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8 Common Benefits Of Increasing Your Testosterone

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Increase, raise or boost testosterone naturally by taking Testro-X http://goo.gl/x5HmJH Follow Me On Social Media: Website: https://truthnutra.com/yt Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/truthnutra/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/truthnutra/ Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_christopherwalker/ Truth Nutra Products: Shop For Supplements - https://truthnutra.com/supplements Shop For Books - https://truthnutra.com/books Shop For Apparel - https://truthnutra.com/apparel Use code "YOUTUBE" For 10% Off! Find Out If You Have Estrogen Dominance - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCBD39qf528
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Stu Walker (10 days ago)
Why bother spending money on this when you can replace whats not there with testosterone done responsibly and in a correct manner. Im not knocking this guy seems genuine and good hearted. But if done correctly its worth it.
Instagram fitness (1 month ago)
Shit man , you're a highly attractive man. No Homo
michael mangan (1 month ago)
Is there blood work analysis of before and after using this testo x stuff
Ra Mighty The 1 (3 months ago)
Very True. Excellent Presentation
LMFAO (4 months ago)
Don't buy this affiliate bollock. Inject it 🔥🔥🔥🖕
🌍 Mister No (4 months ago)
Unless it's steroid - it's fake. There is no product available on the market that increases testosterone. If it does - it's called steroid. And if it contains steroid -it will never be approved by FDA - period. Don't get duped into buying "testosterone boosters". it's all fake. It might improve your libido, which can potentially make you hornier which you might mistake for an increase in testosterone levels, but your test levels didn't change trust me.
daniel cadena garcia (6 months ago)
Hey, Chris! I have 5.70 ng/dl... Will I see any benefits if I follow your program and try to get to 10.00 or 12.00 ng/dl? My question is because i dont have super low T, so I dont know if I will see noticeable changes (specially in my personality, energy, etc.)
renzofan (6 months ago)
everytime i c these videos theres always the bottle of some supplement at the end of it, i wonder what percentage this guy gets when people on here buy that stuff.
Smakdoubt 101 (7 months ago)
It's true...been getting testosterone shots for a year now...im nearly 50 but the physical and mental power I'm experiencing is blowing my mind...oh yes and I'm back to the machine I remember being in bed...just plain strong again. 🙂
DARRYL PHILLIPS (7 months ago)
That shit don't work LOL!!!
ijzer1 (10 months ago)
blablabla testro x blabla fuck yourself jesus
Olly Chrich (11 months ago)
its Jesus
Martin Zetocha (11 months ago)
I'm not some doctor or endocrinologist. But, isn't the most important thing to have free testosterone or unbound testosterone. Does testromax somehow fix that ?
TaillessSwagger (11 months ago)
Yanis B. (4 days ago)
Eric Yam Yes you piece of shit.
eric yam (5 months ago)
TaillessSwagger no
Dexyus Divine (1 year ago)
Bless u
rafdecc (1 year ago)
Nate Burson (1 year ago)
I like that you say smart supplementation
Syd (1 year ago)
Will TESTRO-X increase Blood Pressure for people with slightly high BP?
Steve Pardo (1 year ago)
Are you worried at all or what concerns are there with this product and DHT increases? That is a problem. I've sent you many emails and your office- No one ever responds
Tupac Shakur (7 months ago)
+Christopher Walker does this product work to reverse saw palmetto sex drive and libido drop
Steve Pardo (1 year ago)
I'll check it out . My question was about hair loss and prostate issues for men over 50. Thanks for replying. Appreciate it . I"ll check out the link.
