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5 Real Life Giants That Appeared Out Of Nowhere!

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Text Comments (178)
youareonthetube1 (1 hour ago)
no giants to see here...
Drew Davis (10 hours ago)
Smithsonian tries to destroy any giant fossils. The Japan one made me laugh, that is footage from a movie called big man Japan starring Hitoshi Matsumoto.
David Reynoso (11 hours ago)
Bible speak.of Demons high places Lord jesus amen.
Javier Mendoza (14 hours ago)
I smell Bull shit
James Hayden (18 hours ago)
4 is from movie big man japan...good rainy day movie btw
Forrest Smouse (18 hours ago)
The giant in the footage is Raiden Tameemon, born Seki Tarokichi (January 1767 – February 11, 1825) Raiden was born to a farming family in a village in rural Shinano province. He is said to have possessed great physical strength even in childhood. His father Hanemon, who enjoyed sumo as much as sake, allowed 14-year-old Raiden to attend sumo classes at Nagaze (today called Murokocho), the neighbouring village. When Raiden was 17, the Urakaze-beya stablemaster noticed him when he came through the area while on jungyō (regional tour) with his wrestlers. He was especially impressed with the young man's physique, which was extraordinary at the time. Young Raiden was 1.97 metres (6 ft 5.6 in) tall, which was three headlengths taller than most of his contemporaries. He also had matching long arms and large hands; a handprint at the Shofukuji temple near Okayama, which is said to be of Raiden's hand, measures 24 cm (9.4 in) from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger. When Raiden trained as a wrestler, he developed a weight of 167 kg (368 lb).
Dan Richards (19 hours ago)
Total garbage.....
Scott's Wood (19 hours ago)
How did the first two guys "come out of nowhere"? Misleading title. I the Turkish guy with the canes skeleton couldn't support him, how did the Japanese giants? The bones were just that generations cane-guy. A mutant shows up out of every billion or so people and looks weird to us.
Nitty-Gritty Truth (20 hours ago)
Dude, stop using metrics...Lol or at least state both.
sillious sodious (22 hours ago)
he is not irish lol
Livitupnowww (1 day ago)
len man (20 hours ago)
the people the picture that bring us here was fake
Joe Miller (1 day ago)
look at the average height for people and every year people are getting big and look at the N.F.L and you see like Quarterbacks back a few years they were 6/2 now they are 6/5 and a few taller receivers are now 6/5 the number one usually is and I see kids and they are young teens who is over 6 foot and it is like we are returning to the days of goliath so the days of giants are on the way
byrysh (1 day ago)
The bible certainly is NOT an inexhaustable source of wisdom and knowledge. Quite the opposite actually. If you were to say superstition,dogmatic and devisive nonsense then yeah I would agree.
gracious_ kookie (1 day ago)
I was expecting something else ._. These are people. Not creatures.
ShadowFaing (1 day ago)
i believe most everything . but slender man is out of the picture, so fictional first coming out on youtube 2006 ...
Daryll Jimerson (1 day ago)
Everyone knows the Nephilim are just Transformers!!!
John Kennedyk (1 day ago)
All right the thing climbing the building is CGI of some type. It's a hoax no matter how you look at it that's completely foolish there is no way a creature like that could hide and not be seen on a daily basis especially in such a heavily populated area. Foolishness
Hari Srav's reddy (1 day ago)
I do wanna get some height because my husband lifts me up to give me a hug when he doesn't want to go
bmoney544 (2 days ago)
A being from another universe where the laws of physics are different they say yet its in our universe now which means it would by governed by our laws of physics. Not a very good theory for the wall crawlers
Keith Hoff (2 days ago)
You're a freaking American what do you use in the metric system for moron freaking globalist
Crystal Chia (2 days ago)
Sciencetic made sick humans into creature. sciencetic heart very black.
Josh Small (2 days ago)
Yeah cause the 1st place people should send the bones of the nephilim would be to the fucking Smithsonian, the same "museum" that has been destroying and hiding the existence of the offspring of the fallen Angeles for the better part of 130 years now. what a joke. if you ever wanted to know the real truth behind the very real existence of the nephilim, 1st read the book of Enoch, the book of Giants, and jasher, and jubilie, not all are considered by the biblical community as inspired by our heavenly Father, also known as the creator of all things, but most true believers that have read these books would tell you without hesitation, that the book of Enoch is absolutely inspired texts, and consider the book of Enoch to be the bible before the actual bible, and when reads this book, it becomes overwhelmingly clear why Yashua(Jesus Christ) spoke of Enoch while he walked the earth. These beings were massive in stature, ranging anywhere from 8ft in height all the way up to 36+ feet tall, and they hated human beings. The only thing about these giants that nobody seems to understand, is that the bonus have discovered all over the world, and most people would be scared stupid if knew that these giants are not just beings are still very much alive, sl, live today, and were not wiped out during the flood in Noah's days. and many of them went underground and put themselves into stasis chambers, which allowed them to never age, and because they knew that the scripture was correct when it says in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the last days, and there is no doubt the end times are happening now, we will see one day very soon these giants walking and destroying all they comes into contact with, but please don't take my word for it, just wait and see for yourself.
