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Fake Social Security & 22Lbs of Cocaine

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22lbs of Cocaine and warrent out for my arrest and a 'Abadonut Car"
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Shirley Harrison (24 days ago)
Good one ! Loved it..
Thank you Shirley :)
flight 666 (1 month ago)
That must be the dumbest scripe ever ssa has nothing too do with impounded cars can't even say Toyota Corolla
flight 666 or 22Lbs of cocaine, they are plain idiots!! I have yet to think of the right words that describes their Brain capacity yet, so if you think of it please let me know !🤔
flight 666 (1 month ago)
flight 666 you got that right!!
Deez Nutz (1 month ago)
for god's sake....please be online........ ;-)
Deez Nutz yeah I fought this in the goathouse and won so I'm here 😉
Each And Everything (1 month ago)
*EXCELLENT* call, Francine!!! 👏👌👍 IRS/CRA & tech support calls are entertaining, but extremely common. You're one of the few scambaiters who deals with these lesser known scams. (social security, payday loans, etc) It's very refreshing & I LOVE it! 😍 It's because of calls like this that you're 1 of my favorite scambaiters. 🏆 🥇
Each And Everything amen !! You are right 😊
Each And Everything (1 month ago)
TBH I think most tech support videos are boring & I don't much care for them. (but wenja92 & pappamonkey makes some good ones) I feel the same way you do about V/M & giving scammers access to my PC. It's *NEVER* gonna happen, period.
Each And Everything thank you, yeah I'm trying to do other videos other than tax scams because everyone does them but, not everyone does the rest of scams. Like I do very few tech videos just because there is more experienced tech baiters out there who will use V/M I will never let any scammer have access to my computer no matter what.
kneehowma1 (1 month ago)
How in heck can anyone actually fall for this type of scam? Good grief...I'm 82 and there's absolutely no way I'd be tricked into giving these idiots any information. Actually, I keep getting calls about duct cleaning, CRA scams and credit card rate reduction scams. They never stop. I usually keep them on until I get bored....
Each And Everything (1 month ago)
One of the dumbest & most retarded scams, ever. The social security admin. doesn't have the authority to file charges & arrest people for money laundering, drug trafficking, etc. It's not what they do. And there's no such thing as canceling your SS#. (whatever that means. LMAO!)
kneehowma1 (1 month ago)
I guess the IRS/CRA scams are becoming a bit more difficult for theses thugs to implement. Now this.
kneehowma1 yep they are into more than you know !! Listen to my fake insurance video I posted today 😤
Alogical (1 month ago)
*12:11** Worst script ever haha "VERY STRONG EVIDENCE." Abdoned car? Haha no no no!*
Alogical and terrible speaking scammer !!!
Alogical (1 month ago)
*21:33* 🤬 🤬 🤬
Little Peace (1 month ago)
Awesome calls, Francine! 😂👏
Little Peace thanks for watching 🤗
DavyBoy007 (1 month ago)
The scams and scammers are getting more crazy by the day.
Each And Everything (1 month ago)
Illiterate twats can't even pronounce abandoned. ("abonadid", LMAO!) The "social security administration, of Texas" (whatever that is) has no authority to file criminal cases against citizens for "drug trafficking & money laundering". That's not what the social security admin does. 1 of the dumbest scams ever.
DavyBoy007 yep they have their hands in everything. Thanks for watching 🤗
Street Mech (1 month ago)
Nice one! 😁 loved the tampon tea drinker line .... Priceless
streetmech thank you for watching 🤗
RisingEdge111 (1 month ago)
An ab-don-ed car. 😁
RisingEdge111 thank you for watching 🤗
Ismail Ali (1 month ago)
😀👏👏👍 V
Ismail Ali thank you for watching 🤗

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