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Revisiting Interstellar

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Text Comments (281)
Shane Potter (18 days ago)
You're fired.. there were 10 potentially habitable planets on the other side of the worm hole. Since they had limited time and resources they opted to go for 1 system which had 3 potential planets.
Si Crewe (27 days ago)
Heh, Just watched your review of Contact and your comments about the ending made me wonder if you'd reviewed Interstellar. :-D
acid flashback (1 month ago)
Nah, I wish you stuck with your original thoughts. The whole movie is boring.
James Scott (1 month ago)
I loved Interstellar. It was a first attempt at serious hard scifi in a movie. I was a true successor to 2001.
Gamer Max (2 months ago)
I didn't care for the movie. Too predictable, and the ending was meh.
Sapiens Strength (3 months ago)
Very good commentary. I rewatched the film today , and still love it overall, but there are a few plot points I still didn’t quite get , that you have summarized very nicely
Timdeuces (3 months ago)
Love isn't cynical enough I guess.
Erick Sevmont (5 months ago)
One thing you have to consider about this film is that it takes a 12 monkeys series style approach of time, there is no past/present/future, the "three" coexist at the same time, so any decision/change of the "three" has an impact on the rest, time is not linear, as in "I change the past and that changes the future", more like any choice you make "now" affects all of time (present/past/future are one and the same) as a single dimension/unit, there is either 1 (all) or 0 (nothing), and segmentantion is an illusion/construct. Overall I liked the film, for me the score is the best I've heard from Hans Zimmer, he sounds mature and himself without abusing his usuals, and I appreciate this kind of cheesy ending for a change, I'm sick of the constant contemporary attempts of "realistic" depressive endings and scenarios, even for fantastic themes, got enough of that everywhere else. I also liked that for the space-films that were released around the same time, this film focuses on exploiting theoretical physics very well, I didn't find it pretentious, its doing its own thing compared to the martian for example, they are totally different films in despite of the space-fiction similarities. It's not trying to be realistically accurate as much as it's trying to be theoretically accurate. I wish all "cheesy" "commercial" films were held at this standard, yes, it's artsy, but it' not trying to be Wings of Desire, it was aiming exactly at what it is (an artsy science pop film). Saying that it's trying to be an art film is like saying Bittersweet Symphony is trying to be Classical music (not saying you said that, can't remember). By the way, did you watch the extra content? I always find it completes the whole experience after watching a film. Also, I suggest you watch the 12 monkeys series, be very patient! The first episodes are awful, but it rewards you if you stick to the end of the season, very underrated series if you ask me. Haven't watched the film, will do. One last thing, I'm sure that it has a different impact on people with children, I'm a father and that made the film more engaging emotionally, I'm sure it wouldn't have been the same if I wasn't.
Erick Sevmont (5 months ago)
I did get all the Space Odyssey references, but I found them as more of a tribute than a copy, I really liked those. Either way, if you are going to copy something, do it from the best :)
Stefan, Esq (5 months ago)
Look, the most unrealistic aspect of the film is that a RAM truck would last that long
b07rivera (5 months ago)
https://youtu.be/a3lcGnMhvsA Dave must have missed the very emotionally driven “Docking” scene. Yeah, I’m a very rational person, but I gotta admit it a great, emotionally driven movie with very creative atmospheric effects.
John Jacobs (5 months ago)
I love this film. IMO The cinematography is beautiful, the score is absolutely amazing and emotional, the production quality is top notch, the visual effects are well done, I like the blend of science and science fiction, scientists are depicted as normal and not "a crazy, wild eyed scientist" in a lab coat and the scientists save humanity. I recognize its faults 100%, however for me it doesn't bother me because the positives make up for it.
Marcel (6 months ago)
I've only seen it once and I had the same conclusions; I did enjoy the film except for that ridiculous ending.
Mace Windu (6 months ago)
I have literally seen this movie 20 times. I have more hours watched of interstellar than some games i've played.
Floyd Looney (6 months ago)
Love how he showed so much love for the son, not.
JimboLogic (6 months ago)
I really liked it.