Chris Hamilton (2 days ago)
The movie is called " Big Man Japan". weird but decent flic.
Donna McKinney (2 days ago)
I don't know if slinder man exist or not and I really don't care, but if he does he sure is a snappy dresser.
Gavin Bryce (2 days ago)
So he played basketball for the Minnesota Vikings?
Richard Browne (3 days ago)
ItsaJackel Ajackel (3 days ago)
Its Pronounced Cla Gain
Nancy Erie (3 days ago)
Nephilim were not children of Angels and humans. 'Sons of men's does not translate to mean angels. People with RHNegative blood are not Nephilim. People are so gullible and stupid.
Stephen Goddard (3 days ago)
that is not even ... forget it
markIOP123 (3 days ago)
Typical channel of ignorance and but fuckery totally pathetic!!!!!!!
MarkusVisse (3 days ago)
worse and worse with each ep I see... also, "out of nowhere" how fucked up dictionary you have?
llewbach77 (3 days ago)
This video is full of false incorrect information since when does Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson come from Ireland?
BuildingPersephone (4 days ago)
ClegANE like "pain". And he's icelandic, not irish.
nicotopcat (4 days ago)
I think the gentleman with Gigantism was taller than Robert Wadlow, who grew to nearly10 feet tall. During the 1960's he was thought to be the tallest man officially measured...The Japanese giant was far and away the most fearsome. He appeared healthy and strong. I really don't know why the mountain was included. Powerful as hell but not especially tall. The last specimen I heard had been debunked many months ago. Of course you can never really tell when it comes to video to fantastic to believe..! Thanks...
Steezy McCleansey (4 days ago)
"bible - wisdom and knowledge" hahahaha the funniest thing I've heard all day XD
R. Ridgley (4 days ago)
#3 movie trailer
Skylar Barrett (5 days ago)
4:45I must admit? No... please keep it in church!
Amanda Symons (5 days ago)
Not to sound rude but i guess you dont watch game of thrones, with the pronnouciation of Gregor Clegane and Danaerys, soz, nitpicking lol
gregor mcginlay (5 days ago)
you canny say clagane right and you called him an Irishman when he is not irish
zain sayed (5 days ago)
Alicia peraki (7 days ago)
Course we are not the only thinking creatures on the earth, bruh,that's selfish,common...
Lorinda Bates (7 days ago)
Whatev. It was awesome to watch though!
daisy villanueva (8 days ago)
Slendy bendy
lich0622 (8 days ago)
Next video, top 5 clickbait caught on tape
k Doss (8 days ago)
y u keep saying his name wrong lol
Sabella Shepard (9 days ago)
People who are born with the genetic deformity of Gigantism are not out of the order. The true "giants" that would be out of the norm of genetic deformities would not show themselves in this world right now. They would be very stupid to do so.
Hiromi Kirishima (10 days ago)
goNLPHON (10 days ago)
No2 is fake Not a famous movie title is dai nippon jin Hitoshi Matsumoto
Mary Biblobe (10 days ago)
Last video is of Slenderman
Yoao Cruz (10 days ago)
#it looks interesting
xisobelx373 (10 days ago)
Wtfe..that #1 IS FROM A FILM... (booooo)
xisobelx373 (10 days ago)
Really?? Daenerys is pronounced "da-Nair-ess" not "day-nare-is"- how could you mess that up? Don't watch GOT?
Dirk Diklor (10 days ago)
The worst video you have ever made.
Lee Shirley Martin (10 days ago)
picture bait again?! really though? really? smh
beezer1225 (11 days ago)
Does this guy really think we believe that number one is true? Or any of them in fact.
