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How to have Phone Conversations in English

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Text Comments (139)
I need t to speak to less in my Job, in average one or two times per week, and my problem is the people who I speak is not native speakers....and I can to develop my lenguage. I hope lissen your videos I can,
lawi alhassan (1 day ago)
I am very happy to be with you venissa I am really excited
Nour Nour (1 day ago)
Your way in teaching English is perfect . Although i didn't see you in the real life but i am sure that you are nice and generous person .I wish you all the best and see you one day ☺😊
yong luo (2 days ago)
thank you teacher !
lixin ge (3 days ago)
ismail çelik (3 days ago)
that's so kind of you Vanessa, you are really a good teacher!
Elizabeth Emily (5 days ago)
your name has reminded me of Rose.💜Rose and Vanessa💜my favourite couple
Marian Nagy (6 days ago)
can I ask why we say yes it's although he is a man
Dil Khan (6 days ago)
Hi Vanessa we talk about you experience is group available video so what's heaping have you experience cutting vision wow
Fábio bello (6 days ago)
Hello Vanessa
Mairon Thyerry (7 days ago)
You are so beautiful that I can learn English better.
Hugo Nuñez (7 days ago)
It was a so helpful. Yes. In my work I sometimes have to speak english on the phone with engineers from US and from India. It´s really hard to speak with engineers from India their accent it´s really hard
jambalaya (8 days ago)
love you
Charles Ng (10 days ago)
Useful for job search thanks Vanessa 😘
احمد الدباغ (10 days ago)
antônio silvapinheiro (10 days ago)
Não consigo aprender este inglês ! Meu Deus , para mim é tão difícil a compreensão deste idioma .
Abakar Brahim abakar (11 days ago)
Serhat Sarı (12 days ago)
hey, i have a question. I can talk english b2-c1 level but im stuck to this situation for a long time, how can i jump to c1-c2 level
Ranjeet Singh (12 days ago)
You are awesome ! Thank you so much for yout lessons.
laracroftvideos (12 days ago)
You are awesome!!! I love your videos, you're always so upbeat and full of energy. I was wondering whether you could make a video about the -ing ending and how to pronounce it. I also noticed the pronunciation can vary from person to person and it's quite confusing.... It'd be super insightful if you could talk about it a bi! <3
M7MD (13 days ago)
I don't understand the last conversation which it was take the galaxy over. Can someone explain it to me? Thanks in advance!
Albert Khuraijam (13 days ago)
I am fallin in love with you venessa
David Cameron (13 days ago)
let's analyze the real news on cnn
Hey, Vanessa! I just want to say thank you for your lessons and ask a question. Could you make the lesson about pronunciation two vowels sounds like in words CUP and COP or LUST and LOST? I can hear the difference between these sounds, but have no idea how to pronounce. Thank you!
Rodolfo Santos (13 days ago)
William Lima (13 days ago)
Your videos are simply amazing. Thanks!
Wilson Oliveira (13 days ago)
Vanessa you are good teacher
zozan zaxo (14 days ago)
zozan zaxo (14 days ago)
gulfam hameed (14 days ago)
I used to watch you everyday when you had around 40k subs and today i checked your video and you are only 300 away to reach 200k congrats!
Raymond Bock (14 days ago)
Hello Vanessa, I have a questions !!! I feel like giving up learning English because people don't support me , especially my parents , my parents often make fun of me when I'm speaking English.. What can I do Vanessa !! Please help me.. I get more confused.. When they make fun of me..
lee hay (14 days ago)
hello vanessa im from china and i like your video!!its really great
Hugo Thomaz Pinheiro (14 days ago)
Today I don't speak english on the work, but I need speak on future.
Wolf Moon (13 days ago)
Hugo Thomaz Pinheiro Let's practice together
Vittorio Catalano (15 days ago)
Adit Maf (15 days ago)
Hi Vanessa...you are a good teacher...I really want to learn English with you...I lost my phone so I use my husband phone to chat you in youtube..how I can speak with you?
jerone rajesh (15 days ago)
Hi Akka (Sister) I'm Jerone From India, TamilNadu. I daily watch your video and practices daily. Your Video I more useful for me And This video is very useful for me for informal phone conversations. Thank You for uploading this video Akka (Sister) I Love You Vanessa Akka (Sister)
jerone rajesh (15 days ago)
Hi Akka (Sister) I'm Jerone From India, TamilNadu. I daily watch your video and practices daily. Your Video I more useful for me And This video is very useful for me for informal phone conversations. Thank You for uploading this video Akka (Sister) I Love You Vanessa Akka (Sister)
Tv Live TV (15 days ago)
Thank you Vanessa. Great Lesson.
