light therapy LPL – LED & Low Level Light Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses light in specific wavelengths for skin rejuvenation. Light therapy was originally developed for healing; however, it is now used for facial rejuvenation, muscle and joint pain relief, and hair growth.
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Do it Yourself - Infrared Light Therapy
http://www.dealingwithhealing.com - Here's a quick and easy way to make your own infrared light for around $20! Whether it's a pulled muscle, sore muscle or maybe you are recovering from an injury or medical procedure - Infrared Light is a great thing to have in your healing arsenal. Here's to our good health! Marika #infrared #healing #dealingwithhealing
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Beurer Infrared Heat Lamp Review
My review of the Beurer Infrared Heat Lamp. I have pain in my hands and other joint issues, so I thought I'd review this while it was in my possession. I like it, and it's accurate in the claims that it's like being in the sun. It really feels like my hands have been basking in the hot sun for a few hours. My only gripe would be that the effects didn't feel like they lasted for several hours. If you wanted to use this regularly for pain control, I think you would find yourself using it a half dozen times per day.
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The Nanobeam 940 - "No pain all gain"
DavaRay offers Advanced Medical Light Therapy. The NanoBeam™ 940 is the latest innovation in near-infrared light therapy devices which emits focused near-infrared light at a wavelength of 940 nanometers. The FDA has cleared its use for the temporary relief of: muscle pain, joint pain, arthritis pain, muscle spasms, stiffness, promoting the relaxation of muscle tissue, and temporarily increase local blood circulation where heat is indicated. Learn about near-infrared light therapy and it's uses around the world. The Nanobeam 940 is an advanced near-infrared therapy device being used by the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Pistons, Cincinnati Bengals, the US Olympic Team and many others to warm up muscles and joints as well as for pain relief and rapid injury recovery. Physical Therapists and Doctors are using the Nanobeam 940 to relieve many types of pains and muscle stiffness. www.davaray.com
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DONNA BELLA PRO PRESENT LED FACE LIF - Ultrasonic 5 in 1 Skin Treatment
Ultrasonic 5 in 1 Skin Treatment Ultrasonic Skin Rejuvenator The UltraSonic 5n1 adopts ULTRASOUND, Green Light & Red&Blue light and Ion and bio vibration in one device. Mainly designed for boddy slimming, skin tightening & lifting, acne & pimple treatment etc. Features: - It can change the capacity and movement of every cell with precise massage function which is named as cells massage. - It can stimulate and adjust the cytomembrane, increase the permeability of epidermis, its thermal, physical and chemical effects can rise the temperature in deep skin by 0.5-1°C, promote skin to absorb essences, accelerate metabolism and reinforce the regenerative course of tissue. - The Ultrasonic 5n1 can also decompose waste surrounding fat, consume energy, repair lymph and capillary vessels with weight losing and figure sculpting functions. Galvanic ,Positive Ion and Negative Ion It can form a weak electric field between skin surface and germinal layer, temporarily break the skin barrier layer, remove dirt from pores with the principle of [Opposites Attract] and conduct essences of different functions (such as acne removing, moisturizing, whitening and wrinkles resisting) into deep skin with the principle of [homogeneous repellent]. Replenish effective ingredients into skin which may accumulate surrounding skin cells as [ion cluster], promote cells to constantly absorb essences with the absorbent concentration several and dozens times of higher than extending or oral take. In addition, positive electrode can generate acid action with the functions of tranquilizing nerves, dropping blood supply in skin, strengthen the fiber tissue of skin, shrinking pores and relieving reddish skin. It is applicable for allergic skin and acne. Negative electrode can generate alkali action, stimulate nerves, promote blood circulation, soften fiber tissue and strengthen firmness, and is applicable for dry and ageing skin with slow metabolism. IPL Photon Blue /Red/Green light Functions Bio Red Light: wavelength 625±3nm (16 LEDS):The red light penetrating 8-10mm is suitable for any type of skin; it can reach derma to stimulate fibre cells. Heating can improve blood circulation and collagen albumen hyperplasia to reduce wrinkles and make skin more elastic and smooth. The mild wavelength is suitable for surrounding eyes and forehead. (nagetive ion Erasing wrinkles high frequency ultrasonic galvanic facial machine beauty products wholesale) Bio Blue Light: wavelength 465±3nm (16 LEDS):The blue light penetrating about 0.5mm has the function of calming and against skin rashes; suitable for the skin which is sensitive, oily and with skin rashes. It can adjust skin sebum secretion, effectively get rid of acne and whelk to reach the aim of beautification. Besides, the blue light can astringe and tighten the loosened skin. Bio Green Light: wavelength 525±3nm (16 LEDS): has the effects of neutralization, balancing and calming, It can ease strain, dredge lymph and useful in edema elimiation. Bio Yellow light (wavelenght: 592 nm) (16 LEDS)The peneration distance of yellow light is a little shorter than red light, it's suitable for sensitive skin type. It can relief sensitive skin, stimulate lymphatic & nervous system, strengthen muscle and enchance immunity of skin. Micro vibration 12,000 rythems Per Second, The 5n1 can soften the residue of cosmetics and grease in pores. It helps to facilitate the discharge of oil secretion, Penetrating deep to loosen dirt build-up in blackheads, pimples and acne, and the formation of cosmetics residues. Reduces bags and wrinkles under the eyes, tightens skin, improves gloss, activation of bone collagen hyperplasia, effectively preventing wrinkles. Clinical Application: -Be used in face and body care -Body slimming and Skin firmness -Promotes cosmetic adsorbtion for the skin -Eliminates facial swelling, to reduce the double chin, shape the face -Spot Remover/ Whitening -Eliminates dark circles, bags under the eyes
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Celluma's Pro FDA approved LED device http://www.desertcryotherapy.com/ provides compromised cells with the energy to regain and restore vitality naturally. Its powerful, deeply penetrating wavelengths are absorbed by photoreceptors in the mitochondria. This process increases the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) — the fuel that drives all cells.