Jesse St.Germaine (11 days ago)
Just leaving this one comment then never doing it again... top 5s finest and amerikano channels are so fucking stupid..and amerikano has dumb ass titles like..watch this video before it get deleted and crap like that... like really....that's why the idiot or idiots who run the channel are stuck around 20k views....and wont get more than that unless they start putting some decent content up and change they're idiotic titles...unsubscribing to top 5s now... never was subscribed to "amerikano" peace everyone
Nicole Tiongco (11 days ago)
Are tested is very easy-to-use
Samuel Binion (6 days ago)
Nicole Tiongco what do you mean?
gotem nigah (11 days ago)
If you want to be taller I can insert a tumor until you get the height you want then I can take it out
Emilía Rigensborg (11 days ago)
The first one is icelandic not irish
William Gee (11 days ago)
William Gee (11 days ago)
Tagataro Lian (11 days ago)
Gigantism ?
jason nuch (11 days ago)
The Japanese giant is a Japanese movie somebody's place it out and made it look like a real case
Thiago Fernandez (11 days ago)
Sustain everyday photo zonoov fist shape equal especially interest differ play.
Redpilledgorilla (11 days ago)
leonid lukaroski (11 days ago)
Yeah i saw it for my own 2 eyes.
R8cer X (11 days ago)
It’s from a movie called “big man Japan” Here’s the trailer https://youtu.be/bRny1wok0Ao Derp derp
I think he ment too say he tryed too play FootBall nott Basketball because it showed the Vikings NFL team and dudes big and wide for football not Tall and skinny for basketball So did anyone notice he said basketball lett me know lol
goku black order (11 days ago)
The last two are fake
Xanthus M (11 days ago)
You need to vet your sources better, the Japanese giant is from a movie...
lady jotaro (11 days ago)
At least find a thumb that looks good
Damarys Dingui (11 days ago)
Love the video.. Thanks for sharing..👍👌
Katherine Carcamo (12 days ago)
Hoi 😄
Phak Lena (12 days ago)
Last one is cgi
lps Abigali (12 days ago)
Trippy Sony (12 days ago)
#1 is a prank by the joogsquad
Athena Pena (12 days ago)
Spoilers in comments your welcome
mcf1gtr (12 days ago)
that Hyooj giant looks like some sort of special giant it looks like some sort of giant that has long legs
Jay Bee (12 days ago)
Thumbnail.....are hilarious. Channel is certified. You don't need them.
emmy hello (12 days ago)
If the Freemasons are secretly in the illuminati.. I’m pretty slender man is real. And the Bible does speak of giants.. Every mythical being was either real then or now.
Samuel Binion (6 days ago)
emmy hello the Bible actually does speak of giants. David and Goliath
Big E (12 days ago)
Wow that crazy
myrline dubique (12 days ago)
For number 5 also i dont go to the gym for biceps or abs i go for my strength speed durability and so on
susie o'hanlon (12 days ago)
Once again Top 5 you've really disappointed me & I'm sure a lot more of your want to be fans. Yes I'd definitely love to be a fan & true believer if your "FACTS". To bad they're not. How sad you don't get your "FACTS" straight. #5 was proven to be a hoax by a few college guys. Look it up, Google will tell you the exact same thing.
Rebecca 'Spooky' Duran (12 days ago)
Good job! 👍
Zachary ditter (12 days ago)
Outer space is too big to say we know anything so my mind is left open till proven wrong
TheBrizzardOfOz (12 days ago)
“Gregor Cleganay” 🤦🏾‍♂️
Greta Berry (12 days ago)
It’s possible, he’s a descendant from the nephilem
GHOST OPERATIVE (12 days ago)
I think I should upload my own giant, if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
L MCG (12 days ago)
Thank you for your time and hard work. Love your website 👍 please keep up the good work.
perfect me (12 days ago)
He's not irish he Icelandic 5
JetsBauer (12 days ago)
Lmao only 1 of these are a true "giant" unsubscribed ✌
Zain Langille (12 days ago)
Leon Mauro (12 days ago)
#2 is fake Look at bills channel he debunks it and finds tht its video editing not a real alien creature
Paul Wayne (12 days ago)
Irish aye lift with your strong legs Young lad
Sean S. (12 days ago)
Pretty much all except the first 2 clips shown are SUPER FAKE
Teacup Toe (12 days ago)
Matt Bopp (12 days ago)
GigaGamer 891 (12 days ago)
Slenderman aint REAL!!!
Double L 1975 (12 days ago)
Another clickbait video. And another page to unsubscribe from. Always telling you something to draw you in but it's not quite What It Seems. Very disappointed.
The king (12 days ago)
Slender man is real
David Razack (11 days ago)
The king what's his view on Obama care now though?

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