Drew J (6 months ago)
What I always had trouble understanding was why Matt Damon attacked the crew, instead of just telling them the truth.
immortaljanus (6 months ago)
They tried to put high-brow and low-brow into the same film. Because ratings...
mathieu leborgne (6 months ago)
No one mention that the movie states that the moon landing was faked... anyone?
kgbme (6 months ago)
"The film is desperately trying to seem smarter than it actually is". That is the whole point and the reason why they film them to be so bad, for the rest of us. Instead of the usual space mumbo-jumbo in movies of years past, the characters say and do these 'incredibly smart things' which people can "understand". Then they feel smart and argue with everyone about nit-picking at the faults, because they're too dumb to understand... What they don't get is that the movie makers are -directly- making fun of them. It's written that way by lazy writers - designed (literally) with a 'formula' and there are two main reasons: 1) So that there actors can laugh it off, "that time I played a space-man" because it (really) isn't the serious movie which they want to base their careers on & 2) They really are NOT Science-Fiction writers and they _can't_ do any better, so it's masked off. A win-win for everybody and always plenty of dopes around who will flock to see it, so they can think themselves genius. No offense, after all I'm not the one who made the film. :)
avatar6699 (6 months ago)
So glad I am not the only one, though it is a small group I am in according to 'The Webz', who found most of this movie to be a giant hack-fest of poorly conceived and overly contrived plot garbage.
Toby Hines (6 months ago)
I liked this movie and Contact and I love cheese.
Black Pill (6 months ago)
interstellar's last third is absolutely mishandled. someone should have rewrote it.
Orion789 (6 months ago)
Listen. I respect your opinion. All film is subjective, as the great Campea always says. But I find you unforgiving of deep-level sci-fi. What you call contrived is, indeed that. The point of the story is of a closed loop of events that enmesh human development and existence; our efforts to defy extinction lead to our future selves who employ technology to act across time to ensure their creation through the efforts we undertake to defy extinction. That's the point. I think, calling it a contrived Hollywood ending somewhat misses the point.
titmusspaultpaul5 (6 months ago)
I loved this movie from the get go. Smart, interesting and entertaining. I also liked how they picked up all the threads and wove them into an interesting conclusion. One of my favorite sci fi movies.
Thomas Hennigan (7 months ago)
I liked it from the first. For me it's a great exploration of the eternal versus the temporal, love standing in for the former.
Nick McCabe (7 months ago)
The ending of Interstellar with the daughter being really old is odd for reasons other than the fact that she is older than her father. There are many improvements in technology shown throughout the movie including the end. But when it comes to healthcare, old people are still hooked up to machines and have to breathe through nasal cannulas. Very strange.
FFcecil1991 (7 months ago)
I can't find your original review of Interstellar. I want to hear you trash it.
Tundra (7 months ago)
why is your forehead the size of Jupiter? Your character guy is shite, delete wamk
Hedy Lamar (7 months ago)
Thank you!
Dum Donk (7 months ago)
I dunno but I heard a theory about that last part, where Matt Damon's character said the last thing you see before you die is your children and that your brain tries to make logic of what's happening and yeah he dies going into the blackhole
Desert Dwellers (7 months ago)
You're a more patient person than me if you went in for a second round of that crappy movie.
Nate Winchester (7 months ago)
Plan A wasn't just a lie for Cooper, but all humanity who knew about NASA to give them something to work on and false hope. Also, given some phrasings I think you've missed a few finer points - as well as the idea of "contrived." Because it's not. Also, that you can't understand how the dust & 2nd hand work, apparently you missed the line that gravity is the only thing that can travel through time. Pay attention now. ;)
Nate Winchester (7 months ago)
For example, you say: "after a successful slingshot around Gargantua, [to help Brand] Cooper sacrifices himself with a mission robot and attempts to head straight into the black hole." Technically wrong. Cooper had to sacrifice himself TO MAKE the slingshot successful, otherwise the ship would have too much mass. Also it wasn't an "attempt" to head in. Once they detached from Endurance, because of the slingshot maneuver their position means Cooper et al are already in Gargantua's gravity well and are going into the black hole whether they want to or not. You've gotten your causality... actually you've gotten the causality wrong all over the video. (but hey, it's a time travel movie with a predestination paradox so that's understandable)
Nate Winchester (7 months ago)
Also the bit about the son... meh, there is a lot that we don't see with Cooper at the end that could be explained as happening off screen. Though there is some irony that when you complained earlier about the film being exposition heavy, that you then object to not having more exposition. ;) lol
Jules H (7 months ago)
I thought the Hans Zimmer soundtrack was superb.