Abdul Raziq (15 days ago)
This is very useful to me and this is the right way to make a good conversation. Thanks Vanessa for your wonderful lesson.
VanMartin (15 days ago)
wow, helped me a lot.
Sérgio beker (16 days ago)
wow i like you so much
Mylo B (15 days ago)
I'm looking for English partner ..... If you're entrusted..jest leave your comment
Sheng Jingbo (16 days ago)
It’s a year . Nice to see you again.
Илья Иванов (16 days ago)
I spoke on the phone with a native English speaker before and it was really difficult to understand him. Thank you for advices Vanessa!
sami alhadram (15 days ago)
Илья Иванов The word "advice" is uncountable. For advice or pieces of advice
Alexandre P. Ramos (16 days ago)
Hello Vanessa, hi from Brazil again. Loved your video - always full of enthusiasm and original approaches. Thanks a lot for your awesome tips. See you soon. APR
kawanatsu0415 (16 days ago)
It was really helpful. Thank you so much. I sometimes answer international calls in the office. It's quite diificult for me to catch their names and email addresses. If you make a video about it, I would be very appreciate it.
Vinh HS (16 days ago)
This video is very useful for me. Thanks so much ^^
John Noble (16 days ago)
you are nice) but i dont want spend $5) you should open your school of english somewhere. i am confusing to+infinitive or -ing. may be you explain this theme in your videos)
nguyen them (16 days ago)
Thank you for your video. But as you know we're english learner so it will be better if you can add english subtitle on your next video
Thank you for helping us
Cleber Almeida (16 days ago)
Nice class!!!!!
Gil Anderson Gmachl (16 days ago)
Hey Vanessa ! Unfortunately I don’t need to speak english at work but if I did, it would be awesome ! who knows in the future !
ahmed meky (16 days ago)
Very good amazing Ahmed with you aw
Rodolfo silva (16 days ago)
Hy Vanessa . Congratulation for your channel, it's very good and I have learned a lot watching your classes on YouTube. Are you on Italki ? I would like get a class with you.
In my last job was necessary use formal english to write e-mails. Today, I don't need this anymore because we're using just our native language.
Yun GarCor (16 days ago)
You're a great Vanessa, I'd like to speak like you! 😢
Wolf Moon (13 days ago)
Yun GarCor Let's practice together
MarcosThiagoThorr (16 days ago)
You rock girl. You are the number one. Friendly all the time. Unfortunately a don't use English in my job.
Farhad Baxornifi (16 days ago)
Well done
Wellington Souza (16 days ago)
조풍연 (16 days ago)
your speaking is very easy to understand. thanks
Ícaro Adriano (16 days ago)
I know potuguese and i want a partner to practice conversation in english without. free
excellent video vanessa and Dan. You are great teaching English but it could be even bether if you use transcription like the 50 natural English Expressions. You are great in this learning English material becuase it has mp3 audio files and transcription.
Vinícius Ribeiro (16 days ago)
Thanks for your tips. I think is quite useful for us. I could use .. Could i speak to Sb?
Kumar Raj (17 days ago)
Awesome nice
I need English for a work.. Hope you may help me.. thanks in advance...
Vlad Beletsky (17 days ago)
Tell me PLZ why do you say "speak" instead of "talk"?
Diego armando (17 days ago)
Jajaja to rule the galaxy ....Jajaja adorable
Ibrahim Yagoub (17 days ago)
Hi, this is Ibrahim. I'm student of vanessa ,may i please speak with my teacher vanessa ??????⚘⚘❤❤ 👌wow!!! you are my best a teacher how many i got benefit from you!!!!! 🤲🤲🤲God bless you
Jozef W (17 days ago)
Greetings from Poland !