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All Near-Infrared 850nm Red Light Therapy Device with 60 NIR LEDs
Powerful light device made with 60 high quality LEDs of an all NIR 850nm wavelength LED layout, with an impressive 300w capacity and actual operating power of 120w±5w. This well made device is designed for a versatile set up and top grade light functionality. Product details: LED Quantity: 60pcs High Quality LEDs Certification: RoHS, CE, FCC Light Source: LEDs with 60 Degree Lenses & Reflectors Lifespan: over 50,000 hours Hanging Hooks: 6 Cooling Fans: 2 Power Consumption: 300 Watt (True/Actual Operating Power 120w±5w) Wavelength: Near-Infrared 850nm Input Voltage: AC85 - 265V Operating Time: 10 - 16 hours Irradiance*: 100mW/cm2 (1000W/m2) *depending on distance Package Weight: 1.9kg (4.1lb.) Dimensions: 27.6x17.0x6.0cm Quality components The custom designed 60 Degree lenses & Reflectors focuses the light source from the high quality LEDs, providing an intense beam that maintains high strength over long distances. Close use gives intense light, far use gives wide coverage. Package Includes: 1x Light Device 1x Power Cord 1x Hanging Kit Package Weight: 4.0 kg (8.8lb) We offer the latest and greatest units in the LED market, this LED is extremely versatile and easy to set up. By using the latest LED technology this device provides with the optimal Near-Infrared light. How to use Distance: Apply from 10 inches(25.4cm). Session Time: Up to 10 minutes. Our light devices are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Our devices are low-risk, general wellness products that do not require FDA clearance, in accordance with the “General Wellness: Policy on Low Risk Devices” draft released January 20, 2015. Please do always use with proper grounding & Eye safety Light reducing eye protection glasses or Light protection eye patch glasses. Coming soon. Retail price: 395$ Pre-order starts on June 21st.
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Laser Therapy Equipment by Supertceh Surgical Manufacture in Delhi used In Physiotherapy
Laser Therapy treatment is a non-invasive therapy that makes use of intense beams of light of specific wavelengths to help reduce pain related to your injury. LASER stands for ‘Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.’ When it comes to therapeutic use, lasers are often referred to as Cold Lasers, Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or High Power Laser Therapy (HPLT). The Low-Level Laser Therapy utilizes red (and close to red) infrared light on areas of injury or wounds in order to mend the soft tissue and also to give relief from acute and chronic pain. When the lights of specific wavelengths are targeted to a particular area of body, physiological changes take place in the cells. This process is known as photobiomodulation. In contrast to surgical lasers, the therapeutic lasers gently pass through your skin without breaking the skin or causing discomfort. Laser therapy is considered by many professionals and patients to be a very effective tool in improving injury condition. Contact us on 9711991264,9015251243,9811564804,9953452836,9212046677 Email : supertechsurgical24@gmail.com Website : www.solutionforever.com Address : F-400,Sudershan Park,Near Gopal Ji Dairy ,Moti Nagar,New Delhi -110015 Whats App Num : 9711991264,9015251243
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Laser or LED
Laser treatment, instead of acupuncture
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WHAT MAKES REVIVE ACNE LED LIGHT THERAPY DEVICE SUPERIOR TO OTHER AT-HOME DEVICES? ReVive Acne Treatment LED Light Therapy is a superior LED Light Therapy that’s an FDA-cleared, OTC Class II medical grade device with DPL (Deep Penetrating Light) Technology providing in-office quality results at home. DPL technology sets this device apart from many of the at-home use devices because DPL can get deep into the skin like an in-office treatment does. WHY LIGHT THERAPY FOR ACNE Light encourages the body to heal. LED Light Therapy has been shown in studies to rapidly reduce acne. Blue light eliminates the bacteria on the skin, even in deeper skin layers, far deeper than can be reached with a washcloth or sonic facial cleansing brush. It’s painless with no side effects and you can continue to use your regular skincare products without a conflict. WHY REVIVE LED LIGHT THERAPY Has your acne ever looked better after a day of sun at the beach? All UV light kills bacteria but can cause other skin damage. ReVive Acne LED Light Therapy uses only the specific wavelength of light that eliminates bacteria, 415 nanometers (non-UV) blue light