Christopher Walker (1 year ago)
No I'm not at all worried about DHT increasing. If you're scared of DHT with regards to hair issues, I recommend you read this - https://www.amazon.com/Hair-Like-Fox-Bioenergetic-Pattern-ebook/dp/B00GYX6QXC
The Lean Lifestyle (1 year ago)
+Christopher walker I sent your company many emails regarding receiving a refund for your testosterone chef ? No one has answered in like 2 weeks
Peter van der Linde (1 year ago)
How do you get your testosterone levels checked? Is it as simple as getting a blood test done? My blood tests have always come up as "normal", yet why do I constantly feel depressed and anxious? I am taking phenelzine (Nardil) for this reason, yet I have this underlying feeling that my T levels are way low. So how do I get ng/dl checked? Thanks in advance - your videos have been absolutely great in answering so many of my questions my doctors can't.
Flamingo Salmonelli (7 months ago)
go on TRT asap! the natural alternatives should only be considered for midrange levels like mine (17,5-19nmol/l) your level is way to low to be even on basic male health. You'll benefit from trt a lot buddy.
Peter van der Linde (1 year ago)
So my T levels came out at 5.0 nmol/L whereas the optimal levels are between 7.0 - 26.0. No idea how to convert this to ng/dL yet though. Edit: So it's 144 ng/dL
Peter van der Linde (1 year ago)
I had a blood test done today but the doctor said it's difficult to check your testosterone levels accurately via a blood test. But I had it done anyway and he said that because I had a beard it was probably good. I've also noticed my voice deepening a bit lately, but I still have depression and anxiety, so I'm still wondering what the best way to check it is. For now I'm just waiting for the test results to come back.
xBaphometHx (1 year ago)
Following a lot of your advices and advices from other people I made it from 23 ng/Dl to 43 ng/Dl in 2 years. I still want to raise it up until 70 ng/Dl or more to feel much better. I am almost 33 years old and I want to recover all my sex drive and energy!
xBaphometHx (1 year ago)
+Christopher Walker thank you so much for your videos, dude.
Christopher Walker (1 year ago)
xBaphometHx hell yah awesome progress so far man. Keep going you'll def keep improving
Benjamin X (1 year ago)
I have a question is there something wrong with oats?
Kooli O (1 year ago)
Hey Chris. Do you think you could possibly make a video on preventing hair loss while trying to increase testosterone?
Dutch Netherlands (1 month ago)
Kooli O Bro... if you lose hair with high testosterone then you were going to lose your hair anyway because of genetics. The only thing you can do is hair transplants lol
Ghosh Aaryan (1 year ago)
Do nice guys have lower testosterone levels than jerks? Testosterone usually makes us more dominant and less empathetic. If a guy starts acting like a jerk and shows no empathy(being too empathetic isn't good at all but sometimes it becomes necessary) for others.Will his testosterone rise significantly? Most jerks have large brow bones which is a sign of high testosterone.
LiftinHeavyIzWhatIdo (1 year ago)
It's not that Testosterone makes someone jerks, that's low blood sugar. Testosterone actually has a calming effect on males; relaxing, sleeping better, and I suppose increased confidence can be roped in there as well. It doesn't make people want to stand up in rage and conquer the world and want to fight everything in site. That is an effect of low blood sugar without the body being able to burn it's own fat stores for energy.
Miguel Rodrigues (1 year ago)
how can i buy testro to Portugal?in amazon there is no possibility for my country
Rana Habib (1 year ago)
my testosterone levels are over 1000 and I'm still fat 😋
Reggie Day (8 months ago)
Brother GG (9 months ago)
Rana Habib did you check your estrogen and shbg levels?
Ash Khan (1 year ago)
natural plus proven way.
nerp23 (1 year ago)
Hi Chris. Just wondering if the supplement that you continuously push at the end of every video has been clinically proven to help men with low testosterone levels? If so, have you published the blood work of these individuals both before and after starting treatment with TestroX, as as you know, being a man of science and all, anecdotal evidence doesn't count, right? Looking forward to your response and the publication of blood work. Regards, Michael. (2015 graduating class - B.Sc with honours in Nutrition, University of Westminster, London)
Matt (21 days ago)
of course not mate, it's just business, they don't do these videos out of the kindness of their hearts. And the supps most likely don't work
Omar Cat (4 months ago)
I started test boosters back in 2006 the best ones i used were Prime and Powerful by usp labs they were excellent got in deep sleeps, sex drive though thw roof, instant recovery, I can literally on some workout days do the workout i did 2x in a row now the stuff they sell is garbage. I'm 42 now and considering test injections that's prob the best thing u can do to feel optimal. Don't believe in the natural stuff anymore.