Jesika Kennedy (17 days ago)
Its very useful. I miss conversation with any Native American Speaker. Thanks a million!
Dorcine Malbranche (17 days ago)
Hello May I speak please to the manager ?
Riad Almadany (17 days ago)
So cool
Mohammed AL-Bokali (17 days ago)
I really appreciate it your efforts that make me completely thrilled when i am watching your lessen via your Channel, i have been learning from you a lot, my thankful for you Madame Venice, i really hope you all the bes. I really like your way to choose an important lesson u. English, that is amazing, good job, By the way i have a suggestion for you if it will get your link , on another hand, and if you would not mind, in your books if you make video about ( as ,as if and like )!!!? I think ,we as learners English language get a little bit confusing with? I'm looking forward to listening from you. .. Best wishes
Waldenberge cardoso (17 days ago)
thanks Vanessa!
Mollie Tai (17 days ago)
Feast your eyes and ears on English with Vanessa.
Navi S (17 days ago)
Love u 😍
jorge alarcon (17 days ago)
you guys are funny! Here in mexico we are extremely even ridiculous polite at phone conversations, I don't like it, so be polite in english is easier.
Sunil Ahire (17 days ago)
Very nice mam
Hi Vanessa I love yours videos You're a great teacher Have a nice weekend
Learn Real Mandarin (17 days ago)
Since I'm a Mandarin online tutor, so I need to speak English at work especially to beginners. And I'm also learning English, so it's like my student and I are learning at the same time, that's pretty exciting and amazing.
MalaMi (17 days ago)
Yes since I work at the hotel I have to use English every now and then over the phone 😊📞
Kashif Ali Khan (17 days ago)
nice video
andres vient (17 days ago)
Hii.. Vanessa, i've been watching almost all of your videos. Hope you make a video about haggling or conversation in a situation when we want to buy something. also talking about excitement expression and slang word. Sorry, if i make so many request, hope you could make one of them 😀
João Lucas Costa (17 days ago)
Hey, Vanessa. One more extraordinary lesson we have got from you. Good job! Watching it, I get a question for you: as for the second example when you said: "May I please speak with...", and Dan was like: "Speaking....", so, I wanted to try something different, like: "Speaking, who is in the other phone line?" Does it exist? How could I say it in a natural way as much as possible? Tks so much! I cannot wait for the next video.:) bye.
In that situation, you could say, "Speaking. May I ask who is calling?" But usually in professional situations the other person will introduce themselves before you ask.
0 (17 days ago)
did I already say that I love u?
Mr Bibhav (17 days ago)
what does taking over galaxy even mean ??? ??????
Elizabeth Emily (5 days ago)
you have reminded me of Rose 💜Rose and Vanessa💜
Yuan Yuyao (15 days ago)
OMG,I think so that is Samsung ,lol
It means "to govern" or "to rule" the galaxy or world. In Star Wars, Darth Vader says this.
jorge alarcon (17 days ago)
Mr Bibhav darth vader's quote reference from star wars
Luis Araujo (17 days ago)
When will we have live English Classes?
tECHhorizon (17 days ago)
Thx ...Vaanessa ...making video on this topic
Imran Raza (17 days ago)
Awww Vanessa you always doing a great job. You are the best. Please could you explain me about what is the exactly meaning of " take over the galaxy"??
Luan Cardoso (17 days ago)
how to have a conversation when you're going to a date
Arka Azizul (17 days ago)
Why her bye voiced sound is so sweet!?
himal vishukarma (17 days ago)
I love you..😊... You are taking a lot of time to making video,why?😢
Alyafai 1996 (17 days ago)
thank you so much
Sofia Diakova (17 days ago)
I'm from Russia and l like to watch your positive videos! Thanks!
AitBay Zakaria (17 days ago)
thank you so much Vanessa....good teacher and good channel
Baxtiar haji (17 days ago)
Thank you a lot
Hey, good conversation.. Thanks
both sides john (17 days ago)
Hi Vanessa. It is always a pleasure to watch your videos. I have a question for you. I don't know the meaning of : what comes around, goes around?
Lucas Cardoso (17 days ago)
Congratulations mamma and daddy! Thanks for these vídeos, always.
Helena Rocha (17 days ago)

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