spectrum, to target bacteria while not harming the skin. Studies show the precise 415 nm wavelength of light used by the reVive is safe and effective for acne treatment Studies show this precise 415 nm wavelength of blue light used by the reVive is safe and effective for acne treatment This wavelength of light attacks acne three ways. It kills acne-causing bacteria, it clears existing breakouts by starving the pimple, and it prevents acne flare-ups by regulating oil production. This quickly leads to clear skin, often within just a few days. It also reduces redness and inflammation, which makes acne so noticeable and difficult to conceal with makeup. USING THE DEVICE: FIRST IMPRESSIONS It is packed well in a sturdy box. The device can be used directly out of the package, there is no charge-up time. Plug it in, turn it on and use it. The device comes with protective goggles that are optional to wear, but useful. The reVive slimline device has an extra long cord for ease of use. I use it while watching TV a few minutes each night HOW TO USE THE DEVICE To use, hold the light head 1/4 inch from the treatment area for three minutes, move, and repeat. The acne treatment LED handheld light “face” covers a large treatment area, bathing skin in a safe bacteria-killing light. I prefer this device with it’s big head to some of the spot treatment smaller devices I have seen, especially in a modality that is intended to eliminate bacteria from the entire face to not just kill existing acne in small spot treatments, but to pre-empt future acne before it can start. RESULTS My skin performed on cue and a whitehead turned into a full-fledged red, inflamed pimple the day after the reVive device arrived. It became our test case blemish. My skin looks brighter after a few uses. It also quickly reduced the redness and inflammation in existing acne breakouts, which made them immediately easier to cover with concealer. Normally, my acne stays red and inflamed for the duration of the blemishes’ miserable life, but the reVive removed the red after two sessions. I am very pleased with this since I have a tough time concealing acne very well. It also shrunk down in size after one session and did not turn into the full-blown pimple disaster my lower cheek pimples typically tend to be. CONCLUSION The ReVive Acne Treatment LED Light Therapy (Clinical) is an FDA-cleared, OTC Class II medical grade device that features dpl® Technology which provides enhanced treatment efficacy, giving you in-office quality results at home in only a few minutes a day. It uses a safe wavelength of light that will not harm the skin and is a truly superior product compared to what is typically made available for at-home use. The large treatment head covers sizable portions of the face at once, bathing the face in blue light to treat existing acne and prevent future acne by killing acne-causing bacteria. ReVive makes acne treatable for any age or gender in the comfort of you own home in just a few minutes a day. Find ReVive Acne Treatment LED Light Therapy at https://pro2medical.com/collections/personal-care/products/acne-treatment-led-light-therapy-clinical-revive Style Chicks received the ReVive Acne Treatment LED Light Therapy in exchange for our unbiased review and received compensation for our time and effort. However, our experience with the product and the opinions expressed in this review are 100% ours. #pro2medical #acne #skincare
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A Visual Look at Red, Blue and Infrared Light with Edna Ness, www.inlightlife.com
Hello, I'm Edna Ness with www.inlightlife.com. I'm a therapeutic esthetician, and today I'm going to tell you a little bit about red, blue and infrared light therapy pads that are used for pain management and increasing circulation. These are a couple examples of the light pads we offer. This one has red and infrared led lights. The infrared are on every other row. Infrared LEDs are invisible light. They warm you up, make you feel wonderful, and penetrate into the body about 1 ½ inches to reduce pain and stimulate circulation. This one is the blue pad. Blue light is very calming. It also has the infrared on every other row. Blue light, being calming, oxygenates the cells. Red light is a little bit more stimulating. Some of my clients like to use the blue lights at night to help them rest well, and the red lights before getting up in the morning, to feel more invigorated. Visit us at www.inlightlife.com, and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/InLightLife, and consider improving your health and energy with your own In Light Wellness Systems light pads.
