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Jayne County Stonewall 1960's Gay Life in NYC

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Video By Ryan Janek Wolowski www.ryanisland.com www.twitter.com/ryanisland www.ryanisland.blogspot.com www.myspace.com/ryanisland www.facebook.com/ryanisland www.youtube.com/ryanreporting www.flickr.com/photos/ryanisland
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Text Comments (20)
flyinspirals (1 year ago)
I trust old-fashioned guts, what comes from inside, and I *don't* care if our 'politics' sometimes disagree. That's life in or out of the big city.
EvieFive (2 years ago)
Jayne County is a bigoted right wing asshole posing as a liberal.
EvieFive (1 year ago)
haha tell that to her. I've had first hand conversations with her. I don't have to prove shit. She's a right wing nut and so is her friends. It's not just one conversation. She's bat shit crazy.
flyinspirals (1 year ago)
EvieFive hahhaha, Jayne County disagreed with one person in one conversation? No wonder we can't find the citation. Too quarrelsome, girl. Rage will tear you up.
cbatgm (2 years ago)
+EvieFive I really was just asking for a link to where these things had been posted.  Although I'm not on Facebook so I don't know if I'd be able to see it anyway...
EvieFive (2 years ago)
Well, you friend her on Facebook and you discuss the Israeli Palestinian conflict with her and you ask her to see both sides and listen to her ranting and ravings. You see where that path takes you, I've already been down it myself and have no desire to return there.
cbatgm (2 years ago)
+EvieFive I'm asking because I have yet to see or hear any of these things you're accusing her of.
Kelly Perry (3 years ago)
Why does she keep shaking her head i think she is on something
Joey Thomas (1 year ago)
Sydney Black TWEEKED
Philip Dunn (4 years ago)
i love you Jayne!!!!
jan smiths (4 years ago)
brilliant !!
evanian1963 (5 years ago)
I could listen to Jayne for days with all the stories of gay liberation and being a punk rocker hanging out with all those great people in NYC. She was doing it all before most everyone else and I admire that so much!
Rik is Major Drama (5 years ago)
wow - a true legend and pioneer
Elena Ivanova (5 years ago)
Jayne County- thank you for your memories!
Shawna Virago (7 years ago)
Thank you! Jayne County is grrreat!
hifithepanda (8 years ago)
Thanks for posting!!!! Jayni's Sweet!

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