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[ASMR] Sailor Venus talks about love & reads poems in Russian // Isabella

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My first ASMR video where I talk to you about love as Sailor Venus (not really a hardcore roleplay though) and read poems in English and Russian. Includes soft spoken whispering voice (is it how you say it?) and some tapping and page turning. Menu of poems: Russian - 10:36 14:18 15:44 English - 08:12 18:49 Don't judge me too hard, please, this is my first attempt to start my own ASMR therapy video series :) Maybe some of you will like it, I really want to know if you are interested in me doing this kind of stuff. If things go well, I might make more ASMR content in the future. Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/isabella.quinns/ VK(in rus) group - https://vk.com/isagaming Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/isabella-quinns Askfm for Q&As - https://ask.fm/Isabella_Quinns
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Text Comments (39)
Priscilla Castillo (1 month ago)
Me gusto pero por que tan bajito la voz ,,,.
How much is the headset I really like it so I want to how much it was
Isabella Quinns can u fecher my Chanel if u can thank u so much and u are the best 🤓😎
Isabella Quinns Are usually do it on my phone are usually do a voice recordings so voice recording I’m sorry
Isabella Quinns u are the best
PS your videos are awesome
Ansemthewise59 (5 months ago)
Love really is a powerful emotion. It's capable of saving lives. Thanks Sailor Venus for making this video lol! It was perfect to watch on Valentine's day.
Isabella Quinns (5 months ago)
Aww that's so cute, thank you! <3
Moon Princess (7 months ago)
I loved this!! You did an amazing job and you are so pretty! 😍
Isabella Quinns (7 months ago)
Thank you~ ^^
Baron Singleton jr (11 months ago)
I like ur videos of singing and mother Russia is be amazing place to be and hope u keep up the good work and u are amazing
Baron Singleton jr (11 months ago)
Isabella Quinns thank u for reply my saying I can do some voice acting I am good but not amazing like u and I can sing too plus I do my songs I make in my head do u know Mr J he is a DC supervillain on batman and do some Pokémon voice sounds like the Pokémon theme self I hope u will have a wonderful day
Isabella Quinns (11 months ago)
Thanks a lot! That sounds great :)
elye harary (1 year ago)
Nintendogamerteen (1 year ago)
Do more of this alright😄😄👍👍
Isabella Quinns (1 year ago)
I really wanna try some roleplays, that just has to be fun :)
JUNKS FNDO (1 year ago)
My god you look cute :D
JUNKS FNDO (1 year ago)
Hey can you do a match lighting video please Thanks Please respond :D
JUNKS FNDO (1 year ago)
A striking matches video :D You can use candles if you like too :D
Isabella Quinns (1 year ago)
Hi! Wait, what video? I didn't understand, say it again
Pixelmann HD (1 year ago)
I like it
sam de man (1 year ago)
The whole video I wad like: WHEN IS SHE GONNA TALK LOUD lol
Isabella Quinns (1 year ago)
hahaha well, that's ASMR, so it's not happening here XD And with that high microphone sensitivity it would be an ultimate earrape. p.s.: thanks ^^
sam de man (1 year ago)
nice video btw
VideoGame Master (1 year ago)
My favorite is sailor Jupiter
Isabella Quinns jf
Isabella Quinns this video combed me down because I have 80 HD
Isabella Quinns can we talk
Isabella Quinns (1 year ago)
Maybe tomorrow, I'll be free all day
VideoGame Master (1 year ago)
Can we talk?
Maria Fox (1 year ago)
Твои косплеи роскошны,господи,отчего этак не достаточно подписчиков,и глас симпатичный :3
Maria Fox (1 year ago)
Isabella Quinns и желаю отметить что весьма выходит))
Isabella Quinns (1 year ago)
Спасибо большущее! :) Всегда здорово, когда твои старания отлично оценивают. Я попросту стараюсь пробовать новые жанры
Deema 14 (1 year ago)
Deema 14 (1 year ago)
Isabella Quinns (1 year ago)
Yeah, hey

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