Renewme Skin Clinic | Omega PDT Light Treatment
Available in 4 different wavelengths (colors) for different purposes. Prior medication-based acne treatment methods had harsh side effects (such as foetal deformities) and only offered a temporary solution. PDT (Omega light, photodynamic therapy) is the latest technology that minimizes all the flaws of former methods. By using specific wavelengths to destroy acne bacteria and reduce sebum, Omega light offers a quick and effective way to treat acne and remove blackheads, as well as cleanse pores and exfoliate. Originally developed to reduce pain and dress wounds, PDT is now also used for post-surgical recovery, hair restoration, aesthetic skin care, and obesity. Looking for a good dermatologist in Seoul? Renewme Skin Clinic has 5 branches in Seoul with 20 professional dermatologists ready to treat all of your skin concerns, whether it be severe conditions like acne and scars, or cosmetic procedures such as anti-aging, fillers, and facial contouring! Visit us at www.rnmeskin.net today!
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Low Level Laser Therapy- Benefits Of Low Level Laser Or Cold Laser Therapy
Click http://softlaser.net/ Subscribe to our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/HealingLightQ/ Low Level Laser or Cold Laser Therapy (LLLT) uses specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissues to accelerate the healing process. It has been used for a variety of acute and chronic conditions to help eliminate pain, swelling, reduce spasms, and increase movements and functionality. How Can "Low Level Laser or Cold Laser Therapy" (LLLT) Benefit Users? * Low Level Laser Therapy Relieves acute and chronic pain * Low Level Laser Therapy Increases blood supply * Low Level Laser Therapy Stimulates nerve function * Low Level Laser Therapy Stimulates the immune system * Low Level Laser Therapy Increases the speed and quality of tissue repair * Low Level Laser Therapy Helps Develop collagen and muscle tissue * Low Level Laser Therapy Helps generate new and healthy cells and tissues * Low Level Laser Therapy Promotes faster wound healing and clot formation Many acute and chronic conditions may be improved or eliminated with "Low Level Laser or cold laser therapy" use including: * Tennis Elbow * Golfer's Elbow * TMJ * Frozen Shoulder * Soft tissue injuries * Post-operative wounds * Swelling * Burns * Pressure sores * Herpes simplex * Acne * Anxiety/Depression mild-moderate using laser acupoints * Pain Relief * Hair Loss * Wound Healing * Arthritis * Migraine headaches * Lower back pain * Knee Pain * Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) * Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) * Tendonitis * Fibromyalgia * Sprains and strains * Post-operative pain How would laser therapy treatment help you and your family and friends? • Low Level Laser Therapy creates deep and stimulating relaxation to help your body to relieve tension and stress. • Low Level Laser Therapy increases the body's ability to self-heal. • Low Level Laser Therapy induces better sleep. • Low Level Laser Therapy is used for pain relief. • Low Level Laser Therapy helps reduce blood pressure. • Low Level Laser Therapy can benefit acute injuries, wound healing, and also conditions such as stress, asthma, eczema, digestive problems, sexual dysfunction, insomnia, and many others, and well as helping in breaking addictions such as smoking, • Low Level Laser Therapy is used for helping the body cleanse toxins. • Low Level Laser Therapy reduces many of the side effects involving medications and may be helpful recovery from drugs following chemotherapy and surgery, • Low Level Laser Therapy supports the bodies actual immune system. • Low Level Laser Therapy is used for anti aging therapy and increasing vitality. • Low Level Laser Therapy raises the actual vibrational consistency in the entire body. Low Level Laser Therapy is found to be helpful not only on a physical level, but also emotionally and even spiritually. In Low Level Laser Therapy, the laser beams photons of coherent light, which gently stimulate your body to produce more internal energy (ATP molecules), and in so helping cell revival and regeneration, reduction of inflammation, and better blood flow. Low Level Laser Therapy is mainly used for pain relief and helping the body's own natural healing process. Low Level Laser Therapy is a noninvasive, fast, and effective modality that has been confirmed throughout medical tests to reduce pain, reduce bruising, and promote a fester recovery. Low Level Laser Therapy is simple for just about any person to use. It is painless and almost unperceivable, although some people notice a slight tingling and warmth on the skin. Low Level Laser Therapy is used by Cosmetic Surgeons, Chiropractors, some GP's, Sports Doctors and also by many people who have found the health benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy. How do Low Level Lasers Work? Low Level Lasers or Cold lasers are placed directly over the injured area for a short period of time. The non-thermal photons of light emitted from the laser pass through the various skin layers (the dermis, epidermis, and the subcutaneous tissue or tissue fat under the skin). This laser light penetrates 2 to 5 centimeters. Once the light energy passes through the skin, it is absorbed and interacts with the light sensitive elements in the cells. This process may be thought similar to the process in plants called photosynthesis -- where sunlight is absorbed by plants cells, and then converted to usable energy for growing the plant. When body cells absorb the light energy from the soft laser, a series of events in the cells are initiated. It is believed to normalize damaged or injured cell membranes and eventually result in healing tissues, reducing inflammation, pain, and bruising, and reducing healing time.
