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Minecraft: MODDED Teacher w/Mitch & Friends! Smart Moving Mod!

23566 ratings | 1256680 views
Teacher is a mini-game where one player is in charge of the others as the teacher! All other players are students and must listen to the teacher's instruction. However, in secret they must try and escape the school and play hooky! Hope you enjoyed - and if you did please give the video a thumbs up! Much luv! ♦ Stalk me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bajan_canadian ♦ Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/bajancanadian ♦ Like Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheBajanCanadian ♦ Check out my T-Shirts: https://bajancanadian.spreadshirt.com/ Jerome's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/JeromeASF Ryan's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/xrpmx13 Noah's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/NoahCraftFTW Palmer's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/Palmerater ♦ Play on my Minecraft Server - IP: thenexusmc.net ♦ Hey Doods! ♦♦♦ http://bit.ly/SubscribeToMyFridge ♦♦♦ Much Luv :)
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Text Comments (1710)
Kp_Games90 (6 months ago)
anyone watching this in 2018 remembering team crafted
MCgman39 (9 months ago)
Anyone else miss the old intro?
Perky Productions (10 months ago)
early squad
arrow thegreat (11 months ago)
who watching In 2017
LuluPuckett82 (1 year ago)
GIRLS LOCKER ROOM OMG?!?!???!!!?!!!!
198505270 (1 year ago)
Wait i am 13! Yes! I can watch this!
198505270 (1 year ago)
Man! Mitch this is awesome!
Aidan Earnest (1 year ago)
noahcraft FTW backwards for WTF
keegan Semmel (1 year ago)
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz please oh yeah oh yeah Mama mama mama mama mama mama EXO is back call me baby I'm a gummy bear haha haha I'm a gummy bear how about we tell them we can deduce what I never said that due to sweat less what I really just say random things if you really want to read this so let's do what we gotta do haha what are we going to do today because I think Bajan Canadian really cool but you know you gotta do some more like Hunger Games or Survival Let's Play because like a speakable gamer is being better than you play March because I don't know. But if I know what I'm going to say. well whatever I'm just watching this and on December 23rd 2016 so say something say it now. now now are you going to do let's play or not? So I want a lot but by.
MileHighATLien (1 year ago)
I wish he wasn't in third person the whole time
Jayjay Smith (1 year ago)
MileHighATLien me to it is stupid
Alberto Antonin (1 year ago)
omg stop stop going in 3 person sooo anoying still love your vids 😊
boulder blast (2 years ago)
STOP using f5 mode plz
nightblad d (2 years ago)
I watched this in 2014
Londone Williams (2 years ago)
nightblad no you didn't
Joseph graziano (2 years ago)
I'm watching in 2015
Mati Kalderon (2 years ago)
Mati Kalderon (2 years ago)
soina Spiers (2 years ago)
you did it 10 times
Laura Todd (2 years ago)
Me lel
Laura Todd (2 years ago)
I am
Laura Todd (2 years ago)
I am.
Laura Todd (2 years ago)
I am.
Laura Todd (2 years ago)
I am
Firetiger 8181 (2 years ago)
Or 2015
Firetiger 8181 (2 years ago)
Me My first time was 2014
miss kittycat (2 years ago)
tell Jerome I said hi
miss kittycat (2 years ago)
speak With me know😃😃😃😃 please talk to me know why won't u talk to me
miss kittycat (2 years ago)
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Mitch
Jaden Worth (2 years ago)
Mich can you subscribe to my channel I am new to my channel and I love your vids my YouTube user is Herobrine Pro 569 and I just made a vid
Ferdinand Velasco (2 years ago)
haenex (2 years ago)
Why where u in third person mode?
Athan Agcamaran (2 years ago)
The human centipede always creeps me out
aaron partch (2 years ago)
kingston cool (2 years ago)
22 tries
hunter mcclain (2 years ago)
ftw means for the win
xWeo (2 years ago)
Fuck the what?
zue ze (2 years ago)
I know Jerome have a mustang
Will Stone (2 years ago)
Leave the cake alone
kameron wells (2 years ago)
Cob Baqueriza (2 years ago)
noah craft ftw I hate you so fucking much
Cob Baqueriza (2 years ago)
noah craft ftw I hate you so fucking much
Lennon Klassen (2 years ago)
Sub me plz
Judy Powers (2 years ago)
over 9000000000
so so (2 years ago)
aa 102 time
Theresa Criger (2 years ago)
Get out of third person
Lennon Klassen (2 years ago)
FoxxxenStudios (2 years ago)
what is the video before the teacher video?where he challenges you?
Emme Wingate (2 years ago)
Seventy six times
Trey Canafax (2 years ago)
Bella Rae (2 years ago)
I just liked the vid
Bella Rae (2 years ago)
What do you mean your watching this in 2016?