QueenBeeNightly (7 months ago)
This movie sucked. Honestly, anyone with eyes to see can tell you its a masonic wank off.
ukguy (7 months ago)
Love this movie... def in my top 5 sci fi movies.
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Andor Fedra (1 month ago)
Andrew Griffiths (7 months ago)
To me, this sounds like your typical over-rated Christopher Nolan film. Like with JJ, he gets (IMO) WAY more plaudits for his work than I think he deserves.
Norbury53 (7 months ago)
I think the people who criticise the science in this movie really need to read Kip Thorne's book, "The Science on Interstellar". Whilst there were a couple of liberties taken (by Nolan himself I might add), they were done, according to Thorne himself, for good reason. Having said that I read the book after my first watching and had had pretty much the same opinion to yours, Dave, but only in respect to the way the move was made, not the science. This was certainly NOT Nolan's best work IMHO.
tarquinnff3 (7 months ago)
I totally agree. The movie was good up until the black whole part. The tonal shift was too great, and seemed very contrived.
R B P (7 months ago)
"Its amazing what a second viewing of movie can do" Dave 12/2017. Watch BR 2049 again, its gets better the more you watch it . You will be glad you did.
Cern Stormrunner (7 months ago)
His son was a douche
Zontar82 (7 months ago)
the 5th dimension thingy was what bothered me the most..the explanation of it mostly. Cooper is like"oh no wait, this ia a dimension that we humans created!and i came up with this conclusion because....uhh...Tars are you still there"?. It seemd like it came out of his ass, no explanations given. Also, explaining thtough the ticks of a watch entire math formulas is just idiotic. aside ofr these two things, it was enjoyable. much more enjoyable than anything nolantried with batman that's for sure
sergiu nicolaescu (7 months ago)
Don't know about love traversing time, but will a loving daughter who lost her father leave behind an object that reminds her of him?
Qwaurk (8 months ago)
He didn't worry about his son because he knew he would be okay. You know, because...patriarchy.
Mad Mark 198X (8 months ago)
Mr. Cullen just earned a fan. I thought I was the only one who thought Interstellar was overrated
cherubin7th (8 months ago)
Noobs don't understand the science behind the move. In contrast to most science fiction, this show is actually based on theoretical science and not common sci bullshit. This is why real scientists like the move more than common people. Indeed, they dumped the scientific simulation of the black hole, because they know that average people wouldn't recognize it as a black hole at all. Also it wasn't that love created the time travel. It was just used as motivation for the agent to fight though it. Additionally about the ending, it was great to see a time travel that actually respects the logical implications and doesn't go the "change the past" bullshit.
DrGiftZerg (8 months ago)
I get more and more offended by your narrow-minded thoughts. How dare you question the currently known astrophysical theories that are depicted by the movie. It is a vision of christopher nolan, based on what physics and theories about time and space known to man at this time. The movie tries to represent the forth dimension in the end, which is time, the tesseract. (ya i know a tesseract is a cube in the forth dimension, but most of reviews and discussions calling that thing, in what the main character is, the tesseract or hypercube). It tries to teach that you can access certain events in time (in the forth dimension) just as in other dimensions by walking 2 steps forwards or backwards and interact with them. I cant tell if you are blocking all of recent scientific theories or just too ignorant to not let any new thought processes into your brain. If you can picture the forth dimension and how to interact with it correctly, you ll get my approval. But right now? I feel like you cant see what the movie is about.... PS: sorry. I tried my best to translate all of this into english.
Hans Zarkov (8 months ago)
pfft. there is no 'science' in this film. 'space' travel is not real. the surface of the earth is flat. the earth is covered by an impenetrable dome. the sun, moon, and stars are very small and actually inside the dome. outside of the dome is water. everyone in power knows this. the slaves are told fantasy stories
Zuzo's corner (8 months ago)
human embrios...uh..i'm pretty sure you need a womb for that to work..how the hell that suppos to work.