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How To Triple Your Testosterone Production With Red Light
In this video, Ben shows how to use http://BenGreenfieldFitness.com/JOOVV to triple testosterone production, boost fertility, and increase testicular health. Ben talks about this and many other ways to biohack your testosterone in the article at: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2016/09/how-to-biohack-your-testosterone/ CAUTION: Be sure to use the correct spectrum of light so that you don't damage your testicles or sperm. This is why Ben recommends the JOOVV light, which emits red light in a tight spectrum of 660 nm. Most organs and glands of the body are covered by several inches of either bone, muscle, fat, skin or other tissues, making direct light exposure impractical, if not impossible. However, one of the notable exceptions is the male testes. Is it advisable to shine red light directly on one’s testicles? In most cases, red light therapy directly on the testicles for short, regular periods would raise testosterone levels over time. Downstream this would lead to a holistic effect on the body, raising focus, improving mood, increasing muscle mass, bone strength and lowering excess body fat. ------------------------- WARNING: Type of light exposure is crucial Red light can come from a variety of sources; it is contained in the wider spectra of sunlight, most home/work lights, street lights and so on. The problem with these light sources is that they also contain contradictory wavelengths such as UV (in the case of sunlight) and blue (in the case of most home/street lights). Additionally, the testicles are especially sensitive to heat, more so than other parts of the body. There’s no point applying beneficial light if you are simultaneously cancelling the effects with harmful light or excess heat. Blue & UV light’s effects Metabolically, blue light can be thought of as the opposite of red light. While red light improves cellular energy production, blue light worsens it. Blue light specifically damages the cytochrome enzyme in mitochondria, preventing ATP and carbon dioxide production. This can be positive in certain situations such as acne (where the problematic bacteria are killed), but over time in humans this leads to an inefficient metabolic state similar to diabetes. UV or ultraviolet light is even worse, having all of the negative aspects of blue light magnified, and able to penetrate the skin deeper – exerting damage on a more profound level. Red Light vs. Sunlight on testicles Sunlight has definite beneficial effects – vitamin D production, improved mood, increased energy metabolism (in small doses) and so on, but it is not without its downsides. Too much exposure and you not only lose all benefits, but create inflammation and damage in the form of sunburn, eventually contributing the skin cancer. Sensitive areas of the body with thin skin are especially prone to this damage and inflammation from sunlight – no area of the body more so than the testes. Isolated sources of red light such as LEDs are better, with none of the harmful blue & UV wavelengths and so no risk of sunburn, cancer or testicular inflammation. Don’t heat the testicles Male testicles hang outside of the torso for a specific reason – they operate most efficiently at 35°C (95°F), which is a full two degrees below normal body temperature of 37°C (98.6°F). Many types of lamps and bulbs used by some for light therapy (such as incandescents, heat lamps, infrared lamps at 1000nm+) give off a significant amount of heat and therefore are NOT suitable for use on the testicles. Heating the testicles while attempting to apply light would give negative results. The only ‘cold’/efficient sources of red light are LEDs and low level lasers. Bottom Line Red or infrared light from an LED source (600-950nm) can be safely applied to the testes without risk of side effects or damage while delivering all of the benefits as detailed above (improved fertility, improved testosterone production, etc.). Low level lasers are equally safe, albeit much more expensive. Sunlight can also be used on the testes but only for short periods and it is not without risks. Avoid exposure to blue/UV. Avoid any sort of heat lamp/incandescent bulb. Stick to LED light therapy for maximum safety and benefits. Visible red (600-700nm) LEDs are optimal. Session time from 2-20 minutes depending on light strength/heat.
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Top 3 Infrared lamp available online (Amazon) for Backache, Bruises, Sprains, Knee Pain
Infrared lamp Infrared light Infrared bulb Infrared lamp for pain relief Infrared lamp heat therapy Good for Backache, Bruises, Sprains, Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, Elbow Pain, Calf Pain, Neck Pain, Cold, Tension and Muscle ache Treatment in diseases of the ear, nose and throat and to assist in facial and beauty care, especially in case of impure skin Brands available at https://www.amazon.in/ 100 Watt - Beurer IL11 Infrared Lamp (White) 150 Watt - Murphy ML-0040 Infrared Heat Therapy Lamp (Black) 200 Watt - Philips HP3621/01 InfraCare Infrared Lamp (White) Thanks for watching video. Please like, comment and share videos. Please subscribe my channel for similar contents !!
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Alternative Carpal Tunnel Treatment. National News report on Microlight ML830® Cold Laser Therapy
Action News reports on the use of the Microlight ML830® Cold Laser for relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The ML830® provides relief from pain and inflammation, migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, neck pain, muscle injuries, ligament injuries, and many more. The ML830® was the first and only Class IIIb Laser cleared by the FDA as a NHN (non heating laser) for both human and pet use. The 830nm wavelength is the most tested and proven wavelength for laser therapy. Learn more about laser therapy at http://www.ml830clearance.com 90 Day Risk Free Trial!