Uncle Pyro (2 years ago)
+RainbowStarDerpy :3 you're* (I love my job <3)
Gabe Chaiken (2 years ago)
for the win i thought ftw meant fuck the world
GamerGodPlays (1 year ago)
Ben majorasmask Drowned When I was little I thought that was what it meant to
Scott Dally (1 year ago)
...how? how did you think that? it's funny but I don't understand how you thought that
Eric Barbetta (2 years ago)
so did i xD
noodle Gxmes (2 years ago)
I never knew that till last year 😂😅
tsuki 1214 (2 years ago)
Yea ikr
Ninjaboy 225 (2 years ago)
76 times
Your humping the cake
Heil Potato (2 years ago)
+Ajakel Hihi I'll choose for you, it's yours.
Ajakel Hihi (2 years ago)
I don't know which comment was worse
Uncle Pyro (2 years ago)
+Brayden HAMMETT you're
V Htwe (2 years ago)
How bout u sneak?
rachel daniels (2 years ago)
Rasmoose (3 years ago)
Jonathan smith (3 years ago)
Jonathan smith (3 years ago)
I love u bajan
ayla gt (3 years ago)
why glitch bajan
Rhett Baldwin (3 years ago)
tp him! tp him!dude!you could have tpd him!😠
Katie Behan (3 years ago)
I u cant like this vid its hacked :-)
pat (3 years ago)
yes you can
Katie Behan (3 years ago)
sam Binion (3 years ago)
i am
CJ Weller (3 years ago)
DancingDoosh (3 years ago)
Comment if your watching this in 1 :D
ATouchOfClass (2 years ago)
+Michael Flynn I have the new iStone
Michael Flynn (3 years ago)
Yesh, im watching this on my Irondroid Plus4
space ghost (3 years ago)
Smart moving mod plus gun mod
Michelle Lonie (3 years ago)
Where is the map download
Mich do u even Minecraft pocket edition Hunger Games
Samuel Cameron (3 years ago)
Noahcraft For the win Oh I thought It ment Fuck the World
Good Noodle Fernando (2 years ago)
+Samuel Cameron XD
Patrick Krupp (3 years ago)
+Tank Designs me too
ryan shaw (3 years ago)
+Samuel Cameron I used to think that for so long
Leo Campisi (3 years ago)
Can u bring this back
ender pig (3 years ago)
You tried to jump 8 times :)
TheMemeProvider YT (3 years ago)
I hack this comment
Chid (3 years ago)
i wish they would play together like this more often... or at all
Dark Eclipse (3 years ago)
Miss The Old Intro ;(
james sharkey (3 years ago)
Hi guys😁
astevens4098 (3 years ago)
I was eating an apple and seeing this
FabulousMadi 17 (3 years ago)
why in 3rd person
Bladimir Portillo (3 years ago)
Hi bajancandian
Ashton Gray (3 years ago)
Why u playin in f5
J (3 years ago)
Ace Dapogi (3 years ago)
i download five nights at freddy's 2 map :D
Nathan Wong (3 years ago)
8:25 BajanCanadian Horns!
Ilanit Ruppin (3 years ago)
םחכפשק רחאפשמקםרחטמש]קפםחטנםצרגןחטםדמן5חמטן5טח
xBEASTING- SNIPERzz (3 years ago)
Need to come back
xBEASTING- SNIPERzz (3 years ago)
Jared Williams (3 years ago)
micth looks like a bull with those to arrows in his head
Kelly Waugh (3 years ago)
I hit dat like button wit my forehand
Kelly Rodriguez (3 years ago)
Your intro is cheesy
MinecraftLover67 (3 years ago)
hahahahahahahahahahah i love this
CeReAlBoT (3 years ago)
I love it
UMAD Bro (3 years ago)
Janice Griffith u will love it
Lorenzo Lopez (3 years ago)
Lol jrome likes reading
Xavier Alexander (3 years ago)
The count was over 9,000! (old but I don't care)
xHARVEY (3 years ago)
like if your watching this in 2015
Bobo (1 year ago)
Thats discriminating against people watching this in 2014 2016 2017 ect, YEARIST!
Uncle Pyro (2 years ago)
+Johnny Davis you're*
Edgardo Ramosjr (2 years ago)
+Peter Brookes ???
Shane Kelly (3 years ago)
MITCH at the start u did  dive accidentally!!!
Kelly Rogan (3 years ago)
Lorraine Bush (3 years ago)
Ryan actualy won, he pressed the button but the command block said to put it to whoever CLOSEST gets the name in chat, Ryan clicked it thought >:3 <3
Zachery Mcbee (3 years ago)
A more
B4 Mayhem (3 years ago)
Mitch I don't like 3 person view
Grimkreeper 114 (3 years ago)
I love your videos
pernille (3 years ago)
Noah's skin?? O.O

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