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F18'S F22'S F16'S F35'S . FILMED IN MARCH 2018
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David Thomas (1 month ago)
When your job is also the most fun you can have without breaking the law.
airailimages (2 months ago)
Good show.
question? how often do they fly through the star wars canyons? do they have special days to fly through or is it like everyday? I want to take a trip up there and record and be in person to see, hear and feel the power of our fighters and see our American military pilots, the best in the world easily fly through these canyons. also another question? could you cook out up there? have a bbq possibly?
Luca Norton (25 days ago)
It's totally random and there's no way to check. You can boost your odds by going during big exercises but that about it. I just went this weekend let me know if you have any questions
Umaxen 00 (2 months ago)
From what I see, many pilots can't handle it and pull up and over the mountains...
this is training for them. some or most are beginners. this is training for them to maneuver in between mountains and low high speed pass through the canyons, and for some if they do not feel comfortable at the moment, they can fly above the mountains and then try again next round. would love to be there though so bad
David Tilbury (3 months ago)
It's a short Hike,but if you drive another 5 minutes you can park up
rva1945 (3 months ago)
Can the jets be seen from the parking lot? Or will I have to hike?
Michael Blose (3 months ago)
Not very much gets my blood movin.. But this is one of the few things that do. The sound of engineered masterpieces.
Audit The Fed (3 months ago)
F35s couldn't get low enough? not maneuverable enough? hmmm
krazykyfan (3 months ago)
As cool, futuristic, and dominant as the Raptor is I'll always be an F-15E Stike Eagle kinda guy. Such a beautiful aircraft...
boaaa82 (3 months ago)
I live in so cal so I can always drive there is there certain days or by chance you were there when they fly through?
David Tilbury (4 months ago)
They sure do
Eric 2020 Jager (1 month ago)
You are a Jedi yourself mate!
D AE (4 months ago)
The F-22 and the F-35 look like fighters from the future. I will call them ‘ time machines’ lol. The F-16 and F-18 look stunning also.
Jon MacDonald (5 months ago)
I love That my Tax dollars go to kick Ass Projects like this! America Fuck yeah!
5 Loco (5 months ago)
When photographers come out here do they know ahead of time the day and times the planes will be in the canyon?
Pablo Hsu (5 months ago)
no, there is no schedule but from experience, i recommend going on weekdays in the early morning to mid afternoon. usually that when you see the most action
Espectáculares maquinas
fmonk (6 months ago)
Wow. A bit jealous. Back in February, the last 2 days of Red Flag 2018, I only saw F-18s.
David Tilbury (5 months ago)
We just happened to be there the day the Raptors went through, could not believe our luck.
Chris Birkett (6 months ago)
lovely footage, must have been epic!
David Tilbury (5 months ago)
Thank's Chris, can you get in touch asap.
David Tilbury (6 months ago)
Thanks Chris, it was .
MrBen527 (6 months ago)
ballesvalencia (6 months ago)

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