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Nihilumbra, The Trailer

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Impressive and amazing trailer for the new kickass iOS triple A game: NIHILUMBRA. With lots of gameplay, like it should be! http://www.nihilumbra.com http://itunes.apple.com/app/nihilumbra/id500161349?mt=8 App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.
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Text Comments (63)
TheLastCookie11 (1 year ago)
i love the game but its sad that this game is not popular
zaneomega2 (1 year ago)
Fantastic game, played it on my Vita and loved it. Especially the music, 'deff one of my favorite game soundtracks
Synthra Official (1 year ago)
This game is a work of art. I just went on A Twitter rant about it. I remember I bought it when it was half off on Steam because I liked the little icon. I didn't even look at the page I just bought it. One day I was like "Hmmm... what can I play on Steam?" and I found it, downloaded it, played, it... and didn't sleep the whole night. It was SO DAMN ADDICTING and the story is just... thank you BeautiFun Games. Thank you.
Synthra Official (1 year ago)
+BeautiFun Games Thank you for the awesome game :)
BeautiFun Games (1 year ago)
Thank you! So much love in your words, we are very happy you enjoyed Nihilumbra <3
jitsuzuko (2 years ago)
I enjoyed all of this game, but specially the narration on each scenario, it was interesting :)
BeautiFun Games (2 years ago)
#Megamagic, our new release, will be available on 20th April 2016. Check out the new trailer and immerse yourself into the Neon Age! http://www.megamagicgame.com/
Pinball Wizard (2 years ago)
Acuravigor47 (2 years ago)
Another indie game to add to my psn list. I swear my ps4 and vita are full of non-stop indie games given to me free on psn.fun at first, but Damn. so many of them gets old fast.
BeautiFun Games (2 years ago)
+Acuravigor47 If you want to add another to your list, we are releasing our next videogame this spring 2016 ;) It's called Megamagic and it will be available for PC/Mac/Linux: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tpGaIw3vl8
Acuravigor47 (2 years ago)
Another indie game to add to my psn list. I swear my ps4 and vita are full of non-stop indie games given to me free on psn.fun at first, but Damn. so many of them gets old fast.
TheGhost1742 (2 years ago)
Great Game!
Lord Slapaman (2 years ago)
nihilumbra is a fun game and i thoroughly enjoyed it, i can see it getting a re-vamp somewhere in the future
James Hickey (3 years ago)
my neice tatianna says born should get a girlfriend
Matheus Assunção (3 years ago)
Waiting it arrives on Wii U.
Totalmusic90 (3 years ago)
I really enjoyed this game.
DoubleBeast1 (3 years ago)
I've cleared void mode and I must admit that I couldn't pass a single level without dying.
周婉璐 (3 years ago)
the music in this  trailer is really beautiful, how and where we can download it? Thanks...!! XD
Enes Sentürk (3 years ago)
very creative I like it
Graphomite (3 years ago)
Oh...another puzzle platformer. Not enough of those made within the last two years.
Matheus Assunção (3 years ago)
+Wenceslao Futanaki Man, rape is a felony.... Well said!
Wenceslao Futanaki (3 years ago)
Then go and complain for all the redneck aimed FPS released relentlessly for the past 2 decades idiot.
Markthedarkslayer (4 years ago)
Beautiful game, uncommon and full of significance, really enjoyed this
Isaias dos Santos (4 years ago)
How about an Android Version? :)
Doll Ryougi (4 years ago)
i complete it b4 this games is awesome 5colour forever 
Aetyruzen (4 years ago)
Naww, the name of the game is literally nothing-black. 
Daniel Escorce (4 years ago)
Lovely game!
TheMLGCookieMonster (4 years ago)
The most depressing game ever made.
joão vitor silva (4 months ago)
greendabre (4 years ago)
Ah yes, you haven't finished it.
nuncet (4 years ago)
+Vinnie Bones Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons IS JUST EPIC
Vinnie Bones (4 years ago)
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Drunkenexo (4 years ago)
twas a badass game
Monzo (5 years ago)
the best game in the world
reddevils235 (5 years ago)
If anyone gets stuck on void mode, visit my chanel. I'm posting walkthroughs for all void mode levels there :)
truguers (5 years ago)
If you find a giant block and you can't use the ice, there's no way you are going to move it. You'll need to jump over it!
Seba B. (5 years ago)
What should I do when I find a giant block and I can not use the ice?
nmaelietta (5 years ago)
I finished this game! I have nothing to do now...
truguers (5 years ago)
El joc està creat amb Unity 3D. Hem fet malabarismes per implementar totes les mecániques 2D en ell!
James Worth (5 years ago)
Amb qué heu creat el joc? Quin programa, IDE, llenguatje, etc? M'agradaria saber-ho, gracies
Marc Morera Agustí (5 years ago)
Pol, eres my heroe
MRAMNESIA8 (5 years ago)
This games pwns for mobile but i just play it on pc :)
alexyoshi54 (5 years ago)
OST is really magic. Would buy it
Xavier_PF (5 years ago)
It will
truguers (5 years ago)
You may can!! Vote it on Steam's Greenlight!
truguers (5 years ago)
More or less. It's a matter of budget. PC standard budget centuplicates iOS's.
camelmerchant (5 years ago)
So a mac 'triple A' title = a PC indie?
yass4ever (5 years ago)
What the name of that music please ?
BRAINIAC4200 (5 years ago)
This game looks incredible.
OliverLovesIt (5 years ago)
It's so sad? LOL that ruined the trailer HAHA
gustavo guillen (6 years ago)
it´ is amazing
Czarnyy000 (6 years ago)
@mvllowm yeah yeah we all know that! AND! this game is tight been playing all day: bit.ly/SJCiUa?=vzpbd
truguers (6 years ago)
Just... wait a little bit!
Gustavo M's Trash Can (6 years ago)
Too bad It's not for PC. :<
Czarewich (6 years ago)
Reminds me of Oddworld, The Void, and Limbo mixed together. Looks amazing!
BeautiFun Games (6 years ago)
You can ask in our forums. Check out website the link is at the video comment.
truguers (6 years ago)
If I tell you... It wouldn't be a surprise! ;)
igotmy9milli (6 years ago)
Some cool concepts here, well done.
Threvlin (6 years ago)
Well that certainly looks like fun!
truguers (6 years ago)
It's impossible to do that... try to jump above the block! You can use green before you arrive there!
Xavier_PF (6 years ago)
Wooohooo I like it a lot, and the music is awesome. Álvaro Lafuente is a great music composer.
piscataway53 (6 years ago)
Looks gorgeous
Lerandir (6 years ago)
It looks awesome!

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