Keurosaur (8 months ago)
I'd point out that the purpose of Anne Hathaway's romance is twofold: a) It's to set in doubt in the viewer's mind to her having an unbiased opinion, which is exactly the view that Cooper has when talking with her about the most viable planets. The viewer (and he) are supposed to believe she is wrong; in some ways they might have not gone to the other world had it not been for her potentially influencing romantic attachments. b) However you feel about the message, it's an add-on to the 'love is powerful' slant this film goes though; even though he was dead, Hathaway's love for Edmunds WOULD (and eventually did) lead her to the best available world.
jayakrishnan r (8 months ago)
With the exception of the contrived philosophy of Anne Hathaway's character, I found the rest of the film to be a masterpiece.
GANKSTER (8 months ago)
Its not an equation he sends back, its only the "data" (presumably some physical/gravitational constant that they couldnt observe because it was only available inside the event horizon). That was the entire point of the scene between Merf and the professor having the conversation about him trying to find the solution with "both hands tied behind his back" "never altering his initial assumption about gravity." Its something akin to solving an equation with 2 variables instead of one, they were trying to find X but they didnt know Y because they would only be able to "see" it from inside a black hole, which is normally impossible. I also loved the ending. It may have been "cheezy", but sometimes that works out (and in this case I think it does).
Delphaneux laCroix (8 months ago)
The movie was awful. After watching it I wanted a refund... and I didn't even pay to see it! The first problem I had with the movie was the claim that everyone supposedly was led to believe that the moon landing was a hoax - despite being demonstrably true. It's a plot hole big enough to drive a bus through and we were in the opening 15 minutes of the film. The ending was even worse - A Black Hole serving as a space/time transportation device? The 1970's called and they want their plot device back -_- The final nail in the coffin, conveniently right at the end of the cringe fest of a film was the space station they were on. Clearly an O'Neil cylinder sized construct, (I doubt that Humanity had managed to construct a Banks Orbital in a single lifetime) If we can build O'Neill cylinders then we don't need to travel anywhere! We can live on the cylinders quite comfortably, and probably spread out by building more of them. Resources would be very easy to come by when you don't have a planetary gravity well to contend with. I gave the film a 1 out of 10 rating, and that was just because they at least attempted to make a movie. I'd never waste my time watching it again though. Having said all that - Still a better love story than Twilight.
Sai Ashwin (8 months ago)
I am not against escapist cinema but making films purely for the theatrical experience with stunning visuals isn't my kind of cinema, i like films which truly stand the test of time, there is a reason why people still talk about 2001:A Space Odyssey even almost 50 years after its release, interstellar is sadly not one of those films and time will only make it more worse and forgettable just like avatar
DA REAL Johnny Appleseed (8 months ago)
Beginning makes no sense. NASA questions random guy who somehow found their place via the "paranormal". NASA chief scientist then places all trust in this guy with the fate of the human race. Oh but it's cool bc he had piloted before and crashed / knew the chief scientist huh? Yea sorry not convinced.
Jormangandur83 (8 months ago)
The ocean planet apparantly had higher gravity than Earth. They earlier departed from Earth with the assistance of rockets, but on the ocean planet, the craft they took there was an SSTO (single-stage-to-orbit). How does this add up? Later in the movie, all of humanity are travelling in a fleet of O'Neill Cylinders designed to accommodate thousands and are for long-term habitation. What would the rush be for finding a new planet when human civilization can be maintained in these vessels? We never get to find out why it is that the Earth is blighted by dust storms. Or why the educational authorities in the movie are trying to tell students that the moon landings were faked.
psionicdreams (8 months ago)
I saw this film for the first time this week and pretty much felt what you did. Or said. A friend of mine said the opposite, she loved seen it four times best film ever etc. Which got me thinking, this must be the only sci-fi chick flick I know of 😁
Mo Tee (8 months ago)
TARS is my hero.
bananaempijama (9 months ago)
There are 2 major problems with this movie: Love will prevail Bookcase scene
Máté Kormos (9 months ago)
You said in your star wars video, that you "only had the stomach to watch the prequels once". Maybe a second watch could be an interesting topic for a future review video.
PEGASUS MASTER (9 months ago)
This movie is awesome
RandomDude (9 months ago)
Interstellar sucked. OK, that's an exaggeration - it was mediocre.
jagardina (9 months ago)
The time dilation planet bugs me. Presumably time is slowed because of the gravitational field, since they could walk around it wasn't the planet's gravity, so it was likely the black hole they were in orbit around. But either way, wouldn't the ship orbiting the planet be in the same gravitational field and experience the same gravitational time dilation effect? Why would 23 years (or whatever) pass for a ship in orbit and only a few hours for those on the surface? In orbit you're still in the gravitational field, you just keep missing the planet as you free fall.
abacs21 (9 months ago)
The ship was orbiting the black hole from a further distance, not the planet itself. Hence, it stayed out of the effect of the time dilation.