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looking for Cold Laser Therapy in Carol Stream IL
Physical Therapy Chiropractic Center (630) 915-3600 http://www.drdavidcavazosdc.com Cold laser therapy is a relatively new technology in Carol Stream IL compared to many alternative therapies like acupuncture (which has been used since 8000-3500 B.C.), chiropractic (since 1895) and physical therapy. Just like the abacus evolved into the computer, many alternative medicine practices are evolving to include laser therapy. Recent innovations in low-level lasers now make it possible for practitioners or consumers to own high quality cold laser equipment. The first cold laser was FDA cleared in 2001. Cold lasers are sometimes called Low Level Lasers (LLL) or soft lasers. In general, cold lasers can be used in 2 distinct ways: Targeting acupuncture trigger points (similar to acupuncture but without the needles) Broad coverage of tissue and bone with IR or Red light photons to reduce pain and stimulate healing Cold Laser therapy offers a non-intrusive option to acupuncture and surgery. It also provides a non-addicting treatment that eliminates the complications of long-term drug treatment programs. Cold lasers are FDA cleared and widely use for treatment of: Acute and chronic pain Ligament sprains Muscle strain Soft tissue injuries Tendonitis Arthritis Tennis elbow Back pain Bursitis Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Fibromyalgia Healing With Cold Lasers The cold laser produces an impulse of light at a specific wavelength (usually 600 to 980nm) that minimizes reflection and scattering but maximized absorption of the the energy (in photons) at a desired depth. Some conditions like joint pain require a deep penetration (4-5 inches) that can only be achieved using a powerful laser emitter. Many systems also have other lower wavelengths and lower-power emitters for treating shallow tissue (like the lymphatic system or surface scars). For shallow treatments, light emitting diodes (or LEDs) with a shorter wavelength (600 to 700nm) are more cost effective for adding photons to the shallower tissue. In addition, red light diodes with a wavelength of 630 to 680 nm may be used to add energy to even shallower levels of tissues. It is the general consensus that wavelengths below 660 nanometers are very easily absorbed in the surface tissue and are not optimized for deep tissue healing. Erchonia is the only company that has product that only operate in the 600 -700 nm wavelengths. Products like the Avant and TerraQuant operate in both the lower and upper wavelengths. The goal of laser therapy is to deliver light energy units from red and infrared laser radiation, called photons, to damaged cells. It is the consensus of experts is that photons absorbed by the cells through laser therapy stimulate the mitochondria to accelerate production of ATP. This biochemical increase in cell energy is used to transform live cells from a state of illness to a stable, healthy state. Over 4000 studies have been conducted in recent years to validate the effectiveness of cold laser therapy. Cold lasers treatment systems may be cleared by the FDA. Benefit of Cold Lasers Easy to apply Extremely safe Non-Toxic Non-Invasive No side effects or pain Cost effective for both the practitioner and patient Highly effective in treating ailments (more than 90% efficacy) Superior alternative to analgesics, NSAID's and other medications Reduces the need for surgery Works synergistically with other modalities like Chiro, Acupuncture, and PT General Therapeutic Laser Biological Effects Increased Cell Growth: Laser photons accelerates cellular reproduction and growth. Increased Metabolic Activity: Photons initiate a higher outputs of specific enzymes, greater oxygen and food particle loads for blood cells and thus greater production of the basic food source for cells, Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP). Faster Wound Healing: Cold laser photons stimulates fibroblast development and accelerates collagen synthesis in damaged tissue Anti-Inflammatory Action: Laser photons reduce swelling caused by bruising or inflammation of joints resulting in enhanced joint mobility. Increased Vascular Activity: Laser photons induce temporary vasodilation that increases blood flow to effected areas. Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation:Laser photons reduce the formation of scar tissue following tissue damage from: cuts, scratches, burns or post surgery. Stimulated Nerve Function: Laser photon exposure speeds the process of nerve cell reconnect ion to bring the numb areas back to life. Pain Reduction: Almost all systems have a mode of operation specifically designed to reduce pain.