renzofan (6 months ago)
guys will do real testosterone and get jacked and then take a supplement and claim thats what done it, biggest scam going.im not saying thats what hes doing tho but it does happen alot
xBaphometHx (1 year ago)
nerp23 yeah, I think the same, but apart from him wanting to make money from his product I think he has made a lot of research of all the components included. What I am curious about is if the mixture of all those elements do some kind of sinergy or if Christopher blended them into a pill because they all were good for T production alone.
LiftinHeavyIzWhatIdo (1 year ago)
I'd be interested in this as well. I mean if it works it works, great. I have however heard numerous times that any type of Test boosters simply run straight through the liver and are of little benefit. So is the effect of these Test boosters that has on some people simply a placebo effect?
Andrew du Toit (1 year ago)
OK but you say naturally and popping pills is not natural?
Themafia0007 (10 months ago)
Hi. I thought I might put my two cents to help my brothers. From what I researched, you don't want to ever take hormones in the form of pill or injection. If you take hormones your body will stop making it's own. Later in life you will have massive health issues such as small balls for one, two; you will have to be injecting for the rest of your life just to maintain normal levels because your body stopped making it. There is a much better way, since we are talking about testosterone and most of it is made in the testicle. It would be wiser to find out what raw materials the body uses to make seamen and consume them. You will come to know that we need a bunch of minerals, vitamins, healthy fats etc. Also what use is there that the body produces seamen and you loose it through ejaculation. The number one priority is to stop the leak in the bag and then concentrate on consuming vitamins, minerals etc. In other words stop evacuating. You can still have sex but you need to stop before the point of ejaculation. Look into no fap. Look into jhon gray videos on YouTube. Hope this helps
Greg K (1 year ago)
man Forget this useless suplements and pills they dont work. Just inject T from your doctor. Go on TRT.
Siim Land (1 year ago)
Testosterone will make you want to take massive action in life and conquer your goals.
TheKnowledgeSeeker (2 months ago)
melot tolem what is it
melot tolem (6 months ago)
This is just superb, I've been looking for "how do i naturally increase testosterone" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Banafitarn Testosterone Takeover - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my buddy got great results with it.
rahul vyas (1 year ago)
is it available for India
Ghosh Aaryan (1 year ago)
No. It would be very expensive for Indians.
Greg K (1 year ago)
Although what you said about T is all truth, you make it sound like its all about taking ur suplement and having proper nutrition, lifting and sleeping. I can tell to anyone who is gonna watch this dont fall for this type of shit, if you are doing ur best in the nutrition, exercise and sleeping department theres no suplement in the world that can help you. Just go on TRT for the rest of ur life and thats it. TRT actualy Works unlike this suplements and test boosters.
finlandhero (1 year ago)
wrong what?
Christopher Walker (1 year ago)
Greg K (1 year ago)
there are no side effects to trt, just donate blood every 3 month. Alsog et ur estrogen in check and ur fine. TRT is superior to natty test levels.
Greg K (1 year ago)
its all bullshit, hes on TRT and hes using this shit to market his supplements that dont actualy work.
Pull Ups (1 year ago)
Greg K Lmao . Youre the same guy on alphadestiny videos accusing him of taking roids.
Jamal Mirzada (1 year ago)
Great vid, how did you grow your hair out so fast?? lol
Hello World (1 year ago)
it's clearly he has recorded this before cutting. and if you are trolling ignore my comment
Ruben Figueiras (1 year ago)
Jamal Mirzada fake hair
benjamin101 (1 year ago)
great video!!

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