MattH (9 months ago)
There are elements of brilliance, and the score is particularly good. Overall I enjoyed it but there are some glaring flaws. Tight pacing is one thing but omitting an scene that shows him at least enquire about his son, just completely undermined Cooper's character. The sudden metaphysical importance of love also felt wildly out of place, but it is the price writers had to pay for the drama of writing their characters into a no win situation.
Jim Reaper (9 months ago)
Neither the movie NOR this review took any account of MY feelings about the issue. Therefore i have no choice but to seek total control of Mr Cullen's affairs, private, public and financial. Any attempts at civil discourse attempting a peaceful resolution of this review will be met with brutal violence by Antifa... the worlds number one facist anti-facist corporation. Thankyou for your time, you will be charged according to your IQ as per our normal price gauging procedures. (All procedural violence is cleared for use by participating local law enforcement and the Democratic Party of the Clinton Foundation)
Vacinden Rabaltar (9 months ago)
What....12 euro's to watch it online..? HAHAHA. 14 if you want HD.
dtown8532 (9 months ago)
Interstellar was Christopher Nolan's attempt to make something akin to 2001: A Space Odyssey. While I like the movie, which is absolutely beautiful looking, McConaughey just doesn't do it for me. He's just not the right actor for this role. I still find the film enjoyable and dragged my wife to see it the last day it was available at my local IMAX.
Kit5une131313 (9 months ago)
Just for the record, the movie is NOT scientifically accurate. The spaceship Endurance (it seems to lack the drive section), the wormhole (howit looks and then the "woosh-through-the-tunnel-feeling-when passing through), the black hole (pretty much all of it even its looks), the time dilation (TOTALLY overblown), all of this is poppycock. If the black hole aliens are future humans, then we even have a time paradox (the ultra advanced mankind  manipulates the past to ensure that mankind survives but they couldn't have done that if they haven't survived). And yes, the part about love being a cosmic force that transcends time and space is pure schmaltz - and only makes me want to ask: "and what about hate? does that also transcend everything?" ("Of course, but that would be the dark side of the force" - "Ah."). Anyhow, it is a bit bugging that people seem always to say that Interstellar would be oh-so-scientifically accurate. That is simply not true.
Mr. Bojac (9 months ago)
he had a son....REMEMBER ?
FreakyLynx (9 months ago)
It was an enjoyable movie though the "love" solution annoyed me. I really liked the design and personality of the robots though.
SFB Addict (9 months ago)
He dies in the black hole. Everything else at that point is his mind going wacky as he dies in slowmo due to the gravity.
TheLifeOnHigh (9 months ago)
My only complaint about this film was hearing him yell Murph! Murph! Murph! so damn loudly in my ears. And how did the son of an astronaut grow up to be such a dumb fuck?
StoicVampire Pig (9 months ago)
David....where is your Star Wars The Larst Jedi review?
Tristan Lotz (10 months ago)
As a writer, as far as I'm concerned, once you send your character through a black/wormhole, all bets are off. You do whatever the hell you want! Time travel, tesseracts, reality-warping, self-looping paradoxes? Cool. The fact that Murph just randomly knew MORSE FUCKING CODE is where I draw the line. What random farmer just luckily HAPPENS to know Morse code in the 21st/22nd century?! Give me a break!
577AllWell (10 months ago)
Your voice "a wormhole near Saturn _LEADS TO A NEW GALAXY_ " ... I lold
Screwball (10 months ago)
Do star wars lol.
Frane Šustić (10 months ago)
How about more criticism and less recounting of the plot? We have all seen the film. Mention something if you intend to make a point or a remark, This video could have easily been 2min long.
iska788 (10 months ago)
Thank you for that review. Interstellar reminds me of Inception - both movies are trying to be smart but fail.
koji kabuto (10 months ago)
This is the stupidest movie of all time.
