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Minecraft PE: Mod Showcase - SMART MOVING BETA

1018 ratings | 75387 views
Let's hit 500 Likes if you want to see a tutorial in how to install this mod into your android device! Subscribe to join the Potato Nation and so you won't miss any of my videos! :) http://bit.ly/xDarkAbsolute ► Twitter: http://bit.ly/xDarkAbsoluteT ► Google+ http://bit.ly/xDarkAbsoluteG ► Instagram http://bit.ly/xDarkAbsoluteI ----------------------------------------------------------------- ► How To Install ModPE Script Mods: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkalVLeH__c ----------------------------------------------------------------- ►► Mod Download: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2720492-modpe-scriptsmartmoving-beta-50 ►►Intro: Ephixa - Lost Woods Dubstep Remix Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ephixamusic Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ephixa Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/ephixa Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/djephixa Get the track @ http://www.ephixa.com/album/zelda-step
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Text Comments (100)
Jim TRC (3 months ago)
Does this work on mcpe master
STALCRAFT - Minecraft PE (8 months ago)
LittlePotatoMan 25 (9 months ago)
Does this work on mcpe 1.2.8
MilkyWay (11 months ago)
Mete Ergüner (1 year ago)
what version
Teen Wolf (2 years ago)
hey can you add were to download it
Davicraft (2 years ago)
não intedo sua lingua
l s x z s x s s s s s s s s s s s s s s cool
Егор Торбик (2 years ago)
Krutoi lis hau (2 years ago)
Кто российский ауууу
DEN PLAY (1 month ago)
Не я
MECKS/ МЕКС:3 (2 months ago)
STALCRAFT - Minecraft PE (8 months ago)
Gold Fenix (2 years ago)
Colton Clement (2 years ago)
How do you do it if you have an Ipad
Mr.Cringe (3 years ago)
what's the intro song
MKX BlackDragon (2 years ago)
its the legend of Zelda mix im think
Tron Creeper (3 years ago)
use ES file explorer on play store
the batmancraft (3 years ago)
Iodyzer (3 years ago)
You saved my life
Gamer Até O Fim (3 years ago)
Vai toma no cu fuck you
Matheus Dantas (2 years ago)
isoo e verd ??
papa grande nothing (3 years ago)
Love that fucking intro so awsome love it omg I want that intro u like lendend of zelda sorry if u spelled it wrong
Samuel Quinteros (3 years ago)
Cesar Aragon (4 years ago)
This mod sucks
Nat Morgan (4 years ago)
ZertexDZN (4 years ago)
Skrolling the thing icon up showes that you can hang onto things above you
ZertexDZN (4 years ago)
Skrolling the thing icon up showes that you can hang onto things above you
Josh Morse (4 years ago)
+xDarkAbsolute please help, I got the mod and ran it (I am on latest mc and block launcher) and I have the gui.zip in the correct folder but when I try to open a world it force closes. It doesn't do it when the mod is disabled.
GarageBeats (4 years ago)
FIRST Things first im the realest.
Franklin Sanchez (4 years ago)
I had the music game its legen Of zelda oncerina time 3D
Tim max (4 years ago)
Does this mod work with 0.9.0? I have 0.9.4 but the SPCPE Mod works with it and it is 0.9.0
Tami frost (4 years ago)
Same here 3 times
Itz_ RamonFRB (4 years ago)
guys the Run script mod is cool! i used and i can run so when your in a prob with creeper you can run away!
Bartosz Wesołowski (4 years ago)
Super Man!
HennyThingisPossible (4 years ago)
It's cool
iBrad gt (4 years ago)
Dose anyone know how to install script mods on ios jailbroken
iBrad gt (4 years ago)
Living Meme (4 years ago)
IOS sucks. It can't.
rips (4 years ago)
Where the link?
Charls Reyes (4 years ago)
How do I download this?????