Led mask---PDT skin rejuvenation
Function: Red: Stimulate the collagen regeneration, wrinkle reduction,skin tighten, improve skin tone and texture. Blue: Eliminate bacteria, antimicrobial treatment, acne treatment Infrared: Wound healing, pain relief, facial relaxation. Model No.:CR-P166 Wavelength: 430nm/630nm/830nm Color: Red/Blue/Red and blue blending/infrared Power: 35W LED Quantity: 217 pcs
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Far Infrared Saunas at Roar Fitness 247 - Treat Yourself
Far-Infrared saunas create a deep heating of the muscle, tissue and internal organs and are excellent for treating: Pain relief: Infrared heat helps to relieve aches and pains from minor pain through to chronic pain conditions as well as relief for arthritis, muscular tension, strain, post exercise pain and soft tissue injuries. Weight loss: One 45-minute infrared sauna session can burn up to 1,000 calories by increasing the heart rate and cardiac output, eliminating waste and excess fluid and burning fat not just water. Cellulite, scarring & wounds: Research shows that infrared therapy contributes to substantial reductions of cellulite, scarring and increased wound recovery as the therapy enhances the skins healing process and warms three times deeper than conventional saunas, effectively removing waste build up in cells and tissue, increasing lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, and cleansing and detoxifying. Skin detoxification & anti-aging: The near infrared wavelength is the most effective wavelength for healing the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. Sauna treatments stimulate collagen production to reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin tone regenerating the skin, firming and improving skin tone and elasticity and relieving acne scarring, eczema, psoriasis, burns, keloids and stretch marks. Infrared sauna technology can help purify your skin by eliminating toxins from your pores and increasing circulation, resulting in clearer, softer, and healthier-looking skin. Relaxation: Infrared sauna therapy promotes relaxation by helping to balance your body’s level of cortisol, your body’s primary stress hormone. The heat generated by the sauna will also help to relax muscles and relieve tension throughout the body, allowing you to relax and de-stress.
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Cold Laser Relief- Cheryl Russell
Cold Laser Therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to treat damaged tissue to restore proper functioning. The lights communicate with the body to trigger your own bodies healing response. It allows your body to start healing itself in an accelerated manor. It brings a new found energy to the cells which allows for proper healing. It's not magic, your body still needs time to heal but this will assure that acute conditions don't become chronic and chronic conditions begin to heal where healing has ceased. Chronic conditions occur when your body stops healing, your body believes the conditions are healed and therefore stops the healing process. Lights will restart that healing even if the condition is bone on bone arthritis. Find out more information by visiting http://www.coldlaserrelief.com/
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led red light therapy
Infrared radiation is invisible light radiation with a wavelength in the range of 400.000nm to 760nm, the source of the higher temperature, the infrared radiation with wavelengths as small. High thermal radiation is called thermal radiation. Therefore the effect of infrared mainly thermal effects, the affected skin infrared heat will vasodilatation red skin like other thermal methods, should have the effect of chronic anti-inflammatory pain relief, muscle relaxation . Deep penetration of infrared radiation on the body in general is very low, only about 1-3mm. http://www.redlighttherapy.com.au/
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LT-110G 10 Colors New Version LED Lamp PDT Skin Rejuvenation Beauty  Photon Therapy
Color: As Pictures Show Technology: PDT led lights skin care Wavelength: Red-620nm, yellow-590nm, green-520nm, blue-465nm, Ten Output mode: M1 - M10 Time selection: 1-60 minutes Input voltage: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz Power per light: 0.01mw LED quantities: 960pcs, each color 240pcs Life long: 25000 hours Brightness: Red 3000-4000mcd, yellow 3500-4500mcd, green 7000-8000mcd, blue 4500-5500mcd, What’app:(+86)18948755929 Wechat:+86 189 48755929 www.mychway.com
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Empire Tech Non Surgical LED Sonic Device
The Non-Surgical LED Sonic Device uses light emitting diodes (LEDs) – a special type of light source that releases energy in the form of photons. The red and blue light that’s emitted is not simply white light filtered through a colored lens, but the pure light energy of the colors in their true wavelengths.LED light therapy is energy working in its purest form.
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How to Use Led Light Therapy Panel ?
How to Use Red Light Therapy Red Light Therapy for Anti aging and Pain https://www.vitactivate.com https://www.vitactivate.com/products/red-light-therapy-home-device-anti-aging This Anti-Ageing light therapy is a proven solution that makes the skin feel and look younger clinically. From the Inside out, it reverses wrinkles, loss of elasticity and firmness, collagen production, fine lines, uneven skin tone and skin dullness. TOP BENEFITS Reversal of fine lines, wrinkles and improved skin texture after eight weeks of daily use. Improved skin quality due to the treatment of rhytoids, scarring, rosacea, and eczema. When the LED is administered to the face, a chemical called cytokine is produced by the skin cells that plump the problem areas and heal the skin. Mild to moderate to acne elimination by the blue light therapy. Blue LED light in the wavelengths of 415 to 420nm has been proved to kill propionibacterium acnes, significantly reducing the occurrence of blemishes and whiteheads in people suffering from this type of acne. Skin rejuvenation. At the right dosage LED treatment can minimize the appearance of skin blood vessels, reduce skin redness eliminate ultraviolet radiation damage and treat rosacea. Aging signs prevention, the LED green light therapy, when administered between 510 to 520nm, has proven to reduce freckling, eliminate sunspots and correct hyperpigmentation. The light also focusses on the melanin producing cells preventing them from excessive pigment creation. The infrared LED therapy has been shown to be useful in pain alleviation by treating arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle strains and back pains. Triggers cells to start creating more cellular energy in the form of ATP and therefore increasing RNA and DNA activity. Promote the production of Nitric acid (NO) by the body which has been shown an anti-inflammatory, regenerative and pain reducing effects on the human body that can promote healing.