Elgen Strawn (10 months ago)
I just don't get the Nolan love. I guess it's because most of Hollywood's product is so poor these days, that anyone who makes something that is slightly above average gets seen as being special. I find his films flimsy and poorly scripted. I just don't get it.
peter kuhn (10 months ago)
There are so many great SF stories and authors, Poul Anderson, Philip Dick,Andre Norton, Pohl, EE Smith! Why do idiotic producers choose to serve up this banal crap when there are literally thousands of better books that could make great movies. Lack of talent?
jhfirstarmy (10 months ago)
His son is a straight white male, so he means nothing and that is why you do not here what happened to him.
Liam j (10 months ago)
Bless. This review was made by someone who's scientific & philosophic knowledge could be gained by watching an episode of doctor who 😆😅
fatarsemonkey (10 months ago)
It's a religious film, A cooper is someone who makes vessels, that's the first metaphor I will give you.
Warren Yeager (10 months ago)
I loved the movie, it’s the type of movie that makes you think about what’s important in life.
bfbf 334 (10 months ago)
Here's my critique of the film 1.) How do I get back 2h 49m of my life. 2.) It was crap.
dmaxcustom (10 months ago)
It is a good thing Nolan corrects himself with Dunkirk
Reuben Kim (10 months ago)
If you want to see truly hokey love-connection-groove-waves-across-space-time in action read the last two books of the Endymion series. The first two were phenomenal and the last two strained credulity in a universe that was fantastical to begin with.
Conner Brown (10 months ago)
Please review the most recent planet of the apes. I thought it was one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and I would love to know your thoughts about it
undertakersarmpit (10 months ago)
had a friend who'd once said "...without the Zimmer music, Interstellar would be another boring movie about some blonde with daddy issues." can't disagree
Dominick Santora (10 months ago)
I have to see what Cinema Sins has to say about this movie. That channel, is hilarious.
The Dude Abides (10 months ago)
My favorite thing was how they made the commie future on the dusty Earth seem so dystopian.
Loiuzein Allieran (10 months ago)
I really enjoyed the movie, as far as plot & sci-fi goes, up until what'sname enters the tesseract. I found the entire tesseract sequence to be garbage boring deus ex machina. Also, I literally forgot he had a son, wow.
Passive Huntsman (10 months ago)
I also enjoyed the exploration of some of the science but hated the "Luv is strong, you guys/girls/non-binary otherkin!" Sling shotting around a black hole doesn't make any sense though, to me. Especially a super massive black hole. Black holes aren't planets. All this is based on my fuzzy memory from a couple years ago, just fyi.
SmashStomp Inc (10 months ago)
Thing that bothered me most was the solar system in the new area... That looked like a supermassive black hole... Something like thqt would never have habitable planets near it.... The supernova would have anniliated it... To get big it had to actually eat stuff meaning the planets if not devoured probably would have been flung out into the void... Why in the hell would the humans from the future put them in such a volitile place? Something like that is either at the center of the galaxy or damn close to it. You would never want to colonize a planet near there.. The density of the stars means super nova blasts or gamma ray bursts would be a all to real possibility... Then the ending was incredibly stupid.. He hops into a ship with absolutely no knowledge of how tech had changed with the 85+ years he has been gone.... It said that it would take months to reach the new planet.. And he is going to fly there in what looks almost like a space fighter.. And if they have created sublight travel, why wouldnt they have been there before he even came to begin with?
Ludwig Schwarzwälder (10 months ago)
Matt Damon is the greatest surprise : Look it's Matt Damon
Ludwig Schwarzwälder (10 months ago)
The Balck Hole is better !
i3oosted (10 months ago)
Dont care what was said, I love this movie.
ruuman (10 months ago)
I really enjoyed the begining, thought it looked beautiful and the robot concept was nice. The love crap truly spoilt the film.
J.C. Wolf (10 months ago)
@5:19 writting flaw? or reflection of the times leaked into the movie. ^rambles^ (mary sue hereoians), in it being gynacenttric writing and the disposability of the male from evolutionary phsycology? all slipped in, as that's all anyone will care about, to the ... sickness of hollywood input into other's creation. e.g. Dr House written as a woman. i had alot of things i wish were not taken as norm in the "biz" e.g. the son could've been the one math solver an merf being the disgrunteled what have we gotten...??? yah it wasn't a writting mistake, just a people pleaseer with a agenda for the ladies...i bet my black balled reputation on it

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