ParkourRocket (4 years ago)
Larkin (4 years ago)
Hey what screen recorder do you use
DanishWithAGasMask (4 years ago)
Jadon Garde (4 years ago)
When i download it it says error 509
Developers should add that feature when sprinting and crouching woild be cool
xPMBW2OfTheLeafx (4 years ago)
Pls make a add how to get the gui pls
Chrisbuddey1 (4 years ago)
Myrmeko Me (4 years ago)
When will 0.9.0 be released? They said that it will be released Monday. NOW IS MONDAY! Btw, this mod is incredible!
OUTLAW_ Wraith (4 years ago)
Then ok see ya or so
Myrmeko Me (4 years ago)
+SuperRKT CarlosTV god! You are butthurt! I know, this is an old comment, i have b4
OUTLAW_ Wraith (4 years ago)
And I had beta build 4 too you ass noob, go to Google+, join beta group and download beta
OUTLAW_ Wraith (4 years ago)
You idiot Monday update is beta update, now it is beta build 4 alreday dumbass Muremko
Myrmeko Me (4 years ago)
+dast are you retarded? Or are you 7 yr old? Why am i a troll? I just asked when will be released.
Thorsten Lei (4 years ago)
How do you get blocklauncher beta?
Irfan Danial (4 years ago)
Download at google play store if u are using android.Its free
RØX al shaher (4 years ago)
Sergio Garcia (4 years ago)
Beta testing for mine craft pe!
Angel Rodriguez (4 years ago)
I like this opening,
Eden` (4 years ago)
That intro is badass:D
Creepermaster (4 years ago)
I'm a troll
FlameFoxKid (4 years ago)
BEST MOD EVER!!!!!!! (In mi Opinion T_T) But it cool too
Mo (4 years ago)
Play more arcane legends!
40th view
Sergio Garcia (4 years ago)
Tomorrow is beta testing for android!
Farhan Isa (4 years ago)
+fred marshall ok thx for telling
Retarded 2D Bitch (4 years ago)
+Farhan Isa dude time doesnt work that way -_-
Farhan Isa (4 years ago)
+Max Sketchalot mine is today cuz my date is monday
Max Sketchalot (4 years ago)
+Angel Rodriguez dude have you been online AT ALL?
Angel Rodriguez (4 years ago)
Beta for what?
My Name Is OnixYT (4 years ago)
Awesome is/it a script???
Lil Kitchen (4 years ago)
Do a video on how to get block lanchuer beta pls
Max Sketchalot (4 years ago)
+Jack Kitchen block launcher Beta is the free version...
Lil Kitchen (4 years ago)
What max
Lil Kitchen (4 years ago)
Max Sketchalot (4 years ago)
ahmedkh6191 Kh (4 years ago)
Who's got the link of blockluncher beta
TheDiamondPistol (4 years ago)
Asian Taco (4 years ago)
Love that potato Intro!!
Wilco van Beijnum (4 years ago)
This is really cool!
Smiley563 (4 years ago)
Justin Oldham (4 years ago)
What is blocklauncher beta
eduardo González (4 years ago)
eduardo González (4 years ago)
Fuck yourself
eduardo González (4 years ago)
Vete a la v###a
Creepermaster (4 years ago)
And to fart on your self
carmslut (4 years ago)
to eat shit
Tomepic1 (4 years ago)
Quarx (4 years ago)
Ha ha
Myles Chae (4 years ago)
person in man histroy to fart on a police
Tomepic1 (4 years ago)
1st to say 1st in number and word first
Feelin' Fine (4 years ago)
This is how many fucks are given: That's a lot of fucks.
Max Sketchalot (4 years ago)
+Derek Diaz and fapping along to a porno.
Derek Diaz (4 years ago)
While sucking a huge dick
First Name Last Name (4 years ago)
Hey Dark How to make an intro please tell me
Rachel Hunsberger (4 years ago)
First like!
First Name Last Name (4 years ago)
Hey Hey Dark 5th like How Do You Make An Intro
First Name Last Name (4 years ago)
Ha ha

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