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Infrared Sauna Experience - Sunlighten Pain Therapy
This place is amazing :) I had a great experience and really enjoyed the Sauna Therapy, my first session was in Unit #3 and I used the Wellness Program for Pain Relief // I did not know what to expect but it was super easy and extremely relaxing my 30 minute session. I experienced the full treatment with audio vibration and light therapy I cannot wait to go back, this treatment has been fantastic for me taking a 3 mile walk with my niece today now that Tomahawk Creek Trail is Open again:) More to Come as I experience other areas of the Day Spa
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Soprano Ice Platinum Laser Hair Removal
Mayfair Aesthetics has chosen to work exclusively with the new Soprano ICE Platinum system, featuring trio clustered diode technology. The Platinum Edition combines three laser wavelengths into a single applicator simultaneously treating different tissue depths as well as anatomical structures within the hair follicles. By combining the absorption and penetration levels of three different wavelengths, along with the treatment coverage, comfort and virtually pain free treatment of the diode laser, Soprano ICE Platinum achieves the safest and most comprehensive hair removal treatment available today. The Soprano ICE Platinum offers the synergistic benefit of the three most effective wavelengths for hair removal: Alex Technology: 755nm wavelength offers more powerful energy absorption making it ideal for the widest range of hair types and colours, especially light coloured and thin hair. Speed™ Technology: 810nm is the classic wavelength to offer deeper penetration of the hair follicle and high average power, high repetition rate, and a large 2cm spot size for fast treatment. YAG Technology: 1064nm wavelength offers the deepest penetration of the hair follicle making it a optimal solution for darker skin types.
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The treatment of LED
please visit www.huafeilaser.com ,if you want to know more about it .
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Laser Touch One | Light therapy for pain | Luna Light Therapy
Laser Touch One full article: https://goo.gl/fQe9Xq and here: https://abeautyhealthy.com/laser-touch-one-reviews/ Laser Touch One reviews. LaserTouchOne was developed by Dr. Okkey Oei of Renewable Technologies. The LaserTouchOne is the only pain relief device on the market that combines two proven modalities: Low level laser therapy and micro-current electrical stimulation: which promote the body’s natural healing process at the cellular level. How Does The Laser Touch One Work? The low-intensity laser that this device emits is 620 nm in wavelength which can penetrate deep within the tissues and provide respite. The electric stimulator is controlled by a low intensity or microcurrent. The two combined together give the best results for liberating one of pain. Does the laser touch one really work? Yes! It definitely does work. This is LaserTouchOne: -A patented, proven, pain relief technology -FDA approved for pain relief at home -Available without a prescription -LaserTouchOne is so effective that in a clinical trial, -93% of those who participated and completed the study experienced pain relief. DOCTORS’ INSIGHTS “I know the face of pain. I’ve seen people come in hopeless. LaserTouchOne has helped thousands of patients, and I know it will work for you.” – Dr. Okky Oei Benefits of LaserTouchOne. Drug free treatment, Easy to use, Lightweight & portable No side effects, \Works on most problem areas What kind of pain is LaserTouchOne for? LaserTouchOne provides relief for conditions like: 1. ACUTE PAIN. 2. KNEE PAIN 3. FOOT PAIN. 4. HAND PAIN. 5. ELBOW PAIN. 6. NECK PAIN 7. SHOULDER PAIN. 8. TMJ PAIN. 9. SCIATICA PAIN. Hope this review was helpful to you! Happy pain – free days! Click the link in the description below to get full reviews on LaserTouchOne All videos in LightStim http://bit.ly/LaserTouchOne See more video in Red light therapy reviews: http://bit.ly/2oswtjR Subscribe to my channel: http://bit.ly/1M77sVa Follow me on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lighttherapyaz Twitter: https://twitter.com/lighttherapaz Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/lighttherapaz Google+: https://plus.google.com/104657192664845939344 Music: Ahrix – Nova Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0kXCdaJ7C5MD27jXxzvHsa Facebook: http://bit.ly/1wFWvyM Youtube Channel: http://bit.ly/2mUBTD2 Youtube Video: http://bit.ly/1eXqiOi SoundCloud: http://bit.ly